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    Version 1.11 Week of December 9-14, 2019 (Exact Day TBC) Content: New Car: Audi S1 EKS RX quattro - Available December 17 (Season 4) New Car: Peugeot 208 WRX - Available December 17 (Season 4) New Car: Ford Fiesta RXS Evo 5 - Available December 17 (Season 4) New Car: Renault Megane R.S. RX - Available January 14 (Season 4) New Car: Seat Ibiza RX - Available January 14 (Season 4) New Car: Ford Fiesta Rallycross (MK8) - Available January 14 (Season 4) New Liveries: Season 4, Stage 2 - Available December 17 (Season 4) Achievements: New Achievement: Rainmeister - Take victory in Hell, Norway, in the rain. New Achievement: Launch Event - Complete a lap in under 39 seconds at the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, in a 2019 RX Supercar. New Achievement: The Cartel -Win an event at 8 unique Rallycross locations using Bakkerud's or Doran's Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. New Achievement: Sunday Driver - Win a World Rallycross Championship Final with AI set to 100, in cockpit view, with assists disabled. - Further clarification needed. Multiplayer: Microsoft Store PC version: Added ability to host and join Multiplayer Lobbies. Resolved issue where cars that cross finish line would drive erratically if game is paused. 2019 World RX Supercars: New Car Class: 2019 Supercars Added ability to use 2019 Supercars in Custom Added ability to use 2019 Supercars in Time Trial Added ability to use 2019 Supercars in My Team Community Events (Daily Challenges etc.) Added ability to use 2019 Supercars in My Team Career (All Tiers except Masters, which will come in a future update) Note: FIA World Rallycross Championship will continue to use 2018 Supercars. 2019 Supercars integration will come in a future update. VR: Added comfort rating for Monte Carlo. Added comfort rating for Värmland, Sweden. Added comfort rating for Baumholder, Germany. Added comfort rating for Bikernieki, Latvia. Added comfort rating for Powys, Wales. Added comfort rating for Estering, Germany. Added comfort rating for DirtFish. Added comfort rating for Argolis, Greece. Added comfort rating for Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Added comfort rating for Jämsä, Finland. Added comfort rating for Killarney International Raceway, South Africa. Added comfort rating for Lydden Hill, UK. Locations: Monte Carlo: Resolved issue where some parts of the environment had oversized collision detection. Monte Carlo: Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Killarney International Raceway, South Africa: Made numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Cars: BMW M1 Procar: Added exhaust flames. Renault 5 Turbo: Corrected gear shifting type. Audi Sport quattro S1 E2: Corrected gear shifting type. Porsche 911 SC RS: Increased windscreen wiper range to cover full view on driver's side. Ford Fiesta OMSE Supercar Lites: Resolved issue where rear bodywork panel was not accumulating dirt. Resolved issue on numerous cars where rear wing was missing from cockpit view when looking back. Resolved issue on numerous cars where driver numbers were hard to see when certain liveries were applied. Time Trial: Resolved issue where personal best sector times were not being displayed when ghosts were disabled. Added option to clear all selected ghosts. Custom: Added pre-race countdown timer setting for hosts to configure in Multiplayer Lobbies. Broadcast Mode: Added End of Race countdown timer. Audio: German language: Resolved some instances of co-driver audio occasionally switching to male voice on Stage finish. Miscellaneous: Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made several minor stability improvements throughout title. Version 1.12 is in development and is expected to release around January 21, 2020.
