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    Hi everyone, Please see below for patch notes 1.07 update, coming to PC and consoles shortly: Keep Fighting Foundation DLC pack is now available Addressed a crash when accessing mail resulting from changes within leagues Addressed a crash that could be seen when spectating a multiplayer race Splitscreen resolution has been increased In splitscreen player two will no longer change the race strategy for player ones when editing their own Player will no longer be offered an incorrect 0 stop strategy alternative during a race that requires a pit stop Jeff will now give the correct Championship Standings information during a race Brake boards are now present at turn 12 at Brazil F1 cars use the players chosen number in multiplayer Career modes will now progress correctly when Simulating races with Formation Lap turned on Fixed a performance issue when running Steam in offline mode In unranked others players will no longer be seen to be given points after failing to finish a race Purple fastest lap times are now easier to read on the race results Improvements to the item preview images so they’re higher resolution Glove textures have been improved under certain conditions on track where they were previously appearing lower resolution Players will no longer be penalised for overtaking the safety car in a pit lane entrance or exit Players can no longer overtake the safety car once it is ready to return to the pit lane F2 sprint race grid will always correctly reflect the result from the feature race Updated a number of F2 lap records F2 Races in Vietnam are now the correct number of laps If the player is eliminated in qualifying 1 parc ferme rules will now correctly apply After a formation lap time gaps will now be shown correctly Addressed an issue where all participants in a weekly event would not be awarded points Nationality flag is now correctly displayed on Mercedes race suits Various other stability and bug fixes A fix to engine audio behaviour when a user changes between engine suppliers in MyTeam between seasons. Please note that while we understand the request for a 'Sport Update', including update to the performances of the teams/drivers, we are currently prioritising crashes and fixes. This is on our agenda, however, we want to get crashes and issues fixed first, and the sports/performance updates are something that is very much on our radar. Many thanks, Barry
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    I capture the hotlaps* (and supply to video team), and the build I have access to is generally a little more up-to-date than what you are all playing. *which is why they're a few seconds off esports performance 😄
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    This has always been my favourite Subaru Impreza S7 WRC. It was during the Belgium Ypres Westhoek Rally of 2003 that Patrick Snijers drove this beast and I was instantly in love with the car and even more with the sport than I was before! 😍
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    First of all, I have very little knowledge on licencing issue in F1 games and game programming in general, so I'm pretty much just brainstorming and shooting out ideas from my desperation of wanted to see more from this amazing series. I'll get straight into the points, and update stuff here whenever I come up with anything new (always good to have some dream, right?) Livery Editor: Texture options (Matt, chrome, gloss, etc) Methods to change rims color and texture (or even the rim model). Number ratio for all the sliders for color matching purposes. Ability the apply the colors to Team Color and Race Suit and vice versa. Ability the save colors for use across all editing platforms. Different fonts and color change (with outline option) for numbers. Instead of forcing players to scroll through numbers of preset to edit the one you wanted every time, once you selected a design it should be saves as a template, if you want to switch it to other preset it should be an option within that template. DO NOT Remove the designs we currently have, only add more in the future. Separate color changing option for the Halo (At least for some designs). Option to add/remove engine supplier logo on the car (With color changing option if possible). Ability to write your own team name with different kind of fonts to place on the car and race suit. On the livery editor section of main menu, there should be an option to tide each car livery with corresponding race suit and emblem into sets. The system we have right now is quite inconvenient because if we selected a specific livery for multiplayer use, it applies to everything else (example: livery A's stickers are applied to all characters the user created, or emblem A applied to all user created liveries and race suit) The livery customization in MyTeam mode should show all user created liveries like the one in main menu instead of just the one selected for career use. Sponsor Stickers & Team Emblem (Livery Editor): Needs to be able to change color for every sticker individually. Stickers on Race Suit should be untied from the car and have individual color changing options as well. Options to add outline with color changing function. Texture options or even fully textured/colored version (with color change). Size and distort option for team emblem. Player's character: Ideally, a full-fledged character editor. Or at least add more Eastern Asian character presets (Pretty mixed feeling to know my only option for the bearer of my name in-game is a person with the face of a sumo wrestler...) Option to add different type of beards, and accessories like glasses on ALL preset models. More audio names (Preferably more common