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    The issue compromised a critical game mode for our players, so we pushed a fix through as quick as possible to keep the integrity of people's efforts valid.
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    I have wanted this for years and I think it would be great for F1 2021. First of all, character customization. Just like in Fifa or Madden, we should be able to choos a face preset (could be from the ones available right now) and then we should have the ability to change stuff like nose shape, eye color, eyebrow type, hair style... And helmet customization. I would LOVE to be able to customize my helmet like in the Moto GP game or like in GranTurismo Sport. Where you can add any decal you want to creat the helmet exactly as you like. So we could add shapes, flags, numbers, and choose the color, shape and placement of our sponsors. Also, it would be great if we could choose different visor colors, like the real drivers, not just black. And another thing, idk if it has to do with licences or anything, but I would love to have a choice on what helmet brant to wear. (Bell, Arai, Schuberth or Stilo) I hope you can read this and maybe take my ideas into consideration. Thanx!
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    Yeah, that one is fake news. Best person to get official patch notes is, well.... me! ๐Ÿ˜›
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    I'd like to bring back an old topic from the archives: Despite massive improvments of the game in the last years, I think one of the most important things is neglected in the last games. The weather system is the same for nearly five or six years now and there wasn't a huge step of improvments in a long time. I remember when F1 2012 came out, the step of the weather system was impressive - and in this game, the weather model was more realistic than in the games of the last years. The way how the rain came to an track or the track dried out was much less predictable. In the current games, it's always the same. As soon as the DRS is disabled, you know that its time for the wet tyres, and as soon as its enabled again, you are save for slicks again. Look at the postings in the topic above and watch this video: You were able to drive with Slicks on the dry line, but if you pushed to hard, and came away from the racing line, your race was over. Same way for wet tyres in the dry. You were able to cool your tyres on the wet places on the track and were able to race a lot longer on the wet tyres. And in the current games it's always the same sheme. So, there are no really opportunitys (especially in leagues), were slower drivers could surprise in difficult conditions. I think this topic is one of the most important topics of a racing game. And before moaning and concentrating on liverys or stuff, I think the devs should focus more on the on track things again, and not only about features, that the manority of people like to see. (MyTeam etc.)
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    Hi everyone, After internal investigation, we have decided to award everyone the โ€˜Chromedโ€™ livery. Codemasters appreciate the efforts players have put into Series 1 of the Podium Pass and feel that our Community should not miss out on a reward due to an issue within the pass. Please check your in-game mail for details on how to redeem your reward. Thanks for the patience on this.
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    Marshals, cranes.. To me it sounds like an unnecessary FPS drop.
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    Just had a quick look to see what this week's Multiplayer event is and saw this. Now - before everyone screams 'You can't name and shame on the forum' let me be perfectly clear. This is NOT name and shame. This the opposite. I think that SzEGA's performance is so earth shatteringly good, so out of this world, that everyone needs to be made aware of it. I mean, over 3 seconds faster than anyone else!!!!!! And using assists!!!!!!!! This guy is awesome. The Lewis Hamilton of our world. By sharing his performance here hopefully I can maybe be a small part of getting him picked up by the pro guys. Let's be honest - we should all bow down before him. A true god amongst us mere mortals.
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    just wondered @BarryBL if codemasters are looking to plan introducing extra tracks from 2021 realistically as a DLC ? places like mugello / Germany / Portugal? If they are not in the official calender. Id happily pay 4.99 for three tracks . Anyone else got any ideas ?
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    Then why is Singha in the F1 2020 game? (FYI: Singha is a Thai beer brand, visible on the Alfa Romeo livery) As a matter of fact, Singha has been in the game for a few years already. Also, on the PS3 / XBox360 F1 games by Codemasters, we also got Kingfisher back in the days. Seems as if it probably boils down to Codemasters budget, and the creative decision to not make these sponsors available for all, as some countries have a total ban for alcohol or tobacco sponsors. (Which is, on the one hand, understandable, in the way that Codemasters are saving time and effort as well as keeping their budget low. And on the other hand, not understandable, because there is no technical limitation in terms of getting the licence, as everything can be bought at the right price; Not to mention, that Codemasters could easily create a specific update file of the liveries for countries that disallow these sponsorships, whilst everyone else gets the full experience in the vanilla game. Just as in EA's sports games, which are known for this little gimmick.). Either way, i hope that in the near future, Codemasters will start giving more attention to the official sponsorships, in order to increase immersion and realism by another notch. PS: Speaking of EA's sports games, they are running Heineken, Carlsberg, Estrella Galicia, as well as several "betting" sponsors on their games since 2009, IIRC. Ironically, these sports games are all rated "PEGI 3"...
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    At first I read this as "More lions on track" and thought, whaaa?
