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    Ooooh and @F2CMaDMaXX, I left all of the green tube-thingies upright. ---> Timestamp - 09:38 It was close at times but if you watch the TV Replay footage, you'll see that I didn't knock any of them over. 😂
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    Road to World Record - DiRT Rally 2.0 is out! It's not just bonnet cam and TV replay footage of the WR run but it's the whole story of how I smashed the world record on the Salida desde Montverd stage in Spain. And I even managed to get Phil Mills to do some voice work for it... (Well, not really but you'll find out what I mean. 🤣 ) I hope you'll like it.
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    A heartfelt message from our league owner Rwaggy after we had to red flag a league race because yet again the game broke any chance of a fair race result. We want to love this game so much, but the last few weeks have been utter agony. We have stopped doing bug reports since last week because we feel that after nine month of us dedicating our time to sending report after report, we have done our part and can go no further in trying to make this worth our effort. The fixes to our problems have been few and far between. The most common response being: " we cannot reproduce it, therefore it does not exist". Now that our main bug reporter (Bica) has been suspended from this forum for being overly critical we have come to the conclusion that we are just not heard. It is a sad state of affairs that Codemaster has this amazing community ready, willing and able to dedicate their time and effort into making this game better. But seemingly have chosen not to listen to their plea's. Week after week hundreds of league coordinators and thousand of drivers take time out of their lives to prepare, plan and organize events and league races. But they are often met with game breaking bugs or unworkable timing tables in their events. Hardly any race goes by where there isn't a driver affected by something that should not be there this far into the release of this game. In conclusion, We love F1 we want to love this game, but the game is making it very hard for us to be loved. Clip: of our last race ending under red flag conditions because of VSC bug causing DSQ's https://clips.twitch.tv/OriginalPuzzledOcelotPrimeMe-Rl7tIzOzFCLW07IA Statement from our league owner regarding the current situation:
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    @gedazz That looks great!! Now that I see it this way, I don't think there is even a need for colors, since it's already very easy to see how you've been doing at a glance. Terrific work!
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    Happened to me again, when loading Race, after qualify. Had to do the same with driver customization, One driver for solo/multi, One for teamsave since then no crash. Again, time will tell if IT is permanentn workaround.
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    Hi Nuv, I have the Clubsport Formula v2 connected up to a PS4. I assume we’re talking about using the wheel on F1 2020, so the below is in relation to that. All the marked buttons in the picture attached correspond to the standard inputs on the PS4 as labelled in the picture, and all of these are mappable inputs on F1 2020 on PS4. In addition, the 2 thumbwheels, 2 rocker switches and 2 rotary switches also work as mappable inputs. The right joystick also works (as up/down/left/right, so the “d-pad” - I have it mapped that way). The left joystick does not work at all. I imagine it would be a similar thing on the PS4 CSL Elite F1 wheel. Having a look here, (https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/26/49/50/CSL-E-F1-SET-QG-EU-AU-EN_WebyG4TKn6Heu24O.pdf and here, https://fanatec.com/media/pdf/6c/c1/f6/CSL-E-F1-SET-Manual-US-EN_Web_06_MO.pdf), I think the “standard” PS4 buttons are the same for these two wheels, and it’ll be unlikely that the left joystick will work, but the one on the right should work as a d-pad so you can use it for the MFD. Can’t say for sure, as you never know unless you own it - hopefully someone who does will chime in, but hope this helps in the meantime. I assume you’re looking to buy the CSL Elite F1 set?
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    Cheers mate, i like yours as well.
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    Great Video PJ, I didn't know you had already made one.
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    Similar Bug here, on Xbox One S, had to create separate car liveries for multi/solo, teamsave1 and teamsave2. Since then no crash, Hope this helps for some one. When I apply one car livery for multi/solo, teamsave one and two, game starts crashing again.
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    another MS-RT livery for R5 mk7 download link in the description
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    The Forza Horizon 4 developers go over it a bit with their Super7 launch. It's not that adding a free camera isn't technically possible (we all know it's doable as the mod exists) but rather that giving players free reign of the camera can expose certain things that developers feel uncomfortable in letting players see, such as texture loadings, LOD pop-ins etc. Those of us that know how games run may be fine with this but depending on who is using the tool there may be the perception that things are "broken" which hurts the image of the game in their eyes. That's usually the main reason for boundaries, another being framerate targets, RAM capacity, development resource to implement a more elegant system (which involves multiple teams including Art, UI, QA, Localisation etc.) and the inability to test for the near infinite number of edge-cases a free camera can open a game up to. Every game and game engine is different in this regard and what works for one doesn't work for all. 41:00 in.
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    I wonder if it's limited to a certain number of subscribers but it really shouldn't be.
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    For info. I believe most leagues actually hold their races in private lobbies rather than using the game's league feature.
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    Great Job. You gave me inspiration with this . I went with Skoda F1 Team Racing which i posted my livery above yours, but this inspired me to change my current livery to this :
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    i know i used the camera tool i asked for it for about.........10 years. said it couldnt be done and a guy did it in a weekend. camera tools are gaining ground and its great to see companies are finally realizing how important they are. just a little too late for me sadly. nice to see though. funny even the community managers of the games that couldnt do it use em for social media lol.
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    1) I don't hate the Vietnam track and think it's a shame we'll likely never see an F1 race on it. 2) I think I'm going to dislike Jeddah a lot more than Vietnam (assuming it is in the game). 3) The thing that would make me most interested in the new game would be a 120 Hz mode to at least try (on PS5).
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    Love the idea of the final one
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    When you pit during the race onto used tyres you don't know which set you'll get or how much wear is on them until you've put them on. Instead of saying New/Used could it possibly say New/45% for example? The option to pit without changing tyres would be very useful too.
