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    We pay thousands for a premium experience and It sucks we have to deal with it. It is an inconvenience, feels like I'm a beta tester. Also, I have screen tearing as you mentioned! To what did you lower it to avoid this?
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    Thank you Classy -- great find! And thanks for the video. I agree, turning off HDR is only a temporary fix and Codemasters/Samsung need to fix this. I don't know anything about anything. But my initial feeling is that this is a Codemasters issue. 1. These Samsung TV's, particularly our 8K sets are clearly capable enough to handle HDR & 120Hz simultaneously. 2. We know the PS5 is capable of it also, and no other PS5 games games are having this issue. (or at least I have not seen any reports) ... But, I don't know. On the Sony side, I *do* experience graphical issues (screen tearing) in other games (NBA and Demon's Souls) that I have correct by adjusting the transfer rate setting. But, yeah, someone needs to fix this! Sure, flipping a setting on & off every time you play a game isn't the hardest thing to do, it's largely an inconvenience. But this isn't what we are paying thousands of dollars for a high-end TV, $500 for a PS5, and $60-70 per game for ...
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    Very impressive! If I can win by 1 or 2 seconds instead of 20 I could be inclined to give this one a whirl. I know it's not rallying, but, I have Dirt Rally games for that.
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    100% agree with this. I have a Samsung UE49 (7 series) and genuinely could not find a single setting on both X1X and TV to play DR2 in a comfortable manner. When I say comfortable I mean without having to squint through a permanently dark/foggy horizon or the blurring effect of glaring light (depending on time of day / weather conditions). This was no different in 720p, 1080p and 4k and even worse (ultra blurry) when the ingame 4k mode was turned off I freely admit to not having flawless 20:20 vision (I have low level cataracts that react to extreme brightness) but even so, I can still see and was also fully aware that the game was hurting my eyes to a point where it was probably doing more harm than good, so for the sake of my own well being I sold my physical copy and moved over to PC where I could tailor visual settings to suit my needs. It's not perfect but, oh my god, it's so much nicer to have that greater degree of clarity. My hope was that, when enforcing all these lighting effects on console gamers, Codemasters would also recognise the fact that not all TV's display visuals the same way and not everyone has perfect eyesight so it's not necessarily the case that default settings with just a HDR slider is going to be sufficient enough to suit all needs. Alas though, it clearly seems to be the case that PC-esque settings aren't going to happen and those console gamers affected have to either make do or not bother with the game at all.