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    The title says it all 😉 post photos and videos from your favourite GRID races, achievements and moments, to show off your style and maybe even feature on GRID socials! Make good use of the Replay options and multiple camera angles to nail that perfect shot 🙂 We're kicking it off by showcasing a couple of our faves so far from @torque99uk 📸
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    The ai has a habit of just turning in on me, even if I am alongside. I have at times had to cut corners just to avoid contact. This never happened in the previous games, just this year.
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    As an F1 game any tracks introduced ot the game should be F1 tracks that exist and now lay dormant as far as F1 racing is concerned. Watkins Glen, though not dormant as it's used in other sports disciplines, is a great example of a come-back track. Herman Tilke is working on desinging an F1 city circuit somewhere in the NY City 5 boroughs.
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    The ai are on rails for sure, although if you are ahead on an adjacent track they will at least let you join yours ahead of them. I have the feeling if the tracks were upside-down the ai care would still stick to the track...
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    You are correct. It only works with these assists turned on. I'm currently using a tool from the misses as workaround but now I'm vibrating all the time.
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    There may very well be licensing issues with previous F1 tracks, but the game would undoubtedly benefit from having them. But even more so, I want to see tracks that we’ve never seen before. Give us a New York City track, London, the almost New Jersey that never happened. Tracks around the world that have never been raced on.
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    Good day, Forums are not really my thing but let’s make an exception, because I care. Many people seem to agree that the current system of managing ERS and Fuel is madness. I think even before ERS was introduced, the Fuel system was a bit flawed already. You had to change that from corner to corner too, but now with ERS it’s 3x as bad. but one should never complain without giving a solution. So I did some research on how drivers manage ERS and Fuel IRL and thought about how to best transfer that into the game. So here’s my solution: Fuel: Still 3 modes but mapped so that lean switches to neutral in the beginning of the straights, neutral the same but a bit of rich in the beginning of the straights and neutral for a bit longer on the straights and rich the same again but with longer rich mix down the straights. This way you won’t have to micromanage it to be quicker. ERS: Mapped in a similar way to above neutral fuel mix. But you have an Harvest button that turns on the MGU-K generator, so you’d use it while lift&coasting. Also you have an Overtake button that engages max ERS boost and rich fuel mix. Qualifying: Harvest and Overtake buttons are disabled, fuel modes are replaced by qualy-modes. Harvest mode, Hotlap mode and Hotlap+ mode. Hotlap+ being the “party mode” that you’d only use in Q3 or when absolutely necessary cause it wears the ICE down a lot. Sorry for the long read. Let me know if you like this, maybe Codemasters can use it, who knows...
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    Just logged into Dirt 2.0 to find all my money and progress gone and the game telling me I have to start again.... this has to be some sort of joke? I got a popup when attempting to continue my championship stating "Championship Reset - Your championship has been reset, because a discrepancy between local and Racenet save data was detected. We have put ALOT of hours into these saves and you're just deleting them because your servers are not up to date and expecting us to start all over again?
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    Agreed. Get the accurate real tracks and then when that is done, accurate historic tracks. It's F1, not Forza.
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    NFS HEAT reflections, trees, lightning, open-world...
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    but is @JZStudios Really a fan? I think you need to change that to 39,999 @PJTierney 😉
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    I fail to see what the problem is here. If you go into private match you can add or remove AI. So If CM add a PUBLIC CUSTOM lobby, surely the option for AI would be there. Its a CUSTOM lobby after all. But for all PUBLIC playlist like lobbies, like in the current quick match the AI need to go.
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    I would definitely theorize that CM decided to step on the gas and hit the forza window once they realized there would be no forza this year. They had to at least hit the market by October due to the upcoming NFS title. And it is highly likely that multiplayer gaming is not as important as single player so the lobby options didnt materialize. It would be very helpful for all involved (players, potential customers and devs) if cm would openly discuss plans for immediate fixes such as removing ai from quickmatch or possibly establishing custom public lobbies and a car class playlist system. To be completely honest I would have rather seen this game take another 6 months and come out with proper multiplayer. It likely would have sold more copies (even without cross platform) and kept more player base.
