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    Welcome to High Speed Apex League Racing. We run an XBOX One League every Thursday at 20:00 BST. Currently operating two tiers: Tier 1 established 'quickest drivers' compete in short quali and 50% races. Tier 2 are new drivers to the league and compete in short quali and 25% races. WE NEED YOU!!! Please dont be shy APPLY!
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    Hello. Today prepared Virtual Rally Championship in DİRT Rally 2.0. We wanted to prepare the rally most similar to the real one. We prepared the championship according to the real European Rally Championship in 2019. We chose the most similar locations, the most similar SS, the same periods and lengths of service, we studied the weather in 2019 and in the DIRT Rally 2.0 we set the weather the same. The championship is for fun. We do everything in our spare time. We invited competitors from all over Europe. All details on the Facebook page at @rupeximverc, we have currently posted an itinerary for the first race called the Azores Rally by DIRT Rally 2.0 New Zealand. We look forward. a difficult time, all sports are canceled and rally also canceled. We have https://www.facebook.com/events/553086965320306/