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    Hi all, Just popping into this thread with less gossip, but more a heads up - the patch is confirmed to go live at 11am tomorrow! RaceNet will go down for maintenance (for a maximum of an hour) while we patch the game, so please make sure you're not in game when that happens as it could compromise event times uploading to the server. I'll be back early tomorrow morning with a Road Book featuring patch notes and some information about what we've tweaked server side too - as well as more info on how we're doing with FFB. Looking forward to getting the fixes and the info out to you. 🙂 Cheers, Christina
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    Hi all, Just wanted to pop in and say hello after taking a week off - I'm now back in the office for aaaaaages, although we do have a few people out at GDC at the moment! Just on some of the discussions I've seen: we'll be patching the game hopefully Wednesday (subject to approvals and everything going smoothly). When that's all locked in, you'll get the full patch notes. We've addressed a lot of the stuff you've been asking for... the FFB is with our handling team, so no changes on that front - but we've managed to squeeze a lot in for this patch. I'll have specifics for you when it's all confirmed, but please rest assured that we're on it. Cheers, Christina
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    I've posted this originally on reddit, but I think it's also relevant here, so: I absolutely love this game and can't understand the negativity around here. You guys should work on showing gratitude and appreciate good stuff, because a lot of opinions sound like taken from some really spoiled kids (and I would know, I'm a teacher :)). The driving model is the best in the series so far, you can feel the weight of the cars like in Dirt 4, while all of the understeer issues have been solved. Driving is incredibly satisfying, especially in Poland and New Zealand. The small details, the tyre choice, track degradation, the overall atmosphere... simply amazing. You can almost feel the mud, gravel and dirt on your skin. 😉 I'd like to argue with some of the complaints mentioned here: Racenet. I really like the idea of having my career tied into online events. It feels... like a comprehensive experience. Never once have I experienced issues with the servers. Gran Turismo Sport also requires constant internet connection for its main mode and it's also a great game. Just accept it, it's the future. DLCs. You get 6 rallies full of great stages, just like in the first game, yet it's not enough for many of you: you want 9, or better 12. I think Codies have the right to release the previous rallies as paid DLC. They are a company, not a non-profit organisation, and they've created the best rally experience of this generation. They deserve to get paid well. Lack of VR. Ok, this one I can understand a little bit, although personally it doesn't affect me because driving in VR makes me sick pretty quickly. 🙂 Still, I can't grasp that some people are so hooked on VR that they can't enjoy a game that doesn't support it. There are some minor issues of course, like too much blur on PS4, lack of F2 Kit Cars, a damage model being still too forgiving, and a floating feeling on tarmac (although it's been improved since Dirt Rally in my opinion). If Codies keep updating the game, making minor tweaks here and there, I think we're finally getting a Richard Burns Rally successor. I'll probably get a lot of negative feedback for my post, but I don't care. I was really annoyed and just had to get it out of my system. I just want to say this: Thank you Codemasters.
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    Hey team, it's been a hectic day, so I've not been in here much! But I just wanted to swing by and say thank you. The Gossip thread is the heart and soul of the DiRT community, and it's a privilege to play just a little part in it. Hopefully by now, a lot of you will be heading home to enjoy the game for the first time - and honestly, I hope you all love it. It's been a labour of love for us here, and we think we've created our most special, focused and authentic off-road racing game to date. I hope you feel the same way. Thanks a thousand times over for being so kind, so patient and so understanding - even when I can't discuss certain topics or give you the answers you want. You are all brilliant, and this is only the start for DiRT Rally 2.0. See you on the leaderboards tonight. 😉
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    Hi all, Thanks for all of your feedback so far. Just to let you know, we're working on a patch to address some of the most pressing issues that have been raised here. As soon as I have notes on confirmed fixes, I'll share them with you ASAP. We're also looking into FFB as a priority, as we're aware a lot of you have raised concerns about how this feels. However, we just want to make clear that there is no easy fix for this; anything we change will affect all vehicles, surfaces and peripherals, so we have to be very thorough to ensure any changes we make will be positive across the board. Cheers, Christina
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    Hi team! So, there's been a bit of confusion over which Impreza's going to be in the Season One pack. After double and triple checking, I can confirm that it is the 2008 Subaru Impreza coming in Week 9. We were right in the first place, the correction was wrong - it's the one piloted by Petter Solberg in the top flight international rally championship 11 years ago. However, because of the boo-boo, I'm allowed to tell you this: there was only confusion because we'll be bringing the 2001 Impreza to the game in another Season. 😉 Sorry again! The good news is, we know to double and triple check before publishing/amending lists now...
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    As far as I know Codemasters are based in the UK but sure, I understand your frustration if you thought you bought a Finnish game. Perkele!
