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    For 10+ years I've been the T-Bar (Camera) View, ABS Using, and TC (Medium) guy. I currently have a Logitech G29, setup in a Next Level GT-Ultimate seat. About a week ago I was inspired by others here (thank you people) to try Cockpit View, No ABS and No TC, ...and I have been pleasantly surprised. No ABS: I thought that this would be my biggest challenge; locking up the wheels all over the place. However, after some Practice Sessions I quickly learnt to actually use the brake properly, and not just "jump" on the brakes, like I used to with ABS activated. I think that I now I actually stop better than when I had ABS. No ABS makes me drive the car now. No TC: This has been my biggest challenge. No longer can I have the accelerator Flat-To-The-Floor while hopping over most of the kerbs (ala Arcade Style driving). I have be really disciplined on how I get power down to the rear tyres, especially after exiting the slower corners. And lets face it, you're simulated in a 600kg car with nearly 1,000hp, so it's certainly got to be a skill, a challenge, and not arcade-easy. Practice-Discipline-Practice-Discipline. Having No TC makes me actually drive the car now. Cockpit View: For me, this has been the easiest transition. I got used to Cockpit View quite quickly, and driving the car in this View has certainly enhanced (rejuvenated) my enjoyment of this game. It puts a totally different perspective on racing now; a much more challenging, and realistic version. The other cars appear much closer in this View, which certainly increases the heart-rate when fighting for position. I did, however, delete the front-vertical bar (I forgot what its called) just below the Halo. MISCELLANEOUS NOTES Lowered AI Difficulty: I apologise if I made my transition to No Assists, and Cockpit View sound easy; ...because it isn't. It's certainly been a challenge and hence why I've had to lower the AI Difficulty from 90-Master (T-Bar Camera View, ABS & TC-Medium), to 60-Hard (Cockpit View, No ABS & No TC). For me this still allows for a very enjoyable and challenging racing experience. I'll increase the AI Difficulty as I improve my driving. Mirrors?: I don't have any mirrors in Cockpit View, so I use Look-Back regularly. Mirrors would be nice. Safety Car: I'm about to race at Mexico (Race #18) of my first Season with Toro Rosso, and I am yet to see a Safety Car 😧 The last race, In Japan, the AI were bumping and ripping front wings off, but they experienced no "offs". It seems very difficult for the AI to spin, or venture into the gravel-traps; ...well I haven't seen it. E-Sports Competitors: They should race in Cockpit View, and all E-Sport Races should be at 100%. Just my opinion 😊 Enhanced (Renewed) Enthusiasm: Now I can't wait to race CodeMasters F1-2019 in Cockpit View and No Assists. Don't get me wrong, it is very challenging, but I don't want to race like an Arcade Gamer anymore; ...I want to experience the next best thing to actually driving a Formula One car. No I don't work for CodeMasters: I'm just a fan of F1, and I'm a fan of any Company that develops and promotes an F1 game for me to enjoy. I'm now off to Mexico 👍 ☺️
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    One of many big things!
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    Greece confirmed.
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    As an example, the reference/starting point of the Merc cockpit is wildly different from the reference/starting point of the Ferrari cockpit, so when you change cars the camera is all wrong. It would be a big improvement if the game memorized the camera settings on a per car basis, when i select the Ferrari it uses the settings i used when i last drove the Ferrari and not the ones i was using in the Mercedes.
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    Hi all, Patch 1.06 should now be live on Xbox One. If you find any issues with this update, don’t forget to post in this thread here. Thanks everyone! ----------- Hi all, PS4 is now live with the patch! The Xbox patch will follow subject to first party approval. Thanks everyone! -------- Hi all, Patch 1.06 is out now on Steam. The Xbox and PS4 updates to follow subject to first party approval. I’ll confirm times and dates closer to the releases. In the meantime, please have a look through the patch notes below. Tyre wear will no longer scale in qualifying sessions when race distance is set to 25% or 50% Car setups will no longer change in multiplayer when going between sessions Fixed a crash seen by users who had been eliminated in Q1 and then closed the game during the press interview Fixed a number of instances where some Trophies/Achievements may not unlock in certain circumstances Various other stability and bug fixes PC users will now be prompted if they’re not using an up to date graphics driver. The up to date driver is currently considered to be; AMD 19.5.2 Nvidia 431.36 We are continuing to track down and fix more bugs and we’ll have more information about any further patches soon. Need help? Come and visit us in our Technical Assistance forums. Please be sure to check out the read me thread before posting. Something from this patch not working the way it should? Tell us in our patch discussion thread here.
