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    Codemasters - we need you to communicate with us. It's the weekend - sure. Why you released the game in this state on a weekend is questionable in the first place - but ok, I get it. Why do we need you to communicate? Let's recap what's happened over the last week. Ultimate Edition owners unlocked and started playing the game late Monday evening BST Steam sales are recording anything between 0-20k owners. Peak Steam users has been just over 1k - and is continuing in a downwards trend since. Codemasters 'community' race session on PS4 had 4 attendees. That's right, 4. 5 including ChrisGroves, the CM rep. It lasted less than an hour. Fun fact; This race session had to use a rolling start to hide the glaring multiplayer sync bugs. In contrast - GRID 2 had 7.3k players on launch day, with a slow downwards trend over a few weeks. It currently sits between 500 and 1k peak players every day. It was released in 2013. GRID 2019 is sitting at 'Mixed' review rating, with a very clear trend for disappointment in certain areas for the game. My review is currently the highest rated - you can read up if you're not savvy on a lot of the problems this game's facing. https://steamcommunity.com/id/mojoex/recommended/703860?snr=1_5_9__402 So on the face of it, this game isn't doing too well. Which is a real crying shame. But there are things that you can, and should be doing, to rectify this ASAP. Communicate with us. I recently posted in the feedback thread a few times towards Chris. He stated that he's collecting 'an official document' of feedback and suggestions. I requested that he share that with us, maybe a list of Known Issues with what they're working on, or when we can expect a fix. His response was a firm "No", with some marketing stuff surrounding it. This is unacceptable. The same responses are met on the official Discord - with an added bonus of having no-one from CM active there except PJ who is a DIRT rep. So any questions regarding GRID cannot be answered. Here I'd like to break down some stuff. There's a difference between 'feature requests' and 'content', to actual core implementations and issues that need to be addressed, or at least acknowledged. This can be broken down for example (And I want to stress that this is not a comprehensive list of the games problems. Just a selection of them); Feature requests; More cars, tracks More icons and banners More events for career Graphical improvements Core implementations and issues; Missing features from previous grid games.. Driver profile stats Functioning multiplayer lobbies No AI in multiplayer Desync bugs in multiplayer Lap bugs in multiplayer DX12 issues Now; I completely understand that the feature requests take some time. They're assessed, planned and then implemented. That's not what the community is looking for. You only have to spend 10 minutes looking at forums, reviews, Discord and the likes to see that there are so many other issues with the game that simply need to be addressed if this game were to stand a chance. There's a huge risk of this game being dead in the water right now. It's almost there already. Multiplayer quickmatch is all but unplayable for many. It can take a long time to find a lobby, and that lobby may be a ghost town. Then you have to experience the bugs and lack of features that existed in previous games. I'm not going into detail about the issues that need to be fixed because you can find them in the links below - but please, CM, we need you to update us. Talk with us about any issues that we find. Assure us that they're being looked into. Let us know that there's a fix identified and will be implemented with the next patch. Content, cars, tracks, all of that, I'm sure will come in time. That's not the problem we have with the game. Most of us enjoy the core experience of driving a car on the tracks that are available to us. It's everything else surrounding it. If we keep telling you about these things without assurance that our concerns are not falling on deaf ears, we won't be around for long. NOTE: Please don't use this thread as an excuse to meme and throw around abuse at the developers and publishers. They're likely honest, hard working people for a relatively small studio. They're people just like us. Don't start throwing abuse and insults at them - it won't get us anywhere. If anyone feels like I should add to the above or below, please post. Collated list of example threads, issues and requests;
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    Very bad multiplayer ... Grid(2008) - global leaderboard Grid 2 - global leaderboard - 9 global challenge/week - rivals Grid Autosport - global leaderboard - 6 racenet event/week - cars XP level - global Team leaderboard and Grid (2019) ? - no leaderboard - no event - no rival - no Team - only quick and private match ... Why ?? For what reason ?? Multiplayer it Dead ...
