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    Hey all, I'm pleased to confirm that public lobbies are coming to GRID, in the form of Session Search, on January 13. Below are all the details you need on how the feature works, ahead of its launch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Session Search option in GRID is a new addition to Multiplayer, coming in a free update. It allows players to search for and race in bespoke lobbies that have been created by other players. Session Search includes filters and other options for the player, meaning you can search for exactly what kind of race session you want to jump into. Session Select will be available from the first Multiplayer menu in a new third tile, alongside the existing two options, Quick Match and Custom Match (previously named Private Match). The TL;DR version of how It works is this: if you’ve played a recent Codemasters title that includes public lobbies, you’ll be familiar with the system we’re adding to GRID. 😊 Once players enter Session Search, you can adjust six different filters to narrow down your lobby search. These filters are: Show in Progress – Dictate whether or not your searches include lobbies that are currently racing Discipline – Choose to only show lobbies using Race or Time Attack events, or all Vehicle Class – Choose to only show lobbies using a specific vehicle class, or leave it open to all Hot Lap Qualifying – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that are include a Hot Lap Qualifying session AI Drivers – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that have enabled AI drivers to feature in races AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are enabled, use this option to include/exclude lobbies with certain AI skill level options Once you adjust these filters and begin the search, a new screen will appear, collating the live lobbies that meet your search requirements. In list format, the screen will show you the key features of each lobby, which are: Host – The name of the player hosting the lobby Event Card – This shows the session’s category, vehicle, each track in the event, and the game type Players – The number of players already in that lobby Progress – What stage of an event the lobby is currently at (Skirmish, Qualifying, Race) Round – Shows how many rounds the lobby consists of, and which round is currently in progress Track – The circuit that players in the lobby are currently racing on, or about to race on AI Drivers – Number of AI opponents included in races AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are include, this shows their chosen skill level Damage Level – The chosen damage level for the lobby Terminal Damage – Outlines whether or not terminal damage is active Flashbacks – The chosen number of Flashbacks allowed in races Hot Lap Qualifying – Shows if a Hot Lap Qualifying session is included in races From this screen, you will also be able to view the profile of the lobby host, and refresh the screen to search for more sessions. All the above allows you to narrow down your search and jump into session that best suits what kind of racing experience you’re looking for in GRID. For players creating race lobbies, you will still have the option of adjusting the visibility of your session. When creating your lobby in Custom Match, setting the visibility to ‘Public’ will ensure that your session is viewable to all players in Session Search. Once players have entered a lobby, the process is the same as Custom Match: at the end of the event you can choose to exit the lobby and find a new one, or stick around and let the lobby host create another session. Thank you to everyone for their feedback on public lobbies, which we’re pleased to bring into GRID in the form of Session Search. Jump in, enjoy, and let us know your thoughts. 😊
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    Hey all, Thanks for the survey feedback. A big part of the feedback we received was to communicate what we are doing and more often. So, please see below for the latest high-priority developments for F1 2019 and what the Development Team is currently working on. Keyboard Binding Support (XBOX)- Thread- We have a proposed solution in final stages of testing. This is due to be released in the next patch coming in January 2020. Safety Car. We have some tweaks which are planned to improve the deployment behaviour which are currently in test and hope to release in a future patch. League Improvements. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new 2019 leagues feature. We are continuing to make improvements to this and are hoping to have some updates released in a future patch (Hopefully the January 2020 patch upcoming). Wheel vs Pad Abilities- Thread- We are currently investigating statistics within leaderboards across all platforms to track data and any circumstances where one peripheral has an advantage over another. Our current findings are that, over the course of a race season, the difference is minimal. If you have any extreme scenarios (track, game mode, huge difference in timings etc) that you would like for us to gather data for, please add it to the appropriate thread. Logitech G29 Rotary Dial Mapping Issue. We have a proposed solution in test at the moment. Pending confirmation of these test results, we are hoping to release this in the next upcoming patch. Please continue to use the correct and appropriate forum threads to discuss, give constructive feedback and provide evidence where possible. It is always being monitored and appreciated. Once we can accurately re-produce an issue, we can start putting in place the fixes (where possible) to issues and improve the overall game experience For some topics, especially for some that create the most discussion with everyone, an update can take some time as more people from Codemasters will usually be involved. Once I do have a note-worthy update on things, I will keep everyone updated with anything else that is high on our agenda or any progress on the above.