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    Yesterday I had time to play S1 content, 2 hours in campaign and 2 hours in private lobby multiplayer. Here are my impressions: - bots are very fast in Paris, with hot hatches I was really struggling to keep up with them on VH - Paris itself is awesome, feels better than in Autosport - new cars are very fun, but I have some doubts about the balance. AWD cars are way easier to win with, because of excellent launch and superior corner exit traction. With the Mini, I had really hard time chasing bots, but with Audi I went from 14th to 5th before even the first turn - cars still look filty and scratched when starting a race 😞 I don't even want to bother with those new unlockable liveries, what's the point if it's all covered in scratches anyway? - 2 lap races on 2,5km track are back... I have no idea what Codies are thinking here. Tough Paris bots + 2 lap race + FWD car = forget about even being on the podium, there's simply to time to catch the bots... only quali helps and I find it really lame to be forced to run quali - new career events are pretty fun nevertheless, new car class and new track are all nicely implemented into some fun (but short) championships - still no option to set grid size for private multiplayer lobbies 😞 I'm playing with 1 friend, and we're forced to play with 14 bloodthirsty bots, or no bots at all - still no option to move the camera during replays... I wanted to take some cool screenshots of my races, but it's pointless to even try. Please, re-enable moving cam for replays, like it was in Autosport! - NEAR MISS seems to be triggering nicely now, both me and my buddy achieved 1st rank of this trophy after just few multiplayer races. I wish TWO WHEELS was triggering more, I had lots of situations when I was going on 2 wheels but the game never noticed - still no Racenet challenges... COME ON CODEMASTERS! - still no money from multiplayer races - this is something I really don't understand. When using loan vehicle, game warns you, that you'll lose some of your earnings... but you don't earn anything (except for XP, that is useless) so what the hell? You choose to not create a separate multiplayer game, with its own progression, everything is mixed up here... so how people are supposed to buy new cars, if they choose to ignore the career? - still can't change car tuning in multiplayer, and this is pretty bizarre. I just mentioned you didn't do a single/multi game separation, like you did in G2 and Autosport. So the cars I have tuned in singleplayer, keep their tuning for multiplayer, which is RIDICULOUS. My singleplayer time attack build for, say, FD2 Civic with supershort gear ratios and suspension set for taking kerbs is not going to work for 5 race event that contains long straights... and not only I can't change those tunings, I can't even look at them. So it's always a surprise, will the car work or not? As I don't remember all the tunings I did for career mode. This is really critical, Codies. I mean it. You dun goofed this one really bad. Overall, we were pretty happy with Season 1. I wish we got more tracks, 1 recycled track per season does not sound good enough, considering the state of the game on release. I don't mind recycling tracks at all, Autosport (and Grid 2) had lots of great tracks with multiple layouts, like Dubai or Chicago. We need those 3 missing SPRINT tracks back also 🙂 Looking forward to play more of S1 content during weekend. The game is going in the right direction, but I wish it went a bit faster 🙂
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    You can see the Love from the Developers in this Season 1 DLC! It is fantastic and it is the best DLC from all Racing games I have ever played, it is amazing! The Career mode is so much more fun, there is more veriety in the tracks and disciplines Paris looks awesome! Never saw a game before what looks so good, the Details are amazing, the Eifeltower, The Trumphbogen, it is amazing, especially at night with the amazing lights from the Eifeltower, so cool! The AI in Paris is finally a dream in this game! they are on hard really hard and on very hard really very hard, you can see the love from the developers and they listened to us with the slow AI, now please also make the AI so fast and so good in all the other tracks in this game, this is a very big progress! 33 Events in the career mode are really long for a dlc, this is what a dlc should be Thank you so much Codemasters, this is a very good pre Christmas present from you 🙂 🙂 The Season 1 is the best Step to get a very good grid game, make the AI in the Future in the other tracks so good like in paris and this is the best Racing game ever, I can't wait for the Career Lenght Patch 😄 😄 This is a very good job from you Codies, thank you! 🙂
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    Maybe next year 😉
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    Hi @wenjunyang1990, We are continuing to support F1 2019 longer than any other previous title and are always adding the latest patch notes to these forums when the patch/hotfix goes live.
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    True, but it's a bloody awful headache inducing whine. I'm thinking they'll start linking the sound to dead animals and constant migraines in people. And I'm only slightly joking. Please, like it isn't now.
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    Year two DLC confirmed!!! 🤪
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    No, it is you Americans that got it wrong.
