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    I don't know we bother formally announcing stuff when we have Steam file detectives in the DiRTy Gossip Thread. 😛 2pm is when you need to set your watch for though!
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    Hello everyone !! just a small passage to introduce my skin site, mainly French but also other countries, I hope one day that they will release the DLC car https://arnorallyeskin.wixsite.com/arnorallye-skin http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=19/20/mzvq.png
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    Can you change the word "We" by "I" in your post please ? You don't speak for all of us.
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    @profxavi I'm not going to reply to every single issue here, especially when there's conflicting opinions. I'll give a brief overview of the bundles though. We gain access to some teams at the pre-season test, we use the exact same spec mic that FOM use for broadcast purposes. When we record the cars we try to stay true to what they sounded like on the day. This may or may not be how they end up sounding during the season, or even at Australia. I recall forum posts last year arguing that our bundles hadn't been updated based on the sound of the cars in China in real life and that our in game bundles sounded more like Australia. Simply put we work with what assets we have access to during winter test and these are authentic. We try to do as little processing as possible to stay true to what the cars sound like naturally. Of course we will never please everybody and as teams receive upgrades our bundles can tent to sound different to broadcast. We don't have the luxury of recording teams over and over again and we don't have the luxury of constantly patching in new bundles throughout the season. We do of course welcome feedback and we want these bundles to sound as good as you all hope they will sound. I think we do a pretty good job year after year to recreate these power units but we're always trying to improve. To answer a specific comment. The "muffled" filter in the cockpit used to be present (sometime around F1 2015?) but we had internal feedback that the cockpit cam isn't supposed to be a "helmet cam" (which is why there's no visible visor / helmet interior on screen). As a result the general consensus was that the filter here made no sense so it was removed. On a final note, the beta is quite an old mix so it is not fully representative of our current work. In terms of your "work in progress" comment in reference to final audio. Well "work in progress" is subject to change, we do that so if anything does change we've covered ourselves - that's better than the game releasing and the community feel cheated if something wasn't exactly like it was during the beta. Things can change but don't always change. Hope that lot helps and at least sheds some light on our process. As always keep the feedback and constructive criticism coming 🙂 As I've mentioned in other threads we're quite active on the forums and always willing to discuss issues as long as everybody is friendly and polite.
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    Season 3: Subaru Impreza 2001, Ford Focus 2001 (2000cc early) Rally: Argolis, Greece Peugeot 207 S1600 (RX S1600), Mini Cooper S (Classic RX) Rallycross: Killarney Motor Racing Complex, South Africa Nissan Sunny KitCar, Peugeot 306 Maxi (F2) Rally: Jämsä, Finland Season 4: Seat Ibiza RX, Xite Mini Cooper (WRX) Rallycross: Lydden Hill, England Seat Ibiza KitCar, Renault Megane KitCar (F2) Rally: Guanajuato, Mexico Hyundai i20 (R5), Peugeot 206 (2000cc early) Rallycross: Circuit of the Americas, United States
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    @ChristinaMc Thanks CM for bringing Wales to DR2, Really look forward to this. Not really a fan of RX but understand that there are people who love it. This is one of the best rally games.
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    So apparently the legendary Renault Alpine will make its return into the world of rallying at the end of this year, prices and specs to be announced around september and the first cars by the end of the year. "THE BIG RETURN TO RALLYING World Champion in 1973, Alpine wrote some of the finest pages in its history in rally and the least that can be said is that its return to the special stages has been highly anticipated by many competitors and observers! Signatech has been entrusted with the design, development and marketing of a rally version of the Alpine A110 from an overall framework defined by Alpine aimed at preserving the strengths and spirit of the production car. As for the GT4 and Cup, Philippe Sinault's structure will work in close collaboration with the Alpine teams. Based on the A110 Cup, this two-wheel drive version will produce nearly 300 horsepower. It is intended primarily for asphalt rallies and drivers looking for a fast, fun and easy to drive product. Its homologation and which category it will compete in is currently under discussion with the FFSA and the FIA. The technical specifications and price will be announced in September. Available in the second half of 2019, the first examples of the Alpine A110 "Rally" will be delivered in two stages by the end of the year, first in France, then in Europe." Source: https://www.equipegordini.eu/2019/05/alpine-accelerates-racing-programme-returns-rallying.html
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    I don't understand people's disappointment with lack of rally stuff. We knew before the game was even released that S2 would focus on rallycross so it's hardly surprising. Until codemasters said there would be some rally content in the season I was expecting only rallycross anyway so 2 rally cars and arguably the best location from the first game is a great bonus.
