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    SRD - Sim's Racing Design created a custom livery for the Ford Fiesta R5 Mk.II hoping that SRD_FlatOut (me) would be allowed to premiere it at the Dirt World Series Quarter Finals on the 31st October. Unfortunately, that might create issues and risk my quarter final. However, if you guys like the design and want to see it released publicly, just react to it and I'll see if it's worthy of release. When released, the car will have the option of generic windows (no names) and roof scope (no flag). So... it's up to you guys. What do you guys think? Do you want to see this design released?
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    Reactions to that latest design have been overwhelmingly positive so far. I now went a bit further and took a page out of the DIrt team's playbook and did what they had done, releasing a 'World Series' design with several colour variations for the VW Polo R5. In other words, I'll release the design coming Friday if all goes right including some colour variations.
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    Ok I have a feeling funny will win this so here goes. 1. Team Name: Samurai Racing 2. History: In light of recent efforts to increase diversity in the sport. The FIA has recently allowed lizards to race. The one that scared Max Verstappen in Singapore in 2016 has returned to give him an even bigger challenge. The team was formed by the illuminati since that is the primary organisation of lizards. The team name comes from our fighting spirit. 3. Cult Hero: Me... obviously..... Im a lizard and I race a fast car and do human things in my effort to further the illuminati's goal of world domination. However the queen lizard deserves a mention 4. Sum up your journey: Had a pretty good first season for a new team, bagged 8th in the constructors with a few good finishes. Now onto season 2 and Charles Leclerc has just scored the lizard empire's first win. 5. Image
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    I’m not complaining, i was just questioning if this was the same for everyone?
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    Nice, thanks @ReimvomSchleim Bugged, reported and with Online testing team for internal replication. 👍
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    Pretty sure I read (somewhere on here) a confirmation of sorts that the custom car in TT has the same performance values as the Merc? Maybe I’m mistaken though 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Whoever decided to develop scotland (the complete package basically) needs to get more money. A masterpiece.
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    Hello racers! Just wanted to give a ‘'state of the union' address on F1 2020, its launch and our focuses moving forward with the development cycle of the game. We'd firstly like to thank everyone for the positive feedback with our new Myteam game-mode, which has been a huge success and a valuable addition to the game. We’re also delighted to see that the updates and changes to our handling model have been so positively received. We are still working towards continuing to improve our game to be the best experience it can be. We have added a little insight into our plans moving forward for the development of F1 2020 below: Firstly, we have a title update coming very soon where we have addressed the following major issues: A much-requested performance patch, bringing the game closer to the always-changing pecking order of the sport. An exploit in Time Trial and events caused by entering and fast-forwarding an instant replay has now been resolved A Multiplayer issue that allowed a player to start a flying lap in qualifying where there is not enough time left in the session. A Multiplayer issue that stopped corner cutting penalties being applied when quitting and re-joining a race after a formation lap. Colour issues on sponsors suits, helmets and car liveries in MyTeam on the PS4 Pro A Multiplayer issue where framerates will drop and lock to 30FPS when re-joining an active race session that this player was previously a part of As well as this, we have fixes currently in the testing phase for the highly-discussed issues below: A 'Leagues' game-mode issue where results do not submit after completing races A multiplayer issue where quitting and re-joining a race with a formation lap can impact race results Race Director at the end of Practice Sessions doesn't show tyre used to set time. Xbox players being kicked from lobbies with the error code H078.6443. A MyTeam issue where facilities were resetting to zero and upgrades are stuck in progress A Multiplayer issue where a host will start the race before the rest of players if Formation Lap is On - This is something still in test, as our original fix scheduled fo r the upcoming patch did not pass the testing phase. We're also aware of the following key issues and are currently under investigation as a priority with the development team: Players reporting corrupt Save games. This seemed to happen after our 1.08 update – This one is of critical importance to us at the moment, and any PS4 and PC saves people can provide to us here would be really appreciated. A Multiplayer issue where users leaving and re-joining sessions can cause game performance issues for players racing in that session. A Multiplayer issue where the Player does not see the Race Start lights display. A MyTeam issue where some players have their Facilities development reset to 0 and upgrades to these are stuck ‘in progress’ Furthermore, the issues in the second and third sections are the key issues we are currently focusing on, but have not yet found a solution for. At the moment, we are still attempting to recreate these issues in the third section, so adding your information will be really helpful. Please note that as with all issues under investigation, we cannot promise a fix for these issues. If you experience these, please send us videos, full bug reports and report codes added onto the original threads so we can continue to diagnose and aim to resolve. Wishing you all well and good fortune on your heroics into saint devote. Barry EDIT: Just to update here for others reference, F2 2020 will be coming, and is currently a 'work in progress'. At the moment, I have no specifics regarding dates, but this is something we are working towards and are committed to completing.
