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    It needs to be done. I understand thay maybe FOM does not like the idea of cars being damaged and sponsors not seen, but in some form it has to be a way of getting rear wing damage. Not even mentioning sidepods, normally when you hit them they are a bit damaged, why does it not affect the cars pace? At least it should be in simulation mode! Rear wing could be damaged the same way its not even needed that it breaks down if its not possible, but at least to get damage.
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    Sorry if this has been brought up before... Get rid of the useless Safety Car. It's a total waste of time, and causes more trouble than it solves. Online racing has had the enjoyment decimated because of this disaster. There are a few main observations: It brings the field tightly together. Problem here being with everyone now packed together there's a much greater chance of further accidents. This defeats the purpose surely? It's a penalties smorgasbord. Through entirely no fault of you own people can hit you and you are awarded penalties. I utterly resent this. Because of guaranteed incompetence of some absolute fodder on the game a safety car is almost guaranteed. It ruins the strategy element of the racing game. Everyone pits for a harder compound of tire. People lose their flow and creates more accidents. The fodder that dominate online lobbies often lose their flow and concentration after a restart, less practice in racing laps creates more accidents (of course) I welcome any challenge on this asinine invention. If you insist on this painful concept because, let's imagine some developer in a team is emotionally invested in it, (a) that's pathetic and/or poor (b) create a much for prescriptive VSC contraption that keeps the field in the exact same order, no accidents, no silly penalties, no delta, but control to change strategies. Lastly let's remember why safety cars exist. It's because either there is a physical hazard on the track that needs clearing for the drivers safety, or it is because marshals need to operate on the track safely. Neither of this need exist in online racing, this hazards don't need to exist. If random impositions of slowing down the race artificially were to happen in real F1 the fans would hate it, and many hate the dreary 'feature' now. Please Codies - fix it or chuck it out! Your game deserves better.
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    My apologies for necroing this old thread, but I got to tell you are real life story that just happened: I have a 8.5 years old son, who has been watching F1 races with me on TV, time to time during the past 2-3 years or so. He really like the races, he knows all driver names and teams, and though the races are too long for him to follow everything, he has a very good idea what is going on for a boy his age. He also is a big fan of Lewis Hamilton, celebrating along his wins and getting angry if he doesnt win or is not on pole or sumsuch. As for his other hobbies, he started programing with "scratch for kids" or sumsuch, and he is making his own, yet very very basic computer games. Time to time he comes to watch in the evening what is going on in my office room when he is supposed to go to bed already. Tonight I had the race in Monaco, season 2 of my "myteam" playthrough with the march team - I drive with simulation damage, no driving aids, 90% AI. My qualifying wasnt too good, our car is like the 2nd worst on the grid, so I have to start from the last row, having a decent start, but to be honest while I manage to drive about between 15th and 19th on other tracks with our Honda driven backmarker team, here in Monaco it is a different story. I am having a hard time to keep up with Latifi running in 21st. Motivated by my son watching, I managed to stick close to the Williams rear wing for about 7 laps, then I brake too late into turn one and rip off my front left spoiler, just ripping it off by very slightly touching the left wall. We go into the pits to repair and swap for new hard tires. As we are in the pits, we check the colored dots on the minimap, it seems a Mercedes is leading and I say to my son: "See, when I leave pits now, leader Hamilton will just pass us and we are a lap down". We leave the pits and while there is no sign of a car behind us yet, my son replies "I bet its Bottas leading". Uphill to Casino Bottas is passing us, he is leading. Two turns later, I obey blue flags and make space for Leclerc's Ferrari to pass. Son goes "Oh, never seen this before, Leclerc in 2nd, thats not possible, is it". In the tunnel we get passed by Ricciardo in the Renault, my son says "Ricciardo 3rd, good mixed podium that is" 😄 Breaking for the shicane after the tunnel we let Verstappen and Hamilton pass. Son: "Oh, Hamilton is in 5th". A few seconds later he goes: "That must be a fault by the programers". I ask back "why do you say that?" and get no reply. Another like 10 seconds later, he replies: "So Bottas is driving as he was Hamilton, and Hamilton is driving like Bottas?" I nearly fell out of my simracing chair... In my language there is a saying, when translated to English it would mean "fools and children always speak the truth" 😄 so I thought I would let you know. Again, sorry the nerco thread, could not resist^^ EDIT: Here is a comparison screenshot reality 2021 season versus myteam 2021 season 😄 enough said
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    Yes or your application will not count. This information is critical as it covers important information. Please read.
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    I'll get it bugged and checked for '21. Realistically, it won't be fixed this year I'm afraid (as we are near the end of the support cycle now), but I'll get someone to replicate and look into.