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    I've been trying to come up with some more ways to interact with my viewers on stream, and one thing I would LOVE to do but is extremely tedious to pull of is quickly getting time trial data for a stage and keeping it available off the in-game leaderboard page. This got me thinking about what is really needed just in general, to help support the insanely dedicated (and slightly obsessive) rally community who loves stats and building their own experiences around the core gameplay. GIVE US ACCESS TO A PUBLIC API THAT WE CAN QUERRY FOR TIME TRIAL LEADERBOARD DATA, CLUB DATA, COMMUNITY EVENT DATA, ETC. Time Trial queries: top 100 times for a stage/class; user time & position +/- 50 positions around the user; user & friends times & positions Club: current event & details; individual stage details and times; championship details, future/past events, total points, etc Community Events: current events & details; past event results for specific users; user & friend results for comparisons How cool would it be if some community players threw together a time trial challenge website for their club or discord server? It pulls the current stage that everyone is racing on, and could highlight club members on the overall board. Or maybe as a streamer I could pick a stage to time trial with my viewers, query it really quick, and take the JSON output to quickly populate the #1 driver & time, and my current time & postion in UI elements on screen instead of having to manually record them and update the changes. Setting up a script to refresh it after a finish and you could see it actually climb positions and showcase the drivers within +/- 2 of my position. Now forget just my little no-name stream, you could combine this with your broadcasting for official events to do incredible things. The production value of being able to query a live datastream and use that to enhance a viewing experience would be incredible. I'm sure you already use some internal services to perform some of this, but expand it and push it into some public capacity. Silo off trade secret stuff, as much as I want the full telemetry data of a player's stage time I could understand not feeding it through a public API, but the more you can provide us with the more incredible things we can do. This community is frothing at the mouth for a chance to recreate some of their most nostalgic and iconic rally memories. They want ways to host massive 24 Event Championships, with drivers forming teams and doing 'manufacturer' cups with custom point allocations outside of clubs, building websites to manage all of the data. HELP US MAKE THESE THINGS EVEN BETTER WITH MORE REAL INTEGRATION. Give us the tools to do these things easier and you will see a game that lives on for decades with a die hard playerbase.
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    Hi everyone, Apologies for the delay here, I've been on annual leave all week. I've spoke to the developers on this, and we have re-opened the issue for investigation off of these reports. Thanks for the feedback,
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    The rights to the footage would be owned by F1 and would cost money. If your paying they'll probably put it in ,but I agree with you , oddly enough I was thinking of this a couple of days ago while playing F1 2013 that has a lot of still pictures of real life F1 as loading screens and it looks slick and would improve the overall look of the game a lot.
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    By 'focus on ' I think you mean complain about
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    I think that main focus should be on : 1. Add realistic incidents. I mean more touches, spins, close fights ended with punctures or wing damage. It should be included in game to add more realism. Now we have either no incidents at all or slight touches ended with DNF cause of fan made dmg improvement ( this mod is great, at least we had some crashes but not ideal cause of modding limitations, still I appreciate the work ) Also you should bring back rear wing damage, floor damage, suspension damage. The game is way too arcade in this particular area. Also you should let car particles to stay on track and cause punctures if someone is going behind the incident. It is 2021 you have the tools just bring it. Being honest crashes and car damage is the weakest link of that game. 2. Random car failures enable for player car. So it is kinda unrealistic that other drivers could have terminal damage from nowhere and my car is immune to such things until I wear the parts. As you can see last week in Bahrain even new things could broke easily. This is what we needed. You can add this option only for realistic damage mode so guys who don't want issues can play arcade version of the game. I really would like to be worried about taking the car home 5 laps before the chequered flag cause something could broke. 3. Fix SC to let lapped drivers go past. 4. Different AI tactics and better flexibility during the race. Yesterday I was racing on Silverstone with SC on lap ~20 when two Haas'es was on medium tyre and Kimi on red without stop. They won't come box under SC just to go to pit when it ended. Kimi on the first lap after it ended and Haas'es 2 and 3 laps later. Like come on what's the point? Also rain races I saw ppl going box 1 or 2 laps before track get wet or dry just to pit again when conditions changed. You should also try to limit stops, get realistic strategies from each track, you had all the data in the world cause this is Official F1 game, and based on it build 3-5 strats for every team according to their current pace and quali results. 5. Team orders. I hate when faster teammate ( or me sometimes ) is stuck behind slower buddy cause team orders don't exist. I know that drivers don't always want to give place to a teammate but well I think we could assume that in the game they r willingly doing it. I am always letting my buddy go past, they are not that kind. I think those 5 things will change the experience for as realistic as it could be. Of course it is impossible to mimic the real world 1:1 but it should improve the immersion. For me this would be the greatest video game ever. Extra point : bring more drivers to the mix, like Hulkenberg, Magnussen, Ericsson, Albon, Kubica etc. It would be nice to expand 10 years of career into 15. Manually drivers swaps could be great option to add more realism ( f.e. Russell changed for Haas after 1st season - no sense at all, Alpha take Albon cause I went to RBR and Williams took Giovinazzi who was out because of me ). It would be fun to make stories about drivers tranfers. I would like to retire Sir Lewis after 8th championship, transfer George to Merc, add Hulkenberg there to give him chance to win the championship, get rid of Latifi and form new Williams line-up etc. Sounds fun. This is my career mode so I should be able to shape it my way.
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    Update on this. Tag is updated to 'upcoming patch' and added to scheduling.
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    I’d like to see some gymkhana tracks added. Obvious licensing issues aside, like an accurate depiction of the pastrana hoonigan run or something of that nature would be a nice little add-on or bonus content. I realize this fits the bill of the more arcadey Dirt games, but to have a sim version of it with real physics would be a blast.