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    I can clarify this one @smalls048 Speculation is speculation, much like anything in life. ( Think football transfer rumours, simply rumours). What I'd recommend is to stay tuned to the forums and the social pages of the Codemasters F1 accounts, as any official news will be dropping there first, and that information is confirmed and correct. We appreciate the enthusiasm for any future projects we may be working on, however, rumours are simply rumours. If I took everything I read about Arsenal as true, well, I'd be no more stressed than usual. Moral of the story is to always look at the official channels.
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    This is an original SRD design I just finished for the EXR Exodus eSports Rally Team. It's not going to be released like this but once all my projects are done, I'll work on a recolour of this design with DR2.0 sponsors on it like Thrustmaster for example.
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    I haven't confirmed a thing 😉 https://dirtfish.com/rally/wrc/codemasters-gets-rights-to-official-wrc-game/
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    Are you threatening @PJTierney? 🤣
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    I hadn't thought about that! Thanks for the idea. Not sure when I'll be able to do it or if someone else will beat me to the punch but we'll see. I've got a few projects running at the moment to keep me busy. This is an original SRD design I just finished for the EXR Exodus eSports Rally Team. I'm honestly amazed by how stunning it looks! 😛
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    I'm confused, we weren't planning on announcing a game today 🤔
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    Popped in for my 6month checkup.. wishing everyone well. Glad to see the same faces here! Hoping to go to a rally or 1 this year, stuff is SLOWLY (that's good) opening up here in the US so maybe I will bump into @Mike Dee in the woods of SOFR in a few weeks. I am over amusing myself with the next Dirt title predictions. The window has past in really caring anymore. I am at the stage in my life to realize that 1 or a few voices do not add up to corporate sales metrics and making wish lists, begging for features, etc just doesn't matter. I am no longer of the group they are trying to sell a game to. So I will probably purchase the next game play it a bit, and have the small satisfaction that I added .001% job security for PJ and some old friends there at Codemasters. Who knows, maybe my son will have an account here soon and feel at home as a 2nd generation gossiper, but you guys may need to think about adding trains to rally since that's what he is all about, right now, lol. Be back in 6.. 🙂
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    Sometimes you need to do a lot of research to realise that the idea you already came up with was the best one 😄
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    The Rally team did not develop DIRT 5. I imagine some knowledge/assets were shared though. As for what the next project is... This line of text is happy you noticed it.
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    Not a bad guess (disclaimer: WRC is so far out I know practically nothing about it so I'm not teasing here 😉). If you look at F1 the teams typically reveal their cars around February/March, WRC teams are around January. Reference data for things like liveries, teamwear, driver portraits etc. pretty much kicks off around then and all that stuff takes time to lock down and get into a game. Also, I assume there needs to be a certain gap between the last KT Racing WRC and the first Codemasters WRC title.
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    I still have this issue as well since I raised it months ago, here same setup. Windows set to English, but I also have the Dutch Language pack installed.
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    I want it to be decent, as the current specification WRCars deserve a great game!
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    I think the most we have seen confirmed is that the Dirt Rally 2 team moved onto another project during the DLC release - what that project is has not been clarified. We know CM can't release a WRC game until 2023, and I highly doubt the DR2 core dev team would have been moved over to WRC entirely almost 4 years before they even have the license. Logically expecting some game between DR2 and WRC-CM Edition seems reasonable. What will that game be? That is the million dollar question.
