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    I think... let's just assume there is no additional content coming after season 4. and if we're wrong, then awesome.
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    They're going to really need to up the marketing and gimmicks for 2020 to get new players. Way too many other options for wheel users, even on console. The game is a game pad, t-bar, and assist festival.
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    I have been disappointed by my own theorizing on what might come to the game: imagining scenarios makes my expectations go up, and it's disappointing when they're not met. this is ridiculous: it's my own imagination that's made me disappointed in a product that I am just the consumer of. this is why DR 1 was so well-loved. there were no expectations. because of this, DR2 had a lot to live up to, and that combined with the bugs and stuff have hurt it, even though it's clearly the superior game.
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    You guys just aren't in the spirit of the gossip thread.
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    It's a big issue here that Wheel is suddenly 1-1.5 seconds slower than the pad. Codemasters does nothing about it. It also doesn't bring anything forum moderator to mark about @Faya . Like Codemasters themselves, they are worth nothing. This unfair problem Wheel / Pad is probably not corrected. Consider not buying F1 2020.
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    A game with 12 rally locations and (finally) a Peugeot 206 is already pretty awesome if you ask me. Anything more would be incredible, and great, but pretty improbable if you ask me
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    I tell you what, why don't you just offer me a refund. I think my money would be better spent in Forza
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    Ouchhhh.... I was watching the WRC+ stream and when mads osteberg was interviewed in the end of the stage, he said he was still shaking, one of the worst moments he had in rally... now i know why... Holly *****...
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    I wish the same. They have to find another way to protect DLC cars. it is very easy, because DR 2.0 works with internet connection only (need to be online), so they have all the information about the user who already paid for a DLC car or not.
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    R5 conversion of Paddon's S2000 Fiesta from the Geko Ypres Rally 2013: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/hayden-paddon-geko-ypres-rally-2013.28361/
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    Hello! Thank you! I don't think it's the settings, but the graphics settings are too different from the ACC I'm used to - they less realistic. Yesterday I tried it again and I can say that F1 2019 is a great game with good graphics. It was just hard to change the perception) I think it's a standard syndrome when you get used to some simulator (iRacing, R3F, AC, ACC etc.) and you can't adequately perceive another game, but constantly compare them with each other.
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    Let’s get the game working first. I don’t care if it looks like Minecraft.
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    I wonder if the Legacy and 97 Impreza sound was recorded to implement in similar cars I.e. 97 Impreza sound being used on the 2001 Impreza in game?