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    The issue compromised a critical game mode for our players, so we pushed a fix through as quick as possible to keep the integrity of people's efforts valid.
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    Yeah, that one is fake news. Best person to get official patch notes is, well.... me! 😛
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    Car upgrades (especially ones with an unlock requirement) are a terrible idea that only make the game worse instead of adding anything positive. I hope they are ditched for future Dirt Rally (and WRC) titles completely. Arcade-focused Dirt titles are another thing, but fantasy "grind extra horsepower for your car" mechanics don't really belong in a sim-focused, authenticity-focused title. We now have a weekly with Peugeot 206 WRC. A great car that I have driven quite a lot in freeplay, but never in My Team because the 2000cc class is criminally under-represented in online events and I really don't have time to do a masters championship with every car. So now I will have to complete the weekly with this gimped, under-powered version of the car, instead of being able to drive the car in its full glory. Not that I was going to win the weekly anyway but it sure does harm my enjoyment in driving the car in addition to my position. /rant
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    I'd like to bring back an old topic from the archives: Despite massive improvments of the game in the last years, I think one of the most important things is neglected in the last games. The weather system is the same for nearly five or six years now and there wasn't a huge step of improvments in a long time. I remember when F1 2012 came out, the step of the weather system was impressive - and in this game, the weather model was more realistic than in the games of the last years. The way how the rain came to an track or the track dried out was much less predictable. In the current games, it's always the same. As soon as the DRS is disabled, you know that its time for the wet tyres, and as soon as its enabled again, you are save for slicks again. Look at the postings in the topic above and watch this video: You were able to drive with Slicks on the dry line, but if you pushed to hard, and came away from the racing line, your race was over. Same way for wet tyres in the dry. You were able to cool your tyres on the wet places on the track and were able to race a lot longer on the wet tyres. And in the current games it's always the same sheme. So, there are no really opportunitys (especially in leagues), were slower drivers could surprise in difficult conditions. I think this topic is one of the most important topics of a racing game. And before moaning and concentrating on liverys or stuff, I think the devs should focus more on the on track things again, and not only about features, that the manority of people like to see. (MyTeam etc.)
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    Hi everyone, After internal investigation, we have decided to award everyone the ‘Chromed’ livery. Codemasters appreciate the efforts players have put into Series 1 of the Podium Pass and feel that our Community should not miss out on a reward due to an issue within the pass. Please check your in-game mail for details on how to redeem your reward. Thanks for the patience on this.
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    I have wanted this for years and I think it would be great for F1 2021. First of all, character customization. Just like in Fifa or Madden, we should be able to choos a face preset (could be from the ones available right now) and then we should have the ability to change stuff like nose shape, eye color, eyebrow type, hair style... And helmet customization. I would LOVE to be able to customize my helmet like in the Moto GP game or like in GranTurismo Sport. Where you can add any decal you want to creat the helmet exactly as you like. So we could add shapes, flags, numbers, and choose the color, shape and placement of our sponsors. Also, it would be great if we could choose different visor colors, like the real drivers, not just black. And another thing, idk if it has to do with licences or anything, but I would love to have a choice on what helmet brant to wear. (Bell, Arai, Schuberth or Stilo) I hope you can read this and maybe take my ideas into consideration. Thanx!
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    You might be able to get some useful feedback if you posted a video of a lap on one of the track you feel you're struggling with.
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    Just quickly, the main benefit to manual over automatic is faster acceleration speeds out of corners which can make a massive difference especially heading onto long straights. That's where, primarily, you should be gaining time against your old lap times, are you waiting to right at the end of the rev and lights go red to go up a gear?
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    The vast majority of a games players are offline, unless we're talking about a Fortnite or GT Sport, most players spend their time in offline modes. Yet you'd think the way online players talk, they actually jump in a real car when they log on, such is the dismissal of all other players. Having played both, there is nothing serious about your typical online lobby, most can barely keep it on track for a straight.
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    I liked the fight with Up100, apparently the tires were gone before the finish line... I didn’t like the behavior of two Mercedes, they dived at every turn and pushed. We drove like AI...
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    just wondered @BarryBL if codemasters are looking to plan introducing extra tracks from 2021 realistically as a DLC ? places like mugello / Germany / Portugal? If they are not in the official calender. Id happily pay 4.99 for three tracks . Anyone else got any ideas ?
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    Then why is Singha in the F1 2020 game? (FYI: Singha is a Thai beer brand, visible on the Alfa Romeo livery) As a matter of fact, Singha has been in the game for a few years already. Also, on the PS3 / XBox360 F1 games by Codemasters, we also got Kingfisher back in the days. Seems as if it probably boils down to Codemasters budget, and the creative decision to not make these sponsors available for all, as some countries have a total ban for alcohol or tobacco sponsors. (Which is, on the one hand, understandable, in the way that Codemasters are saving time and effort as well as keeping their budget low. And on the other hand, not understandable, because there is no technical limitation in terms of getting the licence, as everything can be bought at the right price; Not to mention, that Codemasters could easily create a specific update file of the liveries for countries that disallow these sponsorships, whilst everyone else gets the full experience in the vanilla game. Just as in EA's sports games, which are known for this little gimmick.). Either way, i hope that in the near future, Codemasters will start giving more attention to the official sponsorships, in order to increase immersion and realism by another notch. PS: Speaking of EA's sports games, they are running Heineken, Carlsberg, Estrella Galicia, as well as several "betting" sponsors on their games since 2009, IIRC. Ironically, these sports games are all rated "PEGI 3"...