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    This year while playing F1 2020 I wrote down things that in my opinion need change or are missing entirerly. Some of this might be repetative as other people have mentioned them before in different threads but I´m going to include them anyway. Overall changes Balance the AI. I´m not talking about the inconsitency from track to track, you can easily find out your AI performance level for each track in GP mode. However the AI becomes more difficult the further you progress in career mode. For example in season one the perfect AI level for me in Brazil was 103 but in season 3 of MyTeam I had to turn down the AI to 100 to be able to place my car to where it belongs That means the AI got 6 tenths per lap faster than compared to season 1 while in Grand Prix mode (so basically season 1 conditions) 103 was still the correct AI level for me. This is something I had to figure out on every race track which means either I have to do every qualifying session twice (once with original AI pace, once with new AI pace) or I´m forced to have a bad qualifying and then adjust the AI for the race. Both is very annoying. Improve the AI. Very often I have situations where I really have to push to keep up with and eventually overtake an AI car which is a lot of fun. But as soon as I overtake said car it can´t keep up with me at all. Also the AI has a very tough time overtaking cars that use Rich and Overtake despite them having Rich, Overtake, DRS and Sliptstream. And what´s also imprtant is that they need to stop ignoring you when you didn´t pull alongside them in the straights but a bit later like in Spain in Turn 3. You try to overtake round the outside, you always end up in the gravel because you get pushed wide. Make the tracks look closer to real life. There are Videos out there that compare GT Sport to real life and F1 2020 and the tracks in GT Sport look almost like real life. Also as far as I know their tracks aren´t laser scanned either which shows that it´s not that hard to do for skilled developers. (Yes I know it takes time but what hinders you to update them slowly but steady?) More realistic tire strategy: In 50% races it usally happens that everyone starting below P10 can do one stop while everyone starting inside P10 has to do two. At tracks like Paul Ricard the race result is always unrealistic because of this. Also the AI needs to stop using Hard tires when they could easily pit a lap later for mediums. This needs more balancing to make sense. For example hards should become faster in the end compared to mediums when both compounds are equally old. Career Mode No more Formula Unrealistic. It doesn´t make sense that in Season 3 of career mode you can use Overtake for the whole lap because your battery is always full. Same goes for fuel saving while pushing in standard mode, and barely burn fuel in rich mix. Also in 25% races it doesn´t make sense that you could easily drive a whole race on softs. In previous F1 games (2010-2016) it was much better scaled. Free decisions over amount of races per season: That´s just a nice to have really so that seasons are shorter but not too short while I have even more variety from season to season other than throwing out the same 4 tracks that I don´t like Free choice in race order. Let us set Imola as the season finale and Abu Dhabi as the opener. I mean why not? Teams approach drivers, drivers approach your Team. It would add some sort of rewarding feeling if a Team like Red Bull approaches you in driver career after a succesfull season or if a driver like Ricciardo approaches your team because he sees potential in the project. Option for F1 2019 like driver changes and R&D development. Sure it´s not realistic at all but I loved having a title fight with McLaren in season 2 while Mercedes and Ferrari fell down the order with their drivers looking for potential race winning cockpits elsewhere. It was crazy but a lot of fun. Rule changes to have more impact. With the way the cars develop and how unrealistic they become I think rule changes should be more harsh. Make protecting a part as expensive as if it was a new one. That way the cars stay more realistic and in theory the shake up for the new season should be bigger as well. Make driver changes come into play after the season ended. The comparison to your teammate at the end of a season doesn´t make sense when it´s already your new teammate. Customisation Sponsor placement and colouring on suits and helmet. Instead of just making the game copy the sponsors from the cars to the clothing the player should be able to do that themselves as very often suit colour and sponsor colour dont work together. Race number. Font and colour should be custiomisable. There should also be a slot for your race number on your helmet. Of course a proper editor like GT Sport, Forza or even Midnight Club Los Angeles had would be the best solution for the players. Multiplayer Various fixes in loading time and connection. Car livery, suits and helmets should be changeable in the lobby. Additional Content Leave tracks from previous games that aren´t in the calendar anymore in the game. Examples for F1 2021 would be China and Vietnam. Classic Tracks. In addition to the tracks that stay in the game despite no official usage in the season there should be a few classic tracks joining the game with each year as well.
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    I really apologize for the late answer. Thanks, I tried these today and so will need a few days more to check if it works.
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    honnestly if DR 3 not come this year ,i buy wrc 10 :)
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    Thanks for replying. A solution to this in future games is surely adding a feature where we can edit driver stats ourselves, much like we can in many other sports titles. This would take a lot of pressure off yourselves getting updates out as well as allowing players to customize their experience. A similar feature to modify teams default stats would also be a huge improvement. Again, it takes pressure off you guys for rushing updates out and gives us all freedom in our own personal playthroughs. In terms of achievements/trophys etc. only make them obtainable when using unedited stats.
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    Hi everyone, Apologies for the delay on this, I wanted to get some thoughts from the developers on this topic. For F1 2020, we have completed our program in updating our driver statistics, and this will not happen further in the cycle for this current title. However, we have taken your feedback to the devs for any balancing needs for any future titles.
