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    Istanbul Park is not on the 2021 race calendar though so it's pretty unreasonable to expect that it will be. I'd be astonished if it turned out to be in the next game personally, as if nothing else the licensing deal probably wouldn't allow it.
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    Some quick stats from round 1 at Perth and Kinross: Number of participants: 3738 Only ~18% finishers (the rest DNF'ed) Top vehicles used: Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - 38% Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - 18% ŠKODA Fabia R5 - 14% Ford Fiesta R5 - 10% Citroën C3 R5 - 7% Peugeot 208 T16 R5 - 7% Mitsubishi Space Star R5 - 6% Data from https://dr2.today/challenges/265/entries (note: I am missing 100 entries due to a racenet error)
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    I am probably thinking along the same lines. There are LOADS of arcade style racing games out there for those who want to play dodgems. I want a game that mirrors real life as much as possible. Certainly in the offline mode.
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    Reminds me of an awesome flyby of Neuville a few years ago during Rally Catalunya. Truly on the limit, or maybe a bit further but he kept it together beautifully
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    I think we're generally okay with the "free camera" mod, infact I was thinking of using it myself for my own channel 😄
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    Oh I like this, thanks for providing that data. I'll try and fit it into the Codies Racing Line blog next time I write for it 🙂
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    Yea I actually meant f1 2011 AND 2010, my comments were mostly about the other games mentioned, little miscommunication bro thats all haha
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    Thanks for the tips. I'll try them out later today and let you know if it helped 🙂
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    it can be hard to get good pics close to objects as they can glitch into each other. nice thumbnail.
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    OMG just saw that the Mass Effect Trilogy is being remastered...I totally love those games. May 15 is time for the most badass female character of all time to save the galaxy again... go-go Commander Kitty Shephard!!!!😎
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    Alright i will work on getting the video done in a few min
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    Nice, I'll watch now 🙂 I've already scheduled guides for every location which will go live on my YouTube over the coming weeks but it's good to have more tutorials out there. [edit: Quick tip, add chapters to your video since you clearly call out segments in your video]
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    1) I don't hate the Vietnam track and think it's a shame we'll likely never see an F1 race on it. 2) I think I'm going to dislike Jeddah a lot more than Vietnam (assuming it is in the game). 3) The thing that would make me most interested in the new game would be a 120 Hz mode to at least try (on PS5).
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    I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to ask this .
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    Hardcore damage damages the car quicker, more and heavier. Punctures are much more likely. Radiator damage will damage the engine (at least) quicker, but not sure if "normal" damage has such an effect. My experiences with "normal" damage are most of the time, that I don't get serious/noticable damage at all, when I don't crash like crazy against trees and stones and such. Several times. But I rarely play My Team these days, mostly only dailies, wich is only 1 stage. Rarely have anything else than light body and wheel geometry damage. Sometimes light radiator damage. 90% of the time I race with hardcore damage, because almost all clubs I'm in use this option. And even this is not really realistically hard as it should be. Punctures are (by far) the biggest problem here, happens quite often to me. Radiator (and therefore later on engine) is the second most problem I have. 2-3 hits against a tree or anything else concrete damage the radiator enough so you get engine problems over time. The longer the way to the next service, the bigger the problem you have. Missing lights is also a problem. Any hit on the front can wipe them out. But you won't get random damage that isn't your fault, if you that mean. Any damage has a cause hitting something. The only thing is maybe the wipers on heavy rain stages. They stop working for a while sometimes. That's either a bug or part of the "unexpected moments"-feature, not sure.
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    wouldn't it be a good idea if we could have reserve drivers in the next game? a lot of drivers got their seat in f1 because of their performance as reserve driver. I wanna see hulkenberg or vandoorne or kvyat back into the season so maybe we can do it like that ?
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    As it stands, the Daily Challenge selector is entirely automated now, with some basic criteria applied (Bonus Challenges always feature either a DLC car or DLC Location for example). What you're likely seeing is the equivalent of a coin toss landing on Heads a few times in a row, but over the long-term the balance of location selections is fairly even. Argentina's not bad once you get the hang of it though, you need to be conscious of how wide you make the car when you slide as the rocks are so close to the road edges.
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    The club-website needs several updates including this. But I doubt it happens for this game. Make suggestions for the next game in the subforum, more you really can't do, I guess.
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    Sorry - why should Cody spent time on this ? I have never ever seen any F1 driver using this ? By the way - all drivers are sitting in their car - never on Top of it ? As well in real life ? Never ever seen any car driver sitting with a ps4/5/x-Box Controller on his Car ???!😂🤣By the way ..... now I understand why the Halo was introduced / for the T-can Racers 😳👏