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    Yeah, new CM game releases & discounts on older titles seem to be one common cause of Racenet failing due to increased traffic. And it appears to fail across multiple CM games when it does so. CM, please... invest in extra Racenet capacity increase capacity in advance of planned events which are likely to lead to increased traffic & failure of Racenet (new game releases, discounts, timed events) implement 24/7 monitoring & support for Racenet (players/community suffer needlessly each time it fails over a weekend & doesn't get fixed until UK office hours the following Monday) investigate possibility of Racenet services auto-recovering/restarting when these issues occur (as an alternative/interim arrangement to the above 24/7 support) reduce reliance on Racenet in your current/future games (in particular, allow single-player/career modes to function in their entirety without it) Thanks!
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    My one wish would be for you to realise online multiplayer is the way forward. Do you guys understand gaming addiction? Do you want your hard work to get cr4p reviews and ratings or do you want to see that your game is the most played racing game on every platform? If you want the bad reviews keep doing what your doing, you are nailing it! If you want your game to do well, and people to play it EVERY night for the next 2 years, it needs online play. Rivalries are what keeps racers coming back night after night. Whether its to smash the people you don't like, or race the guys who are good. Do you think people are going to play career mode for 2 years or more? If you do, can we all get a toke on that please? It must be good stuff. Its time you start listening to the people who bash your games online from release until the next game. These people don't care about career mode. They want to race real people. Its these people who buy your DLC and keep your game active and the ratings up, which in turn makes your studio look good. How does the latest iteration of Grid make your studio look? Like incompetent fools? I really want to LOVE this game, but at the moment there is nothing to love. It does look good, the cars drive fine, the rain is stunning. But FFS online F-ing sucks! This is why people are telling you its rushed/unfinished/incomplete.
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    Hey 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to wrap all this together. Couple of things to clear up: - Expecting community feedback to be looked at, taken seriously and acted upon is fair and, as I've said many times before, it is literally counter-productive for us not to do that. Never understand why people assume this isn't taking place, even if you don't explicitly see it, as avoiding community feedback makes no sense at all. Everything we can possibly look into is being done so, and we're intent on addressing as much as we can regarding player-related feedback. 🙂 - My personal priority-list in terms of looking at feedback on these Forums is: 1) The Technical Assistance page, because that's where we've instructed players to give us constructive feedback for us to act on; 2) Anything I'm @'d/tagged in; and 3) the General Discussion threads. If you're not reporting something in the TA section, @ me into your comment and I'll do all I can do get back to you. - The Discord channel (which is really fun!) states from the start that it is not a channel for reporting issues or going through the community feedback process. We have other channels, like this one, for that purpose. - On not being able to disclose a full list of known issues or suggestions, being "not acceptable", the "some marketing stuff" is details that explain how I'd be fired if we did that. Disclosing a list like this would also lead many to assume we're going to address everything on that list, when in reality, the situation will be much more complex and long-winded than that. - With six different channels to oversee, social content to produce, other content plans to create and oversee, behind-the-scenes tasks, partners to liaise with, meetings to attend, other company responsibilities and finding time to switch off, expecting a game's Community Manager to be constantly active and all-seeing on one channel is probably unrealistic. - Please also don't forget the human element to all of this. We've just finished launch week which, as you'll know, is an incredibly busy, stressful, all-consuming time. On top of that, anyone who caught our launch day stream on YouTube will know that I've been... rather ill 😅 But now the dust is settling a bit and I've had a weekend to somewhat recover, activity should naturally pick up on channels like this. The next meeting with the team to look at community feedback is today and I'm in the middle of collating more feedback for it. Whenever I get news that I can pass back to players, that's what I'll be doing. Thanks 🙂
