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    For me there is not one problem that I could point out that would make the game significantly better. It is more a combination of little things that bugs me and ruins the experience (sometimes). I like the F1 games and at the moment I am racing almost every day. I play career mode, but that is getting kind of boring as me and my teammate are way faster than the rest of the grid. I race online with 2 close friends, which juices up the races from time to time. Yesterday I tried a ranked session for the first time in months. Qualified 3rd on Spa, had a decent start. Got punted in the back while braking for T1, got pushed off track and received a 2 second time penalty for exceeding track limits. At that point, I realised why I do not race online with strangers. These are the things that annoy me most: Online penalty system (see case mentioned above for an example) Lapped cars that are not allowed to overtake and unlap themselves under SC conditions. How and why is this still a thing? Host migration failing in a league on PS4. Happens all the time when I am racing with 2 of my friends and someone leaves the session. Why is there always so much secrecy around tires? Why is the tyre allocation hidden in a menu, why can't I see how many laps a certain tyre can last during a race. When I have an accident in lap 4, I want to know if I can finish the race on hards. Jeff certainly is not going to tell me. Why can't I see what the status of my tyres is when setting up a strategy. It just doesn't make sense to me why we are left in the dark so much when it comes to tyres. The unbelievable amount of grip the AI has when it starts to rain hard very fast. The other day I was racing in Canada on 50%. It went from dry to absolutely undrivable in one lap. I was on fresh softs while the AI was on old hards. They drove like nothing happened. Their times went down, but the sense of control they had didn't go. Meanwhile I'm sliding around the place like I'm on ice. Went from 1st to 6th because in the last lap. Coming back to this point: there should be more going on in a race between the AI. The well known bot train is a big issue when driving 50% and even 100% races. Why don't they crash in turn one every now and then? In real life, a lot of races are boring but not all of them. Crashes happen, big ones. Little touches that causes cars to lose time so they change their front wing. In my career, this rarely happens. It happens to me, but not to the AI at least. The strange things that happen to the AI lap times when a session is fast forwarded. The fact that I always end up in the back when simulating a race even though I have the fastest car of the grid. Wrong curbs and track elements on some tracks. I know it can't all be fixed in one year. At least Codemasters have shown they're willing to invest time in this. I just hope they proceed doing this so we will get better representations of real life tracks in the future. Getting disqualified for driving the wrong direction when I have spun 180 degrees and have to turn around in the grass or gravel. The whole career part of career mode. The story of Devon Butler and Lukas Weber isn't interesting or immersive. I just became world champion and all you do is ask me about my rivalry with Butler who is 8 places down on the standings. I am world Champion and still I just get half a bar from teams like Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari (who had the worst car on the grid by the time I won the championship). I do want it to be more challenging to get from the bottom to the top. But come on, a world champion should be wanted. I hope My Team mode changes this for the better. Why isn't the speed trap shown in the data, only in the TV feed where you can see the speed trap of those who are out on track on the moment. I want to be able to see my own speed and compare this with other drivers.
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    OK - So I have just been watching a very interesting YouTube (link below if CM allow it) by Hywel Thomas Mercedes Power Unit Director who explains about the limited number of "Strat Positions" available to drivers during a race (there may be more but he's not saying on YouTube) - In short their appears to be only a "race neutral setting", a "safety car setting" and a "STRAT 2" position - or "qualy mode". All the rest of the MGUK settings are mostly pre-mapped before the race. This mapping depends on the track, length of straights and number of straights etc all designed to conserve energy for when it's needed, a bit like the earlier post by "The Empire Was Right". He also talks about how this mapping involves "Derating" - saving power at certain points in the track. All in all very interesting and too much for me to summarise here. What I'm getting at is maybe CM have got it right - drivers constantly changing the ERS during a lap to exploit a faster time is not accurate. Yes drivers can change a small number of Strat Positions during a race but not like it is currently in 2019 CM Game. Also they can make small adjustments to the Strat mapping using the HPP setting if or when the pre mapped settings are wrong - but that is another chapter in a very long post. So what I'm trying to say is - let's wait and see how it goes - no more exploiting the ERS and place my Fantatec wheel on ebay! Here is the link to Mercedes-AMG You Tube Channel - The bit about "Strat Positions" and "DeRating" starts at 8min 43secs and ends around 14min 20secs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwwUOYTbyfs&feature=emb_rel_end%5C
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    Here's my latest design ready for you guys to enjoy! Meirion Evans - VW Polo R5 Link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/m-evans-vw-polo-r5.33354/
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    In a racefans.net interview it was confirmed, that we can only put fictional sponsors on our cars in Career mode. So I took a look in F1 2019 at the Multiplayer Cars, and the sponsors they have (and are likely to be in the next one), and collected all of them, I found (43 total). Here is the list:
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    Just to update, we're working on a fix and planning to get it live next week.
