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    I get what you are trying to say here but I don't buy that as any excuse. 1) if you are going to sell a game at top price like the big companies it needs to be of similar or better quality - fact. Just because it's a new game and officially licensed doesn't mean it has to go AAA price even if the quality is poop. 2) The size of Codies makes no difference on them not being able to tidy the basics of the game up from year to year. Legacy bugs are still present. I mean if they sorted those out, it would already be a better game. Also if they can make the game with the components it has now, then there's no reason why they cannot make them with no bugs. What has caused these bugs is their decision making is rushed, not well thought out and generally poor testing which had it been thorough would've picked up these bugs and game breaking issues with features they've introduced. 3) I only accept the excuse they're smaller than the big companies if they could not implement certain features at all due to resource and budget. If they bring something into a game, this excuse then goes out the window if it fails or is bug-ridden; that's just bad coding, lack of testing and general incompetence. I'd be put on performance plans if it was me in my job but no doubt, it's just all overlooked in the gaming industry as the norm which is ludicrous!
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    If they were to say they are a smaller studio with less resources and staff etc so their games are only £20 then fine. Fact is they charge £60 so I expect the same quality. Other games dont have these bugs and issues every year. They have the official F1 franchise so we have a right to expect alot better.
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    It would be really handy to see and edit the car setups in one big grid, rather than page between sections, and to be able to see current edits vs the existing or previous/saved setup, so you can review changes as you are making them during a session. It would also be easier to capture using screen shots for us console users
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    I am very confused by the forum title - Codemasters has failed to provide me with any technical assistance at all!!!! The game still refuses to run in DX12 and my PC exceeds all of the recommended specs and is brand new - configured specifically for this so called F1 2019 sim. Absolutely no answers from Codemasters. What a joke and now way to receive any form of compensation.
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    For me this game hasn't been worth going back to since the fake surface vibration was added. I still play it sometimes, but when I remember the sublime feel for tyres digging into the surfaces and the overall smooth realistic experience I get angry and turn it off. I simply hate, HATE, the fake, useless surface vibration covering all the more useful info. The devs were really onto something quite special with the ffb out of the box, and I can't believe that they ruined the excellent work they did because they were threatened with refunds and 1-star reviews. I wonder, also, if that now means that we are now forever condemned to rally games with ffb stuck in the 2000s featuring vulgar fake vibrations covering the more sublime and subtle effects that the devs were trying to introduce in DR 2.0.
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    Switch to bonnet, it is 10x better than either of the in cockpit cams Make sure you put some time into your FFB settings. For Logi/TM they should be roughly, SAT: 50-70 | WHEEL: 0-5 | TYRE: 40-60 | SUSP: 50-70 | COLL: whatever you want | CENTERING: off/disabled Fanatec needs a bit different tweak, SAT: 50-60 | WHEEL: 0-5 | TYRE: 125-150 | SUSP: 50-100 | COLL: whatever you want | CENTERING: off/disabled with software settings of, Sen - Auto | FF - 70 | Sho - 70 | Abs - Off | dri - Off | For - 50 | Spr - 50 | dpr - 50 | fei - 30 Eh this is just going to come down to the fact you never stuck with DR2.0 for a long term. I remember you being upset when it first launched and playing on/off, but playing like that is not going to keep you high in the leaderboards while the rest of us continued playing a lot for the past 6 months
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    Was this ever worth going away from?
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    Robin Larsson imitates DR2.0 players at the Estering 😄 https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Rh1sVI2DA
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    Exactly, they don' think about the consequences of their decisions. The way they incorporated driver transfers is ridiculous and unacceptable. Anyone could foresee this problems. They just don't care about their product or they don't have skilled people working there.
