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    Come on codies...its 2019. Who in their right mind allowed the ridiculous rain graphic to pass development. Its bad enough the headlights dont illuminate far enough in front of the car to push in the dark...then you add a sheet of white lines that looks like they are straight out of a sega genesis game from 1997 makes it impossible. Please for the love of god fix this.
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    Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. We can only guess and hope that someone at Codemasters is doing something else other that new liveries and engine sounds (nice as they are to have). As stated many times before, life would be a lot easier for all the involved parties if we’d be getting any info on what’s happening behind the scenes, and I don’t mean any unnecessary promises or timings. Just a simple “we’re currently looking at the following issues [insert list here] and will revert to you with our findings asap” would keep the community a lot happier. As it is everyone (myself included) feels like they have to keep shouting their problems in the hope that someone will eventually listen.
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    (REPOSTED- Realised I'd posted in the wrong area 🙂 ) It is clear that more than one of the trophy/achievements in Dirt 2.0 are glitched and I wanted to make a full post here on the forum in the hope that they may be addressed more quickly as there is rarely a mention from the dev team. So far the following are not working/glitched on PS4 at least (perhaps XOne and PC users could confirm the status on their platform?) Fire Up That Car... Again- Description: Finish in the top tier of an Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Daily in Community Events (this one is pretty heartbreaking for those who manage to get top tier in this monster of a car only for no achievement to pop, some may argue it's a pretty stupid achievement anyway as many simply won't be able to get it- I've had one top tier finish so far with the Audi in a Community Event and this trophy needs fixing and perhaps the conditions changing to make it more achievable- but I guess that's a different conversation) UPGRADED- Description: Fully research and apply the maximum engine upgrade to 5 cars (Weirdly this was also claimed to have been fixed in a recent patch but is still not working for many including myself) Watch the DELTA- Description: Purchase every Group A car (Strange how this seems to work for some and not for others) Living the Dream- Description: Purchase all five Group B AWD vehicles (Again this has worked for some and not for others- I have all Group B cars and no Trophy) I fully understand that trophies/achievements are not important to some people and that's cool but for us who do welcome the challenge of going for them please Codemasters, fix them ASAP, particularly the Audi one as that is gut-wrenchingly frustrating. Having achieved the Platinum for Dirt I'd love to be able to do the same for Dirt 2.0 and I'd hate it to be another GRID situation where the Platinum/1000G was unobtainable because of one glitched trophy. Thanks for listening and hope to hear of updates soon!
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    Must admit that was a turn up for the books wasn't expecting us to overcome Man City in the Champions League especially without Kane. First time we 've ever made the semi' s so that's a first as well. We've made the quarters a couple of times but usually our story has ended there.
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    Wait, I just realised its a bank holiday weekend, so I don't even go back to work until Tuesday. This week off has definitely helped my stress levels though, so that's good.
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    Huge amount of FPS drops occours in every track, any weather condition and the game is getting unplayable if you leave the track by four wheels off. There is a sample video to show you the "FPS Down bug" of Dirt Rally 2.0 (PC) when you go Off the track huge amount of FPS drops occours. During gameplay avg FPS 64 is going down to 24 (-40 FPS down) !!! During replay avg FPS 55 is going down to 46 (-9 FPS drops ONLY) Please read this topic What's Wrong with DR 2.0 - FPS
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    Actualy they must renew licence for every new game.. but, i have no doubt they will come again, if not in season 2, then maybe in new seasons of DLC content..
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    I'm not sure this is technically a bug, but when you're driving in the rain at night, it's often necessary to turn off your headlights to be able to see anything. There should be a separate control for the light-bar on modern cars, and the fog lights on older cars so you can attenuate the lighting to accommodate current visibility.
