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    Firstly - and most importantly - I want to make it plain that I do not condone violence (outside of a boxing ring or MMA cage that is) of any sort but - please CM - just add a little bit..........so the next time Jeff says, with that condescending attitude "We've had to spend time repairing damage to the car" that carries just the slightest of emphasis on 'time' and just the slightest hint of distain and disgust, I can climb out and punch his ******* lights out.
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    To be honest, I would rather have slow driver market than Hamilton singning with Haas or something like that
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    Every time someone asks for this, it's getting delayed by one week. So far we're looking at the performance patch to drop sometime around March 2021. Keep it up guys. 🙂
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    I'm still getting really frustrated that I can't release designs like this famous Porsche 911 SC RS! However, I will keep designing them and show what the community is missing out on because there isn't a fix coming for the encrypted DLC cars by the team.
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    I personally retire from a session when I have a drs failure to simulate a mechanical failure. It happens once or twice a season which is usually around how often the AI retire
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    Aaaaaaand here's another legendary