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    Ford Fiesta R5 MK II Adrien Fourmaux / Renaud Jamoul Rallye de Turquie 2020
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    The waiting is over. Here's the first custom livery of FIESTA R5 MK II of Adrien Fourmaux! [ Download link ]
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    Hi @zoltan1996, Once I have knowledge on dates and contents, I will add to the forums officially as patch notes. Patches are always subject to change, such is the nature of games development. Don't worry, the forums are the first to know usually (Exception being if the Patch drops in my lunch break and I haven't made the notes live yet 😛 )
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    Just to end this discussion quickly, as I know @mikyesposto95 has posted on this topic a few times. Our liveries follow the requests of the teams and the approved designs to update, and then we add for scheduling when possible. There are more stakeholders involved than pulling a sponsor off a car than believed. I would like to ask if users can show restraint in adding threads off this nature, especially spam asking for one addition/removal as we do have updates in progress and are always looking to make the game as true to the sport as possible.
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    Thank you. Ever think they maybe don't respond because your post isn't worthy of a response because of how you wrote it? Bug reports can't always be instantly fixed you know, it takes time to research it, recreate it, and then once you've isolated it... fix it. Things take time. It's just a video game, you'll be fine. I'm on Xbox too; I dont seem to have any disconnection issues. Id suggest checking your connection, as stated above by someone else your issue could be the connection to xbox live itself, not the game's servers. Now with a couple of layers like that connection wise, are you starting to at least see why you can't expect an instant fix because you want to rant about the game being a joke, and the silly play on words of Code"masters"? Repsect is earned my friend, not given. Even if you paid $65 for something. My day job involves an element of customer service... I'll tell you this: You can be as dramatic or emphatic and disrespectful as you like in your rant to me on the phone, or in an email if you think you're entitled to that. Good for you. I have an obligation to help you because you are my client and that's my job, but my obligation ends as soon as the customer acts that way. We'll simply tell you to call us back when you're ready to have a respectful conversation about your issues. That my friend is the lesson you need to learn. You can yell and scream and throw a 5 year old tantrum all you want; we're just going to ask you to call back when you're ready to have a 2 way conversation and hang up on you. Escalate it to management if you wish; you'll get the same message from them too. It's not that we don't want to help you; it's that we have enough self respect to not be treating like garbage because you can't control your emotions and feel being dramatic and angry is going to get your better results. Guess what; it won't. Again, it's not because of the issue you're raising, it's because of HOW you're raising it. Nobody is saying you shouldn't be upset, or frustrated if the game isn't working for you and you're certain it's not an issue on your end, or Microsoft's end. Based on what we see here, it could be either or at this point. But there is a right way to address those concerns and frustrations and then there's the wrong way.
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    Hi guys, I’ll go straight to the point with this probably useless topic. I’ve been playing F1 for 8 years and I am thinking about giving up with the franchise. ”ok who cares, stop bothering us, we are enjoying the game”. The game is in fact enjoyable, I have to say it’s challenging, has great graphics and it has the official license so most of the users (casual players mostly) will be happy with it, but there’s a thing I want you to think about: this game is utterly shallow, dull and lifeless. Why? Because in general, it has no “mojo”, it’s not “dynamic” and “alive”. Randomness, unexpected things and human aspects of racing are completely missing. I know it must be hard to put life in a game with complex mechanics like a racing one but I think it should be one of the main missions for a developer. That’s why I’m giving up with it, it is just the same thing repeating every damn time, in every mode, in every track, zero new scenarios, zero entertainment besides the race itself. Please think about it, F1 fans like it because of passion and the race dynamics: I DON’T WANT A SIM and I am not hatin, I just want to enjoy a good licensed game that translate well the vibes from the track to the pc / consoles. I would like to give you some examples of things that really destroy the good racing vibes and shuts down every feeling I have for this game. - LET ME DRIVE MY CAR!! This really drives me crazy. I SHOULD BE ABLE TO DRIVE TILL THE END OF THE FORMATION LAP TO MY PLACE IN THE GRID, IN THE PIT AND AFTER A CRASH. Let us park the car after a failure or drive it to the pits, IT IS SO HARD?! That’s the main cause of my frustration, I really can’t stand it and I can’t believe I’m the only one who thinks this. Too hard for casual gamers? Toggle button! - REMOVE THAT ARCADEISH SLOWMO AFTER A TERMINAL DAMAGE, IT IS A JOKE - Very rigid physics in general. Cars