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    Well I had a productive lunch break today...
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    Hello All, This is just a thread to throw out the idea about a weekly/biweekly broadcast rally event. (Broadcast to Youtube and Facebook) I have asked around sim racing broadcasters and I think we can make something work very similar to Dirt World Series. I think it would be great to have a central place for the community to gather, compete and engage with each other within one 3 hour window or so. I've requested Codemasters look into this via email as a lot of other sim racing platforms are doing the same and they have decent communities where everyone can engage with one another. Costs seem to be in the region of 150 pounds per event total to run the events. What does the community think? Would you support it and compete in these events? Cheers, Luca
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    Hey all, I have some more good news ahead of Season 2's arrival in the next few weeks: after listening to your feedback and testing ideas, I can confirm that the option to adjust the length of races in Career mode will be included in the Season 2 update. From the main menu screen, if you head to Options > Gameplay > Difficulty, you can find the new option to adjust race lengths in Career. It is set as default to x1, which is the usual race length. You will now have the option adjust the race length x2, x3, x4, or x5. The multiplier applies to each individual race - so if you're participating in a three-race event within Career, and each race is usually three laps long, applying the x5 multiplier will mean each race is 15 laps long. This option will be available on all platforms when the Season 2 update is downloaded. So, it'll be available at the same time for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, then when we launch Season 2 on Stadia at a later date, it'll be available on that platform too. We're pleased to address another much-requested feature from you, the GRID community, and are looking forward to seeing you take advantage of the new feature! Time to get ready for some marathon Career play-throughs... Thank you 🙂
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    Aww that's cute, you think Britain has Spring. It's either winter or the Sahara.
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    the ultimate weapon... @mats27
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    @PJTierney any plans to add the Ford/M-Sport Fiesta R5 MkII to DiRT Rally 2.0?
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    Take home a piece of rallying history with the Solberg Livery Challenges, coming to DiRT Rally 2.0 in late January. More info: http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/01/solberg-livery-challenges-coming-to-dirt-rally-2-0-this-january/
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    Excellent news: keep the real liveries coming please!
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    Version 1.12 January 21, 2020 Content: New Car: Mini Cooper SX1 - Available January 28 (Season 4) New Car: Renault Clio R.S. RX - Available January 28 (Season 4) New Car: Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) - Available January 28 (Season 4) New Liveries: Season 4, Stage 3 - Available January 28 (Season 4) New Liveries: DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Grand Finals (2019 Peugeot 208 RX) New Liveries: DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Grand Finals (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5) New Livery: Petter Solberg - 2019 Wales Rally (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5) New Livery: Oliver Solberg - 2019 Wales Rally (Volkswagen Polo GTI R5) VR: Resolved issue where game would softlock when attempting to use S1600 Class cars in a Multiplayer Lobby. My Team: Rallycross Career: Added support for 2019 RX Supercars (Masters Tier) Added Solberg Livery Challenges. World Rallycross Championship: Added support for 2019 RX Supercars. Added support for 2019 World Rallycross Championship locations. Locations: Jämsä, Finland: Added Rain as a selectable weather condition. Cars: Adjusted behaviour of windscreen wipers to reduce usage in dry conditions. Adjusted visual effects of windscreens when driving through water splashes. Adjusted visual appearance of FOV adjustments to prevent clipping of car interiors. Liveries: Resolved issue where mis-matching country flags were showing on some liveries. Changed driver number colour of Season 3, Stage 3 Liveries, to make it more easily identifiable. Miscellaneous: Adjusted AI behavior to prevent unwanted object collisions during introduction sequences. Resolved issue where Time Trial ghosts would mistakenly appear when changing unrelated settings. Removed World Series tab from main menu. Made several minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made several minor stability improvements throughout title. Version 1.13 is in development, release date to be confirmed.
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    Well it's a bit easier when the actual car is an 80's brick.
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    Post 2017 WRC regulations has got nothing on that MASSIVE aero tech the Baleno is running. Dayum!
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    Just wanted to quietly mention on here, maybe you all have heard about parent company of Autosport forming a games division called Motorsport games. Well from time to time, I like to check up on our old friends that used to be apart of the DiRT team. Guess who their creative director is? None other than our old friend @KickUp. Along with a number of former Codemasters Employees. * Please don’t turn this into some kind of debate or whatever, respect that this is Codemasters forum. But I thought it would be nice to pass along the news. "Competition whose motive is merely to compete, to drive some other fellow out, never carries very far. The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time." -- Henry Ford
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    That is a thing that is coming. It is not the thing.
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    Hello! I'd love to see this livery in the game (for the fiesta R5) but i've never done any livery. Is someone working on it, or can somebody please do it? It would be great. Thanks!
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    A new generation model is definitely not a facelift. A facelift was what M-Sport did with its Fiesta WRC half-way through the 2014 season. New front end and barely anything mechanical. Different ball game with the new Fiesta R5, doesn't even sound the same.
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    Nah, F1 already has the license:
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    Finland in daytime/clear and daytime/overcast has a horrible looking thick fog on it. Completely unrealistic for the weather (I live in Finland so I would know, also every single Finnish player says this is not even close to how it looks like in reality), looks painfully awful, and you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all. Yes, I know that you said it's "for performance reasons" but that just isn't a good enough answer. Adding this kind of horrible fog that makes it look awful is absolutely not the right way to increase performance. What you should do is get rid of the fog, or at least tone it down to the same level as Wales (where it's bad enough but at least playable) and increase performance in other ways. The kind of ways the leave daytime Finland looking decent. Look at this. This is a comparison of Finland in Dirt Rally vs. Dirt Rally 2.0. You can see it looks FAR better in DR1, because low graphical fidelity without the fog is far better than high graphical fidelity with a horrible fog slapped on it that completely ruins its looks. Your "visual upgrade" has left daytime Finland looking far worse that it did in DR1. These fake promo screenshots, with no fog at all, are what the real game should look like. As it stands this might as well be from a completely different game. The fact that you can't show real screenshots of daytime Finland would kind of suggest even you at Codemasters are not too happy with how it looks like. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    I really hope for more locations. If we get more cars it will be fine but to be honest, I don't use 60-70% of them. So adding more and more cars is not what I am looking for. Of course I will buy DLC to support the game but my focus is on locations instead of cars. It seems that everyone is getting excited more about cars than about available locations 🙄 I am sure that nobody is using 100% of cars while playing the game. After almost one year after the release date there are cars that I have never tried... I am glad that there won't be Hillclimb. It was fun, for sure, but there is no point of putting it into DR 2.0 in my opinion. I will be happy to get something new but I have no idea what it will be 🤷‍♂️
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    Definitely supporting this idea! In twitch there is not only passionate but also very competitive community working daily on clubs and events! I have been working on making Youtube highlight clips for DR2 community and could consider making some recaps of such events for example (depending largely of course how the events would pan out).
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    We have a number of very active and passionate Dirt Rally 2.0 communities on Twitch who would rally (pun intended) behind this! Hope this gets the attention of someone at Codies?
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