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    I'm pushing out a whole new bunch of content for DR2.0! Overview: Peugeot 206 WRC - Kronos Racing Pack https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/peugeot-206-wrc-kronos-racing-pack.39671/ Richard Burns - Rallye Catalunya-Costa Brava 2003 (his final rally in WRC) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/richard-burns-rallye-catalunya-costa-brava-2003.39672/ Toshi Arai - Rallye Catalunya-Costa Brava 2000 (+- nostalgic design from CMR2.0) https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/toshi-arai-rallye-catalunya-costa-brava-2000.39692/ Ford Focus RS WRC '01 - Season 2002 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-focus-rs-wrc-01-season-2002.39717/ François Duval - Ypres Rally 2002 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f-duval-ypres-rally-2002.39741/ Sébastien Loeb - ADAC Rally Deutschland 2008 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/s-loeb-adac-rally-deutschland-2008.39748/ Gilles Panizzi - Rallye Monte Carlo 2006 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/g-panizzi-rallye-monte-carlo-2006.39783/ Patrick Snijers - Ypres Rally 2003 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/p-snijers-ypres-rally-2003.39784/ And the future looks bright! Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is for offline and personal use ONLY It is FORBIDDEN to use these in online clubs or championships!
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    Also breaking news, guy making his first setup for the GTI finishes the stage and sets an accidental WR 😄
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    Not all of them , just most , I take it you use MKV to gain an advantage and KNT 2011 as well if you don't then you should be glad that someone is standing up for the proper use of the game and support me before this F1 game turns into a complete joke as has Project Cars , reading your posts you seem like a serious F1 fan so if you don't like what I am doing by promoting the use of cockpit view then I find that quite strange. Also If you don't like my posts don't read any of them. I don't like seeing the motorsport that I am passionate about be made to look silly , teenagers. F1 gaming gods such as TRL limitless Tiametmarmduk and the E sports teams drivers are helping to promote this Childs driving view as an acceptable form of representation of F1 and it needs to stop ,god knows why the Owner's of F1 haven't stepped in regarding its use in the E Sports series and put a stop to it , if I was the man you wouldn't see it happen. You have your opinions about things , well guess what I have mine. Its a slippery slope and when your pit stops and tyre changes and fuel usage control have disappeared and there are little floating diamonds on the track that pop as you drive through them and your in the wheel shop deciding if you're having gold or black rims you may just remember the pain in the xxxx that kept going on about the T- Cam view, you've already got the pyjamas shop .
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    I don't normally bother with time trial due to the cheating that is happening or a disparity that is inbuilt between gaming hardware in controller manufacturers and platforms but as I came across a question on here that related to it I ended up going in for a dabble , the general gist of it s that I started off at around 12400th place using cockpit view and then after deciding to change my aero set up by creating abit more drag by sitting on top of the air intake where the T- cam is located , as everyone who uses this aero set up knows the wind buffeting against your body and head is horrendous and my head nearly got pulled off at one point and my helmet actually ended up perched on the top of my head as the strap stretched so much ,I looked like one of those teenagers that ride scooters for a brief moment , any way I managed to hold on and complete a lap albeit with streaming eyes that were gushing like a waterfall. The outcome was a real eye opener , I had just improved 3000 places and all because I had a setup that created extra drag , the only downside was having to drive the car with the arm and leg extensions , but with such an improvement it was worth it . I think it would be quite a nice touch if all the camera views gave the same speed output it seems strange that a game that is a 'Driving' game should favour a TV camera view to use as the preferred choice . Yes really , 3000 place improvement in the same car with the same set up all because I changed to Mario Karts View. Its absolutely ridiculous and needs addressing out of plain decency.
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    What, the resident FWD alien casually takes a top spot? Never would have guessed it 🌭 (we don't have the sausage emoji here, so make do with a hotdog)
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    #triggered Aaaaaand WR gone 🤣 You basically said beat me to me 😃 But I have to admit, it was quite hard this time, the 037 is a beast and hard to control.
