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    Hi everyone, I'm delighted to announce that BETA is coming for F1 2021. See below for all of the important information for the BETA, what's coming and how to apply. Closing date for the applications is 10/05/2021, 2pm BST. What is a BETA Program: ‘Beta’ is a standard term to denote a milestone release during production in which game functionality is included and optimised (but may have bugs), game content is finished (but may have some implementation errors), and which is considered nearly complete. A key part of the BETA process is to report issues based on the objectives the developers set. This may be certain modes, certain tests or things for you to try out and report any issues to us. Reporting, discussions and competitions will be ran EXCLUSIVELY through the forum page, with the 2021 BETA having its own forum for members-only. Following on from last years success, we will be improving our events held in the BETA to get people racing together and having fun out on track, as well as helping us improve the game, We also will be a running a number of surveys throughout the various tests (we will have a number of staged tests with different objectives for each) to gain player feedback. For 2021, we will be having Multiplayer available from the start of the test, as we will be aiming for as many full lobbies as possible to test Multiplayer. How to apply: How to find the application for the BETA is below: Go to the top right of your profile page, and select 'Profile' under the 'content' section of the page. At the top of your profile, select the 'edit profile' section. Scroll down to the 'BETA 2021 Application Form' and ensure you complete all sections in full, agreeing to the terms at the bottom of the form. How do you get the BETA: Once you have completed the BETA form, please be patient and wait for the closing date. After this, successful applicants will be emailed a code. EA Non-Disclosure Agreement: Please ensure you read and understand the NDA below. This is a critical part of the BETA process, and by completing the application you will be agreeing to the terms below. Pre-Release Feedback Program Agreement (CLOSED) FINAL v1.2 - forums.docx IMPORTANT: REMEMBER IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR THE 2 PLAYER CAREER GAME-MODE, ALL PLAYERS SHOULD ADD THE FORUM NAME OF THE OTHER PERSON OR WE MAY MISS THE APPLICATION. HAVING BOTH PROFILES MENTION EACH OTHER WILL BE CRUCIAL.
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    Please complete a full report using the template linked to in the banner at the top of the page. You haven't given anyone enough information to try to help you currently. Please post a full bug report (including dxdiag and make and model of motherboard) https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/38-want-to-report-an-issue-have-a-bug-to-report-please-look-here-first/
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    Hello together, are there new information on this case? I also have the new Thrustmaster SF1000 Wheel and use it together with the TS-XW Wheelbase. For me its the same problem, the Thrustmaster Software wouldnt let me lower the wheel rotation more than 360 degrees. Also when you tab out of the game to do some stuff on the desktop and go back in, FFB is gone. I would love to use the Wheel with 300 degree wheel rotation but for now i cant get it to work. Its so frustrating spending a lot of money if it doenst work like intended... Greetings.
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    I played Grid Autosport yesterday which has the Istanbul Park circuit was released in 2014. The problem is that game is running on ego3, F1 2021 will be running on ego4 it's up to codemasters to make the modifications to port it over if it's possible. GRID Autosport 2017 04 16 turkey - YouTube
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    I think I mentioned before I tried the Horizon 4 demo and took some screenshots I liked. But I like this one, try to guess which one is me.
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    Description: If you go off the track in sectors 1 and 2 for a few seconds in qualifying, even at a slower pace, the game tells you that you have a "this and next lap invalidated" penalty. This is false as only the current lap actually gets invalidated, while the next one remains valid, but obviously, there is no way of telling without actually attempting to do the next lap. This fooled me multiple times in online races into going into the pits, thinking that the next lap is invalid and that I didn't have enough fuel, time or tyres to do another one. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Grand Prix, Unranked How to replicate issue: In qualifying, drive off the track in sectors 1 and 2, as you would when, for example, there is a bunch of cars coming through on a hotlap and you need to get out of the way. After a few seconds, even if your are not going at full speed, the game says you have a "this and next lap invalidated" penalty. Places where I've got this penalty are: Spain while going through the alternative turn 10, Russia going around the outside of turn 4 and many other similar places on tracks where there are alternative turns or space to drive around the outside of the track. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code: - Image / video: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqsCmb29voAYg2bnR3Zn6jNd-beb?e=mgfc7z
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    An open discussion about the state of a track under wet weather conditions in F1 games compared to reality. As we saw with the latest example of Imola, wet weather conditions are more profound than those shown in the official videogame. I drove several 100% races, started in wet up to dry conditions in F12020. I had to find out that the virtual weather system is poor. In F12020 the view is far too clear on a wet track, because there is not enough spray when you drive behind another car. Would be great to get more spray and realism on this point. I miss the unpredictable weather at different points along the track. Different strengths of rainfalls / showers along the track would give the game more realism. The drivers often report on team radio that it is starting to rain in certain parts of the track. But in F12020 the rain is falling all over evenly, which is not entirely realistic. Another point is the predictability of drying track. It stops raining and after about 5 - 10 laps you are able to switch to dry tyres. The track dries too quickly in F12020. I would like to have a visible dry racing line and like in the case of Hamilton, Russell and Bottas a slippery outer track. It has to take a lot longer for the virtual F1 tracks to dry out completely. There must also be a noticeable difference between the racing line and the wet outer track when you drive with dry tyres. @BarryBL Would be great if you could take these important notes to the development team. Here are some impressions from the last Imola Grand Prix that show my points again.