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    So... I have read a fair bit online about how a fair number of people are upset with the career mode, specifically the restriction in restarts and that repairs now cost credits. And I can certainly see their point of view; upon my first spectacular McRae-esk visit into the scenery I was taken aback by these new features and put the game down in protest. An hour later I was back on, determined to master this new challenge to my prowess... but instead found myself driving like a granny, again cursing Codemasters for this seemingly absurd decision. Fast forward a week and I have discovered something about myself... I am ok with not winning every stage. The first Dirt Rally was awesome, this I cannot argue but- now that I think back- I spent far too much time learning the stages, through repetition, and I didn't really learn the cars or how to handle them. I just kept flying though each stage and restarting every two minutes until I aced them and won with the consistency of Loeb. Before the era of Loeb, the WRC was a varied championship that threw up surprising winners on every stage- there was no single dominating car or team (On the same level as Loeb, at least. Infact I think he was the first person to win every stage in a rally weekend). Every stage, up until then, was uncertain and thrilling; the championship never a forgone conclusion. And so, with this in mind, I have realised that the lack of restarts has forced me to think strategically about my approach to each stage. I no longer push as hard as I can on every stage. I no longer fly off the road every two minutes. Instead, I push only when I have to, content that I will not always win. And this had upped the immersion for me, reminding me of the WRC era that I first fell in love with (Early to mid 90's). Admittedly I am not very fast now, but never have I been so thrilled with a third place on a stage in Argentina, for example. Added to this that I am running low on credits (Too many sexy cars to spend them on) and I have to use credits on repairs very very sparingly, meaning a further reduction in my confidence and limit teasing. Instead of the frustration that I initially felt, I find myself now enthralled, enjoying this new aspect of the game and the increased challenge- after all, it was for the challenge that I came to the series. So now I see people calling for the removal of these features... Well, I am not going to say no to this because if the removal of these features helps others enjoy the game then sobeit. Instead I would argue that Codemasters implement a scale whereby people can choose to turn off these options but offering a financial incentive to keep them on. This way those who want to enjoy the game with the realism of expensive costs and a lack of restarts, can. Those who don't want that, can turn them off but incur a penalty. I think this would be fairest way to do it, and help more people to enjoy the game their way. I write this because I am concerned that we could lose a feature that has enhanced the gameplay. All I ask is that these features are not gotten rid of entirely because that, in my opinion, would damage the game where it is the strongest- immersion. (But, please don't get rid of restarts completely, I still make the odd **** so having a few do-overs is still required occasionally). I have heard, and continue to hear, a lot of gripes about this game. But, you know what? I love it- great job, Codemasters. Anyone else think like this, or have suggestions about this scenario, or just want to call me an idiot? Let me know.
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    New to the Dirt Series... There is a wonderful game hidden inside... Driving feels good to me. FFB is a bit weak but that's not a big problem for me. Also the sound getting lost is something i don't worry too much about... Ok: playing in cockpit view and suddenly everything is too dark to race on -> switching to bumper view... which is sadly too low over ground... will get fixed at some point... i'll survive... BUT: It riddles me how a developer of a rally game comes to the conclusion that the probability of darkness during racing should be somewhat 40%? And chance of rain is 50%? I finished my 3rd career cup now... Last time: Australia... Raining... after that it is dark and dry... Lets go on to Spain now... raining... sure... Argentina... wet too... and: dark again... Is it too much to ask to be able to enjoy the beautiful courses AT DAY TIME WITHOUT RAIN? I'm no expert but i'd say 20% chance of rain and every fourth race at darkness/near darkness should be enough. For the moment i can't enjoy my career mode which i'd prefer because i won't tolerate these conditions in 7 of 8 races... In the approx 8 hours i played so far: (guessed) 4 runs with clear sky and at daytime... I'm also driving much better because I SEE THINGS. Seems the FX guys were so in love with their work and the scenery guys just shrugged.... I totally trust that everything i mentioned will be fixed quite soon but i'm not sure if Codemasters acknowledge the night/rain scenario as a real problem?
