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    When beta sign up is announced, it usually takes place with a limited amount of cross-platform seats (XB/PS/PC) keep an eye on the announcements.
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    We are gathering information on this at this time. I will merge your thread with that one, but please consider reformatting your post with the required information. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/38-want-to-report-an-issue-have-a-bug-to-report-please-look-here-first/
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    Ok, I have found the solution. You have to claim the trophies in your mail inbox in the main screen. Hope it helps someone
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    Completely unplug console when doing this.
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    Well the soft reset of the controller seems to have worked for me. Simply turn the ps4 off and completely unplug. Stick a pin in the small hole at the back for 10 seconds then plug the console back in and fire it up. I'm 5 races in and no issues yet.
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    Sometimes you need to do a lot of research to realise that the idea you already came up with was the best one 😄
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    It only happens when the formation lap is on so that seems like the trigger.
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    It's been cancelled mate, we'll get a livery update for 2020 and then 2022 will be next gen.