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    Being in PlayStation Plus at the very moment global lockdowns became a thing was a huge shot in the arm for the game. Tons of new people got know of the game and we're still seeing the effects of it today.
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    This is one that always stuck with me over the years. And it looks great in the game! Subaru Impreza S4 WRC - Bruno Thiry - Rallye du Condroz-Huy 1997 <<<<< Link
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    Great job, man. You've mastered the Newhouse Bridge stage and all of its variations for sure. Going to give this a try. I never drive the Lancia. When I see a car dominate the leaderboards I lose interest in driving it, not exactly sure why. I should drive it more often. I have a soft spot for the Porsche but all cars are great in that class, one of my favourites for sure. Now I understand what was going on with Holjes. I remember one danish guy who beat everyone there in dailies, esports or league racers by at least 10 seconds, every time. Must have had huge lawnmower sessions that guy ^^
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    I've also got a massive list of things that I would love to see added to the game, sorry if there are any repeats. Some are small things but would make a difference. In no particular order Completely customization of season - how many races and in what order Ability to move and resize sponsor logos (within reason) Hiring and training of staff - staff have different ability levels which help with R&D etc as well as pit crew More detail in contract negotiations which can effect driver morale - length, pay, bonuses, promises such as where the car will be in ability table, also being able to negotiate contracts at any time to start at later date Being able to see what drivers want for a contract before approaching them (could have a HR staff member whos ability determines how accurate this information is) More/Different practice programmes which get swapped around each race Red and Black Flags available More AI incidents in practice and qualifying Pit box position changing depending on last seasons results in career Pre-season testing Cooldown lap Players cars have more random failures These are most of my ideas that id like to see, not expecting them all but would like a couple to happen at least :)
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    Following a modest result in F1 2020, I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't fully impressed with the game. It is a game to forget for me. But since then, I've been writing a wishlist for F1 2021, and I really want one of them to happen. 1. New race engineer Game by game, Jeff is slaying the real F1 experience. We need a new race engineer to replace him. And talking about race engineer, I don't want to hear any radio message that acts like a game tutorial. For instance, explaining the MFD. This creates a bestial amount of gap to the real F1 racing experience. 2. Track decorations MUST match real life's In F1 2020 I've been seeing multiple times track decorations that doesn't even exist in real life. Example: At Zandvoort, Circuit of the Americas and Silverstone, for some reason you guys spawned a Ferris wheel. Remove them. This could be against the track licensing either. And talking about licensing, 3. Bring back the Red Flags Yeah, I bet you saw this one coming. I've been literally hungry to see the red flags to come back and every single opportunity I wished so never happened. Last time we had a F1 game with red flags was F1 2014 in the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is just unacceptable. I can't accept this anymore. 4. No more slow motion effect after terminal damage Yes, the slow motion effect (or killcam), KILLS realism. Period. I'm fed up of seeing this effect after any terminal damage. You would think that there is someone on this beautiful Earth that would accept such a thing like this, especially for the sim racers? I bet there is none. (Poor sim racers, I wonder how much they suffer to this 😥) 5. Real dashes for each steering wheel Okay, this is also another thing I wanted for F1 2020. Result: MFD... AGAIN. If you believe that the teams hide secrets in their dashes then believe in me if you want to: This is NOT true. Each team show the same information as other teams do, so no more excuses, I really want real dashes. 6. Add more Fuel Mix modes 4 fuel mix modes has nothing to do with F1. A F1 car has more than 4 fuel mix modes. Same goes for the ERS. And talking about ERS, I need the overtake button driver hand animations to be corrected. McLaren, for instance, uses the overtake button with the OT button, not with the C switch. 7. All Project CARS' fictional logotypes available for customizations Now that Slightly Mad Studios have been bought by Codemasters, it would be a perfect idea for Codies themselves to add all Project CARS' fictional logotypes to use them to add sponsors to your Multiplayer and My Team car. If you don't know any of Project CARS' fictional logos, here are some examples: Demonio Energy Drink, Rosso & Bianco - Men's Fashion, Almynec Carbon Parts, Copter2 Motor Oil, Mudino Motor Oil, Ebblix Racing Spark Plug Wires, etc. 8. Last of my suggestions: Add FULL simulation game mode There are a lot of people in the world that plays F1 2020 with their sim rigs and I think it is respectful to implement full simulation mode. So do I want it. So... yeah. That's what I wish for F1 2021.