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    I've been thinking about this extensively over the last couple of weeks - with all these lockdown measures and being a massive F1 fan, what else better to do? Anyway - I've figured there are 5 ways to go about this. Option 1. Go for the realistic route - i.e Honda F1 Team. However, the livery & badge options will be limited so this could end up looking like some cheap wannabe version, and i can see myself cringing at my attempt to be authentic, losing enthusiasm and defaulting back to the regular career mode quickly. Option 2. Combine realistic with a personal aspect - i.e Wilson Jaguar Racing. This way it's as if you yourself are the owner and you are simply backed by a manufacturer or a big name. This can give you a peace of mind as why the badge isn't the Jaguar badge etc. Option 3. Go full personal - i.e Wilson Motorsport F1 Team. Imagine it's actually YOU setting up YOUR team, let's say you won the euromillions twice a week for a month and you decide to actually enter Formula 1. This gives you a full license to go with whatever colour scheme & badge you desire, but you lose that sense of realism as eventually "Wilson Motorsport" is going to be fighting with Ferrari & Mercedes for the championship, and i can't help thinking it sounds like a back of the grid struggling team. Also you'll have the other far-fetched situation of 'Wilson driving for team Wilson' and i don't know if i can swallow that amount of fantasy. Option 4. Try to recreate an historic team - i.e Benetton Renault. Trying to design a somewhat accurate livery to convince yourself it's the team you watched as a child may be difficult. With the fake sponsors & basic badge it will lose another aspect of the team you are trying to resurrect. Having said that, i can see this option being popular. Perhaps not for me though. Option 5. Do something stupid/fun. i.e CrashAlot F1 Team. Shackles are off if you decide to go with this option - rainbow livery? Hire the worst driver possible for maximum banter? I feel like some of the younger audience may roll with something like this, although the idea of it makes me want to vomit. In conclusion - I think i'll go with option 2. As if it's me, with the backing of a major brand or manufacturer, personal yet powerful. Retaining a somewhat realistic element. It wouldn't sound so ridiculous that Wilson Jaguar Racing might eventually fight for wins. Well anyway that's my thoughts on the whole 'My Team' game mode. I can't wait to get started.
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    I found that race painful to watch. It was a ramming bumper car fest which allowed Russell to coast to victory without even having to try. I wouldn't be happy winning that way. The esports pros were way better to watch. Came down to the wire with respectful driving as usual.
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    Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo - Filip Mareš https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/Škoda-fabia-r5-filip-mareš.33264/
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    It's unbelievable the amount of support this forum has gotten. I've been lurking since april 20th and they literally have the social media team dealing with CONNECTIVITY ISSUES posting the same ******** "fix error code windows 7 users" yet nobody has said they have windows 7, actually Creegz has been mentioning he has a fully updated computer with windows 10 and PJTierney has been completely ignoring and then posts again unrelated, unhelpful posts. Are you listening to your players Codemasters??? **** server connectivity issues, remove the entire fact i need upload my race for a SINGLE PLAYER CAREER MODE to not get a DNF. Never purchasing Dirt 5 or any future content you create if you continue this pathetic support, horrible online singleplayer mode. I absolutely love Dirt Rally, put over 1000+ hours in it, but the fact you guys completely ruined this game with me constantly losing races because of server connectivity issues, not being able to repair my cars because i lose all my credits. You guys understand the game is unplayable when NO ONE can connect? I don't give a **** about freemode. Whats the point of a career mode when you CAN'T EVEN ACCESS IT OR ******* PROGRESS. I play games to progress through them, level up, that good stuff. But nah i'm stuck at lvl 0 doing freemode with NO REWARDS, NO GRATIFICATION AND NO PROGRESSION.