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    Can we have a DLC with stages (asphalt) from France (Corsica) Location????
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    With the competition now over, I guess it’s time to give my opinion/feedback of the DiRT World Championship…Oh boy…where to start - I guess at the beginning? I’ll be covering the topics based on the timeline, so I’ll start with the Qualifiers, then the Quarter- and Semi-Finals and then the Finals at the Autosport International Show. Qualifiers Honestly, I feel as if we already started off on the wrong footing, because as soon as the announcement was made and everyone dove into the “Sporting Regulations” and “Terms & Conditions” documents – And what they found, was no small feat. There were sections of the “Sporting Regulation” that outright contradicted each other, such as different graphics detailing the different ways a singular process was going to be handled. (For more information see the Reddit thread) On top of that the “Sporting Regulations” were plain inaccurate up till a week before the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, with many rules still be dated to the DiRT 4 era, and being outright impossible to achieve in DiRT Rally 2.0. Furthermore, there was quite a lot of pushback regarding the fact that the cars that were being chosen for the Qualifiers, could only be driven with a default setup, which arguably removes a very important aspect to both Rally and Rallycross. Not to even mention the fact that assists were allowed, one of which, Launch Control, was a MAJOR advantage in Rallycross. Assists should NEVER be a factor in ANY Esports championship or competition. Last but not least, the car classes chosen in the Qualifiers didn’t represent the game’s Esports scene as a whole, the fact they included Super 1600s, H2 FWDs and more, is very puzzling to me, as the people who get through on those are just hopelessly lost in contrast to the people that go through in the cars that are being used in the Quarter-, Semi- and Grand Finals. Personally I’d rather see the Qualifiers and all kinds of Finals use only the best cars, those being the Supercars and the R5s. Quarter- and Semi-Finals Moving on to the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, it was a disgrace that these were delayed a week, and it was an outright miracle some drivers managed to delay or cancel holidays due to this, especially considering it was a last minute notice only 2-3 days before the event. The reasoning for this delay was the “Sporting Regulations” which were not ready for the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, due to the inconsistencies mentioned above. I’d love to give Codemasters some benefit of doubt, but I made a Reddit thread laying out the issues with the “Sporting Regulations” mere days after the announcement was made, so they could’ve been fixed well ahead of time. Entering the actual Quarter- and Semi-Finals, which both were one Qualifying race and one Race. Firstly, the fact these are all single races that leads to the elimination of many is an idea that should be abolished. As a matter of fact, many drivers were taken out of the running for either the Semi-Finals or Grand Final due to no fault of their own, but a mistake or intentional action of another driver. There’d have been a very simple way to mitigate this, to hold multiple races, each of which award points, and after a set number of races (2 or 3) the set amount of people with the most points continue to the next round. But we’ll be coming back to this topic when we’ll discuss the Grand Finals… Oh boy, bear with me for that. Furthermore, the Quarter- and Semi-Finals for RX both utilized tracks on which overtaking was literally impossible without forcing someone off their line or even in a wall, as we could very well see in some of the races. These tracks were decided based on marketing and what Codemasters wanted to show, but rather they should have been chosen based on what would provide the best racing. Last but not least the adjudicating/stewarding, coming from multiple drivers’ perspective this was done horribly, as we all feel certain actions should’ve warranted certain penalties to be dished out or removed in cases of being forced wide. But this wasn’t done, and in some case, because the result didn’t depend on it, these investigations weren’t even finished. And regardless of impact, incidents should always be investigated, otherwise drivers will always feel wronged. Grand Finals Moving on to the final chapter of the DiRT World Championships, the Grand Final at the Autosport International Show – And oh boy…is this a controversial topic. But lets begin with some positives, the viewing figures were absolutely amazing compared to the last DiRT World Championship. But that’s where the positives sadly end… Starting with the format… Dear lord, this couldn’t have been done any worse in regards to the format. An Esports Championship is meant to decide the best driver, this usually means the fastest and most consistent. Yet in both Rally and Rallycross they decided to have a final decider stage/race in which wherever you finish, is your end result, turning it from a competition of consistency and pace, in a competition of just pace and luck. That said, this was lessened a bit in Rally due to only the top 3 advancing to the next stage, but ultimately this still doesn’t excuse the fact all the previous stages and races are completely thrown away. In a proper Esports Championship every single race should count towards the winner. I find this format absolutely inexcusable, there was enough time to hold these races and stages, since they were driven, so they should’ve counter toward the overall victory. This could’ve been fixed with the exact solution I mentioned when I talked about the