first names and nicknames). Ability to change design of the Hat, separate from the Race Suit. Able to add and change sizes of your number and team emblem on the suit Can they not show that much teeth? My Team career: (Updated on Aug 10th) Instead of only having Will's interview to decide your starting progression on New Game, there should be an option to do Winter Testing. (Either complete it yourself to maximizes the effects, simulate it to get default outcomes, or skip it entirely to start with a bare bone car & team.) The Winter Testing can be a platform for gathering extra research points, unlock certain R&D parts (or even paths), and increase exposure of yourself, team & sponsors which affect acclaims, or may be even give you a chance to sign extra sponsors to jump start your team. Add a performance slider or some sort to individual teams during the settings at the beginning of the season so players can adjust their performance freely themselves without waiting for the game balancing patches (which usually ended in more dissatisfaction). Other's team performances may also be affected by Winter Testing if the performance slider is not possible, it can be either a boost of performances in a random manner for them (At least starting from 2nd season). Ability for players to setup the race calendar or even weathers themselves for each season like in Gran Prix mode (or at least after season 1). More rule/gameplay options like in GP mode or even expand the selections (example: no penalty, no damage on player's car, etc). Management needs to be deeper and cover wider range of things other than just facility running cost and driver salary, bankruptcy should be a real risk (With option to tune it down and streamline it to our current system, so player can choose how far they wanna go). May be implement some sort of team staff management like hiring technical director to unlock certain part of R&D. DO NOT place a story or even mention anything like that in the game, let the players make up their own story. Jeff needs to stop repeating the same dialogues every race weekends about how important practice programs are, replace it with something like how to attack each track for specific programs, those are actually useful. We need more than just Claire and Will to do the interviews (How about having Murray Walker interview you like Will when your team have become very successful? The interview contents doesn't even have to be related to acclaim or morale, it's sort of a reward for the players) Interview overall needs major overhaul, most questions are very out-of-touch from what's actually happening (Saying I have a much better weekend this time when we just had a 1-2 finish the last race, really?). Interviewers need to be more professional (I know even in real life some of them aren't...), their questions need to stop making us feel like we're completely ignorant about the sport. Even for actual new players that really didn't know much, the questions we have now get old almost instantly and really ruins the immersion. Less childish, cringy answers for us (1 out of 4 at most) and restrain from using too many exclamation marks from the player during interview (it looks pretty annoying), let us answer like a mature team owner, even if the answer options are meant to attack someone or just being an A$$, there're better way to do that instead of actually being a 13 years old. Since car liveries are being update from time to time, may be we should implement a system where the AI teams will update their livery throughout the season if the game already (or will) have multiple livery files of said team in the game files (Like Williams and Mercedes from this year). It seems like a waste to just completely replace the old liveries after updates and not use them as enhancement for the game experience. Having real reserve drivers for each team, or even including some retired drivers like Alonso & Button in the driver market to increase the selections in driver line-ups. Make it so that F2 drivers from certain junior program are much more likely to join the team that supported them. If we wanna get a bit wild, let's put legendary drivers like Senna and Michael into the drivers market (but only appear sometime down into the career), like some football management games out there. Of course, make it so that that's an option so players who prefer more realistic experience can just turn that feature off. We can also put some restriction to these drivers, such as only one-year contract at most before they retire or some sort. There should be more options and realistic on teammate's contract, like multiple-years contract instead of just half year. Teammate's training activities need to have permanent effects, but the effects can't be too significant (still needs to balance it out for the game progression), may be an exp system should be implement for each stat (Note: seeing multiple exp bars increase feels good, that's the feel of progression). Age and driver's growth potential should be a stat (so they don't all max out in 5 years) and should be transparent to the players (Unless there's good enough reasons to justify hiding the said stats) If you completed a season of either F2 or F1 driver's career, the interviews should be different if you use that character to start a team in My Team mode on the first season (at least). Calendar progression needs to be more controllable instead of forcing the players to really focus on just pausing at the right day. Players need to to have more influences over Teammates's perks and cars, ability replacing their power unit's components and gearbox, purchase perks, even if they cost money or resources (I actually prefer ordering & replacing parts will cost money for