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    Interesting however not related to setup in any way. Three key points for me in the video, The pad overall is more forgiving than the wheel. The reason the pad is more forgiving is due to the braking and accelerator feedback given by vibration, not available with wheel and pedal sets. I would also argue the deadzone in the pads steering would reduce over correction of oversteer compared to a wheel. The wheel has an advantage in high speed corners because the range of movement is greater compared to the pad giving greater accuracy, moreover in high speed chicanes/complexes (Silverstone, COTA) the deadzone of the controller limits speed of turn through the centre of the steering. The wheel has no such limitation. Personally I think it's way past time for pedal sets to have a vibration feature. Playing with a wheel is far more immersive than a pad and I can never go back to the pad. Even if the pad is currently faster, I frankly don't care. Likewise I don't care for the t cam verses cockpit argument. T cam is faster period, a superior view of the track, cockpit for me is where it's at. Immersion factor again. I'd like a realistic as possible experience and given the games physics /setup model are serious flawed in terms of real simulation and the bugs/ issues that plague career mode and the core game, it is not for me. Asseto Corsa, Project Cars, Automobilista, RRE are all vastly superior in my opinion, even if I'd love to have the f1 career experience, the car tuning and driving experience are sadly lacking. I shall remain an interested observer, but I live in hope, maybe codemasters can get it right...
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    Bumping for popularity since people are still calling Impreza WRC cars 22bs in Gossip 😄
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    Dissapointed with that answer, and if the development team think car setups are correctly implemented that is even worse. Anyone with half a brain that has actually played the game would understand the issues presented by shelbys post. Four examples, sorry I don't have data to back this up, but if you play the game yourself it is easily verified. In career mode in the 18 game when the car was fully developed, even with the hardest possibe spring and ride height settings the car still dragged along the track at medium speed and high speed. Surely not correct and poorly tested. I don't have the 19 game but have seen posts regarding this same issue and it being difficult to get a fully upgraded car through eau rouge at spa due to the car bottoming out. Camber settings are primarily to equalise tyre temp across the surface of the tyre, and secondarily effect lateral grip and hence tyre wear. A balance must be struk in real life between temps, wear and grip. Limits were imposed (along with tyre pressure) in real life to protect against tyre failures. The game does not give separate tyre temps for inner middle and outer parts of the tyre. How is camber relevant, aside from potentially increased lateral grip with greater negative camber? Does it even effect tyre temps and wear as it would in the real world? Toe and camber settings simply cannot be correctly implemented when extreme and exploitative settings are fastest in time trial. Lower tyre tyre pressures increase tyre temperature, not so in the game. In real life limitations were put on the lowest pressure permitted to protect against tyre failures. Lower pressures create more grip and teams run as low a pressure as possible. Because the structure of the tyre is less rigid at lower pressures it moves around more generating more temperature in the tyre.