Quarter- and Semi-Finals. In RX, have a set number of races, each awarding points and the one with the most points wins. In Rally, do the same, except get rid of the points and order based on cumulative time. If this is done, along with all other suggestions I made in this thread, then you can guarantee you have the best and I mean the most consistently fast driver there is. On top of that, all finalists were limited to using a single car. Now I’ll admit, I’m unaware as to the reasoning behind this, but in any competition it should never be about limiting your drivers’ options, whether those be in regards to setup or cars. Some cars, some setups suit one drivers’ driving style more than the other, so there will always be someone who prefers one car over another. For that reason alone it’s a choice that never should be taken away. Conclusion To summarize, this DiRT World Championship was better in regards to production and viewing figures, but the overall format completely ruined the championship for both passionate fans, involved teams and participating drivers. This NEEDS to be improve for the next DiRT World Championship, it NEEDS to…Currently we have teams abandoning the DIRT Esports scene for WRC’s or even withdrawing from Rally entirely…Drivers aren’t being paid…Local/Smaller competitions aren’t held…The scene’s dying, and it’s up to Codemasters to provide an attractive platform for the external organizations to hold smaller competitions and to provide a good example as to how attractive it can be for teams, drivers and organizations to be apart of the DIRT Esports scene. That concludes my overall opinion of the DIRT World Championship, @PJTierney I hope this suffices to give everyone involved enough feedback for the next iteration of this series. I bid you all a great day, and I truly hope it’ll improve on the things that went wrong this time around. 🙂
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    Hi @BestOenning79, As @smudger1982 added onto this thread, please see the post for the plans for the January update this is coming next. However, this is not our last patch on F1 2019 and we are continuing to support the game for longer than we have with previous titles.
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    Hi everyone, In case you have missed it, the first two sections of the setup guide are now on our blog. Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 3 is here **NEW** Part 4 is here Hope it helps come race weekend! If people have a read and have any feedback for me, please let me know. We are planning to release updated and improved variants of a setup guide for future titles moving forward, and anyway I can make it better and be useful to more people is really appreciated!
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    Server maintenance was today (it was all Codemasters games and sites). Version 1.12 is next week I believe. Patch Notes are nearly done and we'll share those in a few days hopefully 🙂 [Update: I'm planning to put the notes out on Monday 🙂]
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    The free update which includes Session Search is NOW LIVE on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 🙂
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    GRID: Dreaming of, version. Just imagine the grid game of your dreams, rich of content, full track set, tons of cars (included the all old ones like lacetti etc), full features set, everything like the first one, demolition derby, drift, 24h lemans and the best multiplayer ever seen on racing games… all of this improved to the maximum level and supported by the new photorealistic graphic engine (Dreaming Engine GFX™). Dreamed it ? Good, keep dreaming.
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    Not planning to reveal what that December teaser was all about, at this event. Things are coming together though but still a short while away, but I guarantee it'll be worth the wait 😉
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    Slow gossip lately, so her is some fake (but hilarious) news:
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    I thought they just use it to collect the lap times for comparing in-game with friends but they probably use steam id for that, I haven't found any reason for it other than maybe, just maybe they looked at autosport early on and thought they would copy what was there but then had collective amnesia over what a multiplayer experience was.
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    also... if it was WRX content, they would need to be mostly done all of the car and track models by now. because those things take a long time to make. and at the moment, only the event organisers have a good idea of what the new tracks will look like (I'm talking about having all the billboards and stands etc, not simply the layout). keep in mind that the only new 2019 RX track that is in the game is Yas Marina. it was first used in April (it was the first event on the calendar) and it came into DR2 in October. and we didn't get Spa at all, for whatever reason. same goes for the car models. the first time most of us saw the new liveries and cars was just before the season started, in Feb/March. and we got them just 2 weeks ago! as far as I know, almost none of the teams have even announced if they will be competing or what drivers they will have, much less given anyone a glimpse at any liveries. sooo work can't even begin to start on basically any of this stuff. so, it could theoretically happen eventually, but if any of this is in the works I would next expect it before the summer at least. in addition, CM are very aware that the large majority of the fanbase of this game (around 80-85%) prefers rally. it would not be a good business plan to have two consecutive RX-focused seasons.