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    Didn't want to make this post but... looks like I have to. I was unable to play DiRT 4 due to a graphical hitch whenever my wheel was plugged in. Multiple people had the same issue as well. Was really down about that but gave the benefit of the doubt it would be fixed come DR 2.0. But unfortunately it has not. With the wheel plugged in, the game hitches for a split second every 3-6 seconds. The hitch is just enough that there's no avoiding going off course due to it making a rally game unplayable. DiRT Rally 2.0 and DiRT 4 are the only driving games that have this issue. AC, PC, ATS, iRacing all work as they should. PC Specs will be below 😞 PC SPECS: MOBO: Asus ROG Maximus X Hero (WI-FI AC) Z370 CPU: Intel i7 8700k @ 3.7 (no OC) COOLER: NZXT Kraken GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW (DiRT 4 ran fine on this exact card on an older pc, so the card is fine) RAM: 32GB GSKILL Trident Z RGB (3200) HD: Samsung 960 Evo (OS) Samsung 850 Evo (Games, including DiRT) Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD (recording only) Peripherals: KB -Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mouse - Steelseries Rival 300 Wheel - Logitech G29 Joystick (Handbrake) - Thrustmaster T16000M AMP - Sennheiser GSX 1000 Headphones/Mic: Logitech G430 Open to any suggestions and even better, more than happy to help Codemasters resolve this as I know I'm not the only one with the problem. I'm a HUGE fan guys, let's try to resolve this yea? 😞 Cheers -MADACE404
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    Well patch 1.08 just released but still there is not even one of the big issues fixed and still no info about the issues they will invesigate and probably fix. That is ridiculous and very poor communication. It takes so much time before they fix something that most likeley I will skip F1 2019. Even when they will fix big issues, the time to play before F1 2020 comes out is so short it will be better to wait for F1 2020. Really disappointed about the mess they created with career mode. The way they implemented driver transfers shows they have no clue what they are doing.
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    Hello @Codemasters! Recently I was browsing Multiplayer cars livery templates and found strange text in Russian as a sponsor on several cars (see images). As a Russian native speaker and a professional translator from English I can definitely confirm that this word is not appropriate here. In fact this is a verb in infinitive form meaning "to blame/accuse". Perhaps, some part of localized text appeared in the wrong place. Please fix this, as it looks very odd. Screenshots with the odd text attached.
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    Earlier in this thread I posed the question what was the last F1 PC racing game that didn't have telemetry... In looking at the games that were produced in this century (seriously) there have been 5 different companies besides Codemasters, and those were in the first decade, not this decade. Of those five (looking at wikipedia), two of the games I can't tell whether they had telemetry or not as it is hard to find documentation, although one of them had setups that seemed to match the current F1 2019 (Edios in 2001) and the other was "Hot Wheels Williams F1 Team Driver" (KnowWonder/THQ in 2001). The other three - which produced multiple versions were by Ubisoft, EA, and Microprose. All of these had telemetry - and some their earlier versions of the game with telemetry were developed in the last century. So Project Cars and Assetto Corsa aren't really doing anything new - just including what has been a standard part of racing games for over 20 years.
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    You're correct @inspiretheworld. A true representation of the ERS system is not in F1 2018 nor 2019. Drivers only change the setting when attacking 'making a pass' or defending 'from over take in DRS zone or else where' iRacing and Assetto Corsa has the ERS system down, but look at the demographic of Assetto Corsa and iRacing. Their all sim-racers. Laying out the facts.
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    Yeah, but he gets away with it, I usually don't 😀
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    So, I’ve been with DR2.0 since the beginning. I’ve seen the improvements that have been made throughout the game, I’ve seen the willingness to at least listen to us between Christina and @PJTierney when we’ve had our gripes about the game. But, I’m feeling pretty put out with Codemasters, I hate to say it. The continuing issues with DLC downloads is a bit of a joke. The first time it happens, sure, chalk it off to an error. But, when we’re almost done with season 2 content and Estering just today became available on my US Xbox, when I paid extra to have it the day of release via deluxe edition; I’ve lost my patience. Then, to top it off, as usual in my rallycross experience in this game, I can’t see the start lights in the cockpit so I have to rely on the spotter. Okay, sure, whatever, your vision is limited in car. THEN, when I am doing the daily RX challenge, I don’t get told that I have to take the joker next lap as it’s the last (no HUD to see lap counter) and get a time penalty for not taking it? The spotter NEVER SAID IT. Maybe it’s an audio bug with Estering, but COME ON. Speaking of audio bugs, the audio cut out is STILL present however many months after release. Doing the daily challenge with Group B RWD in Spain, and I get about 1/3 of the way into the stage and poof. Nothing. Just this game. Not any other game have I had this issue. For a game that’s been out for this long, I just don’t know how this has not been figured out yet. