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    I think I got us a lead! Look at the teaser image. See all those dots? Bet they can be arbitrarily connected to fit whatever conspiracy we can cook up... like constellations of the upcoming cars, or maybe each one is a corner in some of the upcoming stages. Get to work you thirsty gossipers!
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    Stop calling these hotfixes, please. This is MANDATED to Steam users, we cannot opt out. You are using the whole of the playerbase on Steam as guineapigs. This has proved useless with the closed beta, next to nothing you learn there is fixed in the (final) game code. Use the beta option on Steam and PROPERLY UPDATE KNOWN ISSUES. So this way, you may be causing crashes for users where the game has not crashed previously (people reporting issues from 1.18 to 1.181), unless you've fixed the issues with 1.181 causing precisely this issue for users prior to that update. Waiting for the inevitable threads 'Crashing since 1.182'. And great patch notes once again, it seems nothing was done regarding feedback received on 1.181 patch notes. 👍👍
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    Here is the example what i mean about colors .. In this photos i have applied in all 4 parts of livery white color (the first option top left) but in some parts there is pure white (you can see that it covers the most surface of drivers door and the most of front part of the car) while the rear part looks more like silver , i remind that in ALL livery parts is selected the same white color (first selection from left) Now look at the same car and livery with red color.. In all parts is selected the same kind of red color but the tone is so different In the majority of liveries and their parts game uses the kind of color that this Golf has in rear side , white is actually silver , look how good and natural looks the red in front part of car and how dark and weird and so goes for all colors.. I want when i select white color just it looks white and when i select red it looks like red , do i ask a lot?Also i would like to change the color of the wheels.. So devs to add the option to select the type of color (glossy , metalic , matte , chrome ect) for each livery/part .. I can not understand why they messed up and mixed defferent kind of colors (matte,chrome , metalic ect) in one single livery not giving the possibility to players to change them... This option there was in previous Grid games and in all racing games that have visual customizations , paint ect.. I would like we open such a topic , i have not time my self now , if you want open one and i will come to give feedback! Also i would like TV/replay camera to be added in spectator mode which already is in game and its good enough + text chat to comment the happenings in race like Grid 1..I assume that spectator mode will be in public lobbies as well Also visually these weird scratches holes ect thate xist from the start of a race should be removed and the car to start clean and untouchable , this has been said many times from many members in this forums.. Livery selection when you chose car would be nice to be added in custom lobbies (as in GAS)
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    I would ideally see 4 new rally countries : - 1 tarmac like Manx or Ireland. - 1 mountainous tarmac like Sanremo or Corsica, or even Japan. - 1 dirt country like Kenya, Morrocco or Mexico. - 1 muddy country like Malaysia, Indonesia or China. If they add stages to existing countries, it would be nice too. New rally cars are also very welcome, especially R4, more kit cars, GTs, R2s and oldies. Wouldn't be against a H1 RWD category.
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    Hi everyone, @TheEmpireWasRight, thanks for bringing this to my attention. We’ve taken your feedback to the dev team, and whilst this is something we are not going to be looking over within the F1 2019 cycle, we are going to be taking your ideas into consideration for future titles .
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    I hope there is no more RX-stuff incoming... (Sorry RX-Fans - but that is not my favor and only my opinion 🙂)
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    well it sounds good for both of us customers & Codies. if the lobbies gets in before christmas i am sure people that didn't recommend will probably recommend. Not to mention it will help with sales at that time. not much more to say, as jean luc picard would say "Make it so"
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    Subaru is the Japanese name for a constellation, which is represented in the comany's logo (although the current one doesn't reflect the actual constellation as much as the one prior to 2005). in the west we call it Pleiades. I'm pretty sure they're just meant to be particles though, like you get in the game menus.