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    Hi all, We've said on numerous channels we're looking into the FFB concerns raised by the community. However, please be mindful that FFB is very nuanced and any changes will affect all surfaces, cars and peripherals. As much, our investigation needs to be detailed and thorough - any rash changes are unlikely to improve anything! Please limit your concerns to one topic, too - I can appreciate your concerns, but spamming the forums won't help us work any quicker. Thanks, Christina
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    Pretty much! Not quite a mega-patch, but we're logging and investigating everything coming up. 🙂
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    Ok, since I came here to do a big rant, I feel that I own a apology to Jon @ChristinaMc, @urgaffel, @CMBabe and all the Codies Team (and the "peasants" who beta test the game [Love u dude bros]). I ended up buying the game, and the only thing I can complain about it's not having again 20 something years and can be in house playing all day. Fantastic job you guys. The game looks and feels fantastic. Thank you for you passion and for your work. Plus notes: The stages. I've just put around 6h of play, but the stages are brutal and feel so unique. Poland it's mental, the flow of NZ it's kind of amazing, Argentina feels really claustrophobic, and even Spain stages feel really good (even if they are a bit dull in reality). The physics. Oh boy... you done did it! I've had most of the hours put in a recent machinery, just experimented the RWD to see. They all feel amazing. The way that you can throw the cars and modulate the throttle it's very good. The AI. Finally they present some kind of a challenge. I really do like that. At the beginning I though I forgot how to drive, because I was struggling just to get on the top10. Turns out I was really rusty. Kind of down notes: Phill volume. I had to put ambience and engine sounds in the 60's just to hear Phill perfectly. Like Paul in DR1.0, he is just to quiet. But I giggle everytime I hear a "Fiffftie"! And... some pacenotes are a bit out of place or completely wrong. A way to modifiy them would be a great adition to a great game PhotoMode. When you have a game that looks like this (even when I just can play in high settings, because just like me my PC it's getting old and tired) you must have a photomode. Let's realese the @world photographer that exists inside of us Personal Notes: No Hyundai R5. I don't know, I like the damm car. Because I had D4 in day one edition, I used it a lot. And with it we would have a complete poker of fast R5 cars. Would glady pay for it again. (Hope we can't have it because of a certain french guy moving to the team) Tarmac Physics. I understand the complains and I know that it's a known issue. But they feel perfect when driving bellow 80km/h (50 mph for you brexit fellas). And... even when you go up those speeds, they look worse on the replay than they feel in the steering wheel And I think that's all! Thank again, for the game, for my new desktop and bla bla bla. BRING ON THE DLCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 😛
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    To answer some of the comments about who has the game now: with every game we release, there's a whole range of things we do, in partnership with Koch Media (our distribution/PR partners) and our brand partners (in-game sponsors, peripheral providers, licensors, etc) to ensure footage of the game is easy to find and available and that hype is at its hypest before launch. As well as this, we want to say a huge thank you to those who've helped us make the game and validate certain areas of gameplay by letting them play the full game a little earlier. This means that review keys go to a range of people: from those who've helped us build the game, to streamers with big subs counts, to the smaller Youtubers with engaged audiences who are racing focused, to peripheral providers we've worked with, to Esports teams/competitors who've championed the franchise... We don't have total control over who gets a code, as ultimately this is a global launch and we depend heavily on partners in different territories to deliver the game to the right people. I can appreciate why some people get frustrated about seeing others with the game before them - I feel the same surges of jealousy when I'm seeing someone play I game I want early! But then I either enjoy that content, or turn it off and wait to experience it myself. In the same way that you'd expect to see billboards, bus stops, in-store banners, and all the rest of it - the marketing plan is to put the game in front of as many eyes as possible. And, influencers, reviewers, etc are part of the strategy of taking up the equivalent space digitally. It's OK if you don't enjoy it, but I hope this goes some way to explain why you're seeing more footage emerge.
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    To say it's un-driveable or un-enjoyable is just not true though. This game is perfectly serviceable and damn fun. Just needs a few tweaks, as does every game ever.
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    Day/night/weather cycle is one of the things on the list - we've tweaked the frequency so you'll get some more dry/day stages.
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    It's funny people are mentioning the 206... I just found a Burns 206 WRC mounted to a wall in a museum pretty close to one of codies office locations.
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    If the game is not ready several options are available. delay the release label it as a beta period Announce Force feedback, online have not been fleshed and present a timeline thier priority to fix those things Announce a formal apology! Digital extremes for example pretty much pull all nighters when they've got a very broken build and keep people informed almost hourly via twitter/forums. Where are the staff in these matters? All tight lipped, even when people ask directly on codemasters own they're left with silence. We often see even established companies and developers aswell as indie developers run free beta weekends to stress test thier servers before the crucial release. The fact Codemasters are taking so many shortcuts here suggests a severe lack professionalism and respect for customers. Lets compare and look at how Nintendo behaved towards problems with Metroid Prime 4. None of this air of silence and release a broken product. So insulting and attacking us as entitled? People spent thier hard earned money on this game, rigs, setups I think that deserves respect. Theres been absolutely no transparency at all. People paid money for something that didnt meet and still to this day isnt performing to minimal expectations. The minimal expectations werent much btw just an upgraded Dirt Rally 1. Instead we got all these new systems that dont work
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    Well this is interesting. Kit Cars confirmed!!
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    OMG the guy who made the voice of the brazilian co driver is the same guy who makes the voice of goku in the brazilian dubbed version, now i have goku from dragonball z as my co-driver
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    It’s funny that people complain about recycled content, yet probably buy FIFA and Call of Duty every year
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    DiRT‏Account verificato @dirtgame 14 min14 minuti fa Well - what a week! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all your support and feedback. This is only the beginning for DiRT Rally 2.0, and we're already working on the next updates. We hope you love what's in store. Keep it lit! Love, Team DiRT x
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    The solution is to be in front 😉
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