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    Oops, sorry about that. The league will be on PC. I'll add this to the post now. It seems we forgot that console exists 😄
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    Hi all, since more and more threads are popping up which have to do with the upcoming F1 2021 game only (and this being the F1 2020 game forums) I wondered when we would get appropriate forum sections for the new game. Will this come with release only, or any time soon so we get a chance to keep this forum tidy and not spam it with threads not belonging to this game? Will threads concerning F1 2021 be moved? ETA?
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    EA already once owned the F1 license in the turn of the millennia (early 2000's) so they can make a business decision that they deem is no longer profitable or lucrative and drop it again.
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    You have made demands yourself if you check back through your posts, relating to what must happen for the game to still call itself 'official'. (Not sure if in this thread or another.) I don't fully follow the rest of your post to be honest. I certainly don't think Codemasters needs anyone to 'defend' them.
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    It really does because people keep making demands about what must happen when without seemingly considering what may be practical or commercially viable. No we are not in a position to know the details from Codemasters' perspective, which should be further reason to stop making demands. Obviously everyone would love all new tracks, plus Turkey and potentially others, to be in the F1 2021 game at launch. As I'm sure would the Codemasters team.
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    yes true ,i hope for dirt rally 3 the game have better strategy of tyre
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    I reset my character and livery to default today. I had about 3 complete races before the error code showed up. Details from my "bug" report remained unchanged otherwise. Adding... The online portion of the game is almost unplayable now. I'll certainly be reconsidering 2021 if this doesn't get fixed quickly.
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    Totally agree. Weather and tracks have like 3 status. Dry inter and wet and every time looks completely same. There is nothing like looking for drying line and vice versa. Its funny when u have completely wet track everywhere and like 4 laps later is dry completely. I want to see clear sky and still some wet places
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    I'm English and I didn't either .
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    Hi Barry Not sure if any other ps4 player is experiencing the following issue or if your team is aware of this issue. Since updating the game with this patch today, my game keeps crashing after ranked online qualifying session. - PS4 Error code CE-34878-0 - Platform PS4 - Version 1.18 - Ranked Multiplayer Online 25% - Yes problem occurs after qualifying. Game crashed 3 times in a row. - no troubleshooting as game closes and takes me to ps4 home screen after closing error screen. - PS4 Controller - error message attached. Thank You.
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    Hi, I can confirm I am running both of the above mentioned with the issues only occuring after updating to these.
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    Creating clubs does not work for a long time. I already reported the problem last November : I really hope RaceNet Challenges won't be let in the same dead state
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    Version 1.18 April 8, 2021 Content: New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Black) New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Blue) New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Red) New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Yellow) New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Green) New Livery: SUBARU Impreza 1995 - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Pink) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Black) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Blue) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Red) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Yellow) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Green) New Livery: Volkswagen Polo R Supercar - DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series (Pink) Hardware: Added support for Logitech TRUEFORCE™ hardware (ie: Logitech G HUB G923 racing wheels). Resolved multiple Logitech-related issues that arose from Version 1.17 update. Cars: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Resolved issue where engine audio file reverted to older iteration (previously used in Version 1.15). Miscellaneous: Updated Volkswagen logo in menu screens to match new real-world version. This is the final update for DiRT Rally 2.0.
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    Hi everyone, Mails have been sent and access granted. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for applying. We've had record applicants this year, and it's not a easy decision for users. What I can give away is a little information for consideration next year. A great way to ensure you are considered well for the BETA, in my opinion (which matters all of a sudden) is: Posting complete bug reports in the game cycle. This is the decider for me. If you post reports and test correctly while a game is live, we'll want you 😛 Correct forum behaviour and etiquette. Be active and contribute to a forum that is a great place to be. Be constructive, critical and respectful to others. If you have a problem or an issue, think about how the information we need to fix it. Just because it's not BETA season, it doesn't mean we are not looking to improve the game.