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    Hello all, this is a bit of a farewell because I don't intend to continue running a league in this game. This is a great game except for the hosting/admin side of running an event and for this reason I am done with hosting community F12020 events on our discord. I'm just going to list the features missing that made me lose my mind: -No dedicated server hosting Ping can get really bad at times and it requires the host to be there at all times. Could not edit cfgs to fix issues or to spice up the format (eg tyre wear/fuel rates/enable refuelling). Also a prerequisite to allow external custom liveries. -Penalty system tools As admin I cannot apply/disable/forgive any penalty application for sessions and in our league it has gotten people dumb DQed and grid penalties for being crashed into during practice and races. Mid race it has also DQed some of our drivers for AI doing silly things or for ping issues causing collisions as a car sometimes weaves wildly around the track. This makes the whole playerbase either feel cheated and frustrated as we have to rehost as an unranked race and then I have to admin the results into the abandoned league race. -Overly rigid League Settings set in stone for some reason. Conclusion from me and other championship running communities is leagues are bad and to use un-ranked and keep a google sheet external to the game instead. This workaround makes this as much effort as other, better racing sims. -No multiplayer custom livery I know it is a monetization method but most good racing sims have this as standard with mod allowances on dedicated servers. We would like to create fictional teams and logos either in photoshop or using a Forza style editor. So that's most of it. Outside of any form of multiplayer/co-op championship attempts, this is a great game. We are already moving to Assetto Corsa Competizione as it has all of the missing features listed above and much more including handicap balancing, custom events, a variety of external tools and more. If we get the desire for open wheel again it will likely be on Rfactor2 as it also has these features too.
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    If you use T-Cam in the game to see the apexes easily and you use braking assist to help you get around the track faster in time trial; then you are cheating in two ways ,in a game about F1 that is , unless you would like to point me in the direction of evidence that F1 teams in real life use braking assist and the drivers have a TV screen/ monitor in the cockpit that has a periscope cam feeding it images. For a game that isn't trying to be a sim its doing quite a good job of being one , Fully detailed cars , fully detailed steering wheels specific to each team car , surface and carcass tyre temps , individual tyre pressure adjustments ,camber and toe adjustments , Full practise sessions and times with all the tyre compounds of the real format available , Full qualifying , Parc Fermi rules , Formation lap to warm the brakes and tyres etc , manual starts with a basic clutch, full distance races with safety car , VSC , in car notification of flag status on track , in car control of ERS and Fuel , brake bias adjustment, FFB that does let you know through the wheel when you're loosing the back and front of the car if you have it set up properly , tracks and cars that are not far off being photo realistic with weather conditions that do affect the grip and visibility on track available . I think it may be you that does not realise what codemasters have been trying to do all these years, perhaps they realised they were wasting their time and thought do you know what give the kids what they need , XP and pit coins and a shop of brightly coloured suits forget all this attempt at simulation they wouldn't recognise it if they saw it .
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    Breaking news: Man who gets paid to tweet about rally game is fast at rally game.
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    Hi again everyone, thank you all for the reports today. I can confirm that Support identified the issue and was able to issue a fix about 30 minutes ago, so you should be all set now. Our readouts are telling us everything is back to normal levels. If you're still seeing issues restart your software/hardware and try again.
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    Hi @Nuvolarix, Unfortunately, there is no way to debug it like that and there is no accessible logs. I'm thinking of adding a way to access easily the log so that the user could sent it to me if a bug occurs. Screenshots won't really help, sorry. But Windows 8.1 is pretty old 😅, it might be the issue. If you want to help with the testing, contact me in private. We'll see what we can do 😁.
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    Version 1.17 February 16, 2021 Locations: Höljes, Sweden - Adjusted track limits to prevent significant corner-cutting in rare instances. Miscellaneous: Adjusted performance of dynamic trackside signage. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements (none notable enough to be highlighted).
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    @UnderclassGDfan everything should be good now. It's a little concerning that this has happened in multiple Clubs but fortunately it seems to be a quick temporary fix each time for now.
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    CM was always committed to getting the tracks from the official calendar into the game, so Imola should be there. Covid may not let them get it right, but it should be doable since it was raced this year. Based on the 2020 season, I would advise them giving the chance to change the order of the tracks as who knows what the real calendar will be in the end.
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    After driving around Monza in a F2004 with my new Reverb G2 in AC for the first time, there is nothing more I want than VR support for this game. The experience is just on a completely different level, it's beyond comparison. So, if there isn't any VR support for 2021 I will probably stick to the driving games that does and skip this.
