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    @tharding67 @Buckwilder @pigloaf @Pioy Thank you all for constructive feedback. In regards to the DLC situation. Nearly all of the time its out of our hands and we have to work with other parties to get this resolved. Its not something that we enjoy happening either. In regards to the FBB, we found that most players found the change we made to be a big improvement to what they wanted and we are still actively gathering feedback for further changes. Co-drivers missing callouts, please stick any instances of this in the bug reporting thread and we will hopefully get chance to get round to fixing them all. We have fixed a few in past patches. The audio bug has been our number one issue for a long time to track down. We have been trying to nail it down and have actually put several potential fixes in but sadly it appears to still be in the game. But just know thats its something we are working on. Not quite as easy to track down and fix as it may seem. I hope this clears some of that up for you. Again thank you for playing the game and giving constructive feedback.
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    So, I’ve been with DR2.0 since the beginning. I’ve seen the improvements that have been made throughout the game, I’ve seen the willingness to at least listen to us between Christina and @PJTierney when we’ve had our gripes about the game. But, I’m feeling pretty put out with Codemasters, I hate to say it. The continuing issues with DLC downloads is a bit of a joke. The first time it happens, sure, chalk it off to an error. But, when we’re almost done with season 2 content and Estering just today became available on my US Xbox, when I paid extra to have it the day of release via deluxe edition; I’ve lost my patience. Then, to top it off, as usual in my rallycross experience in this game, I can’t see the start lights in the cockpit so I have to rely on the spotter. Okay, sure, whatever, your vision is limited in car. THEN, when I am doing the daily RX challenge, I don’t get told that I have to take the joker next lap as it’s the last (no HUD to see lap counter) and get a time penalty for not taking it? The spotter NEVER SAID IT. Maybe it’s an audio bug with Estering, but COME ON. Speaking of audio bugs, the audio cut out is STILL present however many months after release. Doing the daily challenge with Group B RWD in Spain, and I get about 1/3 of the way into the stage and poof. Nothing. Just this game. Not any other game have I had this issue. For a game that’s been out for this long, I just don’t know how this has not been figured out yet. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Now that season 3 and 4 have been announced, I definitely am not willing to pay extra for a season pass or whatever, based on the experiences with DLC on this game. I’ll pay on a per-DLC basis instead, since that seems to be the way to actually play what you pay for. Another gripe is that yes, this DLC is probably 75% recycled content from Dirt Rally 1. Sure, it’s been updated. Yes, I am looking forward to tally Finland and Greece, the same as I’ve enjoyed the updated Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, etc. Having the classic subaru, Ford Focus 2001, those cars are my rally loves. But, really, I think I would’ve been more happy just paying for this content on an updated, improved upon, expanded Dirt Rally 1, then to pay extra for things I’ve already experienced just because it’s “updated” and then not have it work the majority of the time. There was a time that I would’ve pre-ordered the newest Grid game, the next F1 game, etc as soon as they become available. But, I’m sorry Codemasters, if this is the way loyal customers are going to be treated and this is the way you’re approaching business now, it’s going to take a bit more convincing than just some pretty screenshots to fork over my money willingly. Sorry for the long post! These thoughts have been brewing since the game’s release. 😕
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    As a suggestion for F1 2020, could Codies bring back retired tracks from modern F1, in the next game? Eg India was a great track and would like to drive that in say a single GP, non career mode. Or if possible (licensing reasons) add to a career mode? Especially if we could replace say the go-kart borefest tracks of Germany & Hungary.
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    I honestly wouldn't mind if in DiRT Rally 3 they wouldn't introduce new locations, but instead add new stages to the existing locations (Yes all 12)
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    This is incredibly disappointing news, and a spit in the face to everyone who supports Codemasters and the Dirt Rally series. If the Oculus API isn't going to be supported in the Steam version, the right thing to do would be to provide folks who purchased the game with an Oculus Key. Knowind Codies' history, I doubt that will happen. Shame it's too late for me to refund the game - the only reason a lot of people bought it was the promise of VR support.
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    Not having a remappable Center view button is a HUGE issue in VR. Please add it to the priority.
