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    I will step up my efforts to replicate this issue today. @ostendorfjens has offered some advice in good faith and it should be respected for what it is. @Cyne35 yes you are also correct in your observations that it should not be necessary to do anything unnatural to achieve it. Edit: It's clear that replicating this one isn't going to be that easy. Setting up a career and getting the objectives is a bit time consuming. But I will do it.
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    Hello @ostendorfjens, I have tried following your advice to brake really late and let the engine brake work, and neither method unfortunately works. So, if I understood your analysis of the Hanoi and Zandvort circuits correctly, we should avoid developing aerodynamics before these two circuits, because the activation of this objective is bugged on these two circuits? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    the livery does look great. also literally every games company has been dropping new clues on new games ....dirt must be next ...
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    Can you please give the chance to choose to slip and play only with people using no assists on the next game? I play with gaming rig and I use no assists, but I am far from being a great player. It is very frustrating to always find so many players using assists on the same lobby as me. I would like to see people taking risks to go faster and spin, just like it happen to me. It is also quiet frustrating that when I get hit by someone with assists I immediately spin and he just continues straight. I just belive I would enjoy much more to play against people on the same level as me and also in the same gaming conditions. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards.
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    Very quick in the right hands. I wasn't too sure about it in the morning, as a lot of the drivers were either press or non-rallycross (Matt Neal was one of the first out on track). Most of them were only getting three or four laps in the car, so they were (understandably) pretty tentative initially and only really got decent speed on the last lap. Manfred Stohl took the car out before lunchtime and that is when it got a lot more interesting to watch. I had the impression (from both Projekt E TV coverage and the morning viewing) that car was a bit stiff to drive. Stohl was obviously a lot more comfortable in it and understood how to effectively use the power. The car looked as fluid in his hands as any petrol Supercar I have seen and he was doing some beautiful exits from North Bend: sliding, on the power and laying down black lines... They did some launch comparisons with Andy Scott (I think Chris Hoy was driving the STARD for that) and both cars were neck-and-neck up to turn one. Makes me think that mixing electric with the petrol Supercars might actually prove pretty interesting. Sadly I didn't see any lap timing for the day, as I would like to see how electric compared with petrol on a full lap... ...especially as one of the last drivers out on the day was Liam Doran. Apparently it was his first time in an electric car but, in standard Liam style, he trundled out of the paddock and then just sent it. It wasn't the most sideways I have seen him coming into Paddock, but he was immediately drifting the Fiesta and I actually thought it looked a bit more manic than a petrol Supercar on the limit (I guess the power delivery is a bit more snappy). The sound was - predictably I guess - the only real negative. Modern Supercars typically aren't that loud, but I bloody love the crackle of ALS and that was of course absent. That said, there was quite a lot of screeching tyres and the whine of electric wasn't as irritating as I thought it was going to be. I can't see me loving an electric Supercar as much as I do the petrol equivalent, but I think the racing could still be spectacular with a field full of these.
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    What was the STARD car like on-track? Also, I think the 81 was Andrew Coley 🙂
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    Few photos from the test at Lydden last week: Plus a glimpse of the future (maybe)... More pictures here, if you are bored!
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    Too often, whole 20 player lobbies are destroyed all because one player won't load, leading to everyone having to restart the game as otherwise they would be sitting on the loading screen until this single player leaves. Please make it so that if a certain player hasn't loaded after something like 30seconds to 1 minute then automatically start the session and kick the player as its unfair how one player can hold up a whole lobby of players. Why do we even have to wait for everyone to load to start a race anyway? It seems useless...