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    So after a dismal qualifying where I got taken out by another car and had to retire from the session putting me dead last on the grid, I get greated by "Great day, lets have your take on it", nope that just breaks the immersion for me. Also set weather conditions for the interviews the same as preceeding session as I was in a downpour then got interviewed in bright sunshine!
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    Would be great to get a visual effect of low or high downforce tracks on the car. Is it possible to add three types of rear wing sizes? High (Monaco), medium (like the actual one in F1 2020 and low (Spa, Monza, Montreal)?
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    Perhaps not feasible due to contractual purposes, but I think grid customization would be a neat feature for players who like to focus on their own personal narratives within the Formula One sphere. Basically transfers, but done manually by ourselves. An example would be something akin to FIFA, where you can change a player's team and save that data on file if you choose to use it. I play full races online with a friend. Being able to change up the grid based on their performances in that season of ours for the next season would add charm and realism to the play through. I'd make it possible in Grand Prix/Championship mode, as well as unranked online lobbies (restricted to friend rooms, maybe?) The pool would include current F1 drivers, F2 2019 drivers, and the current F2 drivers if they are added.
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    I feel like they should seriously consider doing this for this years game. But that won't happen.
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    I haven't been able to record it yet, but i can confirm since 1.09 update i have been getting the same freezing during multiplayer races. some of the freezes are other cars, sometimes it's me, and it's bloody scary when it happens mid corner.
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    From our reports, internal testing and Community feedback, yes.
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    Hi everyone. Firstly, I have to compliment Codies for their efforts on this year's game. I didn't expect to be able to create my own team in the game just yet and, for a first attempt, the My Team game mode is excellent. However, as with every game, there are always improvements to be made which can take the franchise to the next level. So I've got some suggestions as to what can be implemented into next year's game. The suggestions in bold are those which I think are musts for the developers to target (and should be achievable). My Team: Proper Livery Editor - This is an absolute must. For it to completely feel like My Team, I need to be able to design my own livery. An editor similar to the ones seen in GT Sport and the Forza franchise would be fantastic. We could create our own shapes for the design, place the sponsors exactly where we want them and scale their size, choose our number font and colour(!!) and do so much more! Different Paint Finishes - I think the current colour system is decent and you can get pretty much any colour if you try hard enough. However, we should be able to choose if the paint has a matte, glossy, metallic etc. finish. Some preset liveries have matte finishes already, so why can't we decide the finish ourselves? Different FOM Car Options - It would be great if there were a range of FOM cars to choose from that each look a bit different. They could have different nose designs, rear wings, bargeboards, wheelbases and rakes for example. It would perhaps be a stretch to allow us to choose individual components since the car might then not look quite right. Each car could have different performance characteristics e.g. better aerodynamic performance, less drag, lower chassis weight etc. Improved Calendar Progression - This mainly relates to one thing... driver contracts. It seems a bit silly that we have to save up to afford our teammate's contract before we get our end-of-season budget. If we sign a new teammate, their stats for the previous season show up in the season summary even though they were not driving for My Team - that makes zero sense. It should also be possible to negotiate contracts over a wider timescale than one specific day. If I want to tie down my teammate for next season a bit earlier (or similarly snap up another driver), then I should be able to. Other teams could do this as well and we could get a notification every time a driver is confirmed in a seat. I also think we should be able to do some things in the off-season, such as upgrading facilities and doing some sponsor events. Influence on Teammate Strategy - Since we are the team owner, it would make sense if we could have a large influence on our teammate's pit strategy. There are often races where the one-stop is generally faster, but the team puts my teammate on the two-stop, ruining their race. It's so frustrating! I also feel that there should be some team orders on the MFD, e.g. "Let me past ____", "Double-stack pit stop", "Box ____ this lap". Our teammate can override if they want (at their peril of course)! Hiring Team Members - It is quite easy to manage our funds after a certain point. Being able to hire team members would provide something else to spend our cash on. We could hire a Chief Aerodynamicist, Power-Unit Chief, Chassis Expert and Durability Engineer. The better people you hire, the more paths of development you unlock, the less likely your upgrades are to fail - this would work nicely alongside the facility management we currently have. Possibly, we hire a Chief Strategist which would result in better suggestions of alternate strategies from Jeff and better strategies for your teammate. Career Mode: I haven't actually played the normal driver career mode this year yet, but there are a couple of things that I would still like to see. Semi-Realistic Driver Transfers - Having driver transfers is great, and it is cool to see some crazy moves like Verstappen to Mercedes. While there should still be unpredictable transfers like this, I don't see enough more realistic moves. For me, the drivers in F2 which are associated with certain F1 teams should be more likely to move to those teams when a seat become available. For example, in next year's game, if a Renault seat becomes available then Zhou and Lundgaard should be the drivers most likely to fill it. Likewise if there is a free Red Bull seat, then one of the AlphaTauri drivers or Tsunoda (if he's not already in that car) should be most likely to step up. As a player we are associated with a particular driver academy, why aren't the other F2 drivers? Team Sponsors on Helmet - We finally have sponsors on the helmet in My Team, but they remain bare as ever in normal career mode. What if some positions on the helmet were assigned to the team's logo, as well as their primary and secondary sponsors? For example, if you were driving for Mercedes, you would get the Merc badge, Petronas and Ineos slapped onto your helmet. Alternatively, at Alfa Romeo, you would get their badge, Orlen and Carrera/Singha on your helmet. I appreciate there may be some licensing issues with this, but I don't see why any team/sponsor would object. General: Proper Helmet Editor - Very similar to the livery editor, I need my helmet to look exactly how I want it. Should be able to have different paint finishes too. Classic Tracks DLC - In my opinion, the classic cars we have at the moment are nice, but they don't add that much to the game. If classic tracks were included though, that would be amazing! Obviously we could do time trial and online using these tracks, and potentially we could add them to our career modes(?) If we could get tracks like Mugello, Nurburgring, Portimao, Imola and Istanbul Park as part of a paid DLC on next year's game then I would be obliged to get my wallet out. Again I worry that licensing holds this idea back, but we had classic tracks on F1 2013... Cool-Down Lap - Like the formation lap, this should be optional, but it would be nice to see. Once you finish a race, it all feels abrupt. I want to have a lap where I can let the result sink in. We could have radio messages where we can thank the team or criticise them for any strategic decisions - this could tie into department morale and driver acclaim. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on my suggestions and it would be great if you could share your own ideas as well!
