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    Hi everyone, You all thought we were done for today, didn't you? On the back of 2 weeks of very successful and useful BETA testing, we have had extensive feedback from our current player base and we are looking at putting those into action. For BETA Week 3, with date TBC, I'm delighted to announce we will be DOUBLING the amount of BETA testers for the program!! This is due to the overwhelming feedback and our desire to test and improve the Multiplayer experience for F1® 2020. To do this, we need more drivers in lobbies, battling it out online and making sure our experience performs to standard. I have already compiled a shortlist, so please, no applications and messages to request. Any messages of this nature will just be deleted. This list was compiled over the following conditions: Previous applications completed correctly in full upon original BETA sign-up. Users record with Codemasters, having no previous incidents where adding a person is deemed potentially unhelpful to the BETA testing experience. Defined conditions on what game-modes they wanted to test. Adding Multiplayer as a priority was essential here. If unsuccessful, don't worry. We had a record amount of applications and, even with the numbers doubled, couldn't even get close to all applicants on. If you are successful and receive a code and access in the next week, congratulations. However, the current BETA standard is incredibly high. Also, remember you have been added to race in the Multiplayer arena of the game. Please get used to the new-look forum, and follow the lead of the new testers. All information will be in the forums waiting for you 🙂 . Codes are TBC as to when they will be sent out to users, we just wanted to give you as much information as early as we can! This makes Week 3 by far the BIGGEST BETA test we've ever conducted. We want to make the Multiplayer experience the best it can be, and we hope you appreciate our new effort in getting much more information and racers than ever before!
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    Create. Manage. Drive. Win. It’s time to show you more of F1® 2020’s My Team mode. This mode is a first for the F1® franchise. Alongside the well-established Career, you’ll be able to experience F1® 2020 as a driver-manager, and it’s going to offer you a unique insight into the world of F1®. Create Choose your driver and create your team’s unique visual identity with your own colour scheme, logo and sponsor. Using our comprehensive driver rating system, you’ll be able to choose your teammate from the 2019 F2™ grid. Manage Take charge of your facilities and watch them grow as your team becomes more successful. Manage your team’s resources and time and make sure they’re properly motivated. Be careful, if funds get tight, you may need to temporarily shut one of your departments. Drive Take your place as the 11th team on the grid, driving the car you’ve developed throughout the F1® season. There’s no room for inner-team rivalries when you’re also the team boss. Win Use acclaim to upgrade your facilities, and research key developments needed to give you the edge. Win the World Championship with your F1® team. Learn more about My Team here: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 – out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/pre...
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    After watching the video Tiametmarduk uploaded on his 100% Monza race I need to adress an issue. It seems that Codemasters have added some very nice features in the new game, but leaving errors like this in the game is just such a waste of potential. Lapped cars are still not allowed to overtake the Safety Car when behind another driver that is not lapped, which is a huge issue because it makes a big difference if you can attack the frontrunner straight away or first have to pass someone with blue flags and it seems like something that should've been fixed a long time ago. It happened to me more than once that I couldn't attack the guy in front because there were one or more cars seperating us. I've also been the lapped car that gets stuck and not able to overtake where in reality I should be. @BarryBL Is the team aware of this and why is it still a thing in (at least the early builds of) F1 2020? Issue occurs in this video at 12:18
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    One. Last. Time. The final Virtual Grand Prix is here, and we’re marking the occasion with something special. Today, we’re focusing on F1® 2020’s new split-screen mode by showing off a three-lap race from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, featuring Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes and Lance Stroll’s Racing Point. The Canadian Grand Prix has been a staple since the late ‘60s, and the race in Montreal has been a regular occurrence in the F1® calendar since the late ‘70s. With well-known features such as that last chicane by the Wall of Champions, and of course, groundhogs (which commentator Anthony Davidson unfortunately knows all about), the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a firm fan favourite. For more social play with your mates/sibling/rivals, two-player split-screen makes a welcome return to F1® 2020. We’ve captured this in-game, and the race doesn’t just show off split-screen, but also shows several corner adjustments and aesthetic changes made to the Montreal track. This Sunday, F1® drivers, including George Russell (who’s looking to secure that Virtual Grand Prix Championship), return for the final Virtual Grand Prix on F1® 2019. You’ll be able to catch this all live on Sunday, 14th June from 5pm BST, with the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition race, before the Virtual Grand Prix gets underway at 6pm BST, on F1®’s YouTube channel. Read more: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/new... Find out more and pre-order here: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/pre...
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    I’ve finally had a brainwave! As we are under a month away from F1 2020 being released, and we all need our racing fix, I’ll be adding one-off events for a bit of fun. This week is a F2 race meet around the Hungaroring, featuring both a 25% sprint race and a 50% feature race. Open lobby, so first 19 people to join me at that time will meet me on track. Anything interesting or funny happen? For recordings and stuff, also add them here for all to have a laugh at. This is a VERY laid-back event, and as long as its raced in good spirits, all should enjoy! No points or prizes, just a bit of racing to start your weekends! PC Platform, sorry.