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    @Cyne35 Don't let yourself be fooled by the massive top speed you reach on the straight - that's quite irrelevant when it comes to the objective. All that matters that you are very fast, and with open DRS, at a specific point, which in the case of Zaandvort and Hanoi, among others, is not where the top speed is checked - it comes a few meters after that. And that, I think, is the crux of the matter. The problem is that at Zaandvort and Hanoi, the point where your speed is checked and compared with what you need to achieve this objective is very close to the corner, so close in fact that you often find yourself braking too early for the objective to trigger. Not only are you way slower when you reach the checkpoint, the main problem is that your DRS closes when you apply the brakes - and the objective will trigger only with an open DRS, obviously. So only when braking at the latest of late moments will the objective be completed. So, if I were you, I would try braking too late on purpose. Just drive along the straight and apply the brakes way later than you're supposed to. You may run the corner wide, but you'll get the objective in a bag. At least that's how it worked for me. Another option would be to try lift and coast. Just approach the corner at the end of the DRS zone, then, just before you hit the corner, release the throttle, but don't brake. Your DRS remains open, and with any luck, you'll still be fast enough for the objective to trigger before you need to apply the brakes. (That's actually the only way for you to trigger the objective when playing with the braking assist activated, which applies the brakes so early, you never get a chance to have the DRS zone objective completed. That's how I found out about this problem, by the way.) I suggest you give this a try, and please tell me if it worked!
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    No. Patch 1.07 fixed this issue, you can see here: https://www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-patch-notes "Players will no longer be penalised for overtaking the safety car in a pit lane entrance or exit" The problem is that, somehow, don't know exactly since when, this issue is happening again. When you are in first place, for example, and enter the pit lane during safety car in a track like Silverstone, where all other cars will first turn left in the circuit, and pit lane cars will just go forward, technically you are overtaking the safety car and the game will simply disqualify you. I saw this happening twice in a multiplayer session in the last days. So frustrating.
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    Looks really good, it shouldn't be to hard to Codemasters to do something like this.
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    Speaking of authentic HUD, Milestone did just that in the new MotoGP 21 game. Here is the official TV broadcast leaderboard for MotoGP: And here is the HUD in the game: There's absolutely no reason why Codemaster's can't do something like this.
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    That's an expensive looking leaf blower!
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    It's always nice to still be considered young by some . My point though was that the observation above about the lack of awareness of pre-1990 F1 drivers is probably not restricted to the very young (zoomers, apparently) but rather probably applies to the majority of the player base.
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    Another suggestion for F1 2021 is to finally add some gradient, I feel as though on past games its very unrealistic and flat and would like to see it more representative of the real life thing
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    A suggestion I have for F1 2021 is to be able to remove the wheel from the cockpit completely so that players that want to use the cockpit view with their wheel dont have the on screen wheel in the way, is something I usually do on iRacing and would like to see in F1 games.
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    Still utter garbage on the Xbox. Duplicate pointless buttons, all the dials are just duplicate d pads which are useless for mapping obviously as they would do all the same stuff so they would conflict in binding, also x2 A buttons x Y buttons. Pointless Also in the manual it states the car damage screen, car temperature screen and car wear screen etc are only available in NATIVE mode which only works on PC/PS4/5 not Xbox. For Xbox it says "Fewer telemetry settings are displayed (with sometimes less accuracy) and data display is subject to latency"
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    Just don't buy it bro. Higher price in many regions, no VR, and likely to have numerous bugs out the box. Much better alternatives out there, most notably Assetto Corsa. AC's(yes, the original one) PC community is continuing to grow and many are running their F1 leagues. PC version has so many F1 related mods it'll make your head spin. The VR support is exceptional and the game, now with Custom Shader's Patch, looks nothing short of STUNNING! Don't give this EA company your hard earned dollars guys. Buy a much cheaper and better game...Assetto Corsa. You won't regret it.
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    Yeah i don't like the full hud with 20 players, i would suggest to have maybe 5-7 drivers on the hud. Although it would be nice to have an option were maybe player that like the full hud can enable it and player that don't like the full hud can have a smaller one.
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    Been using these TV leaderboard and halo HUD mods with F1 2020 on PC, and look how great it looks. It would be fantastic if Codemasters implemented both of these into the game.
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    In terms of the TV UI, it's been far longer than three years 😅
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    As EA gives the money now,be sure it will look more and more official
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    Man y'all neeed to chill out. We are getting a new F1 game. You are throwing out questions nobody can obviously answer right now along with bashing the game before you have even picked it up. It's going to be a good game. Just chill.
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    "Next-Generation Experience" but no VR? Doesn't sound next-gen to me. How can you make an racing game in 2021 without VR support? Exactly this. You can't go back to 2D when you've seen VR. F1 2021 is not a "Next-Generation Experience" without VR support. Let's all hope that VR support will be announced(including proper WMR support...). But "Ray Tracing" is added? Why invest the development time in RT instead of VR? Disappointed.