both of you). For immersion purposes, anything that mention the year 2020 should be either replace or delete after the first season. In career and MyTeam mode, other driver's helmet with manufacturer or team logo on the design should be either replace by those corresponding to their new team or just delete it from the design if they switched team. Sponsors (My Team): Ability to sign more sponsors (There can be a new category of "minor sponsors" that provide small but additional incomes or rewards). Add some level of background to at least the main sponsors (such as what kind of brand they are) Depends on the type of brand they are, some sponsors should be able to provide special effect to your progression (such as certain R&D boost if they're engineering company, or facility upgrade discount if they came from construction industries, or, signing Codemaster will boost acclaim gain from Esport event activities lol). Make sure to only limit the special effects to some sponsors, the info will be too overwhelming and it waterdown the supposedly special ones if every one of them has it. If we can have real company as sponsor, we can make it so that the game will unlock special livery that's related to that sponsor (of course you can choose not to use the livery). Racing: (updated on Aug 10th) AI needs to be able to actively trying to fight back when players are side by side with them in the corners. AI difficulty setting needs refinement so that their actual performances are more consistent between different tracks. AI difficulty setting adjustment during the middle of the race should be possible. AI needs to be more active on getting the inside line into turn one of first lap, we need to get rid of the 2 lanes train. AI needs to actively swerving left right to warm up their tires during warm-up lap, right now we only have that when safety car is present under yellow for some reason, it's part of the immersion (even if it doesn't actually do anything for the AI car). AI second/third practice session's lap time with soft tires needs to be much more competitive to be more realistic. Improve AI for practice and qualifying session during their non-competitive laps, they need to know you're coming in behind them much earlier and jump out of the racing line, and not starting to accelerate as soon as you're close to them. No more yellow flag when you're just slowing down during practice and qualifying session. No more suddenly and automatically cutting off your throttle during any yellow situations. Animation of car entering or leaving their pit box needs to refinement and be more realistic, right now the car movements are very unnatural and awkward on most tracks (especially for tracks with narrow pitlane), it looks especially ridiculous with modern graphics (It's been a problem since the very first Codemaster F1 game). May be there should be an option of letting players to drive on their own into the pit box (with guideline effects like racing line that could be turn on/off), or even into their start grid. If the above situations can't be control by players, there should be indications of when the auto-pilot is gonna kick in. Pit assist setting should be separate into Pit-in assist & Pit-out assist (Not the pit release assist). The clutch engage prompt at start should be separate from the MFD so players can still adjust their setting at launch. More parts should be able to fell off, rear wing is a must. Damage sensitivity setting should go beyond of what we currently have, may be to the level of medium setting with the extreme damage mod. Wheel should be able to climb over other wheels if they made contact at certain angle, it's been done since Monaco Grand Prix in Dreamcast generation. Car components failure on/off should be in the setting, the higher the wear (at least from 50% onward) the higher the chance for actual failure, only failing at 100% wear is too immersion breaking. Add an option for player to choose to remain as a spectator in the practice and qualifying sessions if they retired or crashed out. Other Enhancements: (Added on Aug 10th) More variations of victory & podium celebration, especially for the player and our teammate in Driver's Career & My Team mode. Jumping into and hugging your crew on your very first win, applause your teammate when they've won, celebrating and taking photos with the whole team holding the trophy with ending credits when you've won the world championship...it really needs to act as a reward of accomplishment for the players. I felt that the current ones we have right now is lacking emotions and too systematical (The driver feels so cold), they can stay, but only for other driver's victory (Because it's not important for you) and multiplayer's win to save screen time. More variations of commentating dialogues, we have a good amount now, but I think there should be more mentioning about what us and our team have done in the race instead of just reusing all the lines that talk about other teams. Wow, really glad you took your time to read my non-senses all the way to the end.
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    So, what categories are the drivers scored on? Experience – A higher experience score will help players collect a greater number of ‘Resource Points’, used in the game to buy car upgrades. Racecraft – A higher racecraft score allow the driver to unleash more effective overtakes. Awareness – A higher score here will mean the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when the going gets tough. Pace – Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the more rapid a driver will be throughout a race. So, basically, Kimi is really good at getting Resource Points so we can develop the car as quick as possible.