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    Just a quickie since that was a mistaken assumption on my part the last time this came up. (sorry for that) When there are server issues it's usually been a blip that causes a little bit of downtime, but based on the replies here it looks to have been down for a while. I'm sure the team has eyes on it already but just to be sure I'll flag it 👍🏻
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    I am the old fan of Grid. I have 1500 online wins in RD GRID, and 2000 in Grid2. I had great expectations for this new Grid, because driving in promotion movies looks very good. Now I disappointed greatly. I dont need such game for such money. Yes, game mechanics generally looks really good, its something between Grid and Grid 2, much more realistic than both and quite funny. Even with past-decade acidic and dull a bit picture it could be good. Even with so little amount of tracks (with really strange great 67Gb weight) - it could be good. But it practically has no multiplayer! And its no matter, that game crashes 2 times of 3 attempts to enter this option, and then disconnect come soon, if not crashed. It will be probably fixed later. But the system itself!... I spent two years in Grid 2. Each night we fighted in hardcore session... it was true war, it was unbelievably great! Its just that, what I expected from new game also. But here its totally impossible. Because here we have not such rooms, as well as sessions' list, made the lion's share of first Grid and series generally success. We have only random match without choise of something. Each time you will play with other players, most of which will run away after first race by different reasons, like it already checked in DR2. Yes, we can create our own session. But how to attract players there? I have more than 100 friends in steam, the half of them from rally, other - from Grid.... but even they will think before entering, when I invite, because I wins too often. I skipped Grid Autosport, many friends now dont play at night.... for struggle we need not friends, but rivals! Which forced, may be, to play in this hardcore room as well as me! It will be the battle, it will be the game! Now - NO game. Especially nice, that we see AI cars in online sessions. FOR WHAT A HELL? Who asked for it? Its simply unbelievable stupid and destructive. It was stupid and ugly in rally, especially in rallycross, but here it simply kill everything. If somebody wants to play with botes - he can go offline. Here they only destroy the game. We played without this **** for decades - but now we forced to eat it. NO! Do it yourself! Technical problems simply crown game fail. Everything worked exellent with comfort system in RD GRID, worked good with less comfort in Grid 2, but now, with minimal system, it does not work. Its true Nemesis! No, if you will spit out to old fans' eyes in such way - they will go away. As for me, now I demand my money back.
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    The original Grid was so bloody good in multiplayer and I spent so long on that. After 4 hours racing multiplayer on Grid 2019 I can't see how this is going to survive! The quick race option is absolute garbage. AI cars and maybe 3 real people!!!!! For a brand new game, if the lobby can't be filled already then there is no hope. It's the only reason I bought the game too 😞 How sad that after all this time Codemasters trash their new game.
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    I cant connect to racenet now! If you make the decision that we will have to connect to it even to run our career at least just make it work ffs! This is unacceptable!!!!
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    Sorry Codemasters but multiplayer is extremely disappointing.... Why are AI in quickmatch? Why is there no online system like in Grid Autosport? Why are custom lobbys Friends or Invite only? Why is there no option that allows anyone to join? This is a huge step backwards. Words fail me tbh. £75 wasted.
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    Hello there! I'm writing here, because there is probably few people among us who likes to complete games on 100% (I'm one of them too). The trophy/achievement "Around the Globe" states that we have to accumulate number of kilomteres equal to our globe. Some user stated, that after almost 40h of playing, progress in achievements says it's only 6% ?! Is that really true? If yes, than this trophy requries enormous amount of grind. I can understand a little bit of grind after completing everything else, but this is just another level... I dunno, but this trophy/achievement will requrie hundrends of hours to finish. What's up with that Codies? Isn't this a little bit too much? I like the game very much, but I don't want to spend racing around an oval for 200 or 300 hours (if not more). DriveClub had perfect trophies, after finishing all events it requried a little bit of grinding, but not too much. And after dlc hit the store, almost everything was completed during finishing them. Can somebody please explain what's the purpose of this trophy and why in gods name it requries so much grinding from us? Is it possible to lower the requriements?