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    Just got 2 questions: 1. Will the SC be fixed? -> Carrer mode, spain, 50% race distance, sim damage, SC on: One car got an engine failure on the start/finish straight. Kubica just crashed in its back. Both cars were standing right on the track unable to drive. NO SC! They disappeared within a few seconds. -> also I noticed that most of the cars disappear very fast when retiring. Shouldnt they stay there for 1-3 laps instead of seconds? 2. The Ai does not make any mistakes. Not in Monaco, not in rainy conditions. Nowhere. Even with bad tyres in bad conditions... -> Will this be patched at any time?
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    The last Group B RX daily at Catalunya was a remarkable one for me. I knew that I had no idea where the joker lap entry would be on this circuit so I thought I'd need a few practice laps to figure that out. Klicked 'start' by mistake. Ok, then I needed to look out for the entry during the run, but I was too focused and I completely forgot. As I crossed the finish line I unlocked the 'Clown Car' achievement and I couldn't understand how this is possible. I checked the circuit in TT mode to at least try to understand what happened and I realised that I had done joker laps every single lap. I think at this point Tommy Lee Jones is inevitable.
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    [Update] The Xbox One patch is now live! If you find any issues with this update, don’t forget to post in this thread here. Thanks all! [Update] Patch 1.07 is now live on PS4. [Original] Hi all, Patch 1.07 is out now on Steam. The Xbox and PS4 updates to follow subject to first party approval. I’ll confirm times and dates closer to the releases. In the meantime, please have a look through the patch notes below. League AI difficulty now goes up to 110 F2 cars will no longer start sprint races or one-shot qualifying with cold tyres F1 setups can no longer be applied to F2 cars Grid penalties now apply correctly after taking new parts out-with the initial allocation between qualifying and race France pitlane has been updated for the 2019 season Cars are now less cautious of unsafe releases in the pitlane AMD FidelityFX Upscaling and FidelityFX Sharpening are now available as Anti-Aliasing options on applicable devices HDR is now selectable when running in DX12 on PC Report codes are now shown on the pause menu in all game modes Stopped players on Xbox One from being able to invite to Ranked sessions by using Party Chat Reduced GPU usage in the front end F2 wet tyres will now have a longer life Helicopters are no longer flying at increased speeds Various other fixes and stability improvements We are continuing to track down and fix more bugs and we’ll have more information about any further patches soon. Need help? Come and visit us in our Technical Assistance forums. Please be sure to check out the read me thread before posting. Something from this patch not working the way it should? Tell us in our patch discussion thread here. --- Update: Just a quick update on yesterday’s correction to our patch notes for 1.07. We inadvertently released a partially completed integration of Nvidia’s DLSS technology in patch 1.07 which was not supposed to be enabled until a later patch. We are currently working towards enabling this in a completed state for an upcoming patch. Thanks to Nvidia for helping us in tracking down this issue.
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    Yes I am very angy at Codemasters, the game is not worth 60€ ... And everyone makes a blind eye. I say, let's skip the costs of making 2020 and focus on a 30€ dlc for the new season, while the programmers fix these bugs... Realistic Qualy - no more simulate season bugs Realistic tyre temps - what's up with that really? Give meaning to rivarly Try to think a way of upgrading the cars for 10 seasons, not 4 ... The tree is unrealistic Make the game free of LlLlLllllLLaaaAG SPIKES Consistent AI throughout season Better UI, DPad mashing for ERS and Fuel managment is annoying and unrealistic, give us presets to adjust the setup immediately (like real F1) Give some actual reliability issues for the player - ones that you cannot expect Make ACTUAL reliability issues for the AI, they feel scripted Stop the AI from applying the throttle immediatellly "100% - 0%" in milleseconds Stop giving AI ultimate tyre temps and unlimited ERS Realistic AI personality and driving style Make new animations Make Jeff a part of the game and not just a mechanical voice guide Make Jeff give you helpful information The car is underfueled due to strategy, someone inform Jeff Actual weather forecast Make the damn rotation switches in FANTEC F1 wheels USABLE!!!!! Practise that actually helps the team to understand the race pace Able to switch at inters even if the wets are faster at the start of the race Fix the sound DRIVER TRANSFERS- What is Kimi doing in Season 10? 50% Engine wear rate in 50% races, not 25% engine wear rate in 50% races Practise programs that are actual practise programs, not QUALY programms Speedometer that is not placed on top of the damn mirror Actual wet races with standing water Consistent AI throughout season Setup that is based on logic and not numbers from 1-12 Fix the damn interviews An actual F2 career mode Better damage model No more "happened on my screen not on your screen" contacts in online No pit stop glitches, esp in online Fix the damn ranking system Make a ban option available for stupid drivers Safety car for Ben Inform the driver (aka player) of important stuff... Like what is the optimal tyre temperature Setups that are suggested from the team Make the AI have track awareness at least in Practise sessions The ability to skip the Formation Lap, without endangering the life of my tyre temps or my setup... The game is broken. 2017 with a new reskin. I like codies - I still play Colin McRae 3 and 4 - awesome games, but right now it just feels like a massive middle finger pointing right at me... FIX THE GAME!
