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    Version 1.10 October 30, 2019 Content: New Location: Jämsä, Finland - Available November 5 (Season 3) New Location: Killarney International Raceway, South Africa - Available November 19 (Season 4) New Location: Lydden Hill, UK - Available December 3 (Season 4) New Liveries: Season 3, Stage 3 - Available November 5 (Season 3) New Liveries: Season 4, Stage 1 - Available December 3 (Season 4) VR: Optimised overall SteamVR performance, to match that of Oculus SDK. Reassigned Oculus SDK preset graphics settings, to use VR config file (same file used by SteamVR in previous versions). Microsoft Store PC version: Added ability to change game language. Achievements: New Achievement: Finnesse - Roll your car and continue in Finland. New Achievement: Flying Finn - Get airborne 100 times in Finland. New Achievement: Greece Lightning - Win an Event in Greece by over a minute with Hardcore Damage enabled. New Achievement: Have a Break - Buy a Kitcar. Past & Present: Resolved issue where Achievement would not unlock when a player retires from the final Event. Locations: Ribadelles, Spain: Adjusted sunset time on loading screen. Ribadelles, Spain: Corrected specific pace note in Italian language. Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Adjusted various Track Reset lines (note: Leaderboards will be reset for this Location during update rollout). Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Resolved issue where black boxes were appearing behind cars at Dusk. Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi: Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Estering, Germany: Added spotter callout reminder for final lap, if the player has not yet taken their Joker. Powys, Wales: Resolved issue where dust-based visual effects were not appearing when player rejoined track. Cars: BMW M2 Competition: Added ability to repair Turbo components in My Team. Peugeot 206 Rally: Added exhaust flame visual effects. Audio: Volkswagen Golf Kitcar: Updated exhaust audio. Added ability to disable post-Stage comments at Finish Line. Resolved issue where audio was missing from internal camera views in Time Trial. Resolved issue where podium crowd audio was too quiet after winning Rallycross Finals. Broadcast Mode: Added ability to use Trackside cameras. Added ability to select a specific player to spectate and follow through multiple Stages/Races. Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Clubs: Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Hardcore Damage setting. Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Force Cockpit Camera setting. Added UI indicator to show if a Championship has enabled Allow Assists setting. Hardware: Ensured that Handbrake Deadzone and Handbrake Saturation settings work correctly across all game modes. Added input reporting slider for when players are configuring handbrake settings. My Team: Corrected UI display of Staff members in My Team after a player resets their RaceNet data. Miscellaneous: Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made several minor stability improvements throughout title. Version 1.11 is in development and is expected to release around December 10.
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    Hey all, Wanted to let you know that the first patch, or 'hotfix' for GRID has rolled out today on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Below in italics are the official patch notes: This patch consists of visual improvements and some fixes, including: Multiplayer Resolved issue of players starting races early, or not at the same time Resolved issue of player losing control in Quick Match – Time Attack events Visuals Fix for HDR rendering, causing grading to work incorrectly General Resolved issues that were causing game crashes, including from the live results screen As I mentioned last week, this is the first of multiple steps we're taking to make some in-game tweaks and improvements, a lot of which is based on feedback from you, the players. A new patch is in the works that aims to cover more community-reported topics, so as soon as we have the confirmed patch notes for that, I'll pass them on. Thank you 🙂
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    Bad news... another 6 years with copy paste games, not fixing important issues, ignoring their customers
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    ok, lets talk honestly and frankly. I don't want to be rude but this game is the worst of the GRID serie. To me, it's the most disappointing game since a very long time. I was expecting A LOT (and I guess, I can speak for everyone) for this game. Can we talk about the poor reviews on this game on Steam ? More negative reviews on Metacritic. I don't understand why there is such a gap between press media reviews and players reviews. Everything is missing in this game You can't tune your car whatever you want You can't paint your car whatever you want (seriously, same decals from GRID2) You can't choose your sponsors you can't paint the rims you can't choose the race length Top tiers cars / low tiers cars > means that only few cars are useful (basically, on every races, players will choose the same OP cars) Nemesis thing is useless AI is terrible, even more terrible in MP. AI cuts you, rams you and you get out of the track. single player is atrocious, no real team management Car selection is slow and tends to bug Easy, Normal and Hard are way too easy Very Hard is someday too easy, someday way to hard No drift Ridiculous amount of cars Cars handling is terrible (the R26 omg 😐). Some cars are way too drifty You can't tune your cars between online races (seriously ..?) No tire/fuel management (who cares since there are only 3 laps lel) race commentators are useless (and their voices in the french version.. omg please make them shut) Im still waiting the super awesome crash from AI. They just drive in straight line ... No custom online races (+AI in MP), MP is a joke Im surely missing other things. What were you thinking CM seriously ? this game is still in beta, but a beta sold full price. Do you seriously think that your game can compet against Forza, GT, Project Cars, NFS ? You guys planned updates on the game. OK. Why not .. but these updates will be contents that you should already be in the game. it's a shame. It's a shame coming from a company well known for their racing games. I'll just wait until NFS Heat (preordered it as well) is out and I'll put this GRID game somewhere and pretend it never exists.