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    Fixed @Fragstar1991, pretty sure I didn't say that 😛
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    Hi! This issue has been present in almost every F1 game from Codemasters. I don't understand why we cannot have the option to make the names in the position table convert to abbreviations (Why do we need to write our own abbreviations when starting a career then?). It is quite uncomfortable to see how much space it takes just to show nothing at all. This year we are going to get, finally, a real time gap between the drivers in front and behind (plus adding two more driver slots, although we should have the option to have all the 20 driver's list). Please, consider to quit this empty space to make the HUD a more clean, useful and beautiful tool for the player. At least bring the option to customize it. You have said before that the reason we didn't have the complete driver's list was because of the lack of space. Yet, you give us an enormous HUD which is not even used for anything. Right now, we could have the BEST HUD ever, if we just had the chance to fix it. Sorry if my words sound harsh. That is not my intention. I like everything we have seen of the game, but there are still some details (such as this one) that are so simple and easy to notice, and could be great improvements if done well. Thanks.
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    One thing the game has added over the past 3 years is more realistic lighting which is great, but one of the side effects is the fact the game always looks hazy. I watched both the Formula E esports and the F1 esports yesterday and while the F1 game had better graphics its always looks like they are racing in fog. I really think codemastres should try and fix the haze issue that's been around the past 2 games and is still in F1 2020. Heres a good example this is what the e sports looked like in clear weather Baku, looks like fog lol @RedDevilKT Can the team take a look at the haze in the upcoming F1 2020 game Compared to real life just some heat haze in the middle no fog style haze effect
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    I agree it should be an option, maybe it's a three level option Mechanical failures: * AI and player * AI only * Off To me it only really makes sense to be an option in career/my team, as the player has control over durability and car wear, but I don't see why it couldn't be used in Grand Prix mode if the player wants. I agree it should stay out of Online (including leagues) as the player has no control which would be infuriating for random failures.
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    Yep this is something that I really can't understand why it isn't already in the game. The reason given years ago was that it would frustrate players... Can easily be tuned for all players with an option of On/AI only/Off though. It makes winning a championship very easy when your car is indestructible but your rivals drop out of 3-4 races. Personally at the moment, I sometimes do a dice roll before a race to choose which engine parts to use to make up for it and if they're nearly broken..so be it, theres my random failure for the season. Still anti climactic though as I'll probably know beforehand whether I'm finishing or not. Also fully agree with MrHawk. That god awful slowmo after terminal damage needs to go! Hated that since 2010.
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    Michael Schumacher: the GOAT. We’re celebrating the greatest F1® driver of all time with our brand new in-game trailer. Using a mix of archive photography and F1® 2020 gameplay, we’re taking a look at the four iconic cars included in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition. 1991: Jordan 191 – Launched Michael's career. One of the most beautiful F1® cars ever. (Seriously, find us a better looking F1® car. We’ll wait). 1994: Benetton B194 – Michael’s first World Championship. 1995: Benetton B195 – Gave Benetton its first, and only, Constructors’ Championship. 2000: Ferrari F1-2000 – Scored Michael his first driver’s title with Ferrari, with a phenomenal 10 pole positions and 10 race victories. It’s not just these amazing cars that are included in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ll also get three days early access, and exclusive themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration. We’re not finished quite yet – if you get the F1® 2020 Seventy or Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ll have access to the Ferrari F2004: the one that brought Michael his record-breaking seventh World Championship. We’ve updated it, adding a #1 to the nosecone and embossing his name on the headrest.
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    Yeah thats right seve real years by the way and it was one hell of a race. The reason for the gap I just have not been in a top car since red bull in the 2013 game and I always start the next game with the contract options for the teams I got end of season on the previous release. I also race on 100% bar two races in all this time so I dont get many seasons in on a game usually and match the difficulty as close as possible with my team mate although kimi has destroyed me most of the time! Anyhow I am in a sauber and had an awful qualy in the wet finishes 19th which was 7 places behind Kimi who is magic in our 9th best car lol i start last though as gearbox needs replacing. Hungary race was normal dry and I only pick my way up to 16th but theres a safety car as Bottas has retired but I had put medium on 8 laps ago so I stayed out whilest alot of other put on soft. I lose a few places to the guys behind on fresh rubber but continue and annoyingly (at the time) I am rold rain is due in 15 minutes despite it meaning to be a dry race so this was the 10th rain effected race so far! With this in mind I decide to not pit as per the strategy and go on holding out for the rain and theres light drizzle on lap 46 when vettel DNFs (5th dnf this yeat from him) so another safety car. The tracks not ready for inters but after a lap at practically driving normally (even under safety car) I pit for inters and come out in 14th place and join the cue. In restart most of the cars pit for inters but apart from norris and stroll who stay on drys so I am able to pass these and build a gap with 21 laps to go I am not leading the race with Russel somehow in P2 16 seconds behind me and hamilton in third on his tails. Hamilton passes him fairly fast although took him a lap longer than I expected but hes 15 seconds behind on inters as I am but he at this point is catching by 8 tenths to 1 second a lap. I put my head down expecting him to be close with 3 or 4 laps to go and he reeled me in 10 laps to 10 seconds I was going as fast as I dare 5 laps to go rains harder and the gap stabalises for 2 laps and I reckon I am in clear but theres a charge with 2 laps to go hamilton is 2 seconds behind and I almost lose the car on turn 6 (thank you ffb) with one lap to go theres 8 tenths in it and hes fast on the straight I have to defend 3 corners from the end and 2nd to last corner he goes slightly a head but I have inside line and hold it at this point he hits my rear and my heart goes! I GO wide but he goes across the grass I stay ahead by a good 3 seconds end and go mental as I cross the line! The team sound very normal about this lol but what a ******* race. Was my first race on a 34 inch ultrawide 1440p with a curve after playing on a 21 inch 1080p monitor for last 4 years. Due to how real I play that win felt insane! I had to share my story ☺ No assists cockpit came G920 wheel full races.