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    Yeah, I agree. Watch the first 15 seconds of this video. Although DR2.0 has better physics, the way the car behaves and the suspension movements look more natural/realistic in DR1. Meanwhile, in DR2.0 the 'center pivot' physics is more noticeable.
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    We may have Time Trial in case of running without AI but you can't change other options whilst driving. If we have a Private Training mode like Project CARS 2, I would be grateful.
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    We're 3 months into the life of a game that's barely, if at all, gonna live past its first birthday. My team is good enough it seems and chapeau for that. but the multiplayer is in a worse state than ever, and the lack of patches and updates is beyond comprehension. Every league I know of is already struggling to keep the disillusioned drivers aboard because despite promises suggesting otherwise, this game continues the trend of having more buggy MP than the last one. There's still countless issues from the spectator standpoint. (Startlights, leaderboard glitches, incorrect tire info, incorrectly outlined tires, still no penalties) But also as a driver there's just TOO MUCH that can go wrong and require a restart. Some examples: - Cars of disconnected people causing havok on the starts/restarts (Made worse by the fact that you cant take control BEFORE the start so there's always an ai car driving away as the lights go on and then being an unghosted obscacle. in the first lap.. with more chance of chaos as the driver tries to retake control (and there aren't even lights in my experience anymore so you better get your timing right) - Safety car still sometimes gives the instruction to overtake incorrectly and then DSQ'ing within a second after doing so (no time to slow down or something) - Safety car gets glitched out by the same bug thing that messes up the leaderboards in laps 2-3 requiring the field to overtake the s.c. sometimes etc. - Delta's are STILL unreliable. Especially on the start straight they not update/are wrong at the line. But people photofinishing behind can win, and sometimes both or NONE of 2 cars have drs..... - Screenfreezes as people join/leave sessions. - Penalties awarded by the game for things that we DONT want the game to give penalties for, cause the game OBVIOUSLY can't reliably give the correct penalties for those. we have stewards for that. - Tires in f2 being random so some people are unfairly stuck on the harder tire. - Entire lobbies glitching out because 1 driver's pc missed it's check/his game crashed. - Grip hack Cheaters (Although that's more of an open lobby/ranked issue.. in leagues they just get respectfully asked to move their folly elsewhere) - Ghosting needs to be reworked in general as it is unusable in either mode now (AI'ing disconnects should ALWAYS ghost.. even when ghosting is off) I can go on but I think my point is made. @BarryBL How is it possible that we have to wait so long for more updates? How does your statement that multiplayer is getting more attention this time around relate to the amount of updates and fixes we're seeing? Can you explain to me why not more effort is being put into testing and fixing these glaring bugs right now? We should be getting an update every 2 weeks the state this game is in. Just TRY stuff at least. it can barely be worse than it is now. The only meaningful updates that have come out so far in three (3!!!!) months are the hold button for ERS and the multiplayer car for time trial.. The first one after a huge "you think you do, but you don't" style turnaround from you guys. It was the first thing that came up in the beta and still took months. The bugs are still there. Just to compare. I sometimes play paradox games on the side. Recently CK3 was released, and just like with F1 2020, in pure Paradox fashion, it was very buggy at launch. This is where the comparison ends though. Because within a month of release, Paradox released patch 1.1. I want to invite you to have a look at the patch notes here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/ck3-dev-diary-42-1-1-patch-notes.1428193/ Now those are patch notes. Written by a company that wants to fix their bugs. AND don't want to let their customers in the dark. They contain more text than all the text in all of the f1 games combined, and are just a blast to read for anyone who likes fixes 😉 How good would it be if we could get one of those for the f1 games once. Where you read, and read, and all the things that annoy you in one way or another, just got called out by name in text and FIXED. Those developer diaries in general are super enlightening. They have us get to know the developers. what they like about working on the game. aspects of it they find cool. I'd love to know them better and have explained to me why the priorities are so far