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    Hey all 🙂 Quick update on the status of the next patch: it's currently going through tests internally ahead of submission, and I'm putting together the official patch notes with the team as we speak. From super-minor stuff to plenty of community-reported topics, the team have managed to create a huge number of tweaks and improvements for the patch, so I'll deliver the notes as soon as they're 100% confirmed. Thanks 🙂
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    October 29 was the initial expected date, however we've adjusted that as we're awaiting final sign-off from first-parties. Our update process is simultaneous across all titles (because of things like cross-platform Leaderboards etc.). We're still aiming to release this week however 👍🏻
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    Hi all Patch 1.15 is now available on all platforms. Please see the patch notes below to see what’s been updated with this patch. Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly have been moved to Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso – this will not affect existing career saves AI Race start performance variance updated leading to slower starts by the AI on average Mid-season driver transfer logic amended Added options to disable driver transfers or limit to off-season transfers only Addressed an issue with visual graining seen on specific graphics cards Addressed an issue where FPS drops could be seen on PC Cars being lapped will now ghost in online sessions Teammate can now be selected at the start of a career Grid penalties can now be seen during the pre-race grid rundown Players can no longer re-join a team they were fired from in the same season in career 26 brand new customisation items including Halloween edition items Various other fixes and stability improvements Need help? Come and visit us in our Technical Assistance forums. Please be sure to check out the read me thread before posting. Something from this patch not working the way it should? Tell us in our patch discussion thread here.
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    it just feels right, great handling, great FFB, in ya face action, it's fast... it's realistic, oh the graphics are decent to. DR 2.0 feels dry, slow and tedious? been playing WRC 8 more than DR far more rewarding in every sense. Although i do enjoy a blast on DR 2.0 i find WRC 8 is more thrilling.
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    Tension seems to be running high in the Gossip thread, I suspect due to the lack of actual gossip. Probably best if you defuse the situation with some season 5 news @PJTierney...
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    cool patch with a lot of fix. Serious stuff will be when happen this: - added ... - add - introduced - add - feature added - add - added - new - new - etc etc and last but not least - new trees high details pack
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    Chris I know you know this and it has been logged. But I'll repeat it again for this thread and anyone reading: Please remove ai from quickmatch. That is the biggest problem by far with the game. It is not only killing off the online community of players that have purchased the game but also causing potential customers to avoid this title. No one wants to see that. This is a must have fix as soon as possible. It should never have released like this. You cannot have multiplayer without players. The usual CM custom public lobbies are also sorely needed so players can play what they want. Same as every previous GRID and DiRT title. Thanks again. ps. Once decent online is implemented we need cross play. Xbox, PS4, PC and Stadia! More players = more longevity = more $$ = selling future titles too! If the game stays as is it will die and CM will lose even hardcore GRID fans for good. It has been hugely disappointing so far.
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    No. 30 FPS is always pretty bad.
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    A small contribution from me to the game, hope you like them! Both cars can be downloaded at http://www.rallygamer.com/dirtrally2/liveries/page1.php DiRT Rally 2.0 - Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Petter Solberg - RallyRACC Catalunya 2018 DiRT Rally 2.0 - Ford Fiesta R5 - Jourdan Serderidis - Acropolis Rally 2014
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    "We listen to the community and are working diligently to bring the most accurate F1 experience. Proudly, we are introducing more purchasable skins."
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    We're deploying a new patch over the next hour on Xbox One that resolves this issue - please download this patch to be able to access GRID on Xbox. Thank you for your patience - we'll continue to track feedback to ensure everything is running smoothly 👍
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    I'm sure that air atmospherics are simulated in this and other major driving games or else the cars will not be able to move through the ether and downforce will not work and tail pipes will not combust nor will we get kick plate sparks or rain for that matter. I recall when Playground Games made FH2 there was much talk about earth atmospherics being a major part of the construct of the that game. One of the devs even discussed the emulation of "Rayleigh scattering" being responsible for the color of the sky. So I'm thinking that the composition of air ( 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases) is simulated in this game and that changing the composition of it for Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez due to its elevated sea level would be second nature. Wind and air atmospherics should definitely be part of this game, if isn't already, which I'm kind of sure it is.
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    That's why I think these things should always be an option. I remember how Grand Prix 2 in the 90's had an option for random mechanical problems for the player. While Codemasters won't do it because "not everyone likes that" 🙄
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    It shouldn't have taken literally 4 months to get an option to disable the mid-season transfers (or AI transfers outright). 🤣 Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to actually have the ability to play the game I bought in June now the way I'd like, but it's a bit like congratulating someone for buying you sugar from the shop... that you asked for two weeks ago. It's a bit late for it now.
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    When will the DRS zones in Germany, Singapore and Mexico be updated?
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    Read more here: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/11/finland-rally-available-now-in-dirt-rally-2-0/
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    Sure everyone knows this but judging by the thread, I guess I need to reiterate: - Abusive, disrespectful, personal comments towards other members of the Forums (including Codies staff) is not accepted; warnings and bans can be (and have been) issued for this behaviour. Said it from the start: there's simply no tolerance for it here. It's totally unnecessary. - Just as importantly: ALL feedback on the game (positive, negative, everything in between) is not just welcomed - it's encouraged. We need that feedback to know where to focus our efforts and make improvements where needed. A quick glance of the Forums will tell you that we don't shut down negativity. Whatever your thoughts are, please keep them coming - in a manner that, again, respects all others and is as constructive as possible. Thank you - just about to check in again with the GRID team with the latest community feedback round-up, and get an update on the upcoming patch 🙂
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    Absolutely top class Gossip thread material there Matty, A*
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    I'm not so sure on free content specifics from the gossip and hints i've seen - i would say there might be some more proper DLC coming, Coley was back recording stuff and so was Phil Mills, i think we've got something coming after S4 🙂