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    Stages and stage features Basics: Dirt Rally 3.0 must have a wide array of stages and locations in order to stay relevant and to be playable for many years to come. Dirt Rally 1 and 2 had some amazing locations and stages (most notable for me would be: Sweet Lamb Wales, Anonduous Farmakas Greece) however, 2 long stages with reverses for each Location simply is not enough to stay fresh. I think Dirt Rally 3.0 should aim for 4 long stages, but 5 for each location would be perfect. The devs should aim to add 2 or 3 new long stages to the current existing locations from DR1 and DR2 and have these existing locations but with new additional stages as release content, whilst making the new locations as DLC. The devs should also *EXTEND* the existing stages by adding new parts to the stages (such as extensions to the end or start) to make the existing stages longer. Surfaces: There should also be a variety of surfaces, for example, a new stage in Wales could feature a long tarmac road section with some gravel segments, and Spain could have some tarmac which is filled with dust and gravel which can make the road more slippery. Again, making the stages great is their diversity and difference from one and another, and I think a mixup of surface types would do this justice. There could also be additional improvements to the surface degradation as well as some surface changes e.g mud, icy roads, dusty roads and bumps/potholes/cracks. Stages could also be affected by seasons, for example, Finland during Winter could be filled with snow, making all the stages in Finland snowy (Arctic Finland) with no banks and snow walls like Sweden, making all Finnish stages feel completely new and unique with these surface changes. Monaco's ice and snow can be melted in hotter seasons, making the stages completely tarmac with no ice or snow. For the new locations which can be added as DLC, I have came up with 8 classic and famous locations which deserve to be included. New Locations: Italy, Portugal, Corsica, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Kenya and Ireland. If you don't know about these stages, I suggest you look them up or take a look at WRC9, they include some of these locations. I think these locations would be perfect for a game like Dirt Rally 3, and with EA purchasing Codemasters, I think their team is big enough to make this happen. A big feature of stages that was missed by codemasters was narrow segments, I think that there has to be more narrow segments, and when I mean narrow, I mean narrow, variety, diversity is what will make this game. If everything feels and looks the same then it will not feel good... make each location FEEL like it has its own personality, what makes Greece stand out from Wales? What will make Italy stand out from Portugal? Each location has to have its own character, Greece for example has its own character of being on mountainous terrains with big drops, whilst Wales has lots of banks, marsh and dense woods. I think that surface mixups and road diversity can make each stage and location feel like it is its own, so a mixup of surfaces will be perfect for making each stage feel different. As well as the idea of implementing seasons which could affect the surfaces, such as making them icy, bumpy, dusty, wet, snowy, will allow each individual stage to feel completely different with these surface changes. Let me give you an example of how a future locations stages could look like. Additionally, locations should not be limited to 1 province, for example, Wales should not be limited to the Powys province, Italy could feature Sardegna and Sanremo province. On a side note, I would love to see these stages added: Ouninpohja for Finland, El chocolate for Mexico, El condor for Argentina, Saint Auban and Col Du Turni for monaco, bring in some famous WRC stages Codemasters! edit: Will compile an imgur of locations/stages which could be added shortly... Example location: Italy (which should definitely be added) is a beast of its own, if there are going to be 4 or 5 long stages for each location, then each stage must feel different from one another whilst retaining the character of the location. Let me give you some examples of how this can be done. One stage for Italy could include mixtures between road tarmac and dirt, with some farms, tight roads and olive fields. Another stage could be driving through extremely tight streets and villages with extremely narrow straights and turns, another Italian stage could be climbing up a mountain (similar to monaco) with some dirt segments. There are so many possibilities, San-Remo and Sardegna should be the areas that Italy could have. Graphics and artstyle: I think Dirt Rally 2.0 was a perfectly designed game, graphically and artistically speaking. I do not think Dirt Rally 3.0 should undergo a huge graphical overhaul, however I do have a few suggestions to make the game feel more alive and look better. More skyboxes and times of day can make a single stage feel different each time you play it, different skies and times of days as well as some more weather effects can make the game feel much more real and alive. For example, fog and mist and heatwaves. I also think Dirt Rally 1 and 2 felt "cartoony" and