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    Hello, been a while since I've been on here. I've played the game at my friend's place on PC, we have the same wheel and similar hardware so it's what I can expect if I decide to buy it on my own. The Good: The overall feel of the racing is great, I love it. Not too serious, but every title doesn't have to be. The cars feel responsive and arcady, but unforgiving if you're doing a bad job of it. The graphics aren't revolutionary, but they look good. The Bad: My biggest gripe with the game is the multiplayer. The way you queue up is lackluster, there aren't enough details to select what you're queuing for and racing with bots should not be the standard. Suggestions: If you're worried that people will be waiting too long to start playing, let them play a separate single player race while waiting, and when a lobby has been formed, notify the player so they can join in. Let the player set the minimum amount of players they want for their lobby. Let people choose in advance which classes they're interested in queuing up for. When the 3 races of a lobby has been completed, let people vote to race again with the same players, and possibly wait for more people to join. Let people do a single qualifying lap. Just give every player a flying simultaneous start at the beginning of the straight before the finish line. Have people be ghosted out to each other, TrackMania style. Currently I'd give the single player 9/10. It really is great fun. At the same time I'd only give the multiplayer 4/10 because of the issues mentioned, but I believe that score can be doubled to 8/10 if things are fixed. Whether ramming will be too much of an issue, we'll see. Players are a bit more sinister than bots when it comes to that.
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    The should scan up all those dorman F1 circuits and utilize them in Multiplayer and Time Trial modes IMO. Dormant tracks in India, Korea, Valencia and Turkey etc.
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    Hi all apologies for the caps in the title but dam it is amazingly great game. Big congrats to every one involved with the game. GOOD JOB CODIE'S I have to add the first 30 minutes of the game has been brilliant and butter smooth, 2 tiny tiny hick'ups, the game loaded full screen but not completely in the "full screen" with a margin of 20 pixels up and left so the desktop was visible but,. it then righted its self. (probably my computer more than anything) and i was getting a lot of FPS drops, again simple tweaks to the options was all it took, ( you can do this straight from the first race, for anyone reading this before playing the game) I am surprised there isn't an Nvidia Driver release for it yet tho? 3 Key Points and a few facts 1. game works with out issues first go! (this is a major achievement) 2. the game also recognises multiple cores and threads! Huge! i remember my breakthrough of re-coding the text files every game to accept more that 2 cores and all the extra tweaks. (this probably wont stop me playing with the text files hehe) 3. OH MAN this is alot more sim then Arcade! and V8 Supercars are BACK !!! AAAAAAAAHHHH O M G Facts, it is using an 8 core 16 threads at 3.3+ ghz near max 95%+ load and iv currently got a GTX980 running 92% load AND ! yes the game is sitting on an avg of 11gb ramm (ddr4 2133), the game is running in High with a few options on medium / low. see the attached screen grab, the game is running in a window at 2560x1440 running on a one of two 4K UHD monitors. to give you an idea of Gpu load out of game. Anyway.. happy gaming all. and mainly just wanted to share my excitement, joy and big thanks to you Codie's. its been along time coming and Huge Congrats ! Drayke! I am Sure i will make videos about the game in the next few days ! i wounder if i am still on the content creators list these days? if it still exists..
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    I couldn't imagine paying full price for this game and not even have the ability to play it, in addition to losing ALL my progress in the chance that Racenet isn't being a pile of **** and I do play. Just loss progress in a rally because Racenet couldn't connect. This is the most ass-backwards implementation of online connectivity in any game I've ever seen. In no way should your ****** network affect any progress that I've made in my game, it should be saved locally and uploaded when possible. Completely unacceptable.
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    Thats what they said this Grid was supposed to be.