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    Appendices Here are the values used for the team ID, driver ID and track ID parameters. N.B. Driver IDs in network games differ from the actual driver IDs. All the IDs of human players start at 100 and are unique within the game session, but don’t directly correlate to the player. Team IDs ID Team ID Team ID Team 0 Mercedes 21 Red Bull 2010 42 Art GP ’19 1 Ferrari 22 Ferrari 1976 43 Campos ’19 2 Red Bull Racing 23 ART Grand Prix 44 Carlin ’19 3 Williams 24 Campos Vexatec Racing 45 Sauber Junior Charouz ’19 4 Racing Point 25 Carlin 46 Dams ’19 5 Renault 26 Charouz Racing System 47 Uni-Virtuosi ‘19 6 Alpha Tauri 27 DAMS 48 MP Motorsport ‘19 7 Haas 28 Russian Time 49 Prema ’19 8 McLaren 29 MP Motorsport 50 Trident ’19 9 Alfa Romeo 30 Pertamina 51 Arden ’19 10 McLaren 1988 31 McLaren 1990 53 Benetton 1994 11 McLaren 1991 32 Trident 54 Benetton 1995 12 Williams 1992 33 BWT Arden 55 Ferrari 2000 13 Ferrari 1995 34 McLaren 1976 56 Jordan 1991 14 Williams 1996 35 Lotus 1972 15 McLaren 1998 36 Ferrari 1979 16 Ferrari 2002 37 McLaren 1982 17 Ferrari 2004 38 Williams 2003 18 Renault 2006 39 Brawn 2009 19 Ferrari 2007 40 Lotus 1978 20 McLaren 2008 41 F1 Generic car 255 My Team Driver IDs ID Driver ID Driver ID Driver 0 Carlos Sainz 37 Peter Belousov 70 Rashid Nair 1 Daniil Kvyat 38 Klimek Michalski 71 Jack Tremblay 2 Daniel Ricciardo 39 Santiago Moreno 74 Antonio Giovinazzi 6 Kimi Räikkönen 40 Benjamin Coppens 75 Robert Kubica 7 Lewis Hamilton 41 Noah Visser 78 Nobuharu Matsushita 9 Max Verstappen 42 Gert Waldmuller 79 Nikita Mazepin 10 Nico Hulkenburg 43 Julian Quesada 80 Guanya Zhou 11 Kevin Magnussen 44 Daniel Jones 81 Mick Schumacher 12 Romain Grosjean 45 Artem Markelov 82 Callum Ilott 13 Sebastian Vettel 46 Tadasuke Makino 83 Juan Manuel Correa 14 Sergio Perez 47 Sean Gelael 84 Jordan King 15 Valtteri Bottas 48 Nyck De Vries 85 Mahaveer Raghunathan 17 Esteban Ocon 49 Jack Aitken 86 Tatiana Calderon 19 Lance Stroll 50 George Russell 87 Anthoine Hubert 20 Arron Barnes 51 Maximilian Günther 88 Guiliano Alesi 21 Martin Giles 52 Nirei Fukuzumi 89 Ralph Boschung 22 Alex Murray 53 Luca Ghiotto 23 Lucas Roth 54 Lando Norris 24 Igor Correia 55 Sérgio Sette Câmara 25 Sophie Levasseur 56 Louis Delétraz 26 Jonas Schiffer 57 Antonio Fuoco 27 Alain Forest 58 Charles Leclerc 28 Jay Letourneau 59 Pierre Gasly 29 Esto Saari 62 Alexander Albon 30 Yasar Atiyeh 63 Nicholas Latifi 31 Callisto Calabresi 64 Dorian Boccolacci 32 Naota Izum 65 Niko Kari 33 Howard Clarke 66 Roberto Merhi 34 Wilheim Kaufmann 67 Arjun Maini 35 Marie Laursen 68 Alessio Lorandi 36 Flavio Nieves 69 Ruben Meijer Track IDs ID Track 0 Melbourne 1 Paul Ricard 2 Shanghai 3 Sakhir (Bahrain) 4 Catalunya 5 Monaco 6 Montreal 7 Silverstone 8 Hockenheim 9 Hungaroring 10 Spa 11 Monza 12 Singapore 13 Suzuka 14 Abu Dhabi 15 Texas 16 Brazil 17 Austria 18 Sochi 19 Mexico 20 Baku (Azerbaijan) 21 Sakhir Short 22 Silverstone Short 23 Texas Short 24 Suzuka Short 25 Hanoi 26 Zandvoort Nationality IDs ID Nationality ID Nationality ID Nationality 1 American 31 Greek 61 Panamanian 2 Argentinean 32 Guatemalan 62 Paraguayan 3 Australian 33 Honduran 63 Peruvian 4 Austrian 34 Hong Konger 64 Polish 5 Azerbaijani 35 Hungarian 65 Portuguese 6 Bahraini 36 Icelander 66 Qatari 7 Belgian 37 Indian 67 Romanian 8 Bolivian 38 Indonesian 68 Russian 9 Brazilian 39 Irish 69 Salvadoran 10 British 40 Israeli 70 Saudi 11 Bulgarian 41 Italian 71 Scottish 12 Cameroonian 42 Jamaican 72 Serbian 13 Canadian 43 Japanese 73 Singaporean 14 Chilean 44 Jordanian 74 Slovakian 15 Chinese 45 Kuwaiti 75 Slovenian 16 Colombian 46 Latvian 76 South Korean 17 Costa Rican 47 Lebanese 77 South African 18 