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    Am I the only one who isn't upset that buying content day 1 means you pay more than someone who waits 6 months? You pay extra for the privilege of playing before people who want to be frugal. Yeah, I think it's kind of lame to not discount the latest season at least a bit for the Deluxe owners, but then I remember season 4 isn't even fully released yet. You're asking for a discount on content that is still being released. What other company has ever been like "oh here is some new DLC for you all to buy, want us to go 50% off 2 weeks after releasing it???" The reason the BIG bundle is discounted is to help bring in more people to the playerbase. Discounting the DLC by itself isn't going to do that, those people already are part of the playerbase. But if you're trying to bring in new fresh drivers during the holidays you discount the base content or the deluxe bundles. It isn't rocket science.
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    It's a very big part of f1 and when it does go out it affects the race of a lot of people very drastically. so i find it kind of strange that you think a function that has a huge impact on the results of races and isn't working properly is not a problem. When there's a big crash at the start: 3 cars without tires stationary on the straight, People needing to pit. Those times it makes sense to send out the safety car from a realism (safety) as well as a race standpoint (not 4 drivers 40 seconds down from the start) but we most likely get nothing. But all too often a driver retires in the pits mid-race. And after retiring the car goes on to make its pitstop, smart ai drives back on track causes a safety car. @1512marcel Not everybody just plays time trial.. Some people do actual races and when a huge mechanic determining the outcome of the race is NOT working properly it is a big issue and a very logical reason not to buy the game. It's realistic you lose your lead if the safety car comes out but if it is for NO reason at all it gets very frustrating very quickly. If then the next race you drive through a car graveyard and there's no sign of any safety car and you realize that s hit might as well be random, and it all is just a lottery based on hardly anything, then you'll know that the game has it very wrong. Racing should never feel like a lottery because that literally messes up your 'core of a racing game'.
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    @sloppysmusic Amazing post. @BarryBL you asked to elaborate, and which we spend our time to help you out. Actually, its funny that we spend our time responding well constructed thoughts to help you and your team improve this "eSports" platform, and we don't get even a response or a thanks, or that is a great idea. @sloppysmusic , quite a few others, and I are not shaming, whining, complaining, or/and just pointing out problems. We are suggesting solutions to make the game better, not worse. And all we get is silence. Actually, we should get paid, but, we are not asking for that. We are asking for engagement, as we are willingly to engage with you and your team.
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    I agree with pretty much TC said. Btw, you don't have to leave. I think this place is mostly to talk to Chris and let CM knows about what needs to change and whatsoever. Haters gonna hate, so we should keep doing what we are doing. In our case, try to make CM notice about our thoughts on the game. Anyway... gotta say, I think I never felt like this for a game before, lol. Like ever. With every update I feel like cheering for you guys, to keep improving and working on your game. You are so damn close! A few features more to create a really good racer. I think AI should be reviewed. In some tracks/racing classes, they seem to go slower than they should. But in other, is absolute mayhem and you are unable to catch the leaders. One example of this are the pro truck races. Play on anything higher than normal, and you'll know frustration. Another thing that, for me at least, is a must (now that other things are outta the way) is the signature CM challenge mode, like in F1 and Dirt games. Make some events rotate at least weekly. Add a leaderboard and some money prices according to the finish position on the general table. Maybe add some accolades or liveries? Although I know someone should be making these. Oh, and last but not least... please, please, PLEASE, review the amount of money per race in free mode and online. I understand you guys wants us to play the campaign to make big money, but $600 per race is way too low. At least let it be a couple of thousands, like 10% or slightly less than normal career races.