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    I don't see any interesting things in S2. Season 1 has a few interesting helmets and liveries etc. but season 2 none.
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    I'm half convinced the designers have got their kids to draw most of these liveries and helmets. Granted theres a couple of nice ones like the one helmet I think for level 24? Has the black on top is nice and the simpler liveries are decent. But the Zebra, Rays, Bolts and Digital ones are just horrible.. Not just horrible but you cant even change the colour of half of the design.. Honestly I'm happy the Zebra one is the season reward though... saves me grinding the game modes I don't want to play. I mean, what was wrong with the 2019 helmets? Why have they been removed for these? How hard can it be to just make a simple design that would look like it belongs on a race car? When was the last time any team had an outlandish design like half of these? I hate to discredit the work, but sorry it's incredibly disappointing.
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    There's something wrong with your method. I tried something like this today, but I changed a bunch of things to try to get more realistic (especially picking more "middle of the road" times, instead of world records). Thankfully, I didn't get any of these wild +17 fluctuations of yours. - First, I simulated three qualis at Interlagos, 85 difficulty, and averaged the pole position times. Result: 1:09.607. I picked this track because I know it really well, so I could use it to gauge my difficulty level without tons of practice (I just bought the game). 85 seemed the most adequate to me, so I picked it as the baseline. - I then checked what time would be needed to get into the upper 10% of Interlagos time trials. Result: 1:07.782. - So 85 pole position AI is 2.693% slower than a top 10% time trial time (69.607 / 67.782 = 1.02693). - I then checked the top 10% time trial cut for every single track, and checked what difficulty would get the pole position the closest to also being 2.693% slower than it (always simulating at least three times before confirming, always clean weather, always midday). This was boring af to do. But oh well. Results as follows: Brazil: 85 Australia: 79 Bahrain: 81 Vietnam: 78 China: 87 Netherlands: 85 Spain: 80 Monaco: 79 Azerbaijan: 83 Canada: 78 France: 84 Austria: 86 Britain: 78 Hungary: 85 Belgium: 80 Italy: 81 Singapore: 89 This was when I stopped, and realized this is much more consistent from track to track then what I anticipated. We're talking about a +/- 0.5 sec variation at most, compared to the average. The only exception, with a significantish bump, would be Singapore, but this is probably the hardest track of the whole year. IDK, is it really a benefit to make it even tougher to drive there? For the remaining tracks (Russia, Japan, USA, Mexico and Abu Dhabi), I didn't run the full quali simulations on different difficulties, but I have the ratio of 85 difficulty pole position time and top 10% time trial time on them, which is enough to know all of them would definitely fall into the 78-85 range. I stopped close to finishing the job because I came to an early conclusion: there's no need to change difficulty level on a per-track basis. AI consistency is the best it has ever been. If there comes any big discrepancy during a career, it would be most likely because of your own skill level, or ability/inability to cut corners in a given track. Don't cut corners.
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    irao nos banir ....BR kk!!
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    Thanks, I appreciate this. It was a bit annoying to compare the tracks in version 1.07 and 1.08 since the game was constantly crashing in the replays. With 1.09 it seems to be more stabil. I just hope that the tracks wont look like 2016 in future games and maybe there are some minor changes that can be done with this years game (adding missing break boards, removing break boards that are not present in real life and maybe even adjusting DRS zones and finish lines/intermediates).
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    We don't have the license for that car or driver, sorry ๐Ÿ˜ž