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    The amount of Steam data that can be scraped by the public is always very annoying.
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    Hi all, thanks for the feedback 👍🏻 I'm reading through now and see some patterns emerging. Does this seem correct to you all in terms of what the main remaining issues are? * Not getting enough feedback from the tyres, Tyre Slip in particular. Wheel users missing "Tyre Slip" and "Engine Torque" settings that controllers users have. ** On some locations (mainly tarmac) the road surface feels too smooth, resulting in less feedback through the wheel. Existing tyre feedback feels like it's more focused on the rear tyres than the fronts. Steering doesn't get heavier the harder you turn into a corner. Lack of vertical suspension feedback, most obvious with jumps. I'd like to drill this down to the 3 "big issues" you guys are having, as that would be beneficial when I talk to the team. 👍🏻 * Let's try and nail down the big issues that the community generally agrees on instead of chasing the final 1%. ** This may be intentional based on how controllers and wheels work differently, just my personal guess.
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    I kept this thread active because I wanted to hear your feedback, check what the common talking points are and pass that on, and that’s a direct result of me saying “some of the community’s talking about Force Feedback, even though 1.4 had a lot of changes” 😉 I joined only 2 months ago, around the time of 1.5 so most of the FFB discussion had already happened before I got here (most of it resolved with 1.4). I’m curious myself as to what’s remaining in terms of what you guys aren’t happy with, hence why I asked 🙂 So (all of you) give that feedback. “FFB is broken and your company sucks” doesn’t help a whole lot, but “This specific part of the Force Feedback system doesn’t feel strong enough, and here’s what I think would be a lot better” does. There needs to be consensus amongst you all though, as the team is working on many things and for them to spend more time on Force Feedback it needs to be for changes that the majority of wheel users are looking for. Be constructive, not destructive; it’s more effective at enacting change in the long run ♥️
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    Spa right now is the least realistic track in the F1 Game. Almost every kerb and elevation change is being represented incorrectly. Here are a few examples: Turn 1 - La Source: The kerb is way too big and the elevation change is slightly off Turn 6 - Kemmel: Elevation change is slightly off. Very noticable when driving. Turn 9 - Malmedy: Kerb is way too big on the inside and bit too high on the exit. Turn 10 - Bruxelles: Kerb is way too big on the inside and the kerb on the exit is angled upwards, which is wrong. Turn 11 - Corner with no name: Kerb is way too big. Turn 12 - Pouhon: Kerb is way too big, high and not as round as in real life. Turn 15 - Stavelot: Kerb is way too big and drops off, which is wrong. Turn 18 - Blanchimont: Kerb is way too big. Turn 19 / 20 - Chicane: Easily the worst case. Kerbs are too big, especially at turn 20. Elevation change is... well it's flat in game, while in real life it's a rollercoaster. Spa is one of the greatest tracks of all time, so it definitly deserves more attention than this, because it's been like this for years. If possible, i would like to see a proper update of the track in a patch of this years game, if not, in F1 2020. Thank you. La Source.pdn
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    Hey guys, Lets collect the wishes for the next game. I just think CM already works on F1 2020 so maybe we will give them some ideas what the people want the most. Lets start: (!!!) 1.1 Coop-Championship -> like it was in 2018. Real life car performance. Online with friends. Saving between sessions. 1.2 Coop-Career or Versus Carrer (!!!) Liike the singeplayer but you can race with at least one friend for the same team and upgrade it together OR: you can also race for different teams and improve those (!) 