away from a stable multiplayer. IMO it is stable multiplayer that will take the game around it's lifeyear in healthy fashion. it is what gets streamed the most, gives the most exposure for both f1 and your game in general. Right now mp is only making f1 2020 the laughing stock of online racing games, and multiple leagues are already discussing moving to ACC, DESPITE most of the communities being super f1 focussed. It's just not fun anymore. We've been lied to for too long. Nothing is changing. It's getting worse every year. We went from July until now without any meaningful updates to multiplayer stability. And although the driving itself is great and fun while it works, the continuous frustrations of having to restart way too many sessions, getting the screenfreezes whenever someone joins or leaves (0,2 sec stutter can easily be your quali gone) , and the streams looking trash half the time because the info on screen is not correct, just is too much for many people, myself included. I've just kinda lost hope now myself too. Seems like you're not really bothered about multiplayer after all. For people who only play multiplayer the amount of money that you dare to ask for the buggy mess that you get almost feels like theft. Especially considering the effort that obviously went into adding a microtransaction store to the game. Something that's not gonna be able to get used a lot if people stop playing your game very early on.. But hey, I must know nothing about it, and having even the most dedicated f1 fans stop playing your game within a few months because it's just too buggy is probably a very smart move that I just don't get.
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    Probably, it was developed entirely from scratch afterall, whereas the other DLC Locations had a previous game's notes as basic reference.
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    Something that I've noticed especially in Ranked qualifying, is that even if it's a mistake that costs you time, such as your rear wheels slipping out causing you to go wide on an adjustment, you still get a penalty. That isn't really fair considering I'm not gaining or maintaining my lap time. It should only count if you gain time or maintain your lap time. For example if going wide costs you 0.3 and you end up qualifying 5th instead of 3rd, that should be punishment enough, no?
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    Please no , not power reduction for going off circuit or cutting a corner slightly , They have brought that into Project Cars 3 and what a shambles it is with you going slower for a period and everyone ghosting threough you until you have served the penalty
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    Team Name - CFB Racing MyTeam History - The dream of a determined young driver with 26 years in the sport since 2006, CFB Racing was the result of saving up every penny of wage earned from that driver's paradoxically long career. Even then, that driver took a considerable gamble to enter the sport in 2020, which was earlier than planned as a result of the introduction of the $200 million entry fee for 2021. As a result, the starting funds were modest, but still enough to allow for the team to ease its way in - to use the first season or two to build a base from which to challenge in the future. Considering his level of success in his career beforehand, that young driver decided that it would make perfect sense to drive for his team, with the hope that the second seat would help young drivers reach their potential. Your MyTeam's Cult Hero - It has to be Kimi Räikkönen. A driver who is all about the fun of racing - no politics, no stress, no stupid questions, just get out there and race. Who doesn't love Kimi? Sum up your save - A rough start, with four non-points finishes. Then came Zandvoort great qualifying and a 6th place finish. More points in Spain before a reality check in Monaco. Baku next - a second Q3 appearance, a P4 start and a shock win after jumping the Ferraris at the start and Bottas on the Safety Car restart. Another podium in Montreal, 5th in France (following a brilliant last second call to pit under the safety car whilst in 15th) and second in Austria (after pitting for inters at the perfect time). A rough home race and 2 races ruined by unnecessary front wing changes. The rest were points finishes. Giuliano even got a 5th place in Austin. Sixth in the Drivers and 5th in the Constructors. A new season, a new engine and a new teammate. A real statement of intent. A soaked Monaco saw my first pole, fastest lap and second win. The start of a streak of five wins and fastest laps. Max dubiously decided not to stay for the second half and is now sitting out the rest of the season. George came in from Haas for Silverstone - third for me, first for George. We top both championships. Iconic Image - Where we started to show the team's true potential.