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    @steviejay69 I don't really feel like there's been enough shouting since the issue still hasn't been resolved despite appearing across all platforms. Maybe have an actual dev in here to deal with their shoddy code and we might actually get some fixes. People usually have more of a desire to fix things when they see the consequences for themselves...
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    I had the same issue with Ps4. After the update is installed, H shifter or paddles in G29 wheel stopped working for me as well. I re-installed the dirt rally 2.0 but H shifter or paddles in G29 wheel is still not working. I have other game that uses H-shifter function, and this game is working without any issue.
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    Patch notes are in the usual place. The size is because Höljes needed to be republished in its entirety, and location files are usually 10+ GB each, even the Rallycross tracks. The decision was either patch the track and have a big download, or don't patch it and leave a potentially massive corner-cutting exploit in there.
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    We have to rule out any potential issues that might cause the symptoms to narrow down the amount of crash dump submissions that are analysed. You can't spot a problem as easily if not all the submissions contain errors. @NolyQQ has a different set of errors to @sub1k so thank you for your input.
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    Btw, anyone interested in a 2003 WRC Focus? https://www.ewrc-market.com/ad/4-ex-marko-martin-focus-wrc/ I guess this version of the Focus (03-05) is the only Ford 2.0L WRC missing currently from the DiRT Rally genre? As we basically got first MK1 model (99-02) and the MK2 (06-10). This "Evo MK1" model is than the only one missing. Yes, the Escort WRC is also missing from the Ford 2.0L WRC, but we got the Group A version of that.
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    Here are the Monte Carlo Beasts! Slayers of WRC cars on tarmac! the PEUGEOT 306 MAXI KIT CAR!!! Peugeot 306 Maxi Kit Car - Peugeot Sport - Monte Carlo Rally 1998 <<<<< Link
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    Here's the latest one for you guys and it's the man, the legend himself: COLIN McRAE!!! Subaru Legacy RS Gr.A - Colin McRae - Manx International Rally 1991 <<<<< Link
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    Btw, people who are interested in some old, but with "quality", video report of Dutch/Belgium (and other) rally footages should check this YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbMMZ0Nd5s5WkVtMZrKKOA/videos In the 00's quite a lot with WRC cars in the Netherlands, but there is also footage with Group B cars 🙂 Maybe it is also cool for @PJTierney to use it for socials or newsletters.
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    Breaking news: Man who gets paid to tweet about rally game is fast at rally game.
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    Yeah I see very few people commenting that they want WIDER stages. As a matter of fact so far I have only seen 2, and those were on this forum. Better drivers have all asked for locations with narrower roads. AFAIK also Finland stages have been artificially widened. DR series is not meant to be forced easy on people, that's the Dirt franchise. Either way, I'd bet Codies dont have plans to make new events with artificially widened roads. They're very likely to stick to realistic rally things as almost all feedback they are getting that I have seen is asking for things to be more real.
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    lol Dirt Rally 2.0 is the 3rd most played racing sim on steam behind Assetto Corsa and F1 2020...Sometimes it will trade places With ACC. And what do you mean there will be less people playing the second title and so forth? ummm... There are more people playing the second dirt rally more than the first? So I dont know where you're getting your ideas from. iracing always has thousands of people watching it on twitch but the game itself has less then a few hundred people A MONTH actually playing it. Dirt Rally 2.0 is the opposite of that. Not a lot of people watch or stream it but its got thousands more people playing it every day. Bro. If you're bad at the game that's okay, but to trying to convince people that the game is bad and needs to be "fixed" or Dirt Rally 3.0 will fail as your own indirect way to vent your frustration is honestly lame. Should sim studios not add narrow circuits to their games like Monaco and Nordschleife for their success too? Saying that the game is going in the wrong direction with its realistic narrow stages while its clearly going in the right direction because you dont see big sim streamers primarily stream DR2.0 on twitch and youtube therefore the roads are too narrow would be plain silly if you weren't actually trying to push a serious argument... The roads are narrow because that's what they are in real life. And honestly the DR2.0 aren't even that narrow! Go take a look at some of the RBRngp modded stages. Codemasters balls still has a ways to drop before they reach real rally levels of narrowness in their games.
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    Hi I am currently working away from home at the moment and not sure when I would be able to fly back home. How long would the weekly Grand Prix continue for? I might not be back until April, really looking forward to getting the platinum though
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    @Tatl360 There are still events going on for F1 2019. Both featured and weekly grand prix events, these are on a schedule however so you may not get them back-to-back (i.e. featured after grand prix etc) but they are still scheduled for each week.