2. Safety Car (!) - it is just triggered random sometimes; but when there is an accident it doesnt come out -> No random SC/VSC -> but if there is a car on the line or at a dangerous part of the track: bring it up! -> Red flags if a crash occurs which blocks the SC -> SC going through the pitlane if the start straight is dangerous (debris/broken car) 3. AI overhaul -> more AI mistakes (in particular in wet conditions) -> more AI crashes -> more AI DNFs after getting beside the tracks/on the dirt/spinning -> more AI fighting, less backing up ->AI driving in multiple lines, opposed to what we currently have where the AI always forms trains. 4. Balancing R&D -> its a nice feature but needs some tweeks and fixes (too fast, unreal: after 1-2 seasons Mercecdes can be the worst and backend cars be the best...) 5. Real Car/Driver performance -> the performance patch this year was a joke. Ferrari has the best engine in real life. In the game it is mercedes. Verstappen should be a lot better than gasly etc. -> also the engine should only be upgraded by the engine manufactures (!) 6. Damage Model (!) -> Damage to the underfloor -> Damage to the bargeboards -> random DNFs for the player(it unreal that only AIs get DNFs) -> option to turn it on/off (for those who dont want it) -> damage when driving to aggressive over the curbs -> damage to the brake system (option to turn is on/off?, use lift and cost to cool it on heavy bracking tracks, R&D to improve cooling system) -> damage to the tyre after a collision (front wing) -> damage to the rear wing (would end the race? only after heavy incidents like those where the car is already broken without loosing a tyre at the moment) -> damage to the sidepods (would end the race? only after heavy incidents like those where the car is already broken without loosing a tyre at the moment) -> better visual tyre wear (the visual model this year is very bad. its not complety shiny at the beginning. Looks always used) => marshals cleaning the track => damage the tyres by driving over debris => broken cars should be pulled away like in real life (trucks and cranes) and not just disappear => tyre flat spots - RED FLAGS - Tyre falls in pieces heading back to the pits if you have a damaged tyre 7. Better penalty system (in particular online!) -> add "under investigation" after an action -> get penalties later (after 1-3 rounds) 8. Upgrade Tracks -> in particular the curbs on most tracks. They are often very flat in the game) -> laser scanned tracks! 9. Handling model: - I think it is really good but should be a bit steady. Sometimes you loose the back in high speed corner by just getting on the curb. (In real life the cars have a lot of down force when driving fast and dont loose the back at those corners) - remove input lag - cars should be 1 - 1,5 sec faster; reach the top speed faster; less understeer; more grip 10. Update the driver transfers -> option to turn them off/on -> no that much dynamic for the top teams (as they often hold their 1st drivers (hamilton, verstappen, vettel) -> the leader of the Championship (Hamilton in my career) should not switch to Renault or something mid-season. He shouldnt change the TOP team at all! 11. More customization -> give us the option to change the colour of the suits and gloves -> free editor for the sponsor -> maybe an face/suit/glove/car editor for shapes and colours (fully free customization) (!) -> SPONSORs on custom helmets! (!) => helmet editor 11.2 Car Editor -> lets have our own multiplayer car: => choose an enigine manufacturer => choose a front wing, under floor, barge board/side pod combi, braking system, halo design, rear wing, etc. -> with same performance for ranked games -> with different performance in unranked matches -> maybe with a "cost system" ->Example: you start with 20 performance points -> choosing a renault/ engine costs 3 points, Mercedes engine 4, Ferrari engine 5; the same system applies to the other parts; better parts = more expensive; you cant get the best of everything at the beginning. You earn performance points for good races/rankings. => We would need an MM filter (1. Lobby: 20-22 performance points; 2. Lobby 23-26 performance points; etc?) 12. Dynamic car model - if you research a part in career with R&D it gets visible at the car (not for every upgrade but maybe for a few) -> so if you upgrade your nose/bargeboards/underfloor/Halo/front wing/rear wing you can see visible changes (like in real life, instead of just patching the car models the car can be visually upgraded duo to the R&D system) 13. Improvements to the weather system -> more complex weather system -> more changes in unstable conditions -> make