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    Well....this is going to spark a debate or two!!! Driver Ratings for F1® 2020 are now here, with some on the link below. The drivers, including those in the F2 category, are scored from 1-99 across four categories – Experience, Racecraft, Awareness and Pace – with those scores based on real-world data. The scores the drivers are given will then affect their on-track performances in the game, as well as helping players unlock certain features and technical upgrades. So, what categories are the drivers scored on? Experience – A higher experience score will help players collect a greater number of ‘Resource Points’, used in the game to buy car upgrades. Racecraft – A higher racecraft score allow the driver to unleash more effective overtakes. Awareness – A higher score here will mean the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when the going gets tough. Pace – Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the more rapid a driver will be throughout a race. So that’s the scoring system explained – and below, we’ll be showing you the driver ratings for all 20 of the racers on the 2020 F1 grid. We start with the Red Bull, Racing Point and AlphaTauri pairings – and check back over the coming days as we reveal the scores for the rest of the drivers. Link here for Part One: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.revealed-driver-ratings-in-codemasters-new-f1-2020-game.7qbRlGNR5glUO9aRORmaKf.html?fbclid=IwAR0pNSlRNixomF97GrPtq054Wt9avhjdD780lC9IfLu1ZLOAHBoD-240Lm8
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    When does codemaster UPDATE the safety car, because it remains in the game heavily behind. The model that you use is from 2017. This car really needs an UPDATE!!! I added a photo of the safety car they are using now. In case you don't know what it looks like! 😜 Greetz DenyVPS
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    Subaru Impreza 555 - Kryzstof Hołowczyc https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-impreza-555-krzysztof-hołowczyc.33903/
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    I like to joke that the Level 0 aero department is just a guy with a Tamiya model and a desk fan 😄 Those facilities look pretty cool though, guess it's time to break out the spreadsheets and find optimal strats, just like the classic Final Fantasy days 🙂 Also, I want this guy's sim rig:
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    lee mather has said it takes 1 year of man power to make a new track from scratch so any tracks they dont already have a model of wont be added at a later date, if we get a race at germany this could be added but for example mugello or imola wont be added if you think it isnt good enough then you are just being unreasonable tbh
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    Just a guide to what the game is weighted towards, but here's a list of the achievements/trophies for F1 2020: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/F1-2020/achievements
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    Hi everyone, Just to let people know beforehand, I'll be hiding a few posts on this one, as I think we can all agree it has escalated a little. I'll recommend the post from myself in terms of the answers to this question,
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    This bit I fully agree with. Either random failures are on for every car on the grid (AI and human) or they're not. Having your rivals in career mode suffer failures but not you kills the competition in my opinion. The possibility should be determined on a scale. The more worn a part is, the higher the chance of it happening. So while at 0% wear, a failure is highly unlikely (but still possible) whereas 80%+ it's just a matter of time. This would put more emphasis on looking after your car and investing in durability upgrades.
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    "No VR support in 2020 is 100% unacceptable." To you, of course, and you're absolutely entitled to that view. But to probably 90% of Codies' target market (and that's probably a conservative estimate given the number of Steam users with VR headsets, for example), it makes no difference whatsoever I'm afraid.
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    The real drivers don't get to hear Martin Brundle or David Croft during a race, so I'm not sure how this would make it more "authentic".
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    Complete sense here. Thank you @DrDraken. This importance of correct bug reporting can't be underestimated. It gives us a chance to replicate an issue, which is vital 👍 In terms of some other 'discussion' on here, its not on original topic at all. I actually feel bad for you here @DrDraken, as you've taken time and effort to raise an important issue, in a well thought out and considered manner which we truly appreciate and that can help everyone, as have others who have commented here objectively and engaged in a discussion on how bug reporting can improve . We appreciate you
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    man these were good old days... 100% Race after 1,5 hour of racing suddenly you get an electronic, engine or gearbox failure in the last lap and your race is over....damn that was hard but really appriciated the race finish. Sometimes you could save it and go to the pits....