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    Hi all, just wanted to chip in here before the weekend arrives; we're working on bringing changes to the FFB - within the next week or two we'll be releasing a FFB specific update. More info soon, but it's coming. Thanks for your patience - we can't wait to have it out there and in your hands.
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    Hi all! The Beta Forums are open and I'm currently adding people. Please make sure you head down to the bottom of the main forum page to find the super secret hidden forums. There you can ask any and all Beta related questions. It may take me a couple of days to add everyone, so please be patient. Remember, you are not allowed to talk about Beta Club outside of the official Beta forums.
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    Fabia Rally and C4 Rally has got 1-1 "real" livery only. 😞 I could make 10 liveries for each, but i can't do that because they are already locked (crypted) So my question is: could you unlock all the DLC cars? 😄 Or at least could you share a .pssg files instead of locked .nefs for modders like Me? It would be a win-win connection! 😉
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    Hi all! As always, you can view this on our Blog here too. ---- Are you ready for today’s exciting news? We’ve got a lot for you today, and we’re putting all in one place for you to check out at your leisure. Legends Edition Let’s start this off, shall we? We’re very happy to tell you that the greatest ever F1® rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost will be renewed in F1® 2019, the official videogame of the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. “How”, you ask? Firstly, let us show you in our brand new trailer: Fancy getting your hands on this? Those of you who purchase the ‘F1® 2019 Legends Edition’ will get to drive as Ayrton Senna in his 1990 McLaren MP4/5B and Alain Prost in the Ferrari F1-90, face-off over eight race challenges, and receive exclusive Senna and Prost themed multiplayer car liveries. But wait, there’s even more to this! The drivers’ likenesses have also been added to the Career mode, and you can experience all of this when this edition is launched with three days early access on June 25th 2019 on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam). Yes, this does mean, that you’ll be able to get your hands on the game three days early! We can also reveal the cover art for the Legends Edition, and we LOVE this: Anniversary Edition Like the sound of all of that? Good, though we’re not done yet. For those of you who’ve been along this F1® journey with us for a while, you’ll know that F1® 2019 will be the tenth F1® game from the Codemasters Birmingham Studio, and we want to celebrate that with you! If you pre-order or purchase the ‘F1® 2019 Anniversary Edition’, you’ll receive two race-winning cars from the classic 2010 season; the Ferrari F10, as driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button’s McLaren MP4-25. You will be able to purchase these at a later date, though, and these two cars are also included in the ‘Legends Edition’. That’s, of course, in addition to Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber’s 2010 Red Bull RB6 and many of the classic cars from F1® 2018 which have been retained! Cover Art It’s time to reveal the cover art for F1® 2019, don’t you think? Building on the greatest F1® rivalries, the cover art for F1® 2019 has a fresh look focusing on the fierce competition which has been developing over recent seasons. Current World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, and main antagonist Sebastian Vettel grace the cover of this year’s game, though as with past years, we have some different variants, which you can check out in all their glory below! UK and Global Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton feature on our main cover. Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg If you’re in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, Max Verstappen joins Lewis Hamilton on the F1® 2019 cover art. France In France? Charles Leclerc and Pierre Gasly feature on the front of our French cover art. Spain Carlos Sainz features alongside Lewis Hamilton in our Spanish cover art. Canada Do you live in Canada? Lance Stroll features alongside Lewis Hamilton. Australia If you’re in Australia, your cover art features Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo. Mexico Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton feature on the cover art in Mexico. Poland Live in Poland? Your F1® 2019 cover features Robert Kubica and Lewis Hamilton. We also have a Limited Edition F1® 2019 Steelbook available in local markets via exclusive retailers, and those of you who saw our announcement trailer might recognise a theme 😉 : FIA Formula 2 Championship Having teased a car in the announcement trailer, which received an overwhelmingly positive reaction you all (and we loved seeing all your comments), it’s time to officially confirm the FIA Formula 2 Championship for F1® 2019. The full 2018 season will be available from launch, and the F2™ 2019 season being digitally added later in the year – complete with online functionality. You’ll be able to compete alongside George Russell, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon before progressing into the current F1® season with their respective teams. We’ve also got some F2™ screenshots for you take a good look at! “Fans can see from the new cover art design that F1® 2019 has a strong theme of rivalry running through it, just like the main sport itself. As such, we are absolutely delighted to have resurrected F1®’s greatest ever rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost,” said Paul Jeal, F1® Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Their rivalry began right back in the 1984 season and reached one of the most dramatic ever climaxes on the first lap of the Japanese Grand Prix during the 1990 season. It’s a rivalry which has transcended way beyond the sport and is regarded as the greatest of all time by F1® fans. We know our community will love that the two legends of the sport have finally been immortalised together in our game. We’re also extremely excited to be bringing the FIA Formula 2 Championship to the franchise. It’s consistently been one of the most requested features from our community and it comes at a perfect time with the top three drivers from 2018 in George Russell, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon progressing to F1® for this season. We can’t wait to unveil more details on how this is integrated into the career mode in the coming weeks.” Make sure you keep it here for the F1® 2019 news and details on all the new features, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With all of that for you to take a look at, we’ll leave you with some stunning F1® 2019 screenshots! F1® 2019 Screenshots
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    So you won't play F1 2019 cos it recycles tracks that were on F1 2016? Or play Fifa 19 cos the Etihad stadium is always on it? Or Gt Sport cos Le Mans etc are on from GT5 Or Forza 7 cos of Forza 4? As long as they're improved, either graphically, or physics. Why not?