it harder to drive beside the track -> higher spray density -> Correct blinking rate of the Red Backlights of the cars, especially in the wets the blinking rate is way out of sync to real life. - BRING back localised weather (!)14. Improve the pit stops/manual pitstops (!) - add/fix the steering animation !!! -> let us drive manually in the pitlane (maybe as soon as the player goes towards the pit crews he gets black flacked and ghosts -> no problem with FIA/FOM for driving over the pit crews :D) -> if you go before the light turns green you ghost and get a penality for unsafe release -> Option/Practice Program: train manual starts (in the pitlane, in career training) 15. Gameplay/Car performance/Handling - cars should be 1 - 1,5 sec faster; reach the top speed faster; less understeer; more grip - real TV graphics (2019 was a good step forward) - FULL Control (under SC, VSC, warm-up LAP, get yourself into the pits, get yourself on the starting grid, COOL DOWN LAP!) - Cool down lap ! - improve the radio (it should sound like in real life) 16. Improve the game performance -> F1 2019 got major FPS Drops!!! 17. Fix the bugs 18. Young drivers test/between seasons tests -> maybe for reputation, R&D points, as application test for a better team (!) 19. Better Game support/ Better communication from CM -> publish a road map for the patches update like ( 10.07 release; Juli patch 1 with fixing bugs, late juli Patch with adding XX, juli/aug patch XX, august adding XX, unknown/later: we plan to xx) -> more feedback from the community managers @Faya @RedDevilKT ( we really appreciate your work, hope they can give us more infos in the future; also answer faster; maybe expand the staff for it) 20. Virtual mirrors 21. More ffb options -> the ability to shape the FFB curve/proggression -> maybe a tire slip slider 22. Camera Updates: -> Helmet Cam, for maximum immersion -> VR-Support (or: Increased Look To apex Values, as we currently don't have access to VR this could be a viable alternative option) 23. Sound: - Correct and improved Engine Sound, at the moment the Engines sound as if they are barely revving. - add a realistic radio sound 24. Media/Podium/Around the grid - Add Press Conference interviews like in NBA 2K - Add more podium celebration animations. I can't believe you worked 2 years on this game and it has only 1 podium celebration - Give a voice to our character - lets move around the paddock - move to the car/garage manually - more cut scenes getting into the car etc 25. RED FLAGS 26. Other: - better temperature management (more overheating: breakes, engine -> lift and cost, driving not behind a car (a bit off the line) to get cleaner air) - Triple Screen support - Option (in mp lobbies): Force cockpit view for multiplayer - VR support - Free Practice (with all different options: weather, (euqal)car performance, rules etc.) - different LED dashes for each team - Make each team have their own Invitational events. For example if you drive for McLaren then in the Invitational Events you should drive McLaren's historic cars, not/not everytime Ferrari's or Williams's. - Make F2 drivers step up to F1 when another driver is dropped or retires (maybe the winner and 2nd place of F2?) - Add Pre Season tests with many practice programs. Completing these programs should reward you Recource Points like in Free Practice (instead of just getting a bonus after the season; add a "simulate test" option for those who just want to get started with the next season like one can skip the training sessions) - Make R&D slower. The R&D pace in this game is worse than last year - 17 Season Career. I know that's a bit too much and probably no one will complete 17 seasons, but doing only 10 seasons in F1 is like starting at 18yo and retiring at 28yo, which is very unrealistic since most drivers retire after 17-18 seasons. (- Add the option to retire from the sport whenever we want) - Create a longer Career mode story and (make it last 1 or 2 seasons and not only 3 races) - Polish the game properly. Less bugs at release Feel free to add/post your wishes. I will add them to the list. You can also quote/comment on the most wanted features! Greetings!
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    977667 Dirt Rally 2.0 Location 20 (Germany Rallyx DLC) 800 MB 977668 Dirt Rally 2.0 Location 21 (Rally Calcutta) 1.4 GB 977673 Dirt Rally 2.0 (Co-driver voicepack Samir) 37 MB ...
