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    Nearly good to go now, time to go from pad to pro 😉
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    You could add (maybe later this year by patch) the option to restrict or fix the cockpit camera to all lobby players, as in other simulators like Project cars, there is an option that requires all players to use same camera, this would be very good to improve the experience and in championship events, make everyone can use the same camera, because today it is common for faster players to use the top camera. What do you think of the idea?
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    the positive attention WRC 8 is getting is because it's so much better than the previous games in the series, plus it's got a deep career mode. expectations were relatively low, and it's pretty good. DR2 got negative press because its release was rushed (because they needed to move on and finish up F1 2019 and Grid) so it came with a lot of bugs and it was trying to live up to one of the best-loved and most popular rally games of all time. so even though it's great (the physics, graphics, car list, etc are still far better than WRC8 ) .... because expectations were super high, a lot of fans thought it was worse than it actually is. TLDR: it's all about expectations, and how the product compares to them. if something is surprisingly good, you notice it more than if you hoped it would be amazing, but it was "just" great.
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    I prefer to keep my wheel set to its maximum of 900 degrees, then calibrate in DR2 so rotation matches each car's steering ratio, even if it may not be ideal
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    What is troubling tarmac is that the car moves across the surface in weird angles. It doesn't feel like you steer the car with the front wheels, rather from the center. It truly feels like the whole car pivots when applying steering. If you steer to the left the rear axle/tires doesnt stay in place, they slightly gets pushed over the surface to the right. Something like that. Some cars and classes feels slightly better. With slower cars and certain drivetrains it doesnt become as apparent. If I jump in to RBR(NGP) or even WRC8 on a tarmac stage and drives I instantly notice that the rear end stays in place and follows the front track(unless you upset grip obviously). This weird issue of the car not always aiming straight when it's supposed to also impacts the FFB feel negatively. It feels vague, sloppy and in precise around the center of the wheel. The FFB should feel tight, more uniform and rigid than it currently does in DR2 on tarmac. It's obviously debatable as FFB is very personal, just my two cents though.
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    I'm not really sure. If someone would ask me, I'd rather have a decent base game compared to more content, even though F3 would be a nice addition 🙂
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    hi 1 wrc 8 have better tarmac than dirt rally 2.0 ( is not the best but is really better ) i explain the germany and monte carlo have road very bumpy with this country is not possible to drive with hard setup and very low car and spain is flat so your setup is not same than monte carlo and germany . ( i play with wheel ) is your car is to much low you have bad vibrations and sometimes you loose control . 2 dirt rally 2.0 have better gravel and snow ( in wrc 8 is good too but DR 2.0 is better ) 3 dirt rally 2.0 have better graphism than wrc 8 4 dirt rally 2.0 have better sound effect than wrc 8 5 dirt rally 2.0 have better car model than wrc 8 , in DR 2.0 the car is more beautiful and when you drive in dashboard all interior is different because you have really cokpit , in wrc 8 you have sometime same cokpit and he is not beautiful 6 wrc 8 have more different weather ( and he have dynamic weather too ) than dirt rally 2.0 7 wrc 8 have better pace note ( really better ) , in dirt rally 2.0 the pace note is horrible 8 wrc 8 have better landscapes ( house , mountain , town ....) the only town part in DR 2.0 is in poland and spain
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    Lol, now we know why dash cam is coming with 1.9 - just in time for @PJTierney's new rig Looks awesome though, enjoy it. Also, well done on the monitor positioning, another connoisseur of the best camera position 😉
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    Argentina Update: These are the 3 "major" cuts I have determined so far with the upcoming WC stage. I will also be adding them to the main post. These aren't too terrible, and I am still trying to make 100% sure there are no crazy cuts that ignore entire splits - but luckily most of them seem to be covered by reset boundaries. Only thing I still have left to try is going fast enough to jump over all of the rocks/people without getting reset... Argentina Cut #1 Argentina Cut #2 Argentina Cut #3 --- So while practicing for the upcoming qualifier, we have slowly been enlightened about how egregious a few of the cuts are. They are so bad that we need to have CM address these cuts. We need a clear answer whether or not these cuts will disqualify drivers in the Qualifier or if these cuts are now a requirement for everyone to use. There are 4 major cuts I want to initially address, some much much worse than others. The first, is the tree cut - you split the trees after the double 1R over bridge to keep the car in 3rd gear and carrying more exit speed. This one is dirty, but it is honestly the least of my concerns. CUT #1 The next is the worst of the bunch - the "digging up potatoes in the field" cut. This one blatantly ignores all track limits, dodges two corners, and gives you insane exit speed on what should be a square left. This cut has at least 3 seconds in it, and if this one isn't a DQ cut then the entire integrity of this WC is lost. Video as well - https://clips.twitch.tv/SplendidKawaiiMonkeyBIRB CUT #2 The next two are more well known cuts, the standard haybale cuts. Easily a half second in each of them, maybe even more if you can get your lines right. They happen right at the very end of the stage, and again blatantly are ignoring track limits. CUT #3 CUT #4 And the overhead view with each corner marked with entry/exit points for the cuts. So we need an official statement on this. As a community these are serious issues that we need clear guidance on so that EVERYONE here is on equal footing come the 10th. The last thing we want to see are fast drivers losing out to people who are willing to take the dirtiest of cuts in Qualifiers, only to be forced to watch these cheaters drive slower than most of us in the actual quarter/semi/finals when they are under the microscope. If you are not going to do anything about these cuts in Qualifiers, then say it so the rest of us know that cuts are required. I hate to do it and be that guy, but I'm tagging CM on this one. We need answers. @PJTierney @Skiddyboy13 @CM_Ads
