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    Stayed up far later than I should have playing some of the McRae scenarios last night. At a casual glance Scotland doesn't look that dissimilar to Wales, but it is very different to drive. Really impressed with how Codemasters have produced the scenarios without WRC licensing; "beat the Spanish and Finnish drivers". That'll be Carlos and Tommi then... ...after careful consideration, and despite a few minor gripes/omissions, thanks to the latest DLC I am now officially declaring DR2.0 as my favourite rally game of all time. Oh, and that Subaru? Totally worth the wait.
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    Hmm, hmm, hmm Anybody's got interest? 🙂
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    This is the normal cycle of F1 games. New Trailer -> Hype -> Features announced -> Hype -> Increasing amounts of people say that they will not buy the game -> Hype -> Game gets released on a Friday (Codies go to pub without leaving out of office auto answer on) -> Despite 0 day patch game is still gimped -> More problems start coming in -> People consider the game a cut and paste of last year and a waste of money -> Patches are released, sometimes fixing stuff and have the unintended (?) side effect of breaking other things> Cycle repeats > Much guff is promised on forums> Game continues to annoy people> Something else is released> Most people active here are complaining because the game is still broken. Fixed it for you.
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    No matter which car you drive in Scotland the engine sound is always too loud and so loud that the co-driver is very, very difficult to hear. That is only in Scotland
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    Thanks. It was pretty intense and i was quite nervous during the event, just trying to avoid the stone tyre barriers. I made a small mistake at the final chicane, that's why it seemed Bennett was a bit desperate. Btw, here my video: On wednesday (March 25th, 2020) real WRX driver Oliver Bennett hosted a online World Rallycross Supercar event. Bennett and me gave the audience an amazing show. The four qualifying sessions were already Xite'd and close racing. Where Bennett beat me in Q1 and Q2, I managed to win heats 3 and 4 to get TQ (top qualifier). Bennett got P3 after the qualifying sessions, meaning we started next to each other in the semis. The semis were chaotic. Me and Bennett touched each other at T1, meaning I couldn't managed to turn into T1. After a fightback from last position, i managed to get still P2 behind Bennett who managed to win the semi. Starting the final from the third position, I had an awesome exit at T1, to get in front of everyone. Me and Bennett didn't gave any laptime to each other, meaning it all came down to my joker on the last lap...
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    I've played Scotland quite a bit now, and really must thank Codies for this. What a magnificent way to end the game. The fog is definitely much better than Finland, and the rally is just so beautifully, amazingly detailed. It's glorious, so lovingly put together. And I'm also finding it really varied and interesting. After the disappointment of Finland (the fog killed it for me), and then having had some hope for a whole new season of rallies dashed, this outcome is just so satisfying. To get this at the end of the game's seasons and for free for many players - nobody could argue this one. Hail Codemasters!
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    This is the normal cycle of F1 games. New Trailer -> Hype -> Features announced -> Hype -> Small amount of people say that they will not buy the game -> Hype -> Game gets released -> most are happy for about two weeks -> Problems start coming in -> People still consider the game good -> and then we come to this day in which most people active here are complaining.
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    I want to say a big thanks and bravo to CM for this amazing game. Also I want to say thanks to this forum. All peoples here they try to make the game better and help other people. People for people. Bravo guys!!!
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    Also I have picture of codies planting these little thingys on side of the road. Those seems to have equivalent mass as nissan micra, as those propels my car deeeeep in the woods if/when I manage to hit one.
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    • PC, Steam user. • Windows 7 professional 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3450 3.10 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. • Deluxe user. • OSW Simucube (steering wheel), Xin-Mo Controller (Shifter), BU0836-LC Interface (Pedals), BU0836A Interface (Handbrake).