not true to real life, maybe make Dirt Rally 3.0 look more realistic by changing the colour tones and lighting effects, I'm not an artist so I don't know... Weather: No massive changes to be made here, maybe add dynamic weather in Dirt Rally 3.0? So in a nutshell: Add more stages to the existing locations from DR1 and DR2, make the existing stages longer, add seasons which change the surfaces of stages e.g snow and ice and mud, improve stage degradation, add new locations as DLC with 4/5 long stages for each location. It is all about stage variety and diversity! (this is the key to making this game replayable, enjoyable and interesting for many many years to come) but a solid location will also need a solid vehicle roster... Vehicles and class system Class system: To clear things up, the current class system we have in Dirt Rally 2.0 is good enough, however I believe Dirt Rally 3.0 could have a revamped and overhauled class system to make the game feel more balanced and in touch with the timeline. I think the current class system should stay in place, however there could be an alternative default class system as well as the addition to create your own class to make your championships and gameplay experience feel unique and realistic for you. For the alternative default class system, I think the class system should be changed to time and power. For example, instead of H1 H2 and H3, we can have a timelined system: 1960s, early 70s, mid 70s, late 70s, early 80s, mid 80s, late 80s, group B early, Group B evo, early 90's, mid 90's, late 90's, Early WRC 2000's, Early WRC 2010's, Late WRC 2010's, WRC modern. This system can allow cars to stay balanced and within their respected time, and can also allow cars from earlier timelines to compete in the newer ones, albeit with power limitations. For example, a Group B car will not be able to compete in mid 90's, however mid and late 80's cars will be able to as well, depending on their power limit. New cars: Here are the cars that I think would be perfect for the game, and would make Dirt Rally 3.0 the most complete rally game. The game will need a solid roster of classic and iconic cars, as well as some historically significant but rather unknown cars too, the more the better. Keep in mind, this list does not include the current roster we have in Dirt rally 2.0 as those cars SHOULD be included in Dirt Rally 3.0either way, as well as the 2000's cars from Dirt Rally 1 (mini countryman etc). Imgur/images of the cars: https://imgur.com/a/G4aSH7j 1960's: Ford Escort RS1600, Volkswagen Beetle, Renault 8 Gordini, Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, Fiat 2300, Trabant, Saab 96, Datsun 180B 1970's: Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV, Ford Escort RS1800, Sunbeam Lotus, Alpine A310, Mazda RX3, Mistubushi Lancer 1600, Nissan bluebird, Toyota Celica 2000GT, Skoda RS, Saab 99, Toyota Corolla TE27, Volvo 142, BMW 2002, Peugeot 504 1980's: Toyota AE86, BMW325, Mitsubushi Lancer 2000 Turbo, Ford Sierra Sapphire, mercedes Benz 190E Group B: Citreon BX4TC, Mazda RX7, Mistubushi Starion, Nissan 240S, Toyota Twin Cam Turbo, Audi Quattro A2, Audi Quattro S1, Ferarri 308GTB, Renault 5 Turbo Group A/1990's FWD: Citreon Saxo, Renault Clio Williams, Renault Megane Maxi, opel Kaddet GSI Group A/1990's: Mitsubushi Galant VR4, Mitsubushi Lancer EVO 1 and 4, Toyota Celica GT4 ST165, ST185 and STI205, Audi 200 Up to 2000cc/WRC: Subaru Impreza 2003, Subaru Impreza 2007, Mitsubushi Lancer WRC, Citreon Xsara 1999 and 2003 or 2005, Citreon DS3, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Accent, Peugeot 307, Seat Cordoba, Suzuki SX4, Ford Focus RS 2003, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubushi Evo 7, Ford Escort Cosworth WRC Modern kit cars: MG ZR, Fiat Punto S1600, Ford Puma S1600, Suzuki Swift S1600, Fiat Punto S1600, Volkswagen Golf S1600 R5: Hyundai i20 R5, Mitsubushi Mirage R5, Citreon DS3 R5, Proton Iriz R5 WRC cars: Toyota Prius WRC, Ford Fiesta WRC, Hyundai i20 WRC, Citreon C3 WRC, Volkswagen Polo WRC Physics: Tarmac physics MUST be overhauled and improved to make it feel more realistic, and not like you're floating. Crash and damage must be improved too, to make crashes and mistakes more devastating and unforgiving, which can be adjusted via a difficulty/damage/hardcore slider. Jumps also need to be fixed, at the moment you can flat out on jumps without a worry in the world and make it in one piece. On a final note, improve the cockpit camera, maybe make the camera shake about to the left and right so you feel like a person IN the car, and not just a static camera inside of the car. Online activities: Co-driver mode, rally multiplayer, custom classes, larger lobbies, more leaderboard options and filters, players ghost cars, multiplayer replays, uploading and downloading replays, ranked mode of some sorts, in-game Clubs client (can join create clubs in game rather than the wesbite), text chat as well as better voice chat Track editor: I believe that an ambitious, track CREATOR (not random generator) would be an amazing feature for the game and community. Giving players the ability to make their own tracks with a track editor could keep the game alive for many many years to come. It could be released as an update and could be an in-game