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    That level of detail, yet the Audi is wrongly named in the game
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    You really like hyperbole, don't you? And cool it with the tone as I wasn't being rude to you. It's not military software, but it's also not open-source. Any company that develops closed-source software will do their best to protect their work and, most certainly, will avoid giving away details about their proprietary technology in a space like a public forum. Common sense. Also, if everyone could easily figure out how everything works in a game, just by buying and looking through it, makes me wonder why do they even bother encrypting their files. How do you know that there are countless things that could be done, in their specific case? Have you been there trying to diagnose the problem yourself? Subjective. To me, the fog is acceptable. Probably because they'd done what they could within an acceptable time frame. They did show screenshots. They may not have shown the fog but, when you are trying to sell a product, you show it in the best light. Like it or not, it's Advertising 101 for any business. It's also worth noting, on this point, that video showcasing the fog was out prior to the DLC's release. So you can't say there wasn't media available to show you those conditions. That is probably one of those too technical explanations. I don't know how, you don't know how. We'd have to see how things work internally to understand the decision. Possibly because they spent those two months trying to figure out a way to make Finland work, without the fog, thus avoiding the need to give that response. Unfortunately is wasn't possible to do better. If they had, straight-up, said they couldn't do anything, they'd probably get criticized for not even trying and they would be hit with backlash anyway, not from you but others. They can't win. Again, subjective. Some players indeed. Not that many to be fair. Counting those involved in this thread, and the "How to avoid Finland" thread, you have about 10-12 posters. Not that high of a number to be of concern.
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    All players get them for free in 1.12.
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    this is just a simple UI thing, but it needs clarification, in my opinion. basically, the staff upgrade for your Co-Driver (Phil Mills in English version) allows you to send your car to the next service station in the event after you get terminal damage. an example of the screen is below. for me, there are a few problems with it: the phrasing of the question (especially using the word "return") gives the impression you'll be sent back to the service area before the stage you just broke your car on, allowing you to try the same stage again. it needs to be made clear that selecting "Yes" will give you a DNF for this stage, as well as all remaining stages before the next service station - and this action cannot be undone. it also needs to be made clear that selecting "No" will send you to the end of stage menu, where you can either Restart the stage (if possible) or Retire to the end of th Event (as well as see the Replay, Quit to Main Menu, etc) and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm just a bit salty because I've known how this screen works for at least 6 months, but selected Yes by accident because the instructions were unclear and thus I basically ruined a whole championship for myself in career mode.
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    Mistakes? This company is making racing games for 20 years! This is like Einstein makes a mistake counting 1+1 ! Even starting developers and indie teams design their games more professional!
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    The former, I believe, rather than the latter - players create the lobbies which are visible to others. I'm checking in today and next week to get a full overview, so I can provide you all with a bit of a walkthrough on how it'll work. As above, I'm checking in with them for the first time today and next week - no negative news so far, so I'm expecting it to be available in January, ahead of Season 2 🙂
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    It's time for wishes, isn't it ? Please Codies give us a Dirt Rally 2.0 Year 2 content. With these things : Season 5 : March - May - Week 1 : Nissan Sunny kit car and Megane Maxi kit car. - Week 3 : Rally Manx or Ireland, with 3 long tracks (instead of 2 for all the rallies we had till now). - Week 5 : Citroen Saxo S1600 and Ford Puma S1600. - Week 7 : One new long track for Germany, Wales and New England (free for those who own the dlc locations, NE free for everyone). - Week 9 : Renault R5 maxi turbo (grp B RWD) and Mitsubishi Lancer 2005. - Week 11 : RX Nurburgring. Bonus free car : Subaru Legacy (grp A) Season 6 : June - August - Week 13 : Renault Clio S1600 and Fiat Punto S1600. - Week 15 : Rally Kenya or Morrocco, with 3 long tracks. - Week 17 : 2 RX Project E cars. - Week 19 : One new long track for Sweden, Greece and Spain. - Week 21 : Audi R1 R4 and Fiat 500X R4. - Week 23 : RX Spa. Bonus free car : Citroen Xsara kit car Season 7 : September - November - Week 25 : VW Beetle and Renault R8 (H1 RWD). - Week 27 : Rally San Remo or Corsica, with 3 long tracks. - Week 29 : Opel Kadett E Gsi (H2 FWD) and Abarth 124 RGT. - Week 31 : One new long track for New-Zeland, Australia and Finland. - Week 33 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 35 : RX Russia. Bonus free car : Alpine A110 RGT Season 8 : December - February - Week 37 : Honda S2000 and Nissan Silvia S15 (2000cc RWD). - Week 39 : Rally Indonesia, Malaysia or China, with 3 long tracks. - Week 41 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 43 : One new long track for Argentina, Poland and Monte. - Week 45 : Subaru 555 (grp A) and BMW 2002 TI (H1 RWD). - Week 47 : 2 2020 RX cars. ❤️ Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 48.83MB