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    Say hello to the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team, competing in the 2021 FIA Junior WRC!
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    Been using these TV leaderboard and halo HUD mods with F1 2020 on PC, and look how great it looks. It would be fantastic if Codemasters implemented both of these into the game.
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    I'm looking forward to Kylotonn having to include this in the Junior WRC part of WRC 10 😄
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    Interesting comparison video of a Spanish stage. Just great to see how close the stage is compared to the real stage. Lightning is a bit different, but that could have do with time of day. Maybe in the game a bit to yellow though. Also quite a difference in handling. The real car is just “planted” and clean. While ingame it’s much more floaty or that asphalt is a loose surface in game with just a higher grip. Probably if there is more grip/resistance of the underground and tyres and stiffer suspension/tyres, I think it could make a major difference.
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    Someone has to make an 'Evergreen' livery for the DS21 ^^
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    https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMm4kgxnwdK/ 🙂
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    The controls and mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain are so solid they're the high benchmark of any open-world game I consider playing now. Fun fact: I worked at Konami during the years of that game's release, even have a full-size replica arm on my desk as I type this. I also wrote my University Thesis on the metanarrative of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 🙂
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    2021 WRC2 Ford Fiesta M-Sport Red Bull Adrien Fourmaux Renaud Jamoul https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2021-wrc2-ford-fiesta-m-sport-red-bull-adrien-fourmaux-renaud-jamoul.40929/
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    i think in the next few days you may see the new teaser for the next game. often around easter at big studios they leak launch new trailer for next game. on dirt twitter they said something new is coming soon. We have 𝙖 𝙡𝙤𝙩 to show you next week for DIRT! Announcements. New stuff. Cool things. You know the drill. See you then, yeah? hmm...monday at 2pm maybe ?
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    2020 game is all-round probably the best of the lot I would say (only missed one since first version in 2010). However, stupidly aggressive AI really spoils it at times. I only play off-line, so career/my team and I use a pad. Amount of times faster AI just smashes you off the track is totally unrealistic. Practice - doesn't matter, they will punt you out the way, even on an out-lap. Quali the same and then the race itself can be a nightmare. If they are faster, then they are coming through wherever they want and screw any realism!! I love strong AI in terms of race pace and genuine overtakes, but fed up with being smashed off the track because they decide to try and pass in the most ridiculous and unrealistic places constantly.
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like Patch Notes.
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    The Forza Horizon 4 developers go over it a bit with their Super7 launch. It's not that adding a free camera isn't technically possible (we all know it's doable as the mod exists) but rather that giving players free reign of the camera can expose certain things that developers feel uncomfortable in letting players see, such as texture loadings, LOD pop-ins etc. Those of us that know how games run may be fine with this but depending on who is using the tool there may be the perception that things are "broken" which hurts the image of the game in their eyes. That's usually the main reason for boundaries, another being framerate targets, RAM capacity, development resource to implement a more elegant system (which involves multiple teams including Art, UI, QA, Localisation etc.) and the inability to test for the near infinite number of edge-cases a free camera can open a game up to. Every game and game engine is different in this regard and what works for one doesn't work for all. 41:00 in.
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    Sorry but this is ridiculous: In your "myteam" game over 10x F1 seasons you would on average have 5x champion Bottas. You call that realistic? In real life, Bottas has finished 8x F1 seasons, and he only won 9 races, which is hardly more than 1 race per season. It is the same with pole positions, where IRL he had just a tad more than 2x pole per season. Even if you *doubled* these numbers because in your "myteam" game he drove all the seasons in the Mercedes (and not half of it in the Williams like IRL) it would neven suffice to win championships. I bet your "game" Bottas did beat all these numbers within the 4 seasons you named. IRL Bottas won no championship, not even close, despite he drove the best car for most of the time. It is obvious that he has Hamiltons stats in the F1 2020 game, because 5 out of 10 would be a perfect fit for Lewis. Actually more than that would meet it better. It is clearly a bug that has not been adressed (hence not even acknowledged) by the devs yet, not to mention the awareness stat discussion which was to be debated seperately. If nothing was done about "Supermottas" (tm) now, I am afraid this problem will continue into the 2021 version of the game and kill everyones immersion.
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    What? Really? You dont want more zebra designs or liveries/helmets that look like a seven year olds C-grade art homework? You dont want any more horrible cringey emotes that no grown adult would ever do on a podium? Perish the thought.. Yup. Not even bothering with this one. It's quite nice though not feeling like I have to play to unlock anything since theres literally nothing remotely nice in this podium pass.
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    It's been a while. My last race was season 2 i believe. If there's space anywhere I would like to join again.
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    Something @Mike Dee pointed out to me last night, with the Beta you can change your RaceNet name 🙂
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    Funny post from a younger Craig Breen using CMR https://www.instagram.com/p/CMm4kgxnwdK/
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    Ooooh and @F2CMaDMaXX, I left all of the green tube-thingies upright. ---> Timestamp - 09:38 It was close at times but if you watch the TV Replay footage, you'll see that I didn't knock any of them over. 😂
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    For info. I believe most leagues actually hold their races in private lobbies rather than using the game's league feature.
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    Some quick stats from round 1 at Perth and Kinross: Number of participants: 3738 Only ~18% finishers (the rest DNF'ed) Top vehicles used: Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - 38% Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - 18% ŠKODA Fabia R5 - 14% Ford Fiesta R5 - 10% Citroën C3 R5 - 7% Peugeot 208 T16 R5 - 7% Mitsubishi Space Star R5 - 6% Data from https://dr2.today/challenges/265/entries (note: I am missing 100 entries due to a racenet error)
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    Codies are still working from home for the most part as far as I can remember. Some employees have spent more time working from home than in the offices 😅 I'd guess that, at this point, most development companies are now used to managing people while everyone works from home. I think one of the biggest issue in terms of development that the pandemic causes is being unable to get assets and data for building tracks for example. In normal conditions, making a new track takes around half a year. This, coupled with the amount of new or modified tracks will cause a lot of trouble for everyone.