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    Update: We now have a fix in testing hoping to get this into the next patch. Thank you for all the feedback
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    Looks like Codies have finally gone down the devil's path and decided to go all EA on us. What absolute nonsense it is to have a game mode where customisation etc is one of the key aspects, but then give hardly any customisable options and lock the rest behind a paywall. 6 mediocre helmets, and hardly any car liveries and overalls, because you have to pay for the rest, despite already paying around £50 for the game in the first place. Don't bother telling me "you can unlock a lot of it through gameplay" because firstly: you can't unlock ALL the items and secondly: it's just a terrible excuse for CM's to deliberately not include content in the game, so they can add it in at a later date and charge you for it. C'mon Codemasters, do the right thing, surely you know these in-game transactions are just really scummy game practices.
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    Hi everyone, We've had reports that some users are still missing Pitcoins. Please only add your gametag/username and platform here so we can look at our internal logs and investigate the issue. Please note: Try and ONLY add the requested information. This will really help our investigation as we will be able to see the other details we need from your gamertag search. Many thanks, Barry
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    Hi everyone, As part of more player involvement in F1 2020, we will be adding some competitions throughout the year for you to share your stories, images and more with the rest of your community. Exact details are not yet finished, but one I'm working on.
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    I think we need to break out the drawings 😄 Slider to the left, tyres do this (looking from the front): /-\ Slider to the right, tyres do this: |-|
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    I find it quite difficult to have a certain color pallete in for example 'My Team', because everytime you have to manually get the exact same colour so that it matches up with your branding, which is quite annoying. Would be great if we can save custom/team colors as a preset or something.
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    1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. "Connecting to online servers" is displayed in the middle of the screen blocking the view of the game for intervals of 5seconds, which occurs every 3seconds. You're still able to drive but not clear as "the connecting to online servers" message is shown. I know many people experiencing this problem, everyone I've spoken too has had this problem, not even joking, it's ridiculous. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.03 3. Game-mode? Multiplayer 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 50+ multiplayer races. This occurs every single lap at least 10 times. So 500 times. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Reset console, reset internet, leave and re-join, close and open F1 2020 application. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Gamepad 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.
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    To update everyone here, we have a fix currently in test and hope to have this out for the next patch. A huge 'thank you' to those high-quality reports which have helped us dig into the issue.
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    With F1 2019 having a wide-variety of customisation stuff, including liveries, overalls, gloves, helmets etc. , I had a same level of expectation that we will get something similar in F1 2020. Especially with the new Podium Pass feature. I took a look on YouTube and in the game to see, what liveries overalls and helmets we can win. Unfortunately I have to say that F1 2020's customisation is a massive disappointment compared to F1 2019. The amount of helmets, overalls, gloves that were available us, have let me down aswell. The majority of the helmets and overalls that looked good, and were worth wearing, have been swept down, leaving me and other players being able to choose from completely basic ones. Same with the liveries. I cannot belive that all the good looking liveries you made in F1 2019, are not in this years game, instead we got liveries that look like, that they were made by beginners (with the exception of the British flag shape and the galactic livery). In my opinion, these liveries should have made it into F1 2020: Avax - G-Sync Xenon - Bisect Atlantic - Vostok Zanzare - Flow Venus - Data Stripe Xenon - Dorsal Lupo Industries - Full Moon Distort - Swipe Monnaie - Heritage Avax - Cockpit Achevée - Gradient Xenon - Dart These liveries looked completely amazing, and no matter what color combination you made, it gave you the feeling that, you'd belong to the grid. And since we are at multiplayer cars, I also want to express my opinions about putting sponsors on the cars. I am happy that we can put sponsors on the cars, but it needs a little update. Each livery template should have their own sponsor spots and there should be an option where we can set the size of the sponsors. There are sponsors which size are extremely tiny on certain parts of the car (like XXY). Overall this is what I think about the customisation system of F1 2020. I hope that sooner or later this will be updated.
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    To shut this down quickly as I can, we are under guidelines from the FIA, FOM, F1 and their teams to respect licensing and their intellectual property. According to their official website, the team name is Scuderia Ferrari. If they want us to preserve the intellectual property of that in order to have them in the official game, we are going to accept those terms. We have no other option, but even if we did (which we don't), our other option would be worse. The best example I can think of is Juventus and FIFA. FIFA didn't have the licence for Juve, so called them Piemonte Calcio. I don't know the specifics, but you'd imagine not having the most recognisable name in the history of the sport in Ferrari from our grid would become a bigger issue. We are told to use their official name and keep their intellectual property, so we do. They don't own the term Scuderia, but they certainly have intellectual rights of the teamname 'Scuderia Ferrari'.
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    I was in a my team race, and caught the back of the leaders. Unfortunately the entire field was ahead so I had to let the entire field lap me on the restart. Because of this I now have the shame of being lapped by Raghunathan.
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    I find it very disappointing that I can only have the new Dutch commentary when I have the whole game on Dutch. Personally I don't like to have games in Dutch simply because the translations are quite off most of the time and I just prefer English, but I do want to have the voice of the Dutch commentators, which now simply is not possible. I would really appreciate it if Codemasters gave us those options, I think that is not too hard to implement.