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    Fiesta R5 with the new livery in Poland
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    -- PATCH v1.3 Bug List -- Based on v1.3's changelog and taking note of the fixes it brings, here's the updated bug list reported in the v1.2 thread, which represents all the bugs that still need fixing 1. The problem with dark stages and no visibility has been poorly resolved and now the cockpit of the car is completely dark and some stages over-exposed. HDR needs to be fixed for good, no matter how much time it takes. Headlights also have nearly no effect in dark zones (such as New Zealand forests, Australia forests and Monte Carlo's tunnel). Happens specially in Sunset/Dusk times. There are also cases where brightness goes totally dark in the surface and after exiting the forest area it comes back to its right brightness value. (https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=411207 and https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip-thread/?do=findComment&comment=409909 and https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=415484 ) 2. Some cars' headlights lack proper glass texture opacity and some of them lack proper mirroring texture within the bulb case (Lancer VI for example) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35466-whats-wrong-with-dr-20-cars/?do=findComment&comment=406760 ) 3. Tyre wear is too forgiving at the moment, making any choice besides Soft and Wet nonsense. Tyre wear, at least on softs, needs to be improved so that it wears way faster than it currently does, so that Medium and Hard compounds are a viable choice whenever there are bigger stages. And if possible, make it so that tyre wear rates also depend on how you drive (if you push harder, higher speed and higher sliding will cause the tyres to wear faster). ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35154-tyre-life-and-running-order/ ) 4. There are a few details missing from tail lights when the lights are on and brakes applied ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35466-whats-wrong-with-dr-20-cars/?do=findComment&comment=407285 ) 5. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI lacks halogen lights during night stages. The game only places the 2 in the front bumper, but it lacks the set on the bonnet. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=408600 ) 6. There's no mention on these patch notes about AI scoring irregular points in the My Team career. Not sure if this also happens on custom events. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=408152 ) 7. After a stage when you're in the service then go to the main menu and back again in the service, the tyres you used lose their used condition and just display as "New". 8. Some materials while in wet conditions seem to lack proper roughness, making them extra shiny and bland ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34816-dirt-rally-20-v11-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=407693 ) 9. Running order seems to be class dependent. Example: Group A will never start 1st on the running order regardless if they lead the entire rally, and not just the class, making the running order and track degradation a bit shady. There's also the issue where the championship leader will start cleaning the first stage of the event (correct), except if you are on another class other than R5, but then if you lead the rally once again you don't get the best order position for the best grip. Not sure how you're gonna do it, but something needs to be done about this, as older classes get 90% of the time rutted stages. Working as intended. 10. Splash VFX and SFX are missing when passing through a splash (New England stages). Fixed in patch v1.2.1 - v1.3. 11. PS4|PS4 Pro - Rain drops are pitch white during night when lighted by the headlights. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409302 ) 12. There are more reports of stuttering since v1.2, which didn't exist before. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35684-stuttering-since-update-12/ ) NOTE: Confirmed on v1.3 ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36317-dirt-rally-20-v13-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=416018 ) 13. Some co-pilot pacenotes are not given in custom multiplayer races. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409334 ) Fixed in patch v1.3. 14. PS4|Xbox One|Xbox One S - blurry graphics, unable to turn off TAA, low resolution textures overall, faulty HDR and unable to adjust FOV. 15. Rally events are appearing twice in the same career championship, omitting one rally ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=410026 ) 16. There's a set of graphic bugs on PC Steam version v1.2 (still to confirm in consoles) while in headcam, objects levitating, seeing through car panels, etc ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409819 and https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=415454 ) 17. Xbox One|Xbox One X - Screen tearing and black screens problems on Xbox One and Xbox One X ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409736 ) 18. Some buggy UI graphics overlaying during Car Setup (can't confirm platform) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409572 ) NOTE: Needs confirmation if this still happens in v1.3 19. Buggy dialog box showing code instead of text concerning insufficient funds to repair car damage in the main menu ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=409684 ) NOTE: Needs confirmation if this still happens in v1.3 20. To get the trophy "watch the delta" and "living the dream" you have to buy the Group A and B cars that are already included in the Deluxe Edition. 21. Despite the 7th rally being added to the game (Monte Carlo), championships only have 6 events. Should get adjusted as locations get added. NOTE: Needs confirmation. 22. During replay, tyres are squealing on snow/ice/gravel surfaces like if it was tarmac. This happens when track degradation is OFF. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36042-next-patch/?do=findComment&comment=415800 ) 23. Wipers remain automatic even after being disabled in the settings. Fixed in patch v1.3. 24. Invisible object collisions in Monte Carlo near the wall (trees) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=411526 ) 25. In Monte Carlo rally, when you go to the service area after you finish a stage, the ground floor is black like if it was missing a texture (i'll make sure to get a screenshot on this one soon, it happened to me on a GTX 770 with the latest nvidia driver) NOTE: Needs confirmation. 26. When overwriting a setup it resets its name instead of keeping the old name. Fixed in patch v1.3. 27. Rev counter analog display is upside down in the Mk1 Golf ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412114 ) Working as intended. 