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    Sunday Driver - Win a World Rallycross Championship Final with AI set to 100, in cockpit view, with assists disabled, while using a keyboard, with accelerate on the Esc key, your game language set to Japanese, after jumping the start, and taking three Joker laps, on a Sunday afternoon.
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    Quick note: on PS4, patches that prepare the game for Season 1 content are now going live. Later on in the day, the switch will be flicked and the new content will be available to play - so there'll be a short period where you can see the new content, but can't jump in just yet. It'll look something like this... As it's available to all players, the Paris circuit will be available to play as soon as you download this patch 🙂
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    Spent the night doing runs with different configurations of assists. Hopefully it helps shed some light on things. I was slowest while using Stability control. My second fastest run was with ABS and TCS only, with ABS/TCS/Auto gears at 3rd. The fastest was without ABS/TCS/Stability and with manual gears. ABS/TCS/Stability and just Stability control on its own, are very close. So pretty safe to say it was stability control slowing me down the most; with Auto gears also very close to them. No assists/Manual gears - 03:04.692 ABS/TCS/Manual gear - 03:07.992 ABS/TCS/Auto gears - 03:09.559 Stability/Manual gears - 03:10.025 ABS/TCS/Stability/Manual gears - 03:10.625 Video containtaining all the runs listed above - Also, my current leaderboard posistion on the stage used for testing. @koog2003
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    I don't think Leo was trying to insult, just sarcastic humor which Brits are well known for, he is right though, the American date system is backward!! 😛
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    To be honest, your "nationality" and your stupid measurements and notations are an insult to the whole world. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hi @bogani. Indeed you are right I have ran tests together with the help of @PJTierney and indeed I was wrong. Using assists make you slower on average. I guess the only reason assists are in the game is not to discourage beginners because the game looks too difficult for them. In my tests I am actually 10 seconds faster without any assist compared to my time with assists on the same track. I have verified this at least on 3 different track conditions (Snow, Gravel, Tarmac). Only with tarmac the times are similar but on snow and gravel without assists you are much faster. I was wrong I admit it.
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    Pffft, please, give me something harder... ...brilliant, was going to do all the events anyway in order to get to grips with the 2019 S1... ...could take a few attempts, but I'm not that far off this already and the 2019 cars should be quicker... ...****. You evil ********.
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    It is frustrating having to wait a couple of days, but the cries for compensation are a bit much...
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    After all these months of developing , patching the game I have to say this rally game is getting perfect. I had to say my opinion , ( my xp is 28 years of racing games all kinds , and in real life some passes on Greek Rally stages) First of all in my opinion graphics are just amazing , I had to take a lot of screen shots to be sure . Lighting is spot on , Trees ,Cars are all high detailed , Rain also feels natural , On 3440x1440 Ultra settings everything looks way better than any other Racing game that I have played …overall because yeah there are some games like GT sport that have better car detail but lose on environment or Forza that has better draw distance objects and particle effects. Sound it reminds me the amazing quality that Raceroom has , its the only game that I can drive by sound , I can feel all the progression of tha engine sound, its not only about getting the sound correct , it must feels progressive an all rpms . And yeah its the best for rally games. And not Only that ITS all about Detail in Greek stages I can hear cicadas ??? *** they have record cicadas ? 🙂 lol yeah it feels like a Greek rally Stage thats for sure . Physics , something that I missed on most (sim) rally games is the lack of weight of the car for example RBR , it doesnt feel like that in real life ( I know nothing compare to real life) but it feels more realistic the weight on DR2.0 , FW cars feel spot on at gravel that I know , I dont know how the Rally 4WD drive on real life but from my xp city car 4WD on greek special stage feels like that, My only strange feeling is the brake points are to short I feel like the cars brake so good 🙂 maybe the tyres on rally cars are waay better than stock gravel tyres that I have used. FFB , Yeah Yeah I know I was also very disappointed at the start , but for me its all about road feeling and weight of the car and that all I can take them from the game , I just had to lower tyre friction and stiffness of the wheel to feel