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    Finland in daytime/clear and daytime/overcast has a horrible looking thick fog on it. Completely unrealistic for the weather (I live in Finland so I would know, also every single Finnish player says this is not even close to how it looks like in reality), looks painfully awful, and you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all. Scotland is almost as foggy, and Wales is pretty poor looking in daytime as well. I wouldn't know if it's realistic in those locations or not, but given the fog is "for performance reasons" then probably not. How come daytime looks so awful compared to other weathers? How come you can get other weathers to run ok without a thick fog and while looking good but not daytime? Boggles the mind. Yes, I know that you said it's "for performance reasons" but that just isn't a good enough answer. Adding this kind of horrible fog that makes it look awful is absolutely not the right way to increase performance. What you should do is get rid of the fog, or at least tone it down, and increase performance in other ways. The kind of ways the leave daytime Finland looking decent and at least somewhat like reality. Look at this. This is a comparison of Finland in Dirt Rally vs. Dirt Rally 2.0. You can see it looks FAR better in DR1, because low graphical fidelity without the fog is far better than high graphical fidelity with a horrible fog slapped on it that completely ruins its looks. Your "visual upgrade" has left daytime Finland looking far worse that it did in DR1. These fake promo screenshots, with no fog at all, are what the real game should look like. As it stands this might as well be from a completely different game. The fact that you can't show real screenshots of daytime Finland would kind of suggest even you at Codemasters are not too happy with how it looks like. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    The new content added in 1.13 has made my game borderline unplayable on original Xbox One I updated and installed the Mcrae pack in the same manner as I have done for every other update since launch Tried the first scenario in Mcrae mode, on very hard (91%), completed the stage, passed the objective, and pressing continue at the end caused the game to crash to dashboard Restarted the game and tried again, exact same outcome Powered off console, even unplugging power lead for 30secs, and restarted Tried again, same outcome Restarted again and switched to medium difficulty (70%), same outcome Restarted again and tried the Peugeot 205 scenario, on medium (70%), same outcome; crash to dashboard upon continuing after stage completion Restarted again and successfully completed the My Team daily stage (205 in Scotland, great stage by the way!) as normal Tried the Subaru S4 daily (Australia), and pressing continue after the stage caused a crash to dashboard as well Restarted and thankfully my time was still logged Started the Group-A Weekly (9stages Scotland), using the new Legacy. Have completed the first 3 stages, but each time pressing continue after the stage caused a game crash. Thankfully progress is being logged, but restarting the game after every stage is hardly ideal I cannot complete any Mcrae scenario as the game crashes and progress is not saved
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    Scotland has one of the best stages in DR2 this far. I really like it. But. I also have to say that I don't like those super late pace notes. Also there is just plain wrong calls IMO and I find it confusing and hard to trust those pace notes.
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    To keep company to the fantastic Polo of SRD 🙂
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    I would always recommend to learn to do the setup, than to copy an existing one. In some of my videos you see setups for cars, but that might still change slightly depending on the car for me. You might use them as a starting point, but dont shy away from experimenting to adjust them to your driving style. For general Tarmac Knowledge: And for a general Gravel Knowledge:
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    Scotland is so good. Looks like it got special treatment because I don't how it's possible it looks so good 😄 Great track.
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    Oliver Bennett organized an online RX event. I joined and had amazing fight with him for the event win. I was TQ, than Oli won the semi, and in the final I managed a good exit at T1 to get the lead and get P1, in front of Oli, and @EvansR5 getting P3 in the final. Thanks @James McAdam for the record from Oil’s Twitch. My video of the final will come later 🙂
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    Interior lighting in Subaru Legacy does not work, no light at all other than shift light Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    Same sound problem here (steam version) (french co-driver) only in Scotland (copy/past of the steam thread) : - sync is completly off, so I almost drive "blind" (on every Scotland stages there's a moment where the codriver is calling way after i made the turn or anything) - his voice is bugged/undermixed (still only on Scotland stages), so it's difficult to ear him - errors in directions (left instead of right, parts missing) me issue
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    Me to Sound problems !? the sound (announcements copilot / Tanja Geilhausen) is constantly loud and quiet! what's going on there..!?? Engine / exhaust sound sounds strange! I Hope for Support! German: Tonprobleme!? der Ton (Ansagen Copilotin /Tanja Geilhausen) wird ständig laut und leise! was ist da los..!?? Motor/Auspuffsound klingt seltsam! Ich hoffe auf Unterstützung!
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    In rallycross qualifying the random times from other heats are often massively faster than the AI drivers in your heat. They should be around the same level but there can be a 7-20 second mismatch. I play career mode on elite level, or freeplay with 80-90 difficulty, and on most tracks there is a 7-8 second gap between the physical drivers you race against and the random AI times. On Killarney it's 16-20 which is just mind-boggling. 4-5 seconds per lap on a 1km track. That is a staggering mismatch. 7-8 seconds for 4 laps is huge and that is on most tracks. This makes offline racing near impossible. I can't have the kind of race where I have good close racing in both qualifying (where I compete against the random times) and in semi-finals/finals (where I compete against physical AI opponents) because there is a huge gap in their levels. In freeplay if I set the difficulty so that physical AI drivers are around my level, then I will never get past qualifying since the random times are far faster. If I set the difficulty so that random times are around my level, then semi-finals and finals are laughable since the AI drivers are way too slow for me. This kills offline rallycross. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    hello in the first special of the scotland rally, shortly after the start on the bridge (quite technical), i have a loss of FPS. I have 90 FPS in the whole game and there, on the bridge, I fall back to less than 20 FPS, it lasts a few seconds then more problem. It's only there in one way or the other. What is it about ? thank you
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    there's a limit of 8 setup slots for each surface type, which is a bit annoying. for RX there's not enough for all the tracks either. in other news, I started the group a weekly event in scotland just now. first stage I was slow, then there was a service station and I was able to repair everything. on the next two I got overconfident and it didn't go so well. I went from a perfect car to this in two stages. but I loved every second of it. these roads are awesome.
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