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    Having played the game for a bit last night, one bit that i think could be improved is the Overtake button. Currently you press it to activate & then press it again to turn it off. I find this quite cumbersome and think it would be better if there was option for it to only work when the button is held down. This stops it being accidently left on at the end of a straight and is more in keeping with how its usually used which is for a couple of seconds early in the straight. I'm not sure how its used in real life, but i don't think it would hurt to add it in as an option
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    So, I'm doing My Team and I'm in Hanoi. Start on mediums and just as I'm about to change for softs a SC is triggered. After the race I went to see the replay out of curiosity and boy oh boy! I laughed so hard! 😂 Youtube Video Proof! I'm scared Codemasters, really scared.
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    I know not everything is behind a paywall, but the problem is, they've deliberately with-held content in a FULLY PRICED GAME to charge people for with micro-transactions. What would've been the harm in just having all these customisable options for free and available at the start of the game?? Y'know, so when I start the brand new and highly advertised MyTeam, I can actually customise the car etc to how I like.
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    We acknowledge that this isn't in following of F1 rules, and there is/has been internal discussions about this.
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    Didn't mind what he said initially, but his answer below was why I took the correct action. This was unrelated to his game request (which there was none), the user didn't report a bug and shouted UPDATE. Won't be threatened over the Mercedes livery. Stand by my decision Abusive behaviour is against forum rules.
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    Untrue @UnderclassGDfan We have designed the Podium Pass with this exactly in mind. If you reach Level 30, you receive enough Pitcoin back (with change) to buy the next season as well as earn all the extra stuff. Maths: Price Of VIP: 9k. Pitcoin earned if you get to Level 29 of the Podium Pass: 10k. Amount of Pitcoin given to you at the start of the game with Pre-Order: 15k. So, you could (and should) use 9k of the Pre-order money to enable the VIP pass to start grinding the pass. You then have 6k to buy extra stuff, or save for top ups at the end of Season 1 to complete it, earning you the VC for Season 2. The bolded text in the quote is somewhat true, but is also the same as all over 'Pass' systems. Fortnite is the best example. My final point, these customisation options do NOT improve your performance and are optional and visual. You can choose not to interact with them or not and your game performance will be the same. Remember, Seasons run in cycles and stuff for Season 2/3 etc are not confirmed yet. It would be illogical to simply give away all of Season 1's content, without challenging the player to interact with the game and earn the tiers. Would defeat the whole object of the pass being used to encourage players to complete challenges and earn levels. I do the same with Fortnite. I'm not the best player, but I use my coins in a way where I can save and buy the Battle Pass, or work out how quickly I can get it so I can choose when to spend money. Should I really, really want something, I may get it. Supply and Demand. To be honest, I normally don't but when I do, I don't want everyone having it because I chose to buy it. But I also would get a lot of stuff for simply playing, which is fair.
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    Guys, ABS, force feedback issues, these could be reporting as bugs, but not in this thread, here is Q&A, I am not discussing issues here, and is not the right place to ask for fixes, thanks.
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    Guys we all have experienced some issues some more than others and I'm one of them but let's give @BarryBLand rest of codies a break. If something you think is broken put bug report in, they are trying there hardest to rectify everything, but understand there are things that are out of there control (ie Microsoft). Just cut a bit of slack we all know issues there and people think they are ignoring us, there not it's just everything has hit all in one go and everything is prioritised. And eventually game will be best f1 game
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    Exactly @AllenB2609, we couldn't. The issue is, when the game got into that phase, we had limited pre-season data to use rather than the scheduled 8 race weekends (so practice, quali and full races) we would've had. Take Austria for the easiest example. All numbers are very rough. 71 laps in race, A race programme for each driver - Assume another 71 laps in Practice, Other practice programs - 50 laps, 5 laps in Quali, Per Driver = 197 laps. Round that to 200. Per driver. 4000 laps per race weekend. So 3000-4000 laps per weekend x 8 races we would've had data for - Between 24,000 and 32,000 laps of data we didn't have this year to judge performance off before release. So we had to base it on the next best logical thing. Looks like it wasn't totally accurate, but to be expected. It is a very exceptional circumstance to have the game release the same time the season starts, because season starting is a great unknown to everyone. Remember, we have builds the game far before the planned Austria GP.
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    Hey, really enjoying the handling and team management in My Team. Thankyou. I'm have real problems with practice sessions. With the difficulty set so I can achieve lap times around tenth or lower (I'm a new team after all) I'm around half a second off at best from the teams expected lap times. If I adjust the difficulty so I can just about pass the practice programs I'm setting the fastest times in the session, 2.5 seconds faster than my team mate. The top teams are setting times around where the practice target times are set. Really hope this is something that's being looked into, I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say it's killing the My Team mode for me.
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    It has been improved, it's been improved to make it more realistic and stop people spamming down the gears. You can't go 8th to 3rd in a split second while traveling at 200mph
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    To manage expectations here (fortunately users have already done this), we have the winter testing data and 1 race to work off at the moment in terms of an update. I'd also question the race, as 9 cars didn't finish (which is very odd for modern F1) so we wouldn't have known their true respective ranking to others. Making the performance order as realistic as possible is a aim of ours, but given world circumstances, it may take some time to establish a 'pecking order' with some limited knowledge. This is because usually, by the point of game release, there is a understood hierarchy of teams and drivers as we've had a number of races and 1000's of laps completed. Not the case this year.
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    To add I'm pretty sure I saw an interview where the family approved of it as a tribute to him and aslong as the family find it fitting it doesn't matter what the rest of us think