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    Codemasters, I don't post here often but you need to hear me out on this. Traction Control should not be nerfed. The people who do the betas, post on reddit/here, and post on YouTube are the minority of players. Look at your stats, players like me pick up and play when we can. But now we cannot compete in online or even climb the leaderboards. We have to deal with the drawl of YouTubers and commenters who spend so much time aligning their interests they barely even play. For example, look how often the players with rigs moan and complain here and on reddit. Us controller players just play. I do not have or even want to get a rig...I can afford it but I just want to play with a controller, same reason VR hasnt picked up momentum. We buy this game to play on a controller, let the minority have their iRacing if they do not want to use a controller. Our consoles ship with controllers, not Wheels and Pedals, don't isolate us out to compete with iRacing, you are not iRacing, thank god. Either separate the leader-boards or ranked lobbies or simply just BUFF TC, at least on Medium. 13-18 year olds shouldn't spend weekends or HW time learning to drive without TC just to hang in there online or in TT. 20-50 year olds have jobs. They don't have the time either. Unranked is not an option. No skin in the game for most drivers. You are catering to a minority here, please revert the nerf. I speak for the majority.
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    If you’re that passionate about the game to write a whole post about it, then you should just learn to drive without TC. Heck, you could’ve learned it in the same time that you spent typing this post.
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    Well you got my vote on no assits lobbys, aslong as its genuine none assits lobbys, Visual aids also known as assits need to be banned aswell, TV Pod, Proximinty Arrows, Distance to driver infront etc.
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    The safety car deployed in monaco just before I finished a lap and after I flashed back and the safety car deployed again it instantly disappears the moment the new lap starts with the track going green again and no delta to keep to. The safety car also still goes around the track leading to cars crashing into the back of it
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    How about codies make 2 different games 1 for assists 1 for no assists then we wont have the same arguments every year...
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    In the past I've won the championship in pro season mode on a pad with no assists (back in 2015). Assists have been OP since the birth of the legendary Pastor Maldonado. When you play with no assists, all the fun goes straight out of the window as soon as the first assist user join to the server and is on pace with all the no assist users without breaking a sweat.
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    Can we just have an official livery for the Focus 2007 at least. It is very disappointing that we did not get this. It makes the difference if you drive the car or not. It's left in the garage for me.
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    It takes a couple of hours to learn to drive without assists on the pad. You really aren't speaking for the majority because if you were surely most of the lobby will be running with TC and therefore be as slow as you. And regarding TT if someone truly cares about being the best they should be willing to spend time to learn the game with no assists.
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    @SimVansevenant interested in making Kevin Abbring's VW Polo R5 for upcoming Ypres Rally? 😛
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    I agree, the MP car should be available in Time Trial, but: How about making different Time Trial lists that can be filtered to show only specific teams? For example, i put in a lap with Alfa Romeo and will be listed up with all other Alfa Romeo times that have been set, but equally i could switch the lists and get the standard overall times as well to compare. I would also suggest to do this filtering method for Assists and No Assists, so that the fastest Assist time, e.g. 1:18 around Melbourne will be listed at let's say 3412th, whilst the slowest No Assist time of around 2:32 will be listed at 3411th. Either way, CM gotta clean up the Time Trial Leaderboards.
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    All welcome, not just South Africans, mixed non assist / assist league. See attachment for more details.
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    Yes, and those that do not have the time to practice, should equally be ready to face the consequence of being slower, else there is no incentive or reason in No Assists driving. If at all, the "20 meters earlier" with ABS should also be the case in the drys, to keep it balanced out for both weather conditions.
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    I still think it's completely stupid that people are still mad about Grid 2 not having an interior camera six years later... The interior view in Grid 1 was really bad too because it was angled towards the ground on pretty much every car except open wheelers.
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    If the information about the lack of content is true then I may pass on this until it is on a really good sale and all the dlc is released. The thing is Codemasters (if you guys are reading this) is some of us are very wary after Dirt 4's lack of any content (track creator does not count as most of the generated routes felt the same after a while). You guys use to produce great content rich games. With games like Project Cars 2 having great base game content and Project Cars 3 in the works likely to be content rich as well you guys need to be doing it bigger and better than the other developers or why even bother trying.
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    Errr, will it work on Win 7 ? , I hope so, I dont really want to build a Win 10 rig just yet but if I have to I have to..
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    Codies have got lots of experience since that time so I would trust them. Yet they said that the driving model is going to be the balance between simulation and arcade (if I am not wrong).
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    I hope the driving is like in Autosport and not that imprecise and understeery like it was in the first Grid.
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    "Car Performance is based on data of Pre-Season-Testing." Is a load of BS Red Bull has the same engine performance as the other Renault teams, they have just used the 2018 performance.
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    You know I want to play ranked as well but not against these robot youtubers who get the game for free and expect me to play with no assists on a controller. The message is clear... Buff TC ... OR ... separate the ranked lobby’s and time trials.
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    Agree 100% I have a great job, a lovely girlfriend, so my time is limited to enjoy F1. Its all great for the people without jobs or relationships or the free time to spend hours honing there skills (fair play to them) but for the casual F1 and gaming fan this is just too much of a nerf, even against the AI its crazy slow so the difficulty gets lowered to ridiculous levels. If people are so against assists don't play in the mainstream, go to ranked etc.
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    As talked a bit in the microtransactions thread, Codies have been dying since 2010, so they definitely want money in order to continue even developing games.
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    You think like that probably because you don't understand the idea of interior camera. And what about those who play with steering wheel? Then the best way to play is to use this camera. Besides, using the interior you see your road more clearly.
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    Yeah no need for rubbish like that.
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    In the latest gameplay trailer I noticed the player can score points for various diciplines like driftig or overtaking opponents. I hope we can turn that off in game because it is very distracting.
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    Hi guys. Not so long time ago (actually, it is obvious) I got to know that new 'GRID' comes out (called just 'GRID', nothing else). It is really cool and I cannot wait when I will get it. In my opinion, both 'GRID 2' and 'GRID Autosport' were not as great as 'Racedriver GRID' so I hope the new game will be at least as great as 'Racedriver GRID'. If we start discussion about the upcoming game, I would like to share with my little proposition. What about adding spotter from 'GRID 1' (if possible)? I think that everyone who played 'GRID 1' will know who I mean (actually I didn't find his name so that also is why I ask). I also hope that Codies will not forget about the iconic car (At least in my opinion. And what do you think about it? You can share with your thoughts.), which is Ford Mustang Boss 302. There was no such Ford in 'GRID Autosport'. It would be really cool if they did menu like this one from 'GRID 1' or 'GRID 2'. Not such a minimalism like it is in 'GRID Autosport'. Personally, I didn't like the idea of putting a car on black background. This was a loss of racing climate. Much too stark. I would like to see good-looking damage model. Probably the best damage model was in G1. And one more thing, probably the most important. Let they make brand new circuits. Just think, would 'GRID' be good if they copied tracks from previous games like it is in 'GRID Autosport'? The quality is more important than the number of tracks (what doesn't mean that the game shouldn't have got satysfying number of tracks/locations). The same about DLC. Something completely new (you remember 'DiRT Rally 2.0' Season 1 so you know what I mean). We know that they plan to release 3 Seasons (!). I am interested in how big these Seasons will be. We will see. Your opinion and comments are desirable. Thank you for being interested in what I wrote and published here on this forum. It might motivate me to be more active here. 🙂 Wishes!