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    The facecam makes that entire video @PJTierney
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    With the addition of the "My Team" Career mode in singleplayer, allowing you to become the 11th team on the grid and allowing 22 cars to be racing together... my question/suggestion is.... Could 22 player races be done in multiplayer? Obviously this wouldn't really be possible if your using the proper F1 teams (McLaren, Renault, Ferrari etc etc) but if you were to set up a multiplayer lobby with the Multiplayer Cars (assuming that that feature will be remaining in 2020), could this allow the lobby to reach 22 racers/players + 2 spectators instead of the standard 20 + 2 spectators? Because it's not as if it really matters when it comes to teams, you just get assigned a team mate for the purpose of sharing a pit garage for pit stops and with the 11 teams in the "My Team" Career mode, there will already, in theory, be 11 pit garages and 22 starting positions allocated to each track. This is more me wondering and just thinking out loud.
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    I've written my own post about this but I'll contribute here too. I think it's incredibly unbalanced to have so many GP'S in a row. Especially as I pointed out in my post that people are waiting to unlock the Featured Racer Trophy. I just finished qualifying, now I get to wait another 4 plus days for a Race, then another day or so to see it finish. Doing this 5 weeks in a row is very boring. That's why I suggested before that a Featured Event should run along side a GP every week, that way guys like me who have everything maxed out will have a reason to play this game during the week.
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    Most of everything is covered here, but I'd also like some detailed statistics, to see which car I'm most successful in by class, drive, era, what I usually go for, perhaps even some driving stats on throttle /brake percentages, late/early apexes etc. It would be cool to see the replays of the top 10 players in time trial to analyze their inputs and wheel angles, not just ghosts. And finally, if I finish masters career I wanna be able to show it off to that one person who would also appreciate it without having to make a screenshot at a particular moment, but that's just my very particular pet peeve 🙂
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    Issue: incorrect Personal best times in Time trial Platform: PC Steam Sometimes if you restart your race in Time trial not far from the finish, your unfinished result can be recorded as your "Personal best" time. If you check "Splits" times, the last split will be several seconds only, as if you teleported to the finish. If I have not reached the finish line, my overall time should not be the "personal best". This is hard to reproduce, you need really many restarts.
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    Hell no I hope not. No point spending resource on something only 1 team so far uses and which will be banned from next year. No sense in doing it IMO and why add yet another thing for us to micro-manage while racing mapping to an already exhausted list of buttons when IRL it's a push/pull system which we cannot do.