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    Some AI drivers desperately need an update. It's been mentioned a couple of times but still haven't seen anything mentioned by devs that it's being looked into. With drivers able to change teams, it's far too obvious that some drivers need changes to match their real counterpart. The most glaring example is the AI for Ricciardo. Well regarded as one of the strongest drivers on the grid, but in game he's one of the weakest. We've already seen he's as fast as both Vettel and Ricciardo but if they end up as teammates in the game, Ricciardo is massively slower. Hamilton should be the benchmark and the AI should be balanced around how they would perform against him if they are teammates. With that, I feel the following changes should be made: Major buff: Ricciardo, no explanation needed. He should match Vettel and Verstappen, at the very least he should match Leclerc. Buff: Sainz, Hulkenberg. Hulk is not much off Ricciardo so he should be buffed alongside him, but not as much to match how this season as gone. Sainz should be at a similar level to Hulk. Slight Buff: Verstappen, Magnussen, Grosjean, Albon. Verstappen should be about the same as Vettel, and slightly off Hamilton. Both Haas drivers are too weak when teammates with other drivers. They should both be just a bit behind Hulk and Sainz. Albon should be brought to about level with Kvyat, who I think they've got well balanced. Norris may need a slight buff too to keep him close to Sainz. Major nerf: Weber. I don't get why he has the strongest AI. He should be on the same level as Butler and both should only be at around Sainz/Hulk level at the very most. Nerf: Perez, Gasly. Perez should be on the same level as Hulk and Sainz too, maybe slightly higher. Right now he's too fast with how the RP car is balanced. Gasly doesn't need an explanation. In game, he regularly beats Verstappen and we know how wrong that is! He should be on Magnussen, Grosjean level, slightly behind Kvyat and Albon. Slight nerf: Vettel, Leclerc. They're both good relative to each other, but they should both be on the same level as Verstappen I think. Right now, they're the fastest AI if I remember correctly from the stats. On a secondary note. Is there any chance of adding some drivers from previous games to the "sub bench" in career such as Ocon, Alonso, Wehrlein etc. It'll add a bit more variation to the driver changes and we've already seen Ocon confirmed for next season so it's not like it wouldn't make sense. Can there be an update from a dev about this? It would help balance out career mode somewhat.
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    @koog2003 Because you are making ridiculous claims and using hyperbole to try and sell your point. You are going through and disagreeing with literally anyone who doesn't support your view and are ignoring valid, sensible rebuttals to your point. No one is disagreeing the support on Steam is sub-par, but acting like it is even close to being "false advertising" or would hold up in any court as an "illegal" act is laughable at best. People cite sources refuting your claims and you immediately dismiss them because it doesn't fit your narrative. Learn to debate in good faith and you'll get a good faith discusssion in return.
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    Think I said this before but I believe it's there as the ai is so robotic and never make the kind of mistakes even the best real world drivers make. So instead of seeing someone ahead of you crash and DNF due to error they make it engine failure instead. Be cooler if instead of retiring they limped on though like Leclerc in Bahrain this year and just lost a few places instead of the whole race.
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    PJWhatever is your source as I'm the bridge between you guys and the wider team. Here's what we've said regarding Oculus SDK on Steam: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/08/the-dirt-roadbook-august-23-2019/ Do we have a confirmed date for proposed updates? Not yet. When we have more info, we'll share more. As for the topic title: the Steam version supports Oculus headsets via OpenVR. Can performance be improved? Sure, and the team's working hard on that. But to say that it doesn't support Oculus is untrue. I would like to advise people to treat each other with more respect when commenting on the forum. Debate is fine (welcomed even) however name-calling and arguing over syntax doesn't get us anywhere. Present your facts or opinions, justify them, and respect the fact that others may think differently to you 😉
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    Honestly, should just be an option for it to happen to the player as well. Makes championships too easy when the AI get failures but the players invincible.
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    I'd prefer a restaurant to serve better quality food before adding more items to the menu....
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    For me there's a lack of 'cautions' eg in Monte before you hit a chicane with those evil little walled bits, and in NZ where you will go flying off a hill unless you slow right down. 'Caution' is so useful yet is woefully underused.