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    TL:DR, anyway, from experience Rain Tyres are good on the Dry if the stage is small. The compound is even softer than softer tyres, so good grip from the get-go, however, due to the sides being too soft too, what usually happens is that you overheat the tyres very quickly especially in FWD cars. The medium, soft and hard compounds have more or less the same grip levels. Usually, it depends on the stage. If you do have big stages a hard tyre is required because they don't wear as much as a softer tyre. But when you have the tyres on the right temperature grip levels are the same for soft, medium and hard. The softer the compound the faster they get to temperature and the faster they wear. Don't try to use the hard compound in the rain, even the soft tyre has to have crazy tyre pressures to work properly. With the hards you'll probably don't get them to temperature and you'll end up crashing due to aquaplaning. The rain tyres can be used in FWD in the rear axle, in small stages as they are up to temp faster than a soft tyre.
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    I’m Dutch and I don’t understand your point.
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    What I dont get is people consistently claiming how little time was left for the new game and how hard it was to implement circuits. Look back a year instead? Developers could have released a payed DLC with the missing 2020 tracks for F1 2020 (kind of the same way they are planning with the later release of tracks this year, anyway), and meanwhile it is 3/4 of a year back that it was known tracks like Imola etc. would be driven IRL in 2020. Not only would a payed DLC have raised the funds needed to implement 3 more tracks later on, but by now it would already be done, the "official" F1 2020 game would have been completed, and the track data could even be used for upcoming iterations of the game. And now tell me making up cosmetic items for season pass was more important and brought more funds over the last year... Other developers are doing this all time with track addons, and if a big gaming company would not be able to add 3 circuits within 3/4 of a year, you must wonder how they were able to release annual iterations of the game back to back all 12 months anyway.
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    A safety car is part of F1. It belongs in the game. Can it be done better? Sure. But it’s way more helpful if you file a gameplay issue in the Technical Assistance forum and try to help fix the issues with bug reports and constructive thinking instead of just complaining. About your four points, the 2nd one is definitely an issue which needs better coding. However if you’re in a decent league, the stewards will 100% remove your 5 second penalty if someone hit you from behind during the SC period.
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    Hi, Thanks for reporting your issue. However, we do need a complete bug report in order to gain all the details needed to replicate and troubleshoot your issue. A template is here for you to copy and paste in your answers: Please complete the report when possible, as we do need all the details below to replicate your problem. This would be a great time to get practicing your bug reporting skills pre-BETA 😛 Many thanks, Barry.
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    It won't bear any relation to the final game. It will be a pre-release build without final assets (normally liveries are missing, game art will be placeholder, cars are multiplayer cars with placeholder names), will have a small selection of tracks and game modes may be incomplete, restricted or missing entirely. It is to test and find errors in code. Participation is expected to be testing, observation and details on replication. A lot like we ask in the TA forums, you will be expected to complete a bug report with full diagnostic information. You will not be playing the game early unless you buy the Deluxe version for early access (July 13th). The number of bugs you spot or who spots them first is not a metric. The person who accurately documents a replicable gameplay bug or a system and connectivity issue will be amongst the most valued contributors.
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    Terminal Illness and as you can see we are back on f1 2020
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    Created an account just to participate in the testing. I'm already pleased with the content that is coming to this new game, and would love to help making it even better !
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    "Official FIA F1 game" should be the answer here, shouldnt it? Not buying 2021 otherwise, I already had an iteration without all circuits last year.
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    Yeah, I would like to know that, too. My assumption is: 1. soft tyres on dry 2. medium tyres on dry 3. hard tyres on dry 4. rain tyres on dry 5. rain tyres on wet 6. soft tyres on wet 7. medium tyres on wet 8. hard tyres on wet My logic says, if rain tyres have the best grip on wet of all tyres, they of course must be also pretty good on dry, because dry surface creates more grip naturally. But I don't believe they are better than hard tyres, because these are made for dry surfaces. In formula 1 the intermidiates and full wets wear out very quick if it gets dry, so I believe this happens in rally, too. In the game, though, the tyres don't wear out extremely. You can do a 12-long-stage event on wets without a single service area and the car is still drivable. I believe the game just has 3 stages of tyre degredation: new, used and weared out. And in the last stage, the tyres, any tyre, has just much less grip, but doesn't get more worse over time. The difference between hards and wets on dry tarmac doesn't seem to be very big either.
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    Hi @Paradox53, Thanks for the post. To add some substance here, completing a F1 track for the game, in usual pre-COVID world circumstances, takes around (and sometimes) over a year to create, With implications and sanctions on travel etc, I can only assume this slows this down quite a lot. (Must stress I'm not a level designer here, or we'd all be in BIGGGGGG trouble 😛 ) Remember also, that the circuits when designed have to go through a number of stakeholders approval before entering the game. Our priority this year is to add the 3 new, approved circuits for the official 2021 calendar, and I believe that is the right decision. However, I'll take the video and pass it onto the team for review. Also, the title is quite dramatic. It's not we've added a loop or a series of jumps or anything. Understand the need for detail however.
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    Just because the F1 2021 game will be released in July doesn't mean that anyone has to buy it then. We all have a completely free choice to wait for the game to have reached the point we personally view it as worth paying for, or indeed never buy it at all. Thinking of the gaming industry in general, I think the best way for consumers to reduce the chances of unfinished / poorly tested games being released is for as many people as possible to stop pre-ordering games.