editor or as a seperate SDK. Allow players to share their tracks and for players to download. Have community contests for stage creations. Replays: Allow players to save replays, and to have more camera options (freeform camera etc) also allow players to change replay filters and angles/interiors (fuzzy cam, dashcam, WRC cam etc, camera glitching and losing connections, going static) to let players make replays look like genuine recordings from a rally event, it will make watching replays more immersive and interesting. Maybe a spectator POV replay system would be cool too. Custom camera points etc, to make replays look and feel great, cinematic and immersive would be a huge win for the game, not only will it make watching replays enjoyable, but it could serve as a method for advertising the game just from seeing these amazing, immersive replays. How they can do it: If this would come to tuition, then Codemasters should release Dirt Rally 3.0 at launch with all original locations and stages from DR1 and DR2 with the addtions as mentioned (additional stages per location, extended original stages, physics/graphics changes, weather, surfaces etc) with the features as mentioned. Codemasters should aim to release 2 new locations at launch with 4/5 stages for these new locations. If I could choose the launch locations, I would personally go for Corsica and Portugal. Codemasters could then go for the seasonal DLC approach for the new locations, perhaps the new locations could be paid DLC/free, would you rather pay DLC for things that were already in DR1? (I'm looking at you DR2.0) or would you be more inclined to pay for a new location with new exciting stages that you have never played or seen before? These NEW LOCATIONS would mean players are more inclined to come back for each update to pay for the NEW and exciting locations, if Codemasters make the original stages as paid DLC as seen in DR2.0, then I do not believe that would be as viable as making new content paid DLC. I believe that codemasters should aim to release 60% of the cars I mentioned as launch content (release the iconic cars that everyone love for free: Toyota celica's, Evo's, Subaru's, oldies) whilst making some of the other more older less known but still loved cars as DLC included with each seasonal DLC update release (such as the Audi 200, AE86 etc) I do not think each car and stage should be sold seperately, they should be sold as an all in one bundle for each seasonal DLC release. The track editor could be released when DR3.0 reaches EOL, and would be the ultimate send-off to Dirt Rally 3.0, additonally the devs should aim to make Dirt Rally 3.0 mod friendly once the game has been milked for its worth, Codemasters, you have a chance to create the perfect game for this niche group, if you can make this game a masterpiece, you will control the Rally scene, there are so many people out there who would play this and spend their money just because their favourite cars/locations are featured, and because there is more content and multiplayer options, replay systems (everyone loves watching their replays, make it good), FOCUS on making the REPLAYS better, because if people can make their replays look genuine and real (with the filters and camera options etc) I mentioned, along with many more features for replays etc, such as uploading replays and sharing them. These replays can be shared online and will gain ALOT of traction if they look great, put yourself in this scenario. If you saw gameplay (same gameplay) but with a bad replay or an amazing replay which looks great, lots of angles and filters in cockpit to make it seem like a real onboard etc, which would you be more interested in watching? Bringing even more people into the series just because they saw some cool clips and replays from youtube is possible, make a good replay system with lots of customisation options. You can do this CM... Thats it, that's the formula to make Dirt Rally 3.0 perfect. In a nutshell... More stages for existing tracks More locations and cars Better physics (especially tarmac) More surfaces and surface changes for tracks Improved surface degradation Seasons which change how stages look and feel Better replay system More online features Track editor
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    When beta sign up is announced, it usually takes place with a limited amount of cross-platform seats (XB/PS/PC) keep an eye on the announcements.
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    We are gathering information on this at this time. I will merge your thread with that one, but please consider reformatting your post with the required information. https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/38-want-to-report-an-issue-have-a-bug-to-report-please-look-here-first/
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    ahaaahah yeah! i really loved it, you worked very hard to make that 😄
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    I'm still here, and on the forums. We are in the slightly quieter phase of the game cycle at the moment, but I'm active with bug reporting, feedback etc. A lot of the currently discussed topics are 'F1 Future Projects', and once more details are available, I'll be around to answer what questions I can.