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    It’s funny that people complain about recycled content, yet probably buy FIFA and Call of Duty every year
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    Not sure if this was mentioned yet but to those who were complaining about the red borders on the forum, I just discovered you can change it to grey in the options, just click your name in the top right of screen and select alt theme and presto, no more jarring red edges attacking your eyeballs.
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    Yay! I have been testing the new DLC content for the last 3 years, I can confirm that the stages feel great. During the beta there was a bug in one of the German stages, where the voice says "1 left, 1 left" when it should be "1 right, 1right" at the beginning of the stage if the Spanish co-driver is selected. I hope they have had time to fix it will all the new developments. Also thanks Codemasters for releasing the DLC so quickly. It almost feels like you could have included it with the base game, I love how you tease as all, even for a few days. Any chance of realising a DLC with the music from Dirt Rally 1?
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    Christina just posted on Discord saying that they are waiting for the green light from all parties to release the information. She also said that @SirPhilMcKraken is a **** and his early access is going to get revoked.
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    Found the perfect socks to play DR2.0 I've placed my order hahaha Hopefuly they get here in time Quattro Socks They also have the @tbtstt special edition Scooby Socks
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    Ok guys, it's nearly impossible to follow the Discord channel when you live a life with work, a wife & 2 kids. I'll keep concentrating on the Gossip thread here on the forums...
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    Codemasters are not a huge house like Rockstar. They probably have a budget of 1% or less than the huge studios. If anything Codemasters are smaller than they were in the past. Rally games are a very niche market. With likely sales of less than 100,000 copies we have to wholeheartedly support them to ensure the future of rally games. If they sold millions of copies (never will) then criticism of limited scope would be valid. I would happily pay £20 for each additional rally location. As a carer I work for minimum wage so that would be a large chunk of my disposable income. But such is my passion for rally games. If this title fails then rally games will follow the sad fate of tennis and cricket games. They will simply cease to exist!
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    My bad - it's the 2001 Impreza, I just can't count. 😉
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    Yeez.... It seems to become very common that people think Software just falls out of the sky or is an "easy Job". If it would be easy and fast there wouldnt be a shortage of programmers and developers everywhere. I Do think what they are doing is actually really consumer friendly. Almost everything in the Base game is New. So if you personally think the DLC is a ripoff of old content, has it occured to you to just NOT buy it? Seems a crazy thought, I know, but you know, nobody forces you to buy the "recycled content". The backlash would be much bigger if it actually were included in the Base game, so good choice Cm. Sure I also hoped for New locations. But the ones we get is exactly what I expected, since it does make the most sense.
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    Think I’m probably more excited for the locations. The fact that we will be able to run a 9 round championship will be fantastic! Hopefully it’s all new stages, but even if it is old stuff I will still just be happy for more content, and I would hope that they would have had a big overhaul
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    Admittedly I hate the red, but it's the Codemasters brand colour and I'm at the mercy of our designers, I will look to get an alternate/dark theme setup though.
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    Gotta imagine there is hope for kit cars. Whilst i'm thinking about things, don't forget that all Codies stuff is licensed, that means that regardless if they had it in a previous game, it's not in the next game until it's licensed - previously having it only means they were able to get licensing, they still gotta pay for it. Right, now, we're getting a full game, with lots of new content, for a regular price of a new game - i've tried it, it's great, they earned my money and then some. On top of that, for just $20, you get two DLC packs, we know what one of them contains; three more remastered locations from DR plus, six extra licensed cars and some cool liveries, mostly possibly also licensed. For ten dollars, that's a hell of a deal.
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    Having been testing 2.0 for the past while, I’m actually really happy to be getting my old stages back to add to the existing locations. The new feel will just add a whole new challenge to the stages you ‘think’ you know!! 😉 Just to give an update from testing: I’m in trouble daily with my wife because of DiRT Rally 2.0. It’s proper addictive fun! Really intense, just like DR was. I can’t get enough! I’m really enjoying all the cars and all the new locations. This isn’t a casual drive through the woods, it’s really engaging and technical. You guys are really gonna love this! 👌🏻
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    They aren't new rallies. They are stages anyone that played DR 1 has already driven a million times, and paid for already, with a shiny coat of paint..
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    I feel like this could go downhill quickly
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    Nothing. We've angered the gods. Who's the youngest community member? They should be sacrificed to appease @xtinamcgrath
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    You can probably make a good start to the shocking by referring to her as a him!
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    I'd prefer Ireland, damp tarmac, low grip, some jumps, nice Challenge This stage would be ace: Edit: ace if you drive like Breen 🤣
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    The best era was when they let dudes like this compete (~6:10 minutes in)
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    May I suggest a Ford Transit for this task?
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    Well I WANT more rallycross tracks. So there.
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    Are you sure? The 2001 one was in DR1 and D4, so doesn't really tally with this: "New vehicles to the DiRT Rally franchise also include the ŠKODA Fabia Rally, the BMW M1 Procar Rally, and the Subaru Impreza" ...which makes perfect sense for the first two but there was a 2001 Impreza in DR1.
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    The new physics model will make a difference in the experience as will stage degredation and tyre choice. It's not just a shiny coat of paint, is it?