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    Hello! I'd love to see this livery in the game (for the fiesta R5) but i've never done any livery. Is someone working on it, or can somebody please do it? It would be great. Thanks!
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    In rallycross qualifying the random times from the other qualifier are usually way off the mark., they should be around the same level as your physical opponents. I play career mode on elite level, or freeplay with 75-85 difficulty, and on most tracks there is a 7-8 second gap between the physical drivers you race against and the random AI times. On Killarney it's 16-20 which is just mind-boggling. 4-5 seconds per lap on a 1km track. That is a staggering mismatch. 7-8 seconds for 4 laps is huge and that is on most tracks. This makes offline racing near impossible. I can't have the kind of race where I have good close racing in both qualifying (where I compete against the random times) and in semi-finals/finals (where I compete against physical AI opponents) because there is a huge gap in their levels. In freeplay if I set the difficulty so that physical AI drivers are around my level, then I will never get past qualifying since the random times are far faster. If I set the difficulty so that random times are around my level, then semi-finals and finals are laughable since the AI drivers are way too slow for me. This kills offline rallycross. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    Its definitely the best of the little Lego models I have seen. The rear wing is spot on!
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    Post 2017 WRC regulations has got nothing on that MASSIVE aero tech the Baleno is running. Dayum!
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    A) It hurts visibility B) Finland in Dirt Rally 1 looked better, with clear visibility to the distance C) Not to mention, it hurts visibility in the FASTEST stage in the game, where seeing far to the distance is the most important D) Finally, I'm from Finland and been to Jämsä rallies many times (I live nearby), it never looks like that over here..... Dirt Rally 1 looked like much more realistic Finnish forest This "Let's add blue fog everywhere and it will make this look cool" is a nuisance of Dirt Rally 2.0 overall, not just Finland. The effect is overused in several RX tracks for example, and in Poland to a degree. But it's at it's worst in Finland, completely ruining the experience. Rest of the DLC stages are good, and actually improve over the originals visually and in some cases also driving-wise (Sweden, Monte Carlo). Finland really needs fixing, just remove the fog completely
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    I tested that beauty of yours out. 😉 Great job on them from a fellow designer.
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    Skoda Fabia R5 Szilveszter Rallye 2019 Gagnant Rovanperä K. - Korhonen N. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/skoda-fabia-r5-winner-szilveszter-rallye-2019-rovanperä-k-korhonen-n.30437/
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    yep, that's it. I haven't got a clue why they put those H2 cars as early unlocks because they're incredibly cheap in-game but here we are.
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    Sorry Richie, I’m a huge supporter of the game but I think the promo shots of Finland are seriously misleading - when that hasn’t been the case for the previous 5 rally location releases, I certainly bought on the basis of the shots that we’d seen posted several times. As for the video, I’d even seen that but there’s nothing that would suggest the conditions in the video would be the only weather option. I’m not suggesting that Codies are lying or set out to deceive, but the promo images I guess were generated (seeing as we saw them at Season 3 announcement blog) before it had completed testing in game and not updated to match the compromised final version. Also, PJ is doing a great job with comms and they’re at an all time high for the series IMO, so not sure of the link you’re making there. Anyway, it cost me the price of a sandwich and I’ve gotten plenty of enjoyment (and counting) from the rest of the game, so onwards and upwards - hopefully there’ll be another location in future to make it a nice round 12 in my game!
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    voici la Ford Escort Cosworth de Bruno Thiry / Stéphane Prévot au Tour de corse 1995 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-escort-cosworth-bruno-thiry-stéphane-prévot-tour-de-corse-1995.29704/
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    Voici la FORD RS 200 BELGA de Robert Droogmans / Ronny Joosten aux Boucles de Spa 1986 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-rs-200-belga-robert-droogmans-ronny-joosten-boucles-de-spa-1986.29844/
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    Bonjour, voici une création perso de la Ford Fiesta R5 aux couleurs RedBull https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-r5-redbull-personal-creation.30063/
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    PS4 Pro - JorritVD Second event of the 2019/2020 Official DiRT Club at Sweden
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    PS4 Pro - JorritVD First event of the 2019/2020 Official DiRT Club at Monte Carlo
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    Platform: Steam User: BavarianLord29 Car: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI Location: Montecarlo
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    A little bit of scenery from today's daily!
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    Cédric Cherain - Condroz Rally 2019 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/c-cherain-condroz-rally-2019.29833/ Enjoy this beauty lads...