seems VERY heavy, I mean too heavy - AI behaves weird, like they are glued to the ground, if you hit them they don’t spin but if they touch you, it’s DNF for shure. Most of peoples says F1 it’s not wreckfest but AI cars are a 300 Km/h war tanks - AI does not care about where you are / breaktests you sometimes - I have NEVER witness a first corner accident / yellow flag / safety car ecc, and I’ve been playing A LOT. Very disappointing. I don’t want a carnage, just a minimum of unpredictability, the game now seems scripted, I know AI will never DNF in the first lap of the race - Safety Car bugs, in 2020 there’s the same bug of the previous years, it is not coming out. Some virtual SF every now and then. - Safety car line bugs, like other drivers sometimes overtake you even if you are right back of the car in front, you just ghost and the driver behind pass through you, boom, position lost - Incredibile load game bug: sometimes when I resume a session loading in the middle of the race the car has no power, barely full revving in 7th gear. Very strange - Corner cuts. Seriously?! It’s all or nothing, cutting easily most of the turns or getting penalized for touching the Kerb with a tyre. Too inconsistent - Damage physics inexplicably terrible, there are too many things to say about this. Just a disaster IMO. Rear and sides of the car are unbreakable AND DON’T TELL ME IT’S ABOUT FOM AND SPONSORS, I don’t want cars to be on fire/totaled, JUST A MINIMUM aesthetic damages. Another ugly thing, little contacts brake the suspensions but sometimes big crashes don’t. What amazes me most is that reviewers / users almost never mention this topic. Let’s remove players falls in FIFA at this point! Unbelievable and unacceptable - I have never drove an F1 car but I’m dubious about the lack of traction of these cars, I mean, without traction control I can easily spin in 5th gear in the last Mexico corner, that’s weird - Just a word: multiplayer. - Scripted race dynamics - boring out of the track contexts, interviews are dull, your race engineer is very repetitive. - lack of lap time reference / deltas. Little feature but game changer IMO, would be cool to have time targets for the compound you have or target to react to undercuts etc - During races I feel alone, I don’t know what is happening in the race, I can’t develop a good strategy. Where’s the strategist?! I know it’s a long outburst and maybe no one will read it but I really had to write this down before selling the game. I just hope new gen will change codies vision of the franchise because IT HAS AN HUGE UNEXPLOITED POTENTIAL!!! Let’s save this game guys PLEASE!
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    Did a quick run in the new Fiesta. Sounds awesome 🙂 Thanks Codies. Looking forward to the announcement and release of DR3 in 2021.
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    Go here, fill in a report, and drop the attitude ❤️ https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/106-technical-assistance/
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    Clean & Fast Drivers only Seats available, tomorrow we start with our first Grand Prix of the Season! If you have what it takes join us. Our discord, https://discord.gg/SVrrmuM
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    For the first time in my life (46 years old), I'm experiencing races I've always wanted against the AI. Races in which I am driving behind the AI for many laps and have to give everything to be able to overtake. I drive with ABS On, Full Traction Control, DRS Help On, ERS Help On, Fuelmanagement On and automatic gear change. This setup makes my car a kind of an AI car, but under human control. This way I achieve a competition in which everyone fights with the same means. The races that I experience thereby are just fantastic. I have to fight hard for every overtaking maneuver and every loss of position hurts. Add to that the driving feel, and the handling of the car - Everything is so precise and if I make mistakes I immediately know what I did wrong. F1 2020 is just a brilliant game. Can't stop driving. The developers who have balanced this setup to achieve this experience are geniuses in my eyes. Question : Does someone experience something similar with the above setting and thereby experience a very realistic Formula 1 feeling in which you hang behind the AI for many laps and has a hard time to overtake and likes that ?
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    The 'I'm Like a Bird' hitmaker lashed out on her return to the codemasters forums to request the return for old pilots to be used in the F1 team career mode, whilst simultaneously applauding Codemasters for the F1 2020 series. "I must applaud codemasters for delivering such an exceptional game during these unprecedented times where it appears that 'all good things' are coming to an end. I am really enjoying the F1 2020 series, and I believe the developers have done a fantastic job with the addition of the My Team F1 Career Mode gameplay. However there are some 'Broken Strings' that I would like to address. In particular with the lack of old pilots for use in the F1 2020 my team series. It would be good to have the option of selecting experienced pilots to represent my team such as the Robert Kubica's, Heidfield's, Massa's, Hulkenberger and the Jarno Trulli's of this world. I do hope that codemasters can take this feedback into account to incorporate experienced old pilots into future editions, otherwise I may need to Turn off the Light."