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    Very disappointed really. Too much RX **** I don't wanna play. Only Wales and Lancia 037 Evo 2 returning and one...single...new...rally car. I really, really hope there are plans for a 3rd season focusing on rally... At this point I don't expect new rally-stages or cars ever for this game but at least give us the remaining content from DR1.
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    Want vibrations? Attach favorite dildo of choice to steering wheel. Engage vibration. Fixed.
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    Ok, so there has been a lot chatting around this subject for a long time, and it's time to make statistics work so everyone can know what we're dealing with here. Season 3 is almost guaranteed, provided there's enough content hinted to fill that season. However, there's absolutely nothing about an hipothetical Season 4, and that's where we come in. Would you buy a Season 4+ and what content would you like see from that season on? Post your suggestions and ideas, as there is A LOT left to add in this game. Here are a few ideas: - Super Special Stages for each rally, like in DiRT3 and previous titles. These are similar to RX circuits and provide a Head 2 Head experience (see here: https://youtu.be/ufNz_YQJ9fg ) - Two more long stages for each rally, to improve variety. That would make a total of 4 long stages per rally. - New rallies, besides the missing DR1 ones. E.g: Portugal, Corsica, San Remo, Kenya, etc - Early 2000s 2000cc car class fulfilled (Peugeot 206 WRC 2001, Citroen Xsara T4 WRC 2001, Ford Focus WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 1997-2000, etc) - Tarmac physics 2.0. - Tyre features expanded, tweaked wear rates to make Medium and Hard compounds relevant. - Better weather system, with the ability of providing different conditions during a stage like sometimes it happened in D4 (has to be the synced for everyone in multiplayer). - Improved spectator mode / photo mode. - eSports every year, throughout an entire season like in real life. Can't think of anything else right now, so fill this topic with your suggestions. Number 1, 2 and 3 is already a lot of work 😉
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    This guy gets it. Be like this guy.
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    What a disaster.. I was expecting a lot more rally content for season two, and only I got Wales. I don't like RX, in fact, I didn't test this category yet in DiRT Rally 2.
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    Yeah. So suck it all you rally snobs.
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    Why are people disappointed when we knew before the game was released that S2 would focus on RX? Get a bloody hold of yourselves.
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    People moaning about season 2 before it's even out should pipe down a bit. I mean, after Wales we will have a 10 round rally championship with many many cars. Yes, there are only 3 RX fans in the world, but there's a licence to think about, and a planned road map that was in place before release. Lets not get too greedy, once the RX is out the way, codemasters can look into requested content and supply and demand etc. There are obviously a lot of people who play rx and it will most likely be the focus of esports, so it's important they get the full intended calendar in. 10 rally locations though! With a good possibility of more, all being well.
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    Germany is a very good!!!
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    The best livery that should be on that Porsche 😍😍😍
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    Don’t get why people are complaining about season 2 ,was fairly obvious it was going to be more rx based and people are still surprised , I enjoy rallying more but have tried playing rx and it’s good a lot more exciting than f1 too;) it’s good marketing by codies letting some of the cars that didn’t make it in to season 2 slip out on social media etc legacy,focus,2 Imprezas. I can’t wait to see what comes next, would like the recent wrcs 2010s and older wrcs too and.p grass root cars but hats off to codies for making a great game with so much in it, think people need to remember how little of a choice there was when it came to rally games and how bad the physics were compared to now
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    It be good if Christina or someone from Codemasters could at least confirm at least another season, then at least we know.
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    I find it strange as well that so many are angry, furious even, that there's more RX content than rally content in season two. They should either buy a pair of glasses so they can read properly or activate the part in their brain that makes it possible to do research before buying something like the deluxe version for example. It was advertised that season two would focus on RX content and if you didn't read it or didn't use your brain before buying it, it's your own bloody fault. You can't blame the team for your own stupidity. And if you do blame them and call them out, you're even worse than stupid and frankly shouldn't be allowed to play the game because of it. I do still hope to see those DLC cars become available to us modders though. *wink wink nudge nudge* --> Oooooooh hail @ChristinaMc, mother of the Dirt Community and liberator of great news! (too subtle?)
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    Well I am pretty pleased with that. Was half expecting two RX tracks to come together, but I am interested in every release in season 2... ...and with the gaps that still exist this surely means that we can expect a third season as well.