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    This confirms that in Time Trial we should always be able to get the fastest laptimes in the game, which begs the question: Why are some tracks slower in the game compared to real life? This thread is dedicated to this question and a few issues have been found out, mainly a lack of downforce and the suspicion that drag needs to be adjusted too to have less drag in general to get better acceleration, @Hoo @RedDevilKT: 1. Would you kindly, please have a look and give us some clarification and tell us whether or not the dev team will investigate the lack of downforce compared to real life? I strongly believe the game needs around at least 20% - 30% more downforce to be able to replicate the real life performance around fast corners such as Turn 9 at Spain at appropriate wing settings (no team in real life runs maximum downforce at Spain, so using 11/11 wings in the game for that track is insane just to be able to get similar performance and speed around fast corners as irl), tried modifying on PC and this little change (+30% downforce) worked wonders to make the cars go faster and hit real life perfomance easily at 7/7 or 8/8 wings. Meanwhile through modding, i also altered the drag level of the car to be around 3% less and it gave the cars the needed acceleration. All in all, at the moment the cars are not in sync with real life performance on patch 1.12 and this needs fixing as you were too gentle with the 1.05 patch which did not give us enough downforce unfortunately. 2. Would you kindly, tell us if we are ever going to get another car performance update to make the cars faster? Car, team and driver performance deperately need another update. Cars need more downforce, +30% and around 3% less drag. Teams need to be adjusted accordingly, eg. -Racing Point needs to be slower than McLaren and Ferrari needs to have much faster acceleration and straight line speed than Mercedes. -The car ride height of each individual team needs to be homogenized, as at the moment some teams such as Ferrari do not create any sparks even at the lowest ride height of 1/1 on specific tracks, whereas others such as Mercedes create a pyrofestival at 3/5 ride height. Also, the drivers need to be adjusted accordingly as well, eg. Ricciardo getting a buff, Gasly getting a nerf etc. 3. Would you kindly, tell us if anything asked in this thread will be looked at / fixed and or will be left untouched, so that we can stop posting about the same issue over and over again and finally move on? It is frustrating and disappointing to not get any official answer by Codemasters on this subject.
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    Codemasters you should really be ashamed for this continuous weekend racenet problems...
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    I wish another company started doing the official F1 games. Codemasters is doing the same mistakes every year. The AI is terrible, just plows through you ignoring that there's an object there. They dont listen to the fans, and I think their time doing F1 games has passed. Just who made the decision, that playing a league with friends didnt need a save between sessions? Even in real life they have practice on Friday, Quali on Saturday and then race on Sunday!
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    Multiplayer needs a serious re-design. Would much prefer quick lobbies of chosen car class and private lobbies. A similar format to GAS would be great personally. And what is with the AI in multilayer? Options not to have lobbies by class, and AI in online make me wonder just how little faith codies had in this game to have any sort of decent player base, but I can't help but think it's going to die out unless these issues are fixed. I remember GAS, the NWR guys, the crazy Scottish bloke, Flukey and his Mrs, team rivalries that made we want to get on everyday on put points on the board. Good old days!
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    We've been giving feedback and offering input to Codemasters for years and it's the same silence every damn game, with very little change. People have finally started getting the message and just not bothering... because what's the point? Nobody is listening anyway 🤷‍♂️
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    Did you just use Mr. The Block as a positive example? No, no no, this simply will not stand. To the gulag with you!
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    They clearly do not care, as PJ said that they don't have anyone who works on the weekends or outside of office time. Meaning that they'll only care about fixing something Monday through Friday 9-5 UK time. My service provider lets me know when I need to restart a server or when there are issues and I can fix it with my phone. The fact that they are still using the same terrible service provider 8 months after launch is an indication of their standards and lack of concern for the community. This game should have clearly been marketed with the tagline: Enjoy your game Monday through Friday 9am-5pm UK time, best of luck outside of those hours to enjoy the game you paid $120 for.
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    I wish people at Codemasters would post on the forum more. Interaction is seriously lacking.
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    So I was playing Historic Championships because at least that should work when Racenet doesn't. BUT At the end of every stage I'm staring at this screen for quite a while, because when Racenet is being this slow it takes a long time to upload my stage time to some leaderboard that I could care less about since I don't play Historic Championships to set times on leaderboards. Online events, clubs, time trials, world series are for that. It's more than bad enough that I can't play singleplayer career because their online service isn't working. Why don't you make Racenet work? Not exactly the first time something like this has happened.