more natural to me. Menu and Options , For me very very important , I want a game that works like I wanted not like the devs want, For example graphics option are a lot I can play on Ultra settings on my main PC but also I can play on Low settings on my secondary PC its a difference on performance that is big , Also Wheel settings the SOFT LOCK option is the MOST CLEVER option that I have seen all these years . I wonder why not most devs dont use that ? All I want is the REAL degrees of rotation of the cars, I dont want to keep changing my degrees depending the car. When I use an old one 900, and when I use a new one 540 … I need the game to do that every time and not me . So again THANK you so much for this Soft lock option. Cameras and Ultrawide Support again very positive to have this and most of all there are so many cameras in game and not only that there is a seat movement , this is very helpful to feel like I want it to be and not how the dev want it . Cars selection are also so simple and easy to use , Dirt 4 was so bad menu for me ….but DR2.0 feels so easy and smooth car and stage selection is all there in front of you. Also very positive for me is that I didn't get any frame lock to 60 fps or any tearing or lag to my G sync monitor or Freesync monitor , I use AW3418DW and 34UC88, a lot of games had problems for example the NEW WRC game had a lot of tearing problems and they told me that I had to lock the fps on 60, something about graphics and physics engine... Anyway for me DR2.0 was just open it get 120 fps or less with g sync and works without any problems. I know that there is no Perfect game , and I know a lot of people have different opinion I respect that, But I felt that I own that to Codemasters after all these years I wanted to say thanks for a first time to this development . Please keep that topic with positive posts and what good you all saw compared with older or newer games.
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    Im just more practiced is all, thats really is all it is. 30 years of racing games will do that. You will get there if you keep at it. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap that a more expensive wheel means faster laptimes. I started off with a Microsoft Sidewinder racing wheel, plus I have a G27 and a G920 from logitech. The times I can post, I can do with any of them. The only reason I have a T300 now, is because I wanted 1080° of rotation. A more expansive wheel can give you better feeling FFB from the added torque provided in more expensive equipment, which can make it "easier" to read whats going on. But there are world champs in sim racing out there using nothing but a logitech DFGT, and using that wheel to beat other people using direct drive wheels. It really isnt about the device you use, but just how much practice you put in, and how effective that practice is. Thats why @PJTierney, when he really goes for it, can post some properly fast times on a control pad. His 250 place time during his tests in this thread is nothing compared to what he can do after a warm up to get back into the groove of things. Especially on a tarmac stage or in a circuit racing game.
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    Think I might purposely get the date wrong on all my posts, just to kick off threads like this... 🙈
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    Now when Lydden Hill is in the game, I think it is perfect time to get some fitting spotters for that track.
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    Most of the people extremely high up on the boards do not use assists apart from the popular hood camera (so external views enabled). In this game they slow you down, it was one of the first things I tested when I got the game and then again verified during the NZ R2 qualifier which I extensively practiced (could not keep up with my ghost at all when I started using assists, like not even close). This was having everything enabled, so maybe there is a subset that can yield an advantage but it can't be much. It seems you figured this out by yourself now actually testing it after debating it for two entire pages on this forum.. If you start claiming 15-20 second improvements you better have the proof to back it up. A lot of people don't seem comfortable with the realisation that they are not the best at this game, or come close to being the best. I'm not trying to directly attack you here but there are so many 'assists are unfair everyone can be top 1% with them' or 'man I can't compete because I just don't know the cuts in this game that save 10 seconds a stage easily it's unfair' topics/comments out there it's ridiculous. What you need to do to get high on the boards just comes down to 'git gud'. Slight rant over I guess. Btw, if you look at the community event section of the DR2.0 website you can filter the daily/weekly/monthly boards by assists vs no assists but it is unclear what 'assists' actually means. I don't run any assists apart from hood camera and I'm listed under no assists. Does anyone know what counts as an 'assist?
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    Unexpected Moments: ON (no seriously, that's what allows it)