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    This was a long-planned visual update, it's not like the car modelers and graphic designers that work on things like this are responsible for bug fixes as well.. Different people, different jobs. Faya's just the messenger.
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    @Faya it is fine that you are still working for improvements. But first we don't need some cosmetic updates. There are several major bugs in the game. Would be nice if the team could give us some informations if they are working on it.
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    Hi all, Thanks to everyone for posting. We are investigating this further.
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    a) I really enjoy the game b) I'll really enjoy Finland and Greece c) See a) and b) Sorry mate, I'm buying the rally content whether you like it or not - apparently there's a fix for the audio bug (which I've never experienced personally) coming soon BTW.
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    Nah, I'm buying it tomorrow or whenever they'll let me.
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    Well patch 1.08 just released but still there is not even one of the big issues fixed and still no info about the issues they will invesigate and probably fix. That is ridiculous and very poor communication. It takes so much time before they fix something that most likeley I will skip F1 2019. Even when they will fix big issues, the time to play before F1 2020 comes out is so short it will be better to wait for F1 2020. Really disappointed about the mess they created with career mode. The way they implemented driver transfers shows they have no clue what they are doing.
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    As a suggestion for F1 2020, could Codies bring back retired tracks from modern F1, in the next game? Eg India was a great track and would like to drive that in say a single GP, non career mode. Or if possible (licensing reasons) add to a career mode? Especially if we could replace say the go-kart borefest tracks of Germany & Hungary.
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    This is incredibly disappointing news, and a spit in the face to everyone who supports Codemasters and the Dirt Rally series. If the Oculus API isn't going to be supported in the Steam version, the right thing to do would be to provide folks who purchased the game with an Oculus Key. Knowind Codies' history, I doubt that will happen. Shame it's too late for me to refund the game - the only reason a lot of people bought it was the promise of VR support.
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    seems like there are 3 options: Season 3 + Season 4 together Seasons 1, 2, 3 + 4 together buy every thing you want individually. basically, people who don't want RX (or Rally, but this is a very small group) are stuck buying stuff they don't want or buying things individually. personally I kind of wish there was an option to buy just Season 3 or just Season 4.
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    Not having a remappable Center view button is a HUGE issue in VR. Please add it to the priority.
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    Surprise surprise I own the deluxe edition and it’s in the Xbox store and asking me to pay for it!! Didn’t see that one coming!!
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    Hello everyone. Please see below for answers to common questions surrounding VR support for DiRT Rally 2.0, along with a guide to help players improve the feature's performance on their system. Frequently-Asked Questions Is DiRT Rally 2.0 the same on Steam and Oculus? DiRT Rally 2.0 on the Oculus Store stand-alone version of the game, and is not included with purchase of the game on Steam. The Oculus version provides native support to Oculus devices through the Oculus SDK. The Steam version uses the SteamVR platform to support VR devices. Can I play with Steam players while using the Oculus version, and vice-versa? All versions of DiRT Rally 2.0 provide support for cross-platform asynchronus play (which players can opt out of in their game settings). This includes Leaderboards, Clubs and Community Challenges. Synchronous (as in PvP) Multiplayer is platform-specific. Steam players cannot join Oculus Lobbies, Xbox players cannot join PlayStation Lobbies etc. Does the Oculus version have DLC? The Oculus version contains the same base-game content as other platforms. Post-release DLC content that was available on other platforms will come to Oculus at a later date. Free content (like the DirtFish location and liveries) are available on Oculus at the same time as other platforms. Does the Oculus version have exclusive content? A number of cars feature an exclusive, Oculus-themed livery on the Oculus version. Additional Daily, Weekly and Monthly Community Challenges are available in My Team, exclusive to Oculus players. Will VR come to PlayStation? There are no plans to implement PlayStation VR support for DiRT Rally 2.0. Recommended Settings Based on our tests, these are the settings we recommend to give the best performance boost: Ambient Occlusion: Off Ground Cover: Off Shader: Low Screenspace Reflections: Off Anti-Aliasing: Off Initial Performance (graphics preset; Medium): 60-67 FPS Results after Recommended Settings: Over 90 FPS+ - Medium graphics preset plus all of the above changes. Slightly under 90FPS - Medium graphics preset plus all of the above changes, Shader Detail on High For reference, here was our PC build with which we tested each setting: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k, 4.0 GHz Version: Steam (using Oculus headset) Depending on your hardware, PC build & peripherals, and their settings, performance may differ so please experiment with these settings until you find what works best for you. Conclusions These are what we consider high performance savers. Lowering these settings will significantly increase performance (in order of impact): Shaders: Low Anti-Aliasing: Off/CMAA Crowds: Low/Off Ambient Occlusion off Trees, Bloom, Light Streaks, Godrays (These help a lot in areas dense with trees) Shadows: Off (or as low as possible) Ground Cover: Off Screenspace Reflections: Off, lower overall reflections settings too will help. We recommend not using Multisampling (or lower values), it is costly in VR. Supersampling methods from SteamVR would be more beneficial if you can run them. These are low performance savers and won't make much difference if you're using