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Now that season 3 and 4 have been announced, I definitely am not willing to pay extra for a season pass or whatever, based on the experiences with DLC on this game. I’ll pay on a per-DLC basis instead, since that seems to be the way to actually play what you pay for. Another gripe is that yes, this DLC is probably 75% recycled content from Dirt Rally 1. Sure, it’s been updated. Yes, I am looking forward to tally Finland and Greece, the same as I’ve enjoyed the updated Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, etc. Having the classic subaru, Ford Focus 2001, those cars are my rally loves. But, really, I think I would’ve been more happy just paying for this content on an updated, improved upon, expanded Dirt Rally 1, then to pay extra for things I’ve already experienced just because it’s “updated” and then not have it work the majority of the time. There was a time that I would’ve pre-ordered the newest Grid game, the next F1 game, etc as soon as they become available. But, I’m sorry Codemasters, if this is the way loyal customers are going to be treated and this is the way you’re approaching business now, it’s going to take a bit more convincing than just some pretty screenshots to fork over my money willingly. Sorry for the long post! These thoughts have been brewing since the game’s release. 😕
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    Hello with the last patch I notice a geometry bug, looks like triangles that are not smooth. The problem is related to the texture streaming option. If the textures are set to ultra-low the bug disappears. @Faya please report this bug to the team. Here is a link showing how used to be
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    If letting them know that I am very displeased and won't be supporting them in the future is useless, then they are a worse company than I thought. The solution is simple. Either put the Oculus SDK version on Steam or offer Oculus codes to those people affected. It really baffles me that the people most affected by this gaffe are those that have shown support for both Oculus and Codemasters. It is really baffling that these companies would treat their customers this way. If that is their business decision, my business decision is to no longer be a customer.
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    Not like going to join the ****-train, but the fact is, that Early Access development model, initially invented to help developers with product quality is constantly being exploited by them (or publishers) to sell unfinished products; to get money as early as possible. With a recent change, that early access popular 5+ years ago and already burned out, has been replaced by releasing unfinished games shamelessly as final version. In addition swaggering for continuous support in form of patches being released after the release. ISI did that, SMS does that, CM does that, Kunos does that. So... effectively nothing changed because customers are prone/happy to buy unfinished products joining this way "unspoken" beta stage. Sometimes character of issues proves that using "beta" term is even stretched out. It should be "alpha" instead. The worst thing is, fixing progressing slowly, and mentioned support often ends after a year leaving a lot of critical issues unfixed (just to mention broken real weather in PC2). Personally I don't think we (I mean single persons) can change anything. While global market and electronic distribution allows to sell 200k of product (regardless its quality), 20 customers boycotting the title doesn't affect anything. Maybe media like YT can be more influencing. Don't know... I would like the situation to change in some near future but honestly I doubt. Maybe there should be more strict law created to protect us. Steam policy doesn't help currently, since it's often impossible to discover critical bugs during 2 hours of playing (ie those which appear only in online sessions in some particular conditions, depending on number of players etc). Also configuration often takes almost an hour (controllers, performance etc). So we can stop buying pre-orders, stop buying at day one. We can wait for fixes until all major issues are resolved. Probably getting the game for discounted price after 6 months or so. Just to get feeling we do right thing. But, especially in case of MP focused games: who will be play with after a year since release? Such title usually becomes outdated at this point of time 😞
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    Nah, I'm buying it tomorrow or whenever they'll let me.
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    Did some updates to my Evo to give it a real Group A look
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    Same issue. I had to use flashback to bring sound back. It happened once so far, so not a big deal, but it doesn't change the fact, that such things should not happen at all.
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    Pain in the ass to go from none to hotlap or hotlap to none you have to spamm the button brainless and loss focus on your driving this is frustrating when you have to change ERS on every corner cause most of time just kepting medium just doesnt work and run out of ERS cause your car doenst have upgrade in ERS and when you do 50%-100% race is quite a pain to manage ERS for over a hour. I don't think codemaster play their game multiple hours to see how ERS is bad for the game, Is just multi tasking and losing the main goal of the game wich is racing.
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    I wish the windscreens get more dirt. In WRC 7 we have to use wipers often on a dusty road because after a while we can't see anything.