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    Out of all the Operation Flashpoint games, Red River and Cold War Series were my two favorite ones. I'm huge at MilSim and always loved the idea of Flashpoint. There were a few things I would have liked done differently, but overall they were far better than games like Battlefield overall. The Semi-Realism in them were far beyond. I know a lot of people degraded the games, but out of the people I associate with on Xbox and PC, I still play with a large community of milsim'ers who love flashpoint and want another game to release. Below is an idea of the game that we all have put our minds down to do and we hope both Players and Developers put their two sense in to share what you think: REBIRTH OF OPERATION FLASHPOINT Operation Flashpoint: World War III In 2025 the United States becomes a threat to the rest of the world. With the United States having multiple of Bases, Embassies and Government Agents around the world, the 10 Main Super Powers had talks within the United Nations to have the United States remove their powers from their countries to prevent complications in the Future. With the Russian Federation, Chinese Empire, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, these super powers have their beliefs and strengths becoming weakened due to the United States' manpower spread throughout the world. Russia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Israel join forces under a peace treaty to remove the United States influence from their land by force if needed, if the United Nations Peace Meeting doesn't come to an understanding. In 2026 World War III breaks loose when the United States retaliates against the Russian Federation after the RUS forces Americans within the Russian Federation to vacate their lands after a raid on the US Embassy and CIA Safe houses throughout Russia. The game would take place throughout the world, it would be a game played on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Within the game, we would no longer have the Large Yellow Circle that surrounds the team and in story mode, you can have up to 20 Players, each having the option to join their buddies fire-teams or in charge of their own AI Support group. With Operation Flashpoint Red River, allowing people to choose their attachments and weapons per class, including upgrading their stats to better perform the ability to progress through the story, the AI would address you by your Rank or Callsign, (this would be at the players discretion in the beginning). You would choose a side of the war and your nation. With 10 Super Powers, there would be 10 story lines in full, Each story would have 20 Missions in total leading to the end of the war. You'd be able to choose your own Weapons, Class, Attachments, Perks and more You would be able to progress differently throughout the classes, only unlocking weapons for that one Nation/Country Some missions would include Special Operations and will only allow you to play with up to 8 players In PVP, there would be Vehicles, Aircraft and Watercraft like in Dragon Rising, but wider and larger (Being able to use the whole map in a Attack/Defend mode like Annihilation was. Same for the other modes like Supremacy and etc) Each map would be different, inlcuding DLC over the years In order to use a tank, fly a plane or helicopter, etc, you would have to complete a training course and get certified to use them, like it was in the Cold War Series We have so many ideas, and most of us plan on making a game like Operation Flashpoint and ArmA, but would love to see Codemasters bring Flashpoint back in any way possible. The idea above is just one small idea out of the 400 ideas we have accumilated within our community since Operation FlashpointL Red River in 2011. The International MilSim Community has over 2000 members cross-platform on Xbox, PC and PlayStation and between Veterans and MilSimers we all have monthly talks about the games we play on games like: DayZ Operation Flashpoint Series Battlefield Series ArmA Series Squad Escape From Tarkov Elite Dangerous Star Citizen Insurgency Series Many more We hope to see Flashpoint be reborn one day. Whatever Codemasters decides to do we recommend five things: Don't let critics knock you down, MilSimers will always purchase your games, play them and endure them Remove the Yellow Circle of Death from the game to give players more freedom Make AI's more intelligent and Give Aircraft and other vehicles a fighting chance against small arms fire Make the game similar to Red River, meaning the Soldier and Weapon Play but a pinch more realism Make a Flashpoint that is based on what modern war is at now, So like what we are going through and dealing with, ISIS, Taliban, Pandemic, the Brink of a new war with China and Russia. Etc. Split it up on Superpower stories like China's View, Russia's View and the United States View. - It'' keep things interesting. If we had a Flashpoint that had the Cold War Series Certification Courses for vehicles, with the combination of the Dragon Rising Single player missions and PVP, with the Red River's Soldier, Weapons and Perks play style, that would be a great game. Now we wait for the Critics to hate on us and we hope to hear from everyone shortly. Thank You ! International MilSim Community CEO Ghost of the TSC International 12/14/2020, 18:34 EST
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    Virtual Reality please.
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    @UnderclassGDfan Good suggestion, though I think the DR2 website is way down the priority list for any potential updates in the future I'm afraid, so this is unlikely to happen.