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    The popular posts are set automatically, so we don't get to manually edit this list. In terms of the issues raised, we have some initial changes that are going into test now and will hopefully be ready for patch 1.09. These will address the balancing of the skill rating system so that there will be fewer severe drops in rating, and overall reduced volatility in the session results. From our initial tests, this shows a much clearer direction towards a player's actual skill and has eliminated the massive drops in rank reported by some players when losing a race. Additionally, we've tweaked the safety rating system to better group players according to their current safety rating. The prevents some cross-contamination of our groups, allows people who are driving well to move out of the bottom rating quicker and increases the pool of A-rated players. We've also got another bunch of things that we're working on, but it would be great to get some initial feedback on the above changes once the next patch goes live.
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    Cinematic shot at the end of Fury Lake Depart, 1st time ever seeing this helicoper after the bridge and hairpin taken on PS4
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    Yeah DR 2.0 has had a rough ride. Rushed, poorly tested, underdeveloped, overlooked or otherwise - it’s a shame. I still play daily, but I am frustrated by many things. Improper pace notes, half baked FFB, DLC issues, audio bug, too many dark/night stages etc. All that said, I still thoroughly enjoy the game. Some of the beatings Codie’s have taken are justified, others are knee-jerk given the issues at hand before them. Either way, for all it does wrong, or doesn’t do as well as one could have expected after the home run that was DR1, it’s is still a very competent Rally Sim. All in all I love it, love hating it, and hate loving it - but above all else: I keep coming back for more. In time the bugs will get ironed, but this has been a valuable lesson I hope in that sometimes delayed release and deferred revenue stream goes a long way to ensuring long term success, and not tarnishing what until now was a glaringly positive community of Rally die hards.
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    No. Just no. This excuse was ok the first time, maybe even second or third time, but it happens for months now, without any change. This is completely Codemasters fault for not fixing it with their partners before it happens. It's not like we all didn't see that coming... And I wouldn't be surprised if all that continues with the next DLCs.
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    Hi, Over the last day or so, I've been trying to figure out why the game is seemingly lagging when looking around in VR. My framerate is fine; steamvr is set to run at 90hz, and the game is holding a solid 90fps on medium to high settings. CPU usage is around 50 to 60%. As soon as the view changes from 2d in the cut scenes, to vr, I look around and the lag makes me feel quite ill. It's as if you look left or look right, and the screen movement is slightly behind or at times, the screen moves with you. This problem exists regardless of graphics settings, from ultra low to high. The problem is also noticeable when you pause the game. If you look at the menu and turn your head left and right, the menu partially moves with you to a degree. At first I thought the fov settings were wrong, but there's no way of changing it in VR that I could find. The option for fov does exist within the 2d mode, but changing it in that mode has no baring on the vr mode. While I'm at it, the view reset doesn't seem to work properly neither, it always sets me in a position that is too far away from the steering wheel... leading me to think that there is indeed problems with the fov. Whether this is the reason for the laggy feeling I get when looking around, I don't know. My pc specs are below. Thanks for your time. **Update** I also have an Oculus Rift at hand to test with along side my Valve Index. I've had some interesting results. The stuttering on the Oculus is indeed caused by usb peripherals. Unplugging them while in game suddenly makes everything smooth and eliminates the stutter, however, doing this does not work with the Valve Index, the lag still persists. The issues could very well have something to do with usb devices, which is certainly the case with the Oculus headset. I have repeated the process every time successfully, both making the stuttering start, and stop. It may be a device limit, but I'm not 100% sure. Platform: Steam VR/Open VR HMD: Valve Index and Oculus Rift CV1 PC: RTX 2080ti, i7 6700, 32gb RAM Deluxe User Connected: Accuforce Steering Wheel, Heusinkveld Pedals, Handbrake and Shifter
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    ... They don't seem to affect grip in any way, and are thus a cosmetic effect, right? But they need at least some kind of sound effect when passing through them. It's strange to have no interaction with them whatsoever. While I'm on missing sound effects, notice the loud sound you hear when running over a grate? Where is the sound for the surface interaction with your wheels (dirt, gravel) otherwise? IE, when not running over a grate. The lack of a basic road-interaction sound effect was really noticeable driving the mini over Argentina. The car was just bouncing away, with no sound whatsoever to reflect this. Just silently bouncing...
