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    Did you guys not follow all their instructions? I ended up with loads of cool free stuff. Just had to give them a few card details and stuff, but they said it was all ok
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    Yay! I have been testing the new DLC content for the last 3 years, I can confirm that the stages feel great. During the beta there was a bug in one of the German stages, where the voice says "1 left, 1 left" when it should be "1 right, 1right" at the beginning of the stage if the Spanish co-driver is selected. I hope they have had time to fix it will all the new developments. Also thanks Codemasters for releasing the DLC so quickly. It almost feels like you could have included it with the base game, I love how you tease as all, even for a few days. Any chance of realising a DLC with the music from Dirt Rally 1?
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    Christina just posted on Discord saying that they are waiting for the green light from all parties to release the information. She also said that @SirPhilMcKraken is a **** and his early access is going to get revoked.
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    Not impressed with Irish tarmac stages? Surely this is grounds for a forum ban? Are the mods going to allow this kind of offensive language?
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    Think I’m probably more excited for the locations. The fact that we will be able to run a 9 round championship will be fantastic! Hopefully it’s all new stages, but even if it is old stuff I will still just be happy for more content, and I would hope that they would have had a big overhaul
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    Admittedly I hate the red, but it's the Codemasters brand colour and I'm at the mercy of our designers, I will look to get an alternate/dark theme setup though.
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    They aren't new rallies. They are stages anyone that played DR 1 has already driven a million times, and paid for already, with a shiny coat of paint..
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    I feel like this could go downhill quickly
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    Nothing. We've angered the gods. Who's the youngest community member? They should be sacrificed to appease @xtinamcgrath
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    You can probably make a good start to the shocking by referring to her as a him!
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    I'd prefer Ireland, damp tarmac, low grip, some jumps, nice Challenge This stage would be ace: Edit: ace if you drive like Breen 🤣
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    Clearly Galway need to put more effort in; modelling only 40km of unique stage for their rally. Shame.
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    Way over 1000 hours now, but I would say bring it on, these handmade stages never get boring. Dirt4 was the opposite this was boring after 2 days.
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    If Jon wins the rally it'll be a great add for codies... "1 year playing this and you can win in the real world" However if he loses......."should've had VR in early builds"
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    Embedding should work, I'm looking into this now. We'll explore the possibility of theme choices in the near future as well, likely dark mode/smaller width.
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    Only if you try and host The Oscars in 10 years, otherwise you should be fine.
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    The place where I work has an amazing simulator with VR, and I can confirm, using VR on a setup like that is mind blowing. Being able to lift your head and move it around is amazing, it completely replicates being inside the cockpit. My favourite track / car combination is a Formula 3 car at Oulton Park. Can't beat it.
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    If that's up your street I have got a long lost Nigerian uncle who e-mailed me a few days ago: I think you're going to really like what he has to say...
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    Anyone up for a poll to change the new forum design? Just make the bright red into something more pleasing to reading text on, like a graphite-grey or something
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    The choice is stark, Clear and ultimately fair.... support the game, make it profitable and the future is bright..... don’t support the game, it flops and there is no future for rally games!
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    I can’t feel special if I’m not on it! Can everyone just pretend I said something funny and laugh react to this please?