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    I just got Dirt 2.0 GOTY. Beginning a new career profile gives you 2.4 million credits, and a garage full of cars? Being able to start as a nobody with no money, even if grindy, can be a fun way to play. This is the way most racing games approach career modes, and this is the way Dirt Rally 2.0 apparently started. However, if you buy the GOTY DLC, you lose that carrot-on-a-stick progression. Forcing players to disable steam DLC, or manually sell their cars and drain their credits is silly. Couldn't we have an option to reset credits to zero, and owned cars to the original few, to experience the career as it was originally designed, pre-DLC? Or maybe the deeper issue is how credits are progression between career mode and the rest of the game are linked? Either way, it sucks that I now can't play the vanilla career mode without having to sell all my stuff and drain my credits manually :'(
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    How about 3 digit numbers for the cars, or at least access to the highest number for the maximum number of entrants. In DR2.0 we’ve got 150 entrants in many championships. Silly request, but why not.
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    This is why compulsory online play was, is and always will be a bad idea. Hopefully the servers come back online soon, because I bought Dirt Rally 2 to...play Dirt Rally 2
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    My game just decided to reset my championship My Team save due to some supposed data discrepancy during the latest intermittent server uptime, i hope you have a way to restore that. 😞
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    Finally decided to pick this up and give it a chance, had few hours to play yesterday and and figured I'd play some more after work, think again... Not he best start. Why on earth single player career mode requires online mode is beyond me, just make a separate time trial mode or some **** that people can use to compete against each other, it's a small fraction of the players who actually care where they land on the global leaderboards.
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    Yup, there's nothing you can do about it... I recently lost an entire Masters' championship I was leading with only 8 stages left, won't be touching the career rally anytime soon...
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