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    Clean & Fast Drivers only Seats available, tomorrow we start with our first Grand Prix of the Season! If you have what it takes join us. Our discord, https://discord.gg/SVrrmuM
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    A lot of people should have already noticed that in every setup for F1 2020 that you can pick up/copy/download from internet “brake pressure” is always set to 100% and “front brake bias” to 50%...in past versions of the game there was a great variety, so why is this happening? Because this year brake power has been a lot underpowered (I think 100% brake pressure in F1 2020 equals to around 70% brake pressure of F1 2019) and shifting brake bias to the front is now useless mainly because engine brake has been completely removed. In this situation the cars almost never lock-up the tyres (in fact this year it is almost like driving with abs enabled: even applying full pedal brake you can only very slightly lock-up at the very end of the corner, near the apex while turning, but never on the straight during the first part like it could happen in F1 2019 setting 100% brake pressure or in real life – see Vettel and Raikkonen at Spa 2020 for example) and now it is also impossible to loose the rear of the car while braking; again if you watch real F1 footage you can see that sometimes drivers have to make fast corrections while braking in order not to loose the rear (like it was in F1 2019), in F1 2020 instead, even before braking you already know that it won’t ever happen. It would be great to have F1 2021 with a good compromise between F1 2019 and F1 2020 and in doing so I would suggest to at least take this year max brake pressure value (100%) and set it equal to 90% pressure of F1 2021 in order to have a 10% more brake power margin in the setup and also bring back some engine brake to the cars (just a little bit, not too much like it was in F1 2019, but also in my opinion removing it completely was not a big deal).
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    Made it to the overnight stop in Pt Augusta, the uni won't let us drive a long enough distance in one stint (max 5 hours, Wudinna is 6 hours from Adelaide) to get to our final destination so I broke the trip in half. Enjoying some hot chips and a piece of crumbed fish 🙂
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    Hi guys - I have a problem with the new Striker helmet from Podium Pass 2. Even though I select it, this selection is not saved by the game and it defaults to another helmet as soon as I exit customization menu. Disregard this, another thread already exists
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    Good question and I'll try to answer it as unbiased as possible: I don't really have a favourite, at the end of the it will be important that you can compare two (or more) lap times to each other to see where the differences are and then turn that into action on the track. On Windows I enjoyed using "Sim Racing Telemetry" but it doesn't seem to have been updated for F1 2020 yet so you may loose out on some data since you have to switch the UDP format in the game to 2019 which is slightly different to the format 2020 uses, you get the main bits of data regardless of that though. I haven't used any on mobile so far but but might be a better option if you are primarily playing on a console or don't have a PC around that you can or want to keep on all the time. That being said, unless you really understand how to read and interpret the data it'll probably not get you super far - that is the space I want to push into, making the complex data understandable and digestible to the average person to maximise their potential.
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    Hmm, looks like the dust trails are affected by the wind, imagine that in the hairpin section in Greece... Maybe in DR3 👀
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    OMG been ages since I posted here! Where did the time go lol I've been super busy/excited about some proposed excavation work that me and a colleague from the rival university are collaborating on. We're writing a scientific research proposal for the federal government to fully explore the rich Ediacaran period (600-650 mya) fossil bed in the Gammon Ranges here in South Aussie. It's a sea bed that has been exposed and weathered on the surface containing the richest and most intact collection of fossils from an eon of geological time that we know very little about...a time before oxygen, before plants as we know them...a time where the life was strange and basic and had only just reached multi celled status. In case you can't tell I'm super excited haha Oh and I'm away next week, teaching my field school, thats exciting too
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    If a part failed you have to pay twice for development of the part. The third payment is to save it from regulation changes. It sounds right.
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    Hello, Please found below the template referring to a bug reported by the French - Belgium community of F1 2020 on PS4. ----- Plateform : PS4 - F1 2020 - v.1.09 Game mode : Multiplayer Issue : In multiplayer mode (non classified), after Q3 qualifications the loading page to go to the race is displayed. After choosing my race strategy I press X and then I have no control of my car, I become spectator. I tried to exit the lobby and come back to take control of my car but it's impossible. By the way my IA made a false best lap with 16.1 sec. Thanks for your answer. Best Regards, Driss
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    Well it's not really an FPS drop as the paths would be only calculated once for a single incident, and the marshals and cranes are already being drawn anyways 🙂 Instead it would just look awful half of the time, as the marshals and cranes would clip through other objects and the such. These kinds of things are really hard to get right these days as the graphics have evolved so much.
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    So after a dismal qualifying where I got taken out by another car and had to retire from the session putting me dead last on the grid, I get greated by "Great day, lets have your take on it", nope that just breaks the immersion for me. Also set weather conditions for the interviews the same as preceeding session as I was in a downpour then got interviewed in bright sunshine!
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    Would be great to get a visual effect of low or high downforce tracks on the car. Is it possible to add three types of rear wing sizes? High (Monaco), medium (like the actual one in F1 2020 and low (Spa, Monza, Montreal)?