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    Probably needs the day 1 patch installed if I was playing a game way before it was released I would expect there to be more bugs than usual
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    The real sponsors advertising around the track do they pay to be added to the game? Did they pay for all the billboard space around the track? Wouldn't it be cool in My Team career to have the sponsors also advertising on the billboards around the track? Track advertising always looks so empty with only a few real life sponsors but with all those fake sponsors it would look less empty.
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    hey guys i just pre orderd the 2020 game and now i cant wait now i want tho know it is poible do get a beta ps4 code thank you and kind regards Luis
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    I'm sure this will be done at some point in a patch
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    Guys, you shouldn't worry about Mission Winnow in the game when Ferrari isn't even using it in reallife in Austria😆
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    The braking is weird. When racing another car in Qualification Mode - it's as if the brakes have failed. Just raced someone at Austin - on the corners after straights it's as if I have no brakes when the other car is near me. Then when I go into practice mode and race the same track the brakes are working exactly as they're supposed to. Either they've programmed slip-streams (or gravity wells) into the game or there's a serious coding error. But apart from that all seems fine and it's getting used to the new settings.
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    Probably because it isn't supposed to be played yet, so it's blocked or sth
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    Don’t blame people that bought it legally from a reseller. You should blame the reseller.
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    There was a message from Codemasters about that, they’re working on the issue
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    They are probably mandated to use the official sponsors. They pay rights to have their brand exposed on all F1 media including TV broadcasts, YouTube, social media and the games. The only exception seems alcoholic beverages (Heineken), which get in conflict with the game age rating, so they are removed and replaced by generic "F1 2020" boards. Even in Brazil, where Globo TV (the sneaky event promoter) has somehow gotten rights to put their own sponsors on track, is reproduced by Codemasters without changes.
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    Yes that's what I mean. There is a lot of advertising space around the tracks that is hardly used. There is a lot of Rolex and Pirelli around the track but because there is almost no other advertising around the track it always looks like something is missing. Fake sponsors could fill these empty advertising spaces. On asian tracks they could use the fake Chinese sponsor, In France and Monaco the fake French sponsors and so on. I don't know if it would work for the normal career mode but in My Team and online it would fit nicely.
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    The Custom Multiplayer/My team car is the same stock F1 car as last year. An option or a redesign of the car with a narrower nose to mirror this seasons trend of narrower noses as seen on Mercedes,Renault,Racing point etc. Even Ferrari's new concept for Hungary is rumoured to be with a narrower nose. Just to make the Custom Multiplayer/My team car a bit less stale as it's the same car from last years game
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    hey guys i just pre orderd the 2020 game and now i cant wait now i want tho know it is poible do get a beta ps4 code thank you and kind regards Luis
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    And as a follow-up, here's the advanced guide on how to "get good" 🙂
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    No they are not in breach of an NDA. Why would they? They bought a game, paid for it and are playing it and streaming it legally. Nothing codemasters can do about because it's the store that supplied the game that is at fault. We are free to talk about everything what is out there except for those that actually signed an NDA. It's a video game not a nuclear missile we are discussing.
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    Is there a total vehicle count available or no? There's a lot of classes which is cool, but I'm hoping there's enough variety in those classes. Things like sprint cars and the rock bouncers only having 1 vehicle, sure, but D4's singular trophy truck was pretty weak.
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    Hi everyone, You all thought we were done for today, didn't you? On the back of 2 weeks of very successful and useful BETA testing, we have had extensive feedback from our current player base and we are looking at putting those into action. For BETA Week 3, with date TBC, I'm delighted to announce we will be DOUBLING the amount of BETA testers for the program!! This is due to the overwhelming feedback and our desire to test and improve the Multiplayer experience for F1® 2020. To do this, we need more drivers in lobbies, battling it out online and making sure our experience performs to standard. I have already compiled a shortlist, so please, no applications and messages to request. Any messages of this nature will just be deleted. This list was compiled over the following conditions: Previous applications completed correctly in full upon original BETA sign-up. Users record with Codemasters, having no previous incidents where adding a person is deemed potentially unhelpful to the BETA testing experience. Defined conditions on what game-modes they wanted to test. Adding Multiplayer as a priority was essential here. If unsuccessful, don't worry. We had a record amount of applications and, even with the numbers doubled, couldn't even get close to all applicants on. If you are successful and receive a code and access in the next week, congratulations. However, the current BETA standard is incredibly high. Also, remember you have been added to race in the Multiplayer arena of the game. Please get used to the new-look forum, and follow the lead of the new testers. All information will be in the forums waiting for you 🙂 . Codes are TBC as to when they will be sent out to users, we just wanted to give you as much information as early as we can! This makes Week 3 by far the BIGGEST BETA test we've ever conducted. We want to make the Multiplayer experience the best it can be, and we hope you appreciate our new effort in getting much more information and racers than ever before!
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    C'mon Codies, you know what to do.... it would be a nice suprise.... 😉
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    DIRT RALLY 2.0 is not a simulator. It is and remains an arcade. Beautiful as a graphic but without physics and without FFB. Unfortunately, after 16 years, only Richard Burns Rally remains the one who comes close to the feeling of a simulator. In rally simulators because both Assetto Corsa and ACC are valid. Unfortunately. But after 16 years you could not do a beautiful and new copy of Dirt rally, finally try to copy and simulate the physics of RBR-World? I understand that this remains a game arcade to sell game pieces that will soon be abandoned but have a new Colin or Burns rally still not? after over 16 years .....No chance to make a new rally simulator at least by name? If after almost 20 years RBR is still beautiful, because Dirt back on the shelves there will be a reason! Sorry.
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    Its that time of year again where were getting ready to bring you the best setups from the racing community. We aim to get all setups ready by end of release day. Australian Grand Prix Bahrain Grand Prix Vietnamese Grand Prix Chinese Grand Prix Dutch Grand Prix Spanish Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix Azerbaijan Grand Prix Canadian Grand Prix French Grand Prix Austrian Grand Prix British Grand Prix Hungarian Grand Prix Belgian Grand Prix Italian Grand Prix Singapore Grand Prix Russian Grand Prix Japanese Grand Prix United States Grand Prix Mexican Grand Prix Brazilian Grand Prix Abu Dhabi Grand Prix See you on the track 🙂
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    And now for a big one, here's a comprehensive guide on how to get started with DiRT Rally 2.0.
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    Some tips from me this time, looking at taming that MG Metro 6R4:
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    It's just further proof that there is no such thing as one setup to rule them all. For me in time trial with the soft tyres bolted on the rotation in the hairpins was bang on, However for another driver that likes a looser car on a degraded surface it can turn from a great setup to one that washes out when things get twisty. You really didn't have to remove the entire setup. Just lower the diff settings. That's the only major thing that would cause the car to wash out in the hairpins. So going from a pristine surface to a degraded one you are most likely going to lower the diffs by 2 straight out the bat. If you bolt on the mediums with a degraded surface i would be inclined to drop the diffs by 4 and soften springs and roll bars by 2. Now with that in mind i would like to put a request in for i minor change to the game. I would like stage deg to be added to time trial as an option OR the option to return the the service park in custom when you only have one stage selected. Either would be nice. I just cant run in custom to give a more accurate setup because i have to keep driving back and forth between the service park and the stage to make adjustments. If you could pass that on @PJTierney that would be great.
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    We are moving towards 2020 with initial release of the 7th. I don't see there being another weekly event, and its not at the forefront of our plans right now.