them under Medium, but lowering them all may save a few frames: Vehicle Details (Note: Ultra Low removes drivers and other elements, so use it if nothing else is working for you) Texture Detail Track Night Lighting Objects Chromatic Aberration, Lens Dust Anisotropic Filtering (performance gain is negligible compared to High) With our Recommended Settings and some minor tweaks, performance on Steam should be similar to that of Oculus. We increased our framerate from 60-67 FPS up to 90 FPS+ with the Recommended Settings, using the GTX 1060 in our reference build. If you have a higher-end graphics card you may be able get similar performance with Shader Details set to High and other settings on Low/Off. So long as you don’t increase Multisampling, and ensure you play in Windowed Mode on a reasonable resolution, you should see notable performance gains. VR gameplay will sync to 45 FPS if it drops below 90 FPS, so it's important to keep it the framerate high for a smooth experience. Other Notes On Steam DiRT Rally 2.0 will try to run normal setting configs, typically in fullscreen on higher presets by default. Fullscreen isn't recommended as it can cause issues with performance (upping resolution) and stretch UI elements. We're working on a fix for this in a future update; a workaround for now is to disable fullscreen in the hardware settings: C:\Users\ YOUR NAME HERE \Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml ‘ fullscreen="0” ‘ You can also change the resolution here; another quick way is to change these settings in the flatscreen mode before going into VR. Incase you didn't know, in the Gameplay settings (which can also be accessed via the pause menu) there is a tab for VR Comfort. This contains options for the following: Enable all Views Enable Right Stick Camera Control Enable Looking Back Enable Locked Orientation Enable Motion Blur Full View During Crashes Known Issues The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of known issues with VR: 4x MSAA and higher, combined with Shader Detail set to Low, causing outline effect on trees. Ambient Occlusion set to Low causing shadowy effects on nearby objects. DiRT Rally 2.0 automatically running in VR mode if you have any VR peripherals (including sensors) connected while SteamVR is installed. (This is set to be resolved in version 1.8) Vive HMD resets position slightly behind head. Text being hard to read in SteamVR Pause screens. There are more known issues than this, however many are too minor to post here. As always the team is actively reading the forums to see how you're all getting on with the game.
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    For someone who values his time, you sure do spend a lot of it writing 800 word screeds about how little the game means to you.
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    NEIN! You play flight sims? You ask ATC for clearance and traffic control, take-off, do **** all for 5 hours while flying, then talk to ATC for clearance and traffic control and land. Do it again. Sims aren't for fun. Rally driving isn't fun. I've never seen a rally driver smile. Filthy masochists. I'm surprised they don't dress like Slipknot.
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    Yup, solid value per dollar is always what is most important. And when people are willing to go spend $10 for a 2 hour movie, or $40 at the bar for a few hours with beers & friend, I will happily continue to spend my $100 on a video game that I've already gotten 500+ hours out of, People want to complain $100 is crazy for a video game but seriously stop and think about how much you get out of that $100. If you can get $1/hr of entertaining, that sounds like a damn good investment to me! Video games by default give way better entertainment value per dollar than basically any other medium. $100 to keep myself happily entertained for longer than any other media I own.
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    1. What about the car performance update? Cars are still at least 1 - 1,5 seconds off the pace compared to real life, ingame the cars have too much drag, are too slow in highspeed corners and have too much understeer, whereas in real life the cars have low topspeeds, ultra fast acceleration, crazy cornering speeds and drive on rails. Needs fixing ASAP. 2. What about the engine sound? Engine sound is still underwhelming, it sounds as if the engines are barely revving, engine sound is at least around 500 increments of rpm out of sync as the sound at 12300 rpm should be audible at 11500 rpm or 11800 rpm. 3. What about the driver transfers? There is too much movement in the paddock, too many drivers swap teams and some transfers don't make any sense e.g.: Hamilton moving to RBR even though he is leading the championship at Mercedes, thus losing the fight for the title. 4. What about the r&d progress? R&d upgrades of AI teams are way too frequent, a car should not be able to gain over 1 second in half a season. 5. What about the mirrors showing a non illuminated track during night time? At Bahrain, Monaco, Singapore and Abu Dhabi during night time the mirrors do not show the track in a illuminated manner, making the mirrors obsolete for that time of day. Seriously at the moment night races are a "nightmare" for cockpit users because the mirrors are useless. 6. What about the Rain Spray Effect being too light? According to Lando Norris, the rainspray in F1 2019 the game is too light and should be much more dense to make visibility almost impossible during wet weather conditions. At least give us a graphical option to increase this effects density to our liking. 7. What about the blinking rate of the Red Backlight? At the moment the blinking rate of the Red Backlight is not correct, during corners the blinking rate should be slow and on straights the blinking rate should be much faster. 8. What about the AI driving on multiple lines instead of forming Trulli trains? Currently, more often than not, the AI tend to form the notorious Trulli train instead of driving on multiple individual lines to try to pass or do a dummy etc. making the "spectacle" rather dull. 9. What about the ridiculous performance and r&d pace of Butler and Weber? Both fictional AI drivers are OP over 9000, they far outperform their peers, even a Hamilton or Vettel is no match to them, especially Weber seems to have taken a sip off the "FAST GUY JUICE", also wherever both rivals sign into on the paddock a massive amount of r&d boost is guaranteed for their team, needs to be nerfed. CM pls make your customers happy and fix these issues.