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    once it releases it will be in Open beta if history is anything to go by. *chuckle*
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    Turns out only one was slightly better 😄 Probably no one got through Rally Australia without issues, if I look at the times. You lose a big part of your grip in the 3rd long stage, but it's faster overall. But if you wanna do it save, use mediums. I also tried a more controlled run, in the end it was just luck I survived 😄 SS1: Went ok. I was sometimes in front of @baunau and sometimes I lost a bit. Had one moment were I hit a tree a bit and feared a puncture, but came away with it. SS2: Was also ok. Battled again with baunau for the lead, but had again a moment, were I crashed slightly against a tree just after the chicane. Got the lead until I came wide on the 2nd square left on tarmac after the bridge at the end of sector 7. Lost it there. SS3: I crashed into the chicane quite late in the stage, because I was on the gras with the left side of the car and couldn't brake enough. The car smoked a bit, but could repair everything in the service area. SS4: Came extremely wide on a very slow square left downhill on tarmac. Was pretty far away from the track, but luckily didn't got resetted. Cost me 2-3 seconds, but except that it was ok. SS5: This was a very good run for the first 5 sectors, had a very big lead by then. But then I hit the bank on the side of the road and rolled. I slided on the roof around 20-30 meters over the track until it finally came to a full stop were I could manually reset the car. Got 8 seconds time-penalty. That costed me around 14 to 15 seconds time overall I think. 2-3 corners later I hit the inside of a corner and spun, another 2-3 seconds lost. No puncture and the car was quite ok after that, so I tried to finish without more issues. Normally that would have been my end of the rally, but I got away with it 😄 SS6: Was very cautious overall, but no issues. Car felt still ok, had some vibrations coming from the car, but it went well. SS7: Absolutely uneventful, but didn't pushed much, to end this without another drama. Overall it was ok, my goal was to beat @Dytut to come closer in the championship and I reached it 😃 The next 2 rallies will be difficult, because shorter cars have a big advantage in the twitchy sections I guess.
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    Lack of grip. Too slippery. Not realistic for real F1 cars. F1 2019 is my first F1 experience and after using the Lotus 125 stage 1 in Assetto Corsa on the Nordschleife, I can say the grip in Assetto corsa is how it should be. Handling is on point and you don't get that drifting sensation in corners. It's a friggin F1 car lol, we can see the tires. They don't act like that in real life. They grip.
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    Good first attempt. What software you use for it? Its for Jobfixers BRC? Both me and @James McAdam also compete in the Belgium Championship 🙂 Trying to beat with our PS4 controllers some other people
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    I keep meaning to write a really long post, but whilst this is in my mind: - Please don't abandon the 'offline' career aspect or competing vs AI - Help give the AI some sense of personality and order - I know you must get tired of RBR glorification, but RBR had AI modifiers for consistency, aggression, mechanical sympathy - That the 'broken' cars you pass in stage are the same ones as on the leaderboard are great, but at the moment I can't even see the liveries each driver is assigned in the UI to know who I've passed and whether they're a rival - I know this assignment is made by the game, because the one you see set off in the animation before a stage loop is consistent with the name ahead of you - Keep the super difficult AI! The only time I've been bored in DR1 or DR2 was the first couple of seasons in DR2 when I could crash and still win stages by a minute - Similarly to drivers, in RBR each car also had attributes - I'd love to be in a position where the defacto 70s class had Stratos' excelling on tarmac but struggling on loose, Escorts being durable rocks that didn't break and 131s being great all-rounders - in R5s in real life, the Citroen has typically had more success on asphalt with the Fiesta being better on gravel and the Fabia being a great all-rounder - only small modifiers, but would be great to have, especially for classes with more varied cars - The dynamic calendars and events you have in DR1 and DR2 are a highlight for me; it's great that each 'season' you compete in is unique - please keep some aspect of this - More care about the development of weather, times of day (should be morning and afternoon by default, with a chance of evening and a small chance of night or dawn) and stage 'looping' (same order of stages in the afternoon that were run in the morning)- Being more ambitious, instead of upgrading your own car and choosing to boost this or that, the quality would be determined by the team you rent a car from for the season, with the option to be hired by a works team for the 'perfect' version of the car (the latter part of which PC2 started to play with) - Redo the car classes, please... I'll rewrite a longer post on this, but the Lancia Delta competed v Ford Sierras and M3s in real life and the Evo VI rallied against the '01 Focus and the two early 2000CC Subarus. That the Stratos is in a different class to the Escort and 131 Abarth is a travesty.
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    A small multiplayer thing I think would be cool for streams and such, staggered starts for rally lobbies. Could potentially have options ranging from "Start at 1 minute intervals" to "Start when previous driver has finished". Would make livestreaming rallies a little more interesting than switching between live views, although the way that WRC8 shows all the ghosts in real time is neat too. 🙂