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    Yes. Apologies, missed that one off the notes.
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    SOLVED: After a couple of failed negotiations with drivers I was given an academy driver with stats of 25 all round 🤦‍♂️.
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    My biggest issue with the shop content is just how really basic and almost cartoon like most of it is. I’d love to see more serious F1 racing focused content then the Scooby Doo/Spongebob kinda stuff we’re seeing. I hate to be too critical but most the stuff looks like it was designed by a child
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    To try and aleviate the issue of AI having an inconsistent pace, I made a Google Sheets AI difficulty calculator. Simply complete the AI difficulty procedure on Spain, then input that difficulty as the base, and the calculator will give you the resulting recommended difficulty for each track. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y0iOuUoksSxmUtuV58dKXdcdlIuoMvoOuYuX6G8VFbk/edit?usp=sharing You can also make a copy of the sheet and input your best times on each track into the WR Track Comparison page. This can show you which tracks you are under/over performing on compared to your average. It would be great if anyone wants to try out the recommended settings and leave some feedback here (survey). This way I can make some tweaks to certain tracks if need be. Notes/Info: These are recommendations only, based on the AI qualification speeds. It will not account for your own variability, or changes in AI race pace. AI Pole times at 100 difficulty were recorded (3 times each track and averaged), then compared to top time trial times (the best no assists, top but not suspicious times were used). AI race pace may differ from qualifying pace. AI race pace may be significantly faster/slower on some tracks. Please comment these cases if you find them. The calculator does take into account the non-linear difficulty change around the 105+ mark. If there is a non-linear change at the very low difficulties, it does not account for that. Users have reported that some tracks are much easier/harder using TC assist. If you use these assists, you may need to tweak the difficulty based on the overall track type (high speed vs. slow speed). Rough Speeds (difficulty 100 AI compared to top legit leaderboards) and Difficulty Changes (these are just for visual purposes and do not take take change in difficulty above 105, please use the calculator for accurate results) : Track Speed Rough Difficulty Australia 103.6% +4 Bahrain 102.1% -7 Vietnam 103.2% +1 China 103.3% +2 Netherlands 103.3% +2 Spain 103.1% 0 Monaco 105.3% +17 Azerbaijan 103.2% +1 Canada 103.0% -0 France 103.0% -1 Austria 103.6% +4 Britain 102.2% -7 Hungary 104.5% +11 Belgium 102.4% -5 Italy 103.0% -1 Singapore 105.3% +17 Russia 102.6% -3 Japan 102.8% -2 USA 102.9% -2 Mexico 103.8% +5 Brazil 103.1% -0 Abu Dhabi 103.5% +4
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    I have them for a week now and i really need to get use to it! Especially the Loadcell pedal force with a Playseat challenge. My pace is not on my old level yet, but will be when i get use to it. My first opinion is that if you have the 2 pedal set, then this is a big upgrade! If you have the T3Pa, the upgrade is smaller. I come from the T3PA GT edition. I like the T-LCM especially because i have now more options, for example that i can adjust the brake and throttle pedals further from each other. And you can change the Loadcell springs to your own taste. And even the Clutch and Throttle springs, if you are willing to open the base, like i did, thanks to "Sim Racing Garage" channel on Youtube🙂 With the old pedals i was using the clutch pedal as brake, so your feet are futher from each other. I find, for my taste, the Throttle pedal spring on the T-LCM to soft and will see if i can find just a bit stiffer spring to put on the Throttle pedal. I hope this helps, if you have any further question, let me know New: Old: (sorry, dont know how to turn the pic)
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    My situation is exactly the opposite. I have seen at least one SC in every single career mode race so far. Sometimes I decide flashback to try to prevent it from happening, but it's not 100% guaranteed that it will. I'm getting so frustrated at this point that I'm considering turning off the SC.
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    Is it just me or is the Keep Fighting Foundation just a front for MS advertising? Honestly, I just spent 20 minutes at the site and can't for the life of me see what they are achieving (apart from promoting MS memorabilia). Their activities, and I kid you not this is all of them in at least 3 years (no information on when they founded): Schumacher Offical App (virtual museum). Schumacher exhibition at Ferrari Museum (3 Jan to end April 2019) Promoting Automobilist limited edition artwork and posters (proceeds to Keep Fighting Foundation) Starbox, a limited edition of 91 copies of 7 photos of Schumacher (proceeds to Keep Fighting Foundation) Champions for Charity (ahem... which charity?) football match which raised money and auctioned of memoriabilia.... and you guess it, the entire proceeds went to Keep Fighting Foundation and Dirk Nowitzki Foundation (NBA player). The later is an organisation that actually does something for people, awarding grants for organisations that help children's wellbeing, health and education. Keep Fighting Award. The first thing the foundation did, awarded once in 2017. Does not appear to have provided the winner with any benefits. Has been promptly forgotten about and never awarded again since. Seriously, I have nothing against donating to Michael Schumacher and his family if that's your thing, but just be aware that the Keep Fighting Foundation appears to be completely self-serving. This is not a charity - despite claiming on Facebook to be a charitable organisation, they do not appear to be helping anyone (other than themselves), they don't appear particularly active (other than self promotion), their only partners are two large corporations AFP (huge media outlet) and Deutsche Vermögensberatung (a huge financial institution), the later having existing sponsorship obligations to MS that continued after his skiing accident. Clearly the partnership with F1 2020 the game is logical, Codemaster's get to use Schumacher's image all over their game and the Schumacher family get's a cut. My only issue with that is dressing it up as a 'charitable' foundation - which from my research it does not appear to be. I cannot see a single example in over three years where the foundation has expended funds on something that wasn't simply more promotion of the Schumacher brand. Happy (hoping) to be proven wrong.
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    this was mine... i think i still have the manual somewhere. The technical explanations of what each setting did is still better than most explanations today
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    Or they could just turn gear box wear off until they find a solution?
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    THANKS a lot for; Player will no longer be offered an incorrect 0 stop strategy alternative during a race that requires a pit stop
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    One of the things I really struggle with, and I guess other people do too, is staying withing delta time during SC and ESPECIALLY VSC deployment. The numerical value is just impossible to follow precisely while driving and I always end up losing 3-4 tenths on restart after a VSC. Could we have an analogue slider which would IMHO allow for a much smoother experience? Ideally it would also be moveable to a central position, allowing the driver to closely follow the track. I know in real life they have an engine map of some sort and don't rely on manual distancing, but even a different type of guidance could do and would be easier to implement I guess.
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    #gossip The MK8 Fiesta R5 is in DiRT 5. Could this be a suprise car for this months DR2 update?
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    How about merging this topic, along with Mr Town's other topics and posts, into one thread called 'I am trolling on behalf of WRC 8/9 in a formal or informal capacity, thank you'
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    @marioho - yes I did think about that. I am wondering if the next step will be to attach a hoist to the ceiling to help me get in and out of the rig!!!
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    Yes, yes, yes. And just on the end of the first page we got this 4 page discussion about it already plus a recurring one in F1 2019 forums. Need to nerf this, need to buff that. For all I care all we really need is bit of a respite on the topic unless people bring something actually interesting to the table. Otherwise it's all a big fad at this point.
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    Hello, on F1 2020 the only damage you can get is on the front wing and obviously the tires and engine components on my team etc. Going forward on to the new games, i feel we could add more damage to the car on full and simulation damage. the parts of the car that could get damage are: - Bargeboards - Floor - Rear wing i feel that this would help bring more realsim into the game on sim damage. just a thoiught for the devs
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    Here we have another legendary Belgian rally car, the Lancia 037 Gr.B driven by Patrick Snijers during the Ypres 24 Hours Rally of 1985.
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    It would be nice if CM would allow you to chose your cars body style each season. ie: the different cars have slightly different body designs and eye brows on the nose of the cars like the Alpha, Mercedes etc, also the little stacked vent fin type addons to the top of the halo
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    We are all just guessing here but the video was baked in-house and popped up just today, in celebration of the 70th Anniversary GP. It's probably running a newer version of the game, soon to be released. I'd be expecting a new update early next week.
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    To be honest, I would rather have slow driver market than Hamilton singning with Haas or something like that