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    Hard to say. I had troubles three times and since that I didn't play career 😄 It doesn't make any sense to play the career if CM can steal it anytime. Sometimes the problems are real and sometimes it's you only. After all nobody should steal your progress 😄
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    only 1 free track for everyone, the GRID track list is so poor......I feel scammed
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    @PJTierney, this is a good example of why your games like DR2.0 and Grid needs proper gaming statistics! It is very off putting to play a game when you are literally in pitch dark not knowing your progress. It is like 40 days in Sahara. To me it seems just lazy not to have anything in this department, then again I’m not a game developer. But having trackers of how I do, where I’m driving, for how long etc. is actually playing a crucial role for keeping up the interest of a game. Just look at the popularity of smart watches... 😎
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    I understand this is not the best news, but this is an clear answer for me, because No is also an answer. I prefer to know this then the silent treatment from CM. We, the gamers, will monitor this request for the next game i am sure
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    Hey all, new update for you: In today's blog post we've confirmed: Public lobbies are coming to GRID - http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/12/public-lobbies-coming-to-grid-plus-more-upcoming-changes/ Key quote on the timeline of this feature: "So, when will this be in the game? Whilst the initial plan was to implement lobbies around the time of Season 2’s arrival early next year, we have now brought this project further forward. The goal here is to have public lobbies live in GRID by early January, if not before Christmas. That’s not set in stone, as we’ll need time for thorough testing to ensure you have the best experience possible. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way, but that’s the target we’ve set." I'll obviously let you know when the dates are set, and I'm looking to put together a walkthrough of how the lobbies will work and look, before you jump in. The blog post also talks about how we're continuing work to generate more human-player lobbies in Quick Match, with fewer AI cars. This continued in the new update with some technical tweaks, and we're seeing fuller lobbies in some instances as a result. More to come on that, though. Thanks to all for their continued constructive feedback - look forward to giving you those dates for public lobbies going live 👍
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    criticism delivered is proportional to the failure of the product
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    Dynamic weather is one of WRC 8’s best features along with an actual career mode.
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    In DiRT 4 this was one of the best features imo. A video of mine, where in Sweden the intensity of the fog changes during the stage
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    This doesn’t seem to be a system-wide thing otherwise we’d be getting reports from everyone, so there must be something specific to your connection that’s causing this to happen. Have you documented the issue and contacted custservice@codemasters.com whenever this has occurred?
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    If you are not aware, the latest patch updated the FFB for the wheel. It doesn't appear the baseline was adjusted, but two more options were added that really threw me off until I figured out that they had been added. Wheel Friction - Appears to add weight to the wheel. I had to turn this off entirely add it made my wheel not only heavier, but the feel became very grainy, like it was clicking. This may be because I have the low end Thrustmaster TMX that is a hybrid belt and gear system. The higher end belt systems might not experience the grainy clicking. It may be useful, but I found it heavily overwhelmed the Self Aligning torque. Tyre Friction - Description says it adds resistance to changing the tire angle. What I found is that it did not affect force to turn in, but did make it smoother. With all other settings at 0 and Tyre friction at 150, I could barely tell it was doing anything, but comparing it to all settings at 0, I realized the wheel was much more free wheeling with all settings at 0. At normal settings, the smoother inputs became clearer. I definitely find this useful, though it can slow down counter-steering. 150 was too high, and at 100 seems ok, but maybe still a bit high. Definitely glad they gave us more FFB options. It would have been nice to get some warning before jumping in and wondering why my wheel felt really off and was clicking like mad. Thought there was something wrong with my wheel. Another unannounced update that may be subjective, is it appears they updated the car physics for the Super Modified class, or at least the AWD and 4WD cars. They understeer a lot less and are easier to get to turn in. You can now drive the AWD cars normal without having to slide or drift them, and the 4WD cars are easier to turn in. This may be related to the new car class that has two 4WD (not AWD) cars. I was annoyed to see the 2 of the new cars as 4WD thinking they would handle like the old Super Modified Lancer and Skyline. They didn't, only needing the occasional slight slide to turn-in. It was until I played the Super Modifieds that I realized this adjustment was to the AWD and 4WD system, and not just those two cars.
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    Yeah mate, absolute shocker we have to pay for content worked on by people with families to feed!
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    Seriously?? Nothing at all to fix Finland in 1.11 patch?? edit: right, a real "haha" Johnnn and ianism. I'm just dying of laughter about Finland remaining broken, so hilarious
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    Indeed, but in real life the rain spray vortexes are really dense and hard to see through, therefore the Red Backlights probably need to be a bit brighter i guess. Speaking of which, imo ingame the Red Backlights could be a bit brighter as well, especially the Rear Wing lights are almost not visible ingame.