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    I'm co-signing this one. Dynamic weather is a great feature but it's overdone in the career modes. Rain affecting qualifying or the race 2 or 3 or 4 times a year is great, rain affecting every other race weekend is an unrealistic beating that takes away the fun of virtually driving F1 cars.
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    Exactly. Not sure why people think it's ok to come in and make posts like that. Do people really expect to get a genuine response when they post like this? I guess they do though, because that's what the internet has done to us as a society. I get it, you bought the game and should get help if it's not working properly, but just because you bought it doesn't entitle you to be a jerk to others. Oh well, that's the world we live in now I guess. I'm not saying the OP is wrong in being upset if it is indeed a game issue, but being upset is one thing, coming here to point out an issue and potential flaw while acting like that, and posting in this matter is flat out ridiculous. If you really want help, maybe address it in a more respectful manner so that someone may actually want to help you. A little respect goes a long way. Some should try to remember that.
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    You're right about the points you're making but the digidash should be neither the one in game or the one in your image; they are both road mode digidashes. In stage mode the digidash is basically just a simple gear display as seen here:
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    Skoda Fabia R5 Grégoire Munster/Louis Louka Monté Carlo 2020
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    Why is it that throughout practice sessions if I am trying to let a car past as I am on an out lap or in lap I find that I have to come to a complete stop most of the time or they just back off and let me back past? I’m not a programmer but since I don’t remember this being an issue with F1 2019 it seems to me that it should really just be a little tweak of the games AI to stop this from happening.
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    To update here: This has been replicated and now with developers, investigating a fix.
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    Here is my Dirt Rally 3.0 wish list that I will add to, elaborate on and edit over time: Let me start by saying that I really love the Dirt Rally 2.0 game. I bought it shortly after release and have been playing it ever since. It is my favorite modern racing game to date. Just as in real racing, things can almost always be improved. These are some suggestions and ideas that I think would be really nice to see implemented in the next Dirt Rally game. I realize that these are just my opinions and do not represent the views of everyone in this community and I fully expect people to disagree with some of these things. That is completely fine and I welcome it because I think it works towards generating better ideas when done in a productive manner or at least showing what the majority of people would like to see even if those views differ from my own. Please read this knowing that I wrote this not to attack anything in Dirt Rally 2.0 but to try and get people talking more specifically about things or solutions that might make the next game even better. A new game engine that supports 30+ km stages that is not held back by previous gen hardware constraints (Xbox Series S/X, PS5 and similar PC performance only). Designing a game that supports the old hardware will definitely constrain what can be done and hold the series back significantly. New hardware doesn't matter as much if software capabilities aren't advancing with equal progression. I would really love to see at least two 30+ km stages per location. You can chop those up and reverse them for more variety but I would love to see stages that are 2-3 times as long as they currently are. It's time to move away from the current EGO engine, into something with less constraints. New console (PS5 & Xbox Series X) and PC GPUs can read textures directly from high speed NVMe drives allowing for much greater detail and much longer stages. If you choose to support older hardware with slow storage it's going to be a huge compromise and hold the series back. Please do something really innovative and blow us away with rally immersion. I hope the next Dirt Rally and WRC games from Codemasters doesn't use the Dirt 5 engine, unless it is highly modified to suit stage rally and rallycross. Please maintain the focus on true to life rally simulation and don't water it down for the masses. I want to see more simulation aspects added along with the graphical improvements. People call Dirt Rally 2.0 "the Dark Souls of rally games" and I absolutely love it. Since the numbered Dirt and Dirt Rally teams are separate, there should be a big difference in the resulting experiences. A better lighting model where headlights and light pods illuminate further and in a more realistic manner both at night and during the day in dim areas. As it is there are areas in multiple locations where even though it is quite dim, the headlights barely do anything. It would be pretty cool to have ray tracing but done in a way to limit the performance hit. Dynamic weather or being able to set weather intervals to trigger during the stage could be cool if done well. It would be neat to start and half way through it starts to rain. The following stage could start with rain and then gradually dry out as you exit the edge of a rain shower. If not dynamic weather, then more weather options