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    I've submitted my issues + added my savefile in the thread. Thanks for your help 👍
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    Thread is being monitored. Can players affected: Confirm that this issue has started since the 1.17 patch Confirm the names of the livery, suit and gloves you are using for your MyTeam save. Confirm that other game modes work as expected.
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    Great run! So, it's C4 dominance again, with a Skoda in P15 and P18, some Focus '07 in the mix and a very lonely Focus '01, all within roughly 5 secs. I wonder if it'd be possible to place one of these cars on the top of the leaderboard or is the C4 just that much superior? Btw, I tried one of Technical's setups yesterday for the first time (Group B Porsche) and - at least that particular one - it's not for me I must say. Suspension is way too stiff in my view, but his setup showed me that my approach for dampers was wrong. When I was setting up my cars for Finland e.g. I was using softer bump for softer landing and stiffer rebound to keep the wheels on the ground after landing. He does the opposite. I tried it the other way around and it worked much better. Obviously we're talking about fast bump and fast rebound, they're a bit different than bump and rebound. I remember a 'tuner discussion' here on the forum between him and Skyrex around that exact question and that they disagreed on how to tune in those situations.
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    The audio work done for the cars in these classes alone is reason enough to drive them 🎶🎵 The M1 😍
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    The RWD classes are the most fun to drive by far in my view. Not only because it is so well done, but also because of the great selection of cars. It's been an absolute blast.
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    Say hello to the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team, competing in the 2021 FIA Junior WRC!
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    I might try it with another car from the 2000's class but I'll have to create a story line so it'll work. Something along the lines of the team boss being angry because I totalled the car on a test run... And in order to still be able to have a go at the world record, I ask Colin McRae if I can borrow his Fabia. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?
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    From your video, you can. Load up the game, go to Customisation > Select a new livery that you can edit > Press 'Use Car Livery' and make sure you select the new option like the image below: You don't need to load your MyTeam save to change the livery.
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    Back when I tuned setups in DR1 this was always my go-to for Finland to help "eat" the impact of those big jumps. Basically let the suspension compress and stay compressed after landing so you don't bounce up like a pogo stick.
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    As you asked me: I'll be using a PS5
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    I'll try to DDU my display driver and see what happends. Thank you
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    hi, the league that i'm racing in is searching of new drivers. It's called IRL, we race at Saturdays at 18.00 GMT. Tell me if you want to join
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    @geddaz you sir are a legend! thanks for this!
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    Unfortunately it is not that easy, Steam auto patches the game. There is no way to reinstall 1.16 unless you have a Steam backup at that build and turn off auto updating before you restore the backup. The next issue is that Steam autosaves (if enabled) may be saved with 1.17 saves. Plus online won't work unless the game versions are the same. That's the 'off the top of my head' issues.
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    Hello everyone, A new season in JRX is starting soon and now is a good time to join. JRX is a rallycross league on PS4 which provides close and fair racing to everyone. Season will have 10 rounds and biweekly there will be 2 rounds on Sundays starting at 18.00 GMT. In JRX, you can compete alone as a privateer or in a team to also go after the Teams' title. The car class will be the 2019 Supercars. JRX will use the in-game format (4x Q, 1x SF, 1x F). There will be qualifyings in lobbies before the races if there's more than 8 drivers which is the lobby maximum. This split into 2 tiers will make the racing more closer with everyone racing against similarly paced drivers so it will be more enjoyable. With us having 2 rounds at each time, we are expecting the racing to take 1,5 hours. Feel free to ask any questions and give JRX a go. We don't have any requirements for how many rounds you need to do so you can join for the rounds you're available if you're not sure you can do a full season. Joining our Discord is mandatory for the league as that's where everything is organised. Discord: https://discord.gg/GxMYKsh
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    Additional Information: I have tried the fix where you switch your livery on the cars and it has not worked.
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    The Forza Horizon 4 developers go over it a bit with their Super7 launch. It's not that adding a free camera isn't technically possible (we all know it's doable as the mod exists) but rather that giving players free reign of the camera can expose certain things that developers feel uncomfortable in letting players see, such as texture loadings, LOD pop-ins etc. Those of us that know how games run may be fine with this but depending on who is using the tool there may be the perception that things are "broken" which hurts the image of the game in their eyes. That's usually the main reason for boundaries, another being framerate targets, RAM capacity, development resource to implement a more elegant system (which involves multiple teams including Art, UI, QA, Localisation etc.) and the inability to test for the near infinite number of edge-cases a free camera can open a game up to. Every game and game engine is different in this regard and what works for one doesn't work for all. 41:00 in.
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    For me worked using car livery for single purpose only. When one car livery used for multiplayer, solo and teamsave, or Several teamsaves, game crashes. I created three separate car livery customizations and use them separately, One for solo and multi, One for teamsave one, One for teamsave 2. No crash so far, but only time will tell.
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    I've never spent a penny extra on Fifa and I still win. (sometimes)
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    I'm looking forward to Kylotonn having to include this in the Junior WRC part of WRC 10 😄
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    Just thought I would share my method of turning TT setups into online setups, I think everyone has different methods so someone else might have a different method that they might want to share here. I used to simply just either lower the front aero or increase the rear aero to increase stability for the race, however I found it either hindered my straight line speed on cornering performance too much. Recently I have just left the aero the same and decreased rear suspension by one click, then either raised front roll bar a click or two, and decreased the rear roll bar a click or two in order to improve stability that way without hampering aero too much. Everything else I don't really change, maybe tyre pressures I lower if they are overheating but it seems to be working a treat at the moment. I feel my performances increasing and just wanted to share and see if anyone has other ideas.
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    Thanks for your feedback. If you want to open older files, you should keep the older versions of the software. But in theory, next versions should be compatible with the current format. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to get the player names in multiplayer races. This is a limitation of the game as explained in the UDP format topic on this forum. Hopefully Codemasters finds a way to fix it in the future.
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    Are you playing a different game? AI is consistently nudging and bumping the back of your car, in any situation where they can break later or corner faster (tyre wear, different tyre type, technical problems, rain etc.) than you.
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    Welcome to the community feedback form for DIRT 5! If you are experiencing any problems with DIRT 5, this is the place to report it. Our Community team receive every report submitted via this form, which are then discussed with the wider DIRT 5 team to see if and how they can be addressed. SEND YOUR FEEDBACK HERE: https://forms.gle/ZraHaTN4ENtpksYN7 Using this process, we’ll be regularly updating players, on channels such as our official Discord and the Steam Forums, on what we’re looking at and any potential timelines on fixes, updates and patches. We have created this streamlined approach to reporting so that you can easily provide all the key information needed for the DIRT 5 team to investigate your issue, saving you time and increasing the likelihood of the issue being resolved. Before submitting your form, please ensure that you are playing the latest version of DIRT 5, with all relevant updates installed. If you are playing on PC, please ensure you have updated your drivers and are playing on a PC that matches the game's minimum specs, which are listed on the DIRT 5 Steam store page. Thank you for contacting us – every report is logged and investigated by the DIRT 5 and we appreciate your help in further improving the game!