Croatian 48 Lithuanian 78 Spanish 19 Cypriot 49 Luxembourger 79 Swedish 20 Czech 50 Malaysian 80 Swiss 21 Danish 51 Maltese 81 Thai 22 Dutch 52 Mexican 82 Turkish 23 Ecuadorian 53 Monegasque 83 Uruguayan 24 English 54 New Zealander 84 Ukrainian 25 Emirian 55 Nicaraguan 85 Venezuelan 26 Estonian 56 North Korean 86 Welsh 27 Finnish 57 Northern Irish 87 Barbadian 28 French 58 Norwegian 88 Vietnamese 29 German 59 Omani 30 Ghanaian 60 Pakistani Surface types These types are from physics data and show what type of contact each wheel is experiencing. ID Surface 0 Tarmac 1 Rumble strip 2 Concrete 3 Rock 4 Gravel 5 Mud 6 Sand 7 Grass 8 Water 9 Cobblestone 10 Metal 11 Ridged Button flags These flags are used in the telemetry packet to determine if any buttons are being held on the controlling device. If the value below logical ANDed with the button status is set then the corresponding button is being held. Bit Flag Button 0x0001 Cross or A 0x0002 Triangle or Y 0x0004 Circle or B 0x0008 Square or X 0x0010 D-pad Left 0x0020 D-pad Right 0x0040 D-pad Up 0x0080 D-pad Down 0x0100 Options or Menu 0x0200 L1 or LB 0x0400 R1 or RB 0x0800 L2 or LT 0x1000 R2 or RT 0x2000 Left Stick Click 0x4000 Right Stick Click Penalty types ID Penalty meaning 0 Drive through 1 Stop Go 2 Grid penalty 3 Penalty reminder 4 Time penalty 5 Warning 6 Disqualified 7 Removed from formation lap 8 Parked too long timer 9 Tyre regulations 10 This lap invalidated 11 This and next lap invalidated 12 This lap invalidated without reason 13 This and next lap invalidated without reason 14 This and previous lap invalidated 15 This and previous lap invalidated without reason 16 Retired 17 Black flag timer Infringement types ID Infringement meaning 0 Blocking by slow driving 1 Blocking by wrong way driving 2 Reversing off the start line 3 Big Collision 4 Small Collision 5 Collision failed to hand back position single 6 Collision failed to hand back position multiple 7 Corner cutting gained time 8 Corner cutting overtake single 9 Corner cutting overtake multiple 10 Crossed pit exit lane 11 Ignoring blue flags 12 Ignoring yellow flags 13 Ignoring drive through 14 Too many drive throughs 15 Drive through reminder serve within n laps 16 Drive through reminder serve this lap 17 Pit lane speeding 18 Parked for too long 19 Ignoring tyre regulations 20 Too many penalties 21 Multiple warnings 22 Approaching disqualification 23 Tyre regulations select single 24 Tyre regulations select multiple 25 Lap invalidated corner cutting 26 Lap invalidated running wide 27 Corner cutting ran wide gained time minor 28 Corner cutting ran wide gained time significant 29 Corner cutting ran wide gained time extreme 30 Lap invalidated wall riding 31 Lap invalidated flashback used 32 Lap invalidated reset to track 33 Blocking the pitlane 34 Jump start 35 Safety car to car collision 36 Safety car illegal overtake 37 Safety car exceeding allowed pace 38 Virtual safety car exceeding allowed pace 39 Formation lap below allowed speed 40 Retired mechanical failure 41 Retired terminally damaged 42 Safety car falling too far back 43 Black flag timer 44 Unserved stop go penalty 45 Unserved drive through penalty 46 Engine component change 47 Gearbox change 48 League grid penalty 49 Retry penalty 50 Illegal time gain 51 Mandatory pitstop
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    I assume you realise Portimao and Imola will be added as free DLC to F1 2021 at some point post-launch? The chances of you getting Istanbul are slim though from what Tiametmarduk reported on Twitter.
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    I love the fact that you focus on MP first. Especially for league racing this is a top priority.