per location. Please do not lock weather or conditions to locations such as fog. Fog as an option is great but no other options is not good in my opinion. Dynamic Surface Degradation 3.0 where the the road surface is more detailed and options to make road order even more meaningful. It would be amazing to actually be able to alter rally location surface types and surface subtypes. (I.e. small, medium and heavy gravel, smooth, medium and rough asphalt, add rocks, water puddles, muddy sections, etc) It would be really cool if there were stage editing tools where you could create your own stages and share them like in Dirt 5. I feel like being able to create the road section of a stage, being able to alter width, elevation, camber, surface type and surface texture throughout the stage and then have it generate the location around it could be interesting if given the tools and items to modify it to your liking. You could add muddy sections, water puddles, rocks, trees, fog conditions, dust conditions and tons of other hazards and details. Instead of a random stage generator it would be a semi-custom stage generator. A better physics model that does away with the center pivot model and includes HUGE improvements to asphalt handling. This would be really cool if it included a model where the tires are actually interacting with the road surface. Along these lines, I would love to see tire choice be more meaningful and to have remaining tire tread represented in a graph or percentage for each tire so we can see the wear at the end of each stage. It would be neat to see tire pressure and stage temperatures come into play as well. A partnership with Michelin to get proper rally tire engineering data would be amazing since they will no longer be the WRC tire supplier, focusing more on national/regional rally tire supply. I learned that the new Forza Motorsport game will have a new tire pressure model, new heat interaction with tire pressure, dynamic track temperatures, rubber-in on tracks, new suspension system with new modeling and a new atmosphere pressure system affecting air density, dynamics, and power. The game is also rumored feature off-road and rally locations. It would be great to see some or all of these things incorporated into Dirt Rally 3.0 in meaningful ways. An improvement to AI times and consistency versus my skill level. The new consoles have much more powerful CPUs and GPUs so these can definitely be put to good use. A dynamic AI that adjusts based on previous stage performance might be something that could be done. I realize this idea is a little out there. A more practical solution would be balanced AI with a slider to adjust pace. A color palette that was geared more towards realism and less stylized would be nice for future stages. A more realistic damage model and a drop down menu with different levels of severity for the damage model. It would be nice for players that drive in a cockpit view if the weather effects were more balanced as to not penalize players more for using an interior view. It is very difficult to see in Sweden using an interior camera. Also, it would be nice if the rain effects on the side windows were toned down because a properly prepared rally car with rain-x or other hydrophobic coating would repel water buildup rather nicely on all of the windows that it was applied to. As it is now, there is way too much water accumulation on the side windows. Since quite a lot of time is spent with the car sideways, it makes it very difficult to see even in conditions that would not warrant that type of visual impairment in real life (expected incoming pictures of rain conditions showing that it is difficult to see out of side windows...but in vehicles where no hydrophobic rain coating or anti-fog chemicals have been applied). I would like to see my rank along with the total number of people that have completed an event whether it be a daily, weekly, monthly or club event. If I managed to finish 189th in a daily, whether that is good or not depends on how many people participated. If there were only 195 people then suddenly that is not that great. I know there are tiers 1-4 that correspond to percentage ranks but top 10% of 10,000 seems cooler than top 10% of 100 participants. As others have stated above, I would love to see much more data to compare myself with other players such as average stage/event speed, tires used, input type, rank within total number of participants, top 20 ghost replays to see what faster players are doing to achieve times, telemetry data that displays steering/throttle/brake/handbrake/selected gear/RPM simultaneously over ghost replays) I would love to see fantastic modern and classic cars from Hyundai, Toyota, Volvo and other manufacturers featured in the next game. I would also like to see the new Rally3 and Rally4 cars that should be replacing R5 and R2 class cars if I am not mistaken. Also, I have seen new R4 class cars that look great that would be great to have in the game. It would be so amazing to be able to do each stage in a recce mode and be able to select/customize your pacenotes. I absolutely love Phil Mills voice and I would be sad to see him replaced but I would like there to be more detailed notes in the next title. If you think that would be too much for some players then make a toggle for advanced or detailed notes where they are scaled back to only the most critical information for less skilled drivers that have less pace or can’t handle/don’t want that much information. Please don’t go more into managing a team as far as hiring and firing staff members and replacing them with better ones. I like that the Dirt Rally