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    Thanks for the insight Barry, it is much appreciated and good to know you guys are still committed to fix stuff. ❤️ Though I'd like to ask you some questions I may have asked before, but were not addressed: - What are your general plans regarding the future of the Multiplayer mode? Are you planning to just keep on fixing the current iteration or is there some kind of rework/revolution on it's way? - Are you committed to 'rethink' the current penalty system and introduce some bigger changes? - Are you happy with the current way bugs/problems are reported to you/your QA? - Is it possible to do an AmA with more devs from your Team? I think I might have said this before but to me personally, you are the MVP at this company and an invaluable asset to your employer. Up until you came it felt like the developers of this game were very disconnected from it's actual fanbase and didn't listen to any fan requests. Things have changed a bit and the work you did during the last year is huge and the community, as well as the game, have clearly benefitted from it. Thanks again.
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    I'd like to see your personal race data available online, without going into the game. "What's my personal best in the R5 Polo in Hammerstein in the wet?" Just look it up. I believe we had these stats online in Dirt Rally. "How does my time compare to the community at large?" Dirt Rally had distribution graphs online. Make looking up your community and AI challenge, including bonus challenge, performance available, and work more consistently than it does now.
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    It would be nice to use a fisheye camera in the game. The real onboard cameras are fisheye cameras
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    As a few people have posted their ideas about the FOM car (henceforth "MyCar") since its intro to TT mode, I figured creating an idea box topc about it (and possibly having the topic stickied) would be a good idea to get a discussion in which everyone can post ideas going. I'll start this off with the ideas about it from a topic I created a month ago and a few I've had since. As I've stated this topic's meant for discussion, not just throwing ideas at the wall, it may go better in F1 Chat and can be moved at a mod's discretion. 1. This is, actually, @Sir_Overtakesalot's idea, but I included something below that dovetails it into this topic. MyCar should be in GP mode as well. 1a. If possible, I'd like to see the team's name on the GP and TT select screens after someone's created a team using MyCar, rather than the current "CUSTOM TEAM" 2. As MyCar's now available in solo and split screen—as it should be from the beginning in future entries, I think the nomenclature should be updatd to something like "MyCar". 3. Asking for MyCar to have its own chassis is, probably, much too ambitious due to licensing issues, but I think it'd be a lovely addition to the series because having, effectively, two Mercedeses in the game is slightly annoying. Granted, I took to MyCar much better than the Merc, itself. 4. MyCar may already use the engine from MyTeam after a team's creation, but, if it doesn't, I think it'd be a nice touch because, after all, its meant to be that car.
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    Any top time that is using assists or no custom setup is a hacker.
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    so, any chance remove "reset to track" of multiplayer races? or create the option like on or off when create the lobby
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    Just started using this for my new MyTeam save (just started on the whole game actually) because of the inconsistency of the AI from Australia to Bahrain. My baseline is the maximum of 106. Bahrain felt quite spot on tbh. My setup was designed for the race so I could only manage 19th in Qualifying with my team-mate De Vries in 21st. I think I was only 0.250 ahead of him? Pretty solid for a 65 rated driver though. In the race I was able to hit 14th place on a 2 stop with one car ahead retiring, and my team-mate hit 16th with a 3 stop. Was about 8 seconds ahead of Raikkonen, but far behind the other teams and drivers but Kvyat. With one race down I'm already quite satisfied! I'll do a few more races before filling out your survey, but you've done a really good job and service to the community, thank you.
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    The way I understand things is that these stats apply to your team only, it is what you will get. In case of Ferrari engines, all other teams using that engine will have worse power than your team will have, if you buy their engine. Given that this also affects the engine manufacturers team, this is kinda lame, isnt it.
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    ASAM Motorsport. Designed by me and my wife with the colours the same as we had at our wedding. AI 90, Hubert as my teammate.