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    Somewhat disappointing to see the title and then finding out it’s about the other guy 😂
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    Congratulations to Mr. Eagleizer. Still not sure why all the beef. I'd be more impressed if he would've done it in the Ascona tbf I don't know if Mike really tried, but he's pretty fast too and it seems he couldn't beat the time. So PJ's time is still decent and I just don't know why he shouldn't be proud of it, especially because he hasn't been playing on a wheel for ages like many of the faster guys. Someone sets a WR and shares it with the community, other people join the party and beat their time. It looks to me like business as usual, so why is this different now? I don't get it. '
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    Easy does not equal realistic either. Realistic is realistic. As it happens though, rally driving is rather difficult. I find "simcade" to be quite fair for Dirt Rally, as it's a mix of realism and arcade. I personally hope for an overhaul of the physics model, where Codies aim for hardcore simulation in their next installment - something like an RBR for the modern era.
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    My two cents: Cars and stages: Make it easy for modders. I get that Codemasters would want to milk the title for every extra piece added, but you won't make a masterpiece without good support for mods. Simple as that, unless you can bring hundreds of tracks and every car ever made. Physics: "Simcade" is for stroking peoples egos. If you find a realistic sim too difficult; slow down. I don't get what's supposed to be difficult with RBR and NGP physics. It's intuitive and easy to keep the car on the road if you adjust the speed to the conditions and your skill. Seriously, what's the deal except highlighting that you actually don't have the skill to drive like Collin McRae? If you slow down and git gud it's a hell of a lot more rewarding once you find the speed. Simcade is like playing Guitar Hero thinking you're Eric Clapton. I want to see a hardcore rally sim that not only brings RBR to the modern world, but improves upon it. Damage: Make the damage system dynamic and realistic. Meaning, if you don't take care of the car it will break. Not only will it break but it'll break depending on how fast you hit the pothole, what car you're driving, at what angle you attack it and so on. Same thing should go for engine and transmission of course. Graphics: Dirt Rally 2.0 looks good enough but needs serious improvements in VR and auto exposure. I'd rather have good performance than the prettiest graphics, as long as it looks half decent. VR: A must have. I'll never touch a sim again without VR, no matter how good it is. No VR no buy - simple as that.
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    Been using these TV leaderboard and halo HUD mods with F1 2020 on PC, and look how great it looks. It would be fantastic if Codemasters implemented both of these into the game.
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    You’ve found a problem and don’t know how to correctly report it. Below are the key rules in Bug Reporting in our forums. Following these and the template available help us improve the game. Also, a key factor of deciding who gets invited to our programs that reach out for community testers, like the BETA programs for new games, is bug reporting skills and feedback. Create good reports, and there’s a good chance we’ll accept your application onto such programmes in the future 👍 Before reporting, check the ‘Known Issues’ thread to see if we are already away of the problem. Use the top right search bar to see if the issue has already been reported by someone else. Maybe we’ve already seen your issue, and possibly solved it. If you find the same open report, add your bug report, in full, to that post. Complete the template in full. Having an incomplete bug report doesn’t provide us the information we need to action your report and will be tagged ‘awaiting information’. If, after 7 days, your report has not been updated, it will be deleted. This is so we can manage the threads on the forums better. Good titles make good reports. Having a descriptive title, identifying gamemode, platform, problem and replication stats really improves the chance of your problem being looked at, understood and solved. Other people can get involved on your post too then. Something like – [Xbox][Rewards screen] – Incorrect text in Rewards screen (5/5) is a great example to follow. Provide screenshots and video where possible. Add the video in the 'Choose Files' section below or unlisted video if it’s too big. Having something to watch directly really helps us understand your issue. One bug per report. Posting multiple bugs is not useful for us and doesn’t give your fellow community members a chance to contribute to your reports. It also compromises our ‘tagging’ system so we can’t feed information back to you. Multiple bug reports will also be deleted. Only post a bug report after you have attempted replication 4 times. A one-off bug with no method of replication is useless to us. If you only see it once, don't report it until you can make it happen regularly. Instead of digging and trying to work out a Replication method for something that might or might not exist, we can use our time to report accurate bugs and fix definite problems. [Multiplayer] - REPORT CODES, REPORT CODES, REPORT CODES. This is the 16-digit code in the bottom left of your screen. We need as many of these from Multiplayer as possible. Get yours, your teammates, your rivals, Jeff's, Carl's, everyone's. Add as many report codes from that session you can, all in the same report, helps us find issues and notice problems. Just as a final reminder, incomplete or reports breaking these rules will be tagged with ‘awaiting information’ and, if not updated, deleted within 7 days. We want to try our absolute best to respond to as many reports as possible, and we had a lot of reports last year that didn’t provide anything we could use and took up a LOT of forum space.
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    Agreed. The less bugs on launch, the better. I can live without Turkey (for now) as long as the game is being polished.
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    Because missing brake marker boards is an old bug.