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    We picked it for a multitude of reasons! It's a great car, works within our current car classes, our pal Petter drove it, and we think it's a beautiful and underrepresented vehicle. Plenty more cars to come which will introduce even more choice - there'll be something for everyone!
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    Just passing through with a gift.
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    Joao Barros Fibromade Fiesta R5 has been released Featuring (fake) glowing exhaust cat: and Pirelli tyres (tarmac only)
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    Someone starting a thread titled read and think when it appears they have neither read nor thought. Maximum irony achievement: unlocked.
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    Hey! I've just replied to your post on reddit, but I wanted to put this on the forums too so my response was in more than one place. I've structured it loosely around condensed bulletpoints that others have shared, so hopefully it's in a clear enough format: "We're not fixing FFB as it's not broken for us" We're definitely making changes in this area - but OP is right that we had to do a lot of investigative work and talk to a lot of people to ascertain what was 'missing'. Also, as we've alluded to elsewhere - not everyone has been affected/been discontent with the FFB out of the box, so we've had to discuss about how to implement it as well (and that's still something we're trying to define). Please bear in mind that we also have a wealth of data here about people's wheels, settings, etc - so it's all a big balancing act to please as many people as possible. In terms of the process of how we refine and change FFB; it’s something that needed key individuals in the studio to be given the time to look at in detail, whilst also trying to balance this against giving them the time to fix other issues and work on upcoming features. There's also a lot less people available to take part in this process now the game's out, as the service team is smaller than the base game team. There are demands from all areas of the company, with numerous projects going on and F1 2019 launching two months earlier than ever before. In that respect, it's something that's ended up taking us a little longer to tackle, just by sheer number of people available - and that's something we're really sorry about. Throw into the mix that we want to get it validated by pro drivers, and you can see how the weeks have gotten away from us. And finally, just on the point of FFB: with DiRT Rally 2.0 we very much focused on simulating the effects that come through the front wheels as purely as possible, and we (and external validators) were pleased with how authentic the simulation felt in that regard. However on previous games, rather than just science, we used a little more art in some of the effects (especially with regards to the chassis effects, environmental effects, etc) - and that's the area where we've seen the most feedback. We didn't think we were launching it 'broken' and felt we had achieved and validated a realistic representation of steering feedback when driving a rally car. The sheer volume of [negative] feedback we've had definitely took us by surprise, and it's taken us a considerable amount of time to find something that a/ tackles the feedback we've had, and b/ is still an improvement on all previous iterations of DiRT games. We're getting there, and I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks when these changes/options will arrive. Our car handling team have done an absolutely stellar job when it comes to DiRT, and they've been valiant in going through the more nuanced feedback we've received about how it feels. "We're not adding clubs because there aren't enough players in this game" Clubs is in for testing now. It's very likely Clubs will arrive in June - which we know is late, and it's disappointing because the same thing happened with DiRT 4's Clubs coming quite late post-launch - but it's a huge undertaking to get right. We have also needed to refactor the backend RaceNet system and make significant changes to the web interface as a result. However, we're seeing some brilliant retention numbers despite the lateness of this feature, and we're confident it'll be more than ready to provide infrastructure for our competitive plans later this year (as well as all your plans). Just while we're on competitive - the next update will include human-only MP rallycross. We've always been listening, and that comes later this month in Update 1.4. "We only push out the DLC we promised because that makes us money while fixes don't" The health, longevity and player sentiment is just as important to the commercial stuff as DLC is. There's no point releasing DLC if people aren't playing the game - if no-one's playing it, who's going to buy DLC? And conversely, who will let us make DLC if no-one's buying it? Plainly: everyone who's worked on DR2.0 loves it and wants to make more for it for as long as we're allowed! But back to the main issue raised: the new environments are made by our amazing Environment Artists and Level Design team, and the vehicles are made by our Vehicle Artists. It's a predominantly different set of skillsets that tackle the bugs. However, player satisfaction and happiness is just critical to our commercial goals as DLC. "We're working on VR instead" "We're not working on VR because of other fixes" We're working with an external development company to make this. There's a VR build in the studio right now - the lion's share of work is done, and we're onto looking at comfort features. More on that soon!
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    p.s: i want all locations of dr1 in dirt rally 2.0 and even new ones
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    Come on codies...its 2019. Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development. Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.