28. We are unable to scroll up to the top or down to the bottom in the leaderboards right after finishing the stage ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412353 ) NOTE: Needs confirmation in v1.3. 29. There's reports that "Unexpected Moments" stop appearing after a certain time spent in career. 30. PS4 (and maybe Xbox) - There's reports of Modern Classics achievement not unlocking. 31. Argentinian flag flickers in one of the argentinian stages ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=412905 ) 32. If you don't take spare tyres and have a puncture in a stage, the tyre will still get repaired on the next one. Happening in Custom Multiplayer Events. This used to work before, at least in My Team, before v1.2. Should this be restricted to My Team mode only, it needs to be implement in Custom Events as well. 33. We can't change the Penalty Times parameter while setting up a Custom Event. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35657-dirt-rally-20-v12-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=414541 ) 34. On custom events stage results, the penalty time does not account for the service penalty time (when applied) and therefore will give misleading stage times. Example: Player 1 had a service penalty time, but his stage time shows as if he didn't get a penalty at all. Basically there's no track of this penalty and there's no certainty to the other players in the session wether this penalty has been applied or not. Bug confirmed yesterday while playing with some friends. 35. "Tune Vehicle" option in service area not appearing in My Team Online Events unless returning to service area from main menu. 36. Sound cutting bug is still present. 37. Spanish co-driver call is incorrect in Poland stage "Lejno" and "Zienki". Should say "izquierda uno" (left one) and not "derecha uno" (right one) ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36317-dirt-rally-20-v13-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=415733 ) 38. The portuguese translation or "Clear" weather is wrong, it should say "Céu Limpo" or simply "Limpo" and not "Limpar". "Limpar" is used as "to clean", and "limpo" alone makes no sense because that's just not how we use the verbs, we say it's "clear" like "sky clear", which doesnt make sense in english but that's the way it is in PT-PT and PT-BR. Eitherway, rather have it shown as "Limpo" than "Limpar". ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36317-dirt-rally-20-v13-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=415813 ) 39. Career leaderboards seem to be working but now Time-Trial doesn't seem to be accepting new times. ( https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/36317-dirt-rally-20-v13-found-a-bug-post-it-here/?do=findComment&comment=415855 ) 40. When selecting recommended repairs in a service area, components out of view stay on 'no fix' unless you scroll down to view and reselect recommended repairs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be updating the list as some of the bugs get confirmation and as any new ones arise. Comparing to the previous list, there were 47 items in the list and we're now down to 34, with the possibility of this number to go even further down if any of the bugs needing confirmation are ironed out (watch out for stroked lines). Overall this reveals a pretty good job in this patch, considering the timeframe and the severity of the bugs that were fixed. There were also a couple of bugs added to this list, that weren't present in v1.2's list yet, although they existed. If any of the remaining bugs, specially the ones with the red note, happen to you in v1.3 please post here. It would also be nice if anyone would help with some of these bugs confirmations.
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    Maby on other dimension... That 1.3 list seems just a little cosmetics fixes, maby your recourses already are doing something else than focus for repairing this to final stage.
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    The list is long, some of the bugs got fixed. I'm sure they have all of this noted on their board. Personally, as a priority, i'd like to see the sound fixed (apparently done), improvements to game stability to prevent crashes (apparently done), performance issues as well as the blurry graphics on consoles (although Im unaffected) and the problem with dark stages and lights not being effective during sunset and dusk times (which still isn't fixed afaik). There's a lot more to fix after that, but we'll get there soon. Most importantly is to keep the game running without crashes for as long as possible and without technical issues so that everyone can play and time will pass faster up until the next patches. It's important to have a stable and playable game so that competitions can be properly arranged and played.
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    So, no fix for unexpected moments not happening bug? 😞
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    It would be nice if you could completely turn off this famos last words of the Copilot. Applies then also for the first introductory words at the beginning of the Stage
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    the precious time when th co says ,how did the car feels ,please place some reality audio ,
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    #6 in the NZ Series: Mads Østberg's winning MkII Escort from the International Rally of Otago this weekend. Enjoy! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mads-Østberg-otago-classic-rally-2019.26390/
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    I'd like to see the 90th Anniversary Livery instead!
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    So do we! Because of licensing, we can't showcase them (or even encourage modding!) - but some of these are *stunning*.
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    Ford Fiesta R5 M-Sport Ford World Rally Team (WRC 2) 2019 DOWNLOAD
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    Sierra Cosworth - TEXACO Livery - Mark Lovell 1987 DOWNLOAD HERE Event: 24 Uren Van Ieper 1987 Driver: Mark Lovell Co-Driver: Roger Freeman Class: A8 Final Result: 2nd, behind Jimmy Mcrae in his Sierra
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    @ORO ERICIUS No problem, i can confirm devs are looking into fixing the 'upgraded' achievement as there does seem to be a legitimate issue with it and we have it logged in our system. i am big achievement/trophy hunter so i understand the frustration.
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    There are also a lot of hardcore F1 drivers who know what's important in a good game, but are not registered here. I first registered here to find out what went wrong with F1 2018. I've been F1 for almost 10 years and 2018 was the worst F1 ever. Make your opinion as you like, but here it has too many blender. No wonder the game is not qualitatively on the stand as it should be.