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    Fix the transition issue when starting a qualifying lap, jarring. Stop the looping of the announcers when you exit the qualifying lap. Need a setting to control race length in career mode. Extras: Career mode has no personality, bland & is a significant step back. Probably can't fix it now but hopefully next time you guys take more inspiration from your F1 games and first 2 Grid games.
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    Lmao "And introducing Super TV Pod. Sit 30 feet above the car for the most enthralling views!"
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    Maybe we'll get random loot boxes on the track and we just have to drive over them and give our credit card numbers to activate them?
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    Would be fun but won't happen for the reason about licensing you already mentioned. Plus Codies need to spend a lot of time and money finally making the actual official tracks accurate first using laser scan data. Prehistoric design in recent games considering the hi tech data available these days.
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    Would be nice if they could fix vibration in pedals so it rumbles on brake lock ups and wheel spin (without assists turned on). Seems counter intuitive to only have vibration in pedals when ABS and traction control are turned on
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    Totally agreed with this. If there is to be any improvement with regards to handling, David Greco needs to do some serious research by using a real-life up to date F1 simulator. The last time I checked, F1 or F2 cars don't have traction control when they are straightened up at very low speeds. This occurs while the traction control is turned off in the game.
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    Kimi R also mentioned it, yes, he was on the pad, but, I am sure his reaction would add some color if he was in a proper rig. Gents, there is a lot of money in this game. A lot. Not only from Codemasters but a lot of effort and resources to develop this game for its ecosystem. With the rise of eSports, it’s becoming even larger with providing a platform for opportunities for the very engaged people reading and expressing their concerns on this forum. Codemasters took the deal to be the Official eSports F1 platform, but yet, they are making decisions not to support it indirectly. Wheel nerfing, t-cam, assets, and yadda yadda. We don’t know the terms of the deal, but it seems as though, they are trying to balance between a sim-platform and a platform to address the masses. Not everyone can afford a wheel, but it’s the eSports hopefuls and league racers are pulling our hair out and asking, why?!, really!?!, and are you kidding me!?! i believe codemasters are at a pivotal moment to either continue to support eSports or drop out for another developer to take over. Again, and I had mentioned this before on this forum and actually corresponded with Codemasters, CEO, Frank Sagnier, because the Rise of eSports, CM’s Sole F1 License Rights, Official F1 eSports Platform and the potential financial partnership/advertising ecosystem ...the current Seasonal buying business model doesn’t support the game. It needs to be a “subscription model” to financially continue to support this game. What I mean is, the games current resources will eventually taper off to focuses on the newest release. They virtually start over each and every release. They find new challenges each and every release. Then, and when they get finish addressing the major bug fixes, those resources get allocated to the newest release. As the eSports community demands more, Codemasters will either get dropped, or they would have to make major changes to continue to be a player that is serious to support it.
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    Yikes. Just tried out the game and it looks terrible. Motion blur is horrendous (and I normally like motion blur) trees are just laughable (destroyerd like in DiRT series). Another dissapionting title from Codemasters after DiRT Rally 2.0 made my sell my steering wheel. They have no shame selling this game at full price with DLC's already planned. This year Codies lost all my goodwill. I won't purchase any CM title until they retire EGO and make a proper, content-rich game. Such a shame... @jesped you seem just as frustrated as I was when DR 2.0 dropped. DR 2.0 felt like it needed at least another 6 months in the oven. The tree issue goes as far as the first Dirt rally, and TAA is just as smeary as it was in february. EGO is on it's death bed.
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    Got it. PC stats. I'd be interested to see the Xbox and PS4 stats. Is this only the players "online" racing or any player playing the game, single player included for PC? CM had a huge opportunity with GRID to go cross platform and provide a multiplayer experience that had at least all the options that were presented in GRID2 and GRID Autosport (custom lobbies, choose car class, track, etc). Instead the game only has one public mode. Quickmatch with ai. No one wants this.
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    I just got this, personally I am lucky if I get the chance to do one or two stages with two kids and work! This morning after I did 4 stages in my Lancia, I was unable to connect to RACENET, since I had to go to work I had no choice but to turn off. @codemasters can you please fix the default behaviour on this? is deleting the save file the only way? You're inclining me more and more to avoid your games (it took you already a considerable amount of time to support VR. After you did I bought it but mates, this save issue is unheard of)