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    Repeat after me: Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night Morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, night
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    Don't often post to developers websites to complain but DR2 is such a headache inducing affair. Having started out with Dirt Rally since the original went online on Steam as early acces, it's like for everything this game does right, there's 2 design decisions to niggle at you that make me want to just load up Dirt Rally 1 instead. Now with over 80hrs played I'm kind of not bothered to touch the game because those niggles are just accumulating to the point I don't even want to turn the game on. - Steam Workshop Where is it? Seriously? Why would you not use Steam Workshop for tuning setups. It's not like you don't know how to implement it, it was in DR1. Most peeps like to just grab a working setup and be done with it. Worked for DR1, completely absent in DR2; why? - Always online Unless you're running an MMO, there's no reason for this. There isn't. Don't tell me it's because of 'piracy' because I'll straight up tell you punishing me as a paying customer for the game aren't interested in hearing it. To authenticate times to make sure no one is using mods or alterations to the game? Don't care, use an Online Only leaderboard then but don't force everyone to have to be online. Server maintenance and you can't play the career mode...but the most annoying is the constant 'Connecting to Racenet.' Enter a menu....connecting to racenet, leave a menu, connecting to racenet….everything you do, connecting to racenet. JFC!! It's like death by a thousand cuts, it's infuriating. Just drop it. - Recycled content I'd say I don't understand why companies do this, but I do, $$$. Make new content for a game, release title, then sell back content that was already in the first game with slight alterations as DLC. Requires minimal effort but good for nickle and diming the customers...…. - Rubbish AI Plenty of topics on this. Once hitting a point in career it's basically not worth coming back unless you like punishing yourself. There just becomes a point where you no longer feel like there is any progression or reward for doing so. It's like hitting a dead end. Like, I absolutely love the way the game plays, but everything around that is just horrible; and it's not like there is any reason for it when most of the issues didn't even exist in the first game! They were actually added to the game......you expect the first one to have those sort of little issues but become more streamlined with the sequel, but it's like you guys took a working game that really only needed tweaking and a few updates and more content and just went out of your way to make it as frustrating as possible
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    i found it a shame to blame for the remastered stages, as they are: 1 like new, with improved hanndling and physics 2 3,50euro for each locations................... common stop complaining 😂 3 the more loctions in game, the more i'm happy i also disagree with the online compliant, i see no problem there, it's a MUST, as now all times are registered to the leaderboards, and it's right that piracy users don't have any right to play the entire game. i agree with the other 2 points
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    Well, we still have a few points in our favor: - DR1 has been out for longer, was cheaper to get in EA and had several sales. So the direct cash-in in DR2's launch could've been bigger. - Much higher reviews, despite it being inferior to DR2 now. I think DR2 is paying the price for the current FFB, massive bug list and poor rain/night visibility, together with a few other issues. What I hope is that after these issues get dealt with, people start changing their mind and actually realize the masterpiece this game is. The current content rollout throughout season 2 will also help to keep the game alive and earn some more people's interest, not to mention I'm counting to see an increase of playerbase when Leagues/Clubs get implement and eSports are announced. And don't forget VR in summer. There's still alot to come and a lot of sales to be made. What I can say for now, is that the current review score in Steam doesn't match the game's quality at all and people might be mislead.
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    Skoda Fabia R5 Skoda Motorsport Jan Kopecký 2018 DOWNLOAD
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    The lost art of reading comprehension.
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    The imaginary physics change patch you mean?
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    ❤️ Awesome looking Blobeye ✔️ Driven by Petter ✔️ Won a World Championship ✔️ Surely ticks every box for inclusion in the game!
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    Great way to encourage participation by calling people "entitled little #$%#s" just for voicing their opinion. K, bye.
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    Wow. You must be super extra angry about that.
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    Well look what popped up in the gossip discord
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    I'm just going to be pretty blunt here. CM's post-release community engagement (status updates, information, etc) and support (patches, feedback on reported bugs and issues, etc) has been pretty terrible. 1) The big problem is that the tracking of community-reported bugs and issues seems totally mishandled. There are many bugs that have been reported (and seem to be relatively easy fixes) that have never been patched, but more importantly, even so much as acknowledged. Some of these would be AI times, rain effects, co-driver audio mix issues, ability to disable AI in multiplayer RX races, sequential manual/H-pattern auto switching, etc. 2) Community engagement has been very, very poor. Other than notifications of the few sparse patches and a few notes that FFB is being worked on, we've gotten nothing. What is going on here? I'm sorry, but if I was in management on the DiRT team I'd be looking very closely at this. A title's success is heavily dependent on how its active community is treated and served - and by success I mean how much money it's bringing in for the developer/publisher. The frustrating part is this should be like the lowest-effort, low-hanging fruit for CM to be taking on right now. To be clear, I'm only making this post because I see so much potential in DiRT Rally 2.0 but it's being hamstrung by CM's post-release handling. As an outsider I'm sitting here wondering why CM are dropping the ball on building on the hard work they've put into the title thus far and, simply, getting less return on their investment than they could be (all while pleasing their customers, too.)