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/community/08/the-dirt-roadbook-august-2-2019/ Group B Rallycross Onboards FIA World Rallycross Championship heads to Canada Eifel Rallye Festival 2019 Wales Rally now available in Clubs Community Events now available on DiRTRally2.com Version 1.7 Highlights
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    Here some shots of my simhub design. Still busy finetuning but getting there. when chaning ERS, BBAL, and those things gets a popup With my central rotary i can switch screens as like this:
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    I can assure you that we do read and track many of the community bugs and issues, even if we don’t always communicate about all of them until they’re resolved. Codemasters has an open forum policy in that many staff are registered here and tagged as such. When I walk through the studio I often see at least one screen with the forum on it 😉 I’ve also been working together with the team on a bug tracker and we have regular (as in twice a week) meetings checking the status of things. In short, while you might not see direct responses, your voices are being heard 🙂
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    Thanks for super helicopter speed fix
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    Yep. I think you're right with your ** caveat there – they're effects designed for the rumble motors in controllers, so don't really translate to wheels. If a wheel actually has a rumble-style motor in it, then great, enable the effect, but many low-end wheels are probably too coarse – they can't vibrate at a high enough frequency or small enough amplitude to make an 'engine rumble' effect viable. On direct drive wheels, sure, it's probably doable. I personally think this part is fine. It feels similar to Assetto Corsa, in that most of the time you aren't feeling anything because the suspension/tyres are absorbing any bumps. It's only on significant bumps that you'd feel anything, and Spain doesn't have many of those. In Germany you can certainly feel them, and of course we're driving rally cars here, not track-focused cars with super hard suspension. Maybe a little more vibration for tarmac surfaces would be good, but imo the problem with tarmac isn't the surface, it's something else (perhaps lack suspension loading feel, as per below). Not really, imo. The problem I think is more a lack of anything beyond oversteer/self-aligning torque on the front wheels. In a sense this is like you're feeling what the rear wheel are doing, but only because of how it affects the pull of the front wheels. Adding some kind of front tyre slip effect would help here. Well it kind of does, due to self-aligning torque (this is a major improvement over DR1, especially on tarmac), but as I mentioned above, that's kind of it – there should also be some tightening up of the wheel when the front wheels are under suspension load. (maybe this is what Tyre Friction is supposed to do, but if so the effect is barely noticeable). Also worth noting, if suspension load is modelled, this implies the steering should get a little lighter when under heavy acceleration, especially in rear/mid-engine cars. If suspension load is added as an effect then I imagine this point will be taken care of as a consequence. This is also something DR1 did quite well, even if maybe it was faked to some extent.
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    my main issue is the lack of vertical suspension feedback. this is apparent in severe jump and elevation change locations like wales and sweden. the feed back will be nothing, nothing, nothing then a sharp bang. DR1 had a wonderful gradual sense of lateral suspension resistance and give based on exiting or entering a jump. unclear why they abandoned that feeling in DR 2.0?
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    We were promised that there would be futher updates/improvements to the FFB and that's what people here are asking for. The fact we were promised further updates should make this a priority, or it will only cause further damage Codemasters reputation, as a company that does not care about its customers. I do realise that wheel users are in a minority, but we are the life blood of these type of games. We are not casual players and want something better than an arcade game. IMHO the FFB is not terrible and people that think is should be completely redone, are not being realistic. The main thing that is missing now is tyre slip effect. This would help us to feel when we are are on the edge of the available grip. So common Codemasters remember your promise to us wheel users and give us another FFB update.
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    Is it me there is something wrong with or is f1 2019 the biggest pile of **** to come out from Codemasters? I use T300 with Ferrari add-on rim, and this game is completely unplayable. For sure never buying an Codemasters F1 game again, and cross my fingers someone who knows what they are doing get the license. I have to trim away everything of downforce to keep up with the AI in straight line, and because this game has absolutely no feel of the car it feels like you are driving on ice. Are Codemasters really that stupid thinking that F1 cars always run the minimum of downforce possible. However the AI still manages to go through the corners quickly. Also had a wet race and I had downforce way to low to maybe keep up with AI in straight line, but no chance even then. Am I missing something? Have already reduced the AI difficulty A LOT from F1 2018. I get absolutely no feeling of driving the car. It seems heavy and slow. Like driving a sponge on ice. This is just throwing money out the window and I don't recommend anyone to buy this game unless Mario Cart is the most realistic racing game you have played. Thank you Codemasters. Never buying your piece of **** F1 games again.
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    It would help if people would articulate exactly what improvements they want to see. It's no good just saying "DR1 was better" or "it needs more", you need to explain what's missing, what you would like to be able to feel through the wheel. Even saying "I want to feel the suspension loading up" isn't that helpful – can you explain how that translates into a feeling in the wheel? If enough people can come to some agreement on this, as with the first FFB patch where people wanted more "road texture", then maybe something will get done. Also, go back and try DR1 some time. It's not as good as everyone (including GM) seems to think, tbh.