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    I know this is something a little bit rare in F1 games, but we have Spectator mode only in online lobbies. That's loathsome. I wish I could use Spectator mode to make AI races like I am a narrator like David Croft. Last time we were able to do that in an F1 game was F1 Championship Edition for PS3. Wish I could do that in F1 2020 as well.
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    I just wanted to add my thanks to @RedDevilKT and @BarryBL for making this happen. I have unlocked all achievements in F1 2010 (Xbox 360 & Windows versions), F1 2011 (Xbox 360 & Windows versions), F1 2012 (Xbox 360), F1 Race Stars (Xbox 360), F1 2013 (Xbox 360), F1 2014 (Xbox 360), F1 2015 (Xbox One), F1 2016 (Xbox One), F1 2017 (Xbox One), F1 2018 (Xbox One & Windows versions). Completing games (100% of achievements) is something I massively enjoy, and I almost exclusively play racing games. Due to a massive backlog of racing games and a busy work / family life I hadn't actually got around to playing F1 2019 yet (even though I purchased it at launch). I had just started playing it recently when I realised that the Weekly / Featured Events were no longer active . . . I was SO disappointed that I wouldn't be able to complete 2019 and I came to these forums to see if others felt the same. Thankfully the community voiced their desire for more events and, more impressively . . . you listened. So a massive THANK YOU to all involved. I am now currently playing both Xbox One & Windows versions of F1 2019 happy in the knowledge that I can complete them!!! (P.S. I noticed the 3 "Event" achievements have been removed from the Windows Store version!!!)
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    Well good thing I uninstalled the game like a year ago. I'm sick of trying to launch a game and needing a 10gb update when it was fine yesterday just so I can host content I don't "own" on my PC.
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    I know a lot of the hardcore DR1 fans wanted smaller roads for DR2, but there was a reason why DR1 was so popular. I have never in my entire life heard somebody say "you know what? If Dirt Rally 1 wasn't so easy, I would have enjoyed it". It was only the people who spent 2000 hours in the game, who mastered every location. I am watching incredibly experienced sim racers play DR2, and they are smashing the car off of obstacles every single run. I can link you to 100 videos of this. If they can barley make it to the finish line, how do you think new sim racers are faring? The roads are not much wider than the vehicles in most places. Perhaps for DR3, we can make the roads even smaller, and just have a competition to see who can keep at least 2 wheels on the road at all times? Probably not the greatest idea for DR3, since we're pretty much already doing that now. If you make a game for hardcore fans of the first title, you will find very few people playing the second title, and even fewer playing the third. I don't really know any new sim racers who are playing DR2. The only people I know who play it, are again, the people who spent 1000+ hours in DR1. Not very many to say the least.
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    The more issues you experience, the higher chance of catching a single issue goes down. If the whole lobby was as broken as you say, I'm willing to bet there were a lot of issues on the players' side causing this. For example: I ruined a race once. Had my wifi adapter try and connect to the router through 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz, which somehow didn't work and left me with next to no bandwidth. The game had "enough" bandwidth to keep me connected but everyone in the lobby were racing AI cars, got constant random glitches and such. It didn't take long for that race to be stopped 😅 Full lobbies require all 20 players and their hardware to work hand in hand. Otherwise there will be issues. That's the sad truth in a system like this. There are also some positives in the current networking system such as being able to race side by side against people that you have a 250-300ms ping to.
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    Like many You Tube reviewers of rally games, my big problem with all rally games, including my Dirt Rally 2 game, is the evil narrowness of the roads - meaning the game is a chore, requiring fanatic steering accuracy. The slightest steer left or right puts you in a deep ditch or hitting rocks and fences. That means I have never been able to relax in the game, or build up a fun rate of high speed like I can in Forza etc. races. My suggestion for a future rally game is, widen all roads by several generous feet. Yes, the reality of real world narrow rally paths will be sacrificed. But the wider-roads game would be about five times faster, more fun, less like the tedious work of existing rally games. Call it Rally High Rev, and watch sales far exceed those of previous slow, strict, tedious rally games.
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    That's a generalization and a false statement. I have no problem switching between VR and racing on a monitor. I actually know people who after trying out VR for months, went back to their triple monitor setup.