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    Season three includes only two new cars and otherwise just old stuff. Really lazy. Also, just about anyone is not interested in RX content
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    Hmmm.......we have a pad racer absolutely dominating our league this year (1 second a lap faster than everyone). But then again pad users have always generally dominated our league. We have guys that own a wheel, but race competitively with a pad instead because it's quicker. Always has been. In fact we have a guy who is a professional race car driver who last season was 1 second a lap faster than all....on the pad. This year he has a wheel and is back with the rest of us. Some sort of definitive proof would be nice on this as it's a pretty big issue. Big enough that leagues may start opting for 'wheel only' or 'pad only' races.
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    Hi, Over the last day or so, I've been trying to figure out why the game is seemingly lagging when looking around in VR. My framerate is fine; steamvr is set to run at 90hz, and the game is holding a solid 90fps on medium to high settings. CPU usage is around 50 to 60%. As soon as the view changes from 2d in the cut scenes, to vr, I look around and the lag makes me feel quite ill. It's as if you look left or look right, and the screen movement is slightly behind or at times, the screen moves with you. This problem exists regardless of graphics settings, from ultra low to high. The problem is also noticeable when you pause the game. If you look at the menu and turn your head left and right, the menu partially moves with you to a degree. At first I thought the fov settings were wrong, but there's no way of changing it in VR that I could find. The option for fov does exist within the 2d mode, but changing it in that mode has no baring on the vr mode. While I'm at it, the view reset doesn't seem to work properly neither, it always sets me in a position that is too far away from the steering wheel... leading me to think that there is indeed problems with the fov. Whether this is the reason for the laggy feeling I get when looking around, I don't know. My pc specs are below. Thanks for your time. **Update** I also have an Oculus Rift at hand to test with along side my Valve Index. I've had some interesting results. The stuttering on the Oculus is indeed caused by usb peripherals. Unplugging them while in game suddenly makes everything smooth and eliminates the stutter, however, doing this does not work with the Valve Index, the lag still persists. The issues could very well have something to do with usb devices, which is certainly the case with the Oculus headset. I have repeated the process every time successfully, both making the stuttering start, and stop. It may be a device limit, but I'm not 100% sure. Platform: Steam VR/Open VR HMD: Valve Index and Oculus Rift CV1 PC: RTX 2080ti, i7 6700, 32gb RAM Deluxe User Connected: Accuforce Steering Wheel, Heusinkveld Pedals, Handbrake and Shifter
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    Hey Codies, I feel gutted because back when you were touting the game excitedly as "VR is Coming", all of us who are VR users were so happy, including those of us with Oculus headsets. But you failed to mention that only the Oculus Store version would support the Oculus SDK and this is why your Oculus supporters are so upset. Oculus also is to blame. Because it is a fair expectation, based on all other Steam VR sim racing titles, that you would include full Oculus support in the Steam version and you didn't tell us otherwise, even though you must have known. Dirt Rally original was great, like many I bought in early access, and the Oculus SDK was supported so it ran beautifully, why should we not expect the same now ? It feels like a huge betrayal. We supported your VR announcement by purchasing in good faith on Steam even though we only wished to race in VR. Of course if Oculus HMD owners knew all this back then we would have saved our money and waited for the VR release. Pretty disappointing and actually dishonest of you really.
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    Great News, for me DLC is ending with 5. November Finland rally. season 4 is not my case..
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    Cosmetic updates. Faya doesn't even address any serious problems. An absolute naughtiness. This borders on arrogance.@Faya
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    that's not the point, non deluxe players get it before us who paid extra for this service, if anything it should be the other way round, deluxe first followed by non deluxe after. This is another excuse for a continued cockup that is being ignored and brushed under the carpet with excuses. It was not always like this, if i remember we had dlc on time as deluxe owners.
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    £1.19 for a car? It ain't gonna get much cheaper 🤷‍♂️