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    Supposedly, it's easier now for them to add more times of the day because they no longer have to manually place the shadows in the map. The lighting is dynamic. So i don't know why there's less times than in the previous games. It has no logic. I'm also missing some weather combinations, specially fog. There's no fog anywhere, and fog in Wales is a must. I hope some kind of volumetric fog is introduced in a patch. I liked the patches of fog and the foggy weather in DiRT4.
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    Also, it seems Codies managed to source a 206 WRC for sound recording. So I can't wait to see how it looks and how it sounds in-game. I bet it's going to be awesome. HYPE ACTIVATED
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    The fact that this game is so close to being perfect makes its issues all the more pronounced. The core driving experience - absolutely exceptional. The locations and vehicles we'll have by Season 4 - absolutely exceptional! It just makes the many little things wrong with the game all that more frustrating - knowing that they weren't present in DR, and knowing the all-time-great potential of this game. For me personally it's: Clubs: Only a single class supported per championship. Only 12 stages supported. Tuning glitch (being worked on thankfully). This just limits the experience we can have in Clubs - which is what the game's all about for me right now. Community experience! Liveries: Not being able to use the folder method / access texture files for all these incredible DLC cars is absolutely criminal. This needs to be fixed. This partial mod-support approach is torture, honestly. Audio Bug: I'm not getting this, but people I play with are, and if I was I wouldn't be happy. I'd happily continue paying a lot for new content if they fix these issues and continue to build on this exceptional platform. What they can't do is move on to DiRT 5 / DiRT Rally 3.0 if they're just going to start from scratch and re-introduce these issues / more regressions in the next game.
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    I just want an "all skate" option where I can run any car on any track/stage.
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    I feel like I am a 2nd class gamer. Steam-Players can use it. PlayStation-Players can use it. X-Box-Players can use it, if they buy it separately. Only Deluxe Edition-Owners like me, who bought without even knowing whats coming, can't play it. Happens with every DLC and we are every time the last, who can play it. Thank you, Codemasters. Not.
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    I will pass on Season 4 as I don't like RX. But for me Season 3 is just amazing, I can't wait to play all this great rally content, including the amazing 206 WRC. This game is so amazing that I would buy and buy rally content for the next years.
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    Hey Codies, I feel gutted because back when you were touting the game excitedly as "VR is Coming", all of us who are VR users were so happy, including those of us with Oculus headsets. But you failed to mention that only the Oculus Store version would support the Oculus SDK and this is why your Oculus supporters are so upset. Oculus also is to blame. Because it is a fair expectation, based on all other Steam VR sim racing titles, that you would include full Oculus support in the Steam version and you didn't tell us otherwise, even though you must have known. Dirt Rally original was great, like many I bought in early access, and the Oculus SDK was supported so it ran beautifully, why should we not expect the same now ? It feels like a huge betrayal. We supported your VR announcement by purchasing in good faith on Steam even though we only wished to race in VR. Of course if Oculus HMD owners knew all this back then we would have saved our money and waited for the VR release. Pretty disappointing and actually dishonest of you really.
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    seems like there are 3 options: Season 3 + Season 4 together Seasons 1, 2, 3 + 4 together buy every thing you want individually. basically, people who don't want RX (or Rally, but this is a very small group) are stuck buying stuff they don't want or buying things individually. personally I kind of wish there was an option to buy just Season 3 or just Season 4.
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    This was a long-planned visual update, it's not like the car modelers and graphic designers that work on things like this are responsible for bug fixes as well.. Different people, different jobs. Faya's just the messenger.
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    Why so much talk of Dirt Rally 3 nowadays? 2.0 isn't even a year old yet! It's clear they're still gonna support 2.0 for a long time to come but I've seen so much Dirt Rally 3 talk lately, and I don't get it
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    These need fixing, just put the new sponsors on the helmets and the suits.