games are driver focused and hiring/firing an engineer is something that the human resources branch of the team would do and not something that I am interested in micromanaging as a driver. Hiring an engineer and upgrading abilities for a focused team (i.e. Dirt Rally 2.0) is one thing but having to constantly swap out engineers and other team members because they are fatigued is not fun to me. I am not looking to be the nap time director. I don’t think you are moving in this direction but wanted to give my 2 cents worth on this topic. Continued VR support for future titles Triple screen support that has FOV adjustments, screen bezel adjustments and options for getting the image corrected so that nothing looks skewed/warped. Will you please add the ability to adjust the two dash camera views? Can a greater range of adjustment be added to the cockpit view that has the steering wheel? It would be really nice to have a toggle to show or hide the steering wheel for wheel users that don't necessarily want to use the dash camera views. I think a multiplayer stage mode where you can race the stage at the same time as your friends where they are ghosted and vica versa might be quite fun. I think it would so be neat if the game supported sending challenges where you could set up the stage or event conditions and send a notification that would take them directly to the challenge and then you could see the detailed results of those challenges. This could be like a custom daily challenge for your friends. Clubs 3.0 dailies, weeklies and monthlies with more data, options and modes to get people interacting, competing and comparing stats with each other. When I complete a stage or event, I would really like to see my rank along with the total number of participants, the stage name, average stage/event speed, input type (controller or wheel), amount of time penalties, selected tire compound, selected car, stage time, total time, camera view, etc. I also want to be able to filter by this information. It would be cool to see how you stack up against other controller or wheel players in a more detailed manner. Ability to be able to turn headlights and wipers on/off before the start of the stage. It would be interesting to make brake bias mappable to buttons to allow for changes while driving the car. Improvements to FFB feel, support and adjustment options. It would be fantastic for it to actually feel like you were driving a real rally car and for the wheel to be able to convey road surface, road texture, ruts, bumps, off balance landings, understeer, oversteer and be able to react or make corrections as a result. If the front wheels are pushing instead of turning the car, it would be helpful to feel that. If I am getting the car sideways, I would like to feel that in such a significant way that I can respond in time and keep from spinning. If you don't already, please support pedal sets that have vibration motors on the gas and brake pedals. Basically what you do for impulse triggers but for pedals that have this feature. Please support lower priced wheels all the way up to the best direct drive wheels from Fanatec, Simucube and SimSteering2 by Leo Bodnar. There is so much detail that could add to the experience. I haven't play Dirt Rally 2.0 with a wheel but would really like to get one for 3.0 if the FFB is done well. A few unexpected moments that could be added to the next game as nonpermanent conditions could be lingering dust, fog in certain sections of stages, etc.
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    I think everyone understands what you're saying but disagrees that it's 'unrealistic', with the game behaviour matching what happens on real F1.
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    Version 1.16 September 28, 2020 Content: New car: Ford Fiesta R5 MKII Note: Car is available to all players in modes outside of My Team. To unlock the car for use in My Team, take part in a DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifier and you'll get it when the Event Week ends. Cars: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Updated engine audio based on new recordings of real-world car. Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Updated rear-view mirrors to show reflected images. Ford Escort MK2 - Updated rear-view mirrors to show reflected images. Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec - Updated rear-view mirrors to show reflected images. FIA World Rallycross Championship: Removed AI driver names which were mistakenly appearing when using 2019-spec cars. Colin McRae Scenarios: Resolved issue where Used tyres were displaying as New in Service Areas. Miscellaneous: Added ability to select Paraguay as a driver nationality. Made various minor (not notable) bugfixes across the game. This is currently the final update planned for DiRT Rally 2.0. The Ford Fiesta R5 MKII will be unlocked for all players to purchase in My Team Garage menu in early 2021, however this does not require a game update.
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    As I'm sure many of us here are involved in league racing. I was jist wondering what the situation is with regards to those that get their hands on the new consoles compared to those without. Has there been any updates of how this will work??
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    This is the one we have in the game, the car in "Stage Mode".
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    What I like to do (25%): Overfuel by 1 lap. Rich Mix for Laps 1-3 to make up for lack of DRS. Standard for rest of race. Burn off any Rich Mix for my in/out lap during my pitstop.