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    @Jake Cushing if you have game suggestions like this please can you put them in the suggestion box section of the forums, our team will then pass them on for review. Personally this is something I would like to see incorporated into the game so will pass it on for you. We could even potentially add dance moves for the cars. Cheers. 😁
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    Hey team, We recently created something that I wanted to drop here for you guys to enjoy: it's a playlist full of GRID content from our latest content creator sessions - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMSpz2yjS-XFFjA2-_qEI2VBiZCegxfDV There's ALL SORTS of great GRID content to check out in here - from Multiplayer races, to Renault R26 showcases, to custom Free Play events. All kinds of car classes, circuits, weather conditions and scenarios are in there, so you're bound to find something in there that gets you hyped and/or answers a question you may have. Just thought that instead of us telling you how great the new GRID is, you can hear it from others who've played it instead 😉
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    So while I of course get that you guys want to sell some more worthless cosmetics before throwing in the towel, the fact that no (0) of the countless issues with the game got fixed this patch, or there being not even a mention that you guys are even AWARE and INTENT ON FIXING any of the countless issues with the game, can be seen as just a very big insult to your customers and a very big '**** YOU' to anyone that once believed in codemasters as a company. Instead we got 'for future patches' Balanced AI pace in the wet Ability to disable voting in Leagues Fanatec DD1 wheel base not being recognised on PS That last one is arguably very bad, can't have one of the more expensive wheels not working on your game, But the fact that you think these are the main issues the game has that need to be fixed you guys are truelly in denial. Why is there no mention of all the countless stability issues? (we have to restart 4/5 of the lobbies before races even start) (rpm glitch still not fixed) Why is there no mention of all the issues with racing in general (mainly penalties and inconsistent ghosting) If you want to us to use the league system so much: why is there still no good way to add reserves to the league? NOONE wants ai. NOONE. And with the inability to really use league mode.. the fact that you removed championship mode (which was fine) in combination with the abysmal stability means we race a lot of races without tire-park ferme rules in place. I'm not even gonna start on how sad it is that the spectator/commentary side of things didn't get looked at for YEARS now even though that is the mode that would have gotten the greatest benefit from the new graphics. (real drivers in an f1 car have the HUD turned of....) @Faya Can you please tell us these things: - Is there still a development team? or just people doing cosmetics now. - Is there any intention at all to fix most, if not all of the issues? (stability issues being, of course, the most important) - Why is communication between developers and community so bad? Is it just you guys don't 'dare' tell us you're not gonna fix anything? - Are you working on f1 2020 already and if so, why? Will it be better? why? - Is there really a belief at Codemasters that sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich will make all the problems go away? Why is there no sign that you KNOW about all the issues with the game. It would make people who lost faith with the game and you as a company maybe a bit inclined to give you time to fix it. As it stands now you just **** in our mouths by not even acknowledging the messy state the game is in but DO try to get even more money from our pockets with worthless stupid cosmetics. And granted, the cosmetics would be fine if there was actually a good game to play. But to only bother with cosmetics after you've made people pay 60 for such an unpolished, unfinished, just bad game with issues that have been with us since f1 2017 or even longer now.. It really really looks like this is a social experiment. "How far can we go and how little can we do while STILL having some f1 fans buy the game every year." I hope you guys quickly realize how much potential you are wasting by not fixing your game, or I hope FOM quickly realizes how you are prostituting its licence and giving the sport a bad name in the process.
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    so, many people aren't happy with the amount of times night pops up in weekly/monthly challenges as well as the career. for them it's too much. this is an issue because there simply aren't enough times of day in the game. 4 just doesn't cut it, and Wales has just 3(!!!) I have a few suggestions, so here's a numbered list. 1) so the easiest way to get more is to do what was done in the historic championships with Dawn and Sunrise (these times of day exist there). Dawn and Sunrise are simply Dusk and Sunset, renamed. sure, the sun wouldn't have changed position or anything, but whatever. so you could "add" these for each location. 2) split "daytime" into morning and afternoon. this is similar to 1) but instead of copy/pasting the lighting/weather options from one to the other, you could just take half the current daytime weather conditions for each location and call them "morning" and call the other half "afternoon". ideally you want one dry and one wet for each new time of day, but I know that's not necessarily possible with the DLC DR1 locations. 3) combine elements of preexisting conditions for each location to create new ones. I honestly don't know how feasible this one is. I'll explain. in Greece, if you want to drive it in the wet, it has to be at sunset. but I'm guessing it's not massively hard (could be wrong of course) to take that wet road and combine it with the preexisting daytime overcast sky, so you get a wet road, but no rain. this already exists in other locations such as Spain. 4) again, I don't know if this is possible, but... copying skies from one location to another could be handy too, and give more weather condition options and times of day... dusk in New England is far darker than anywhere else, for instance. I personally don't really care about having each location retain its "unique flavour" when there's only like 4-7 total different lighting options for each. 5) less easy: just put time and money into making new ones. I'd totally pay for it. 6) please add Dusk to Wales? please?
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    @koog2003 It's definitely not illegal. The Oculus is supported, it runs, it has issues, Codemasters is working with customers to provide solutions to improve performance and reduce issues, Codemasters is also making larger plans to possibly support Oculus via a native SDK. You wouldn't win anything in court against them, except a personal refund if you wanted it.
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    Sometimes we need some show too 🤣 The best camera angle in the game gg Codemasters 👍
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    We get plenty of constructive and detailed feedback on the DiRT forums, and if you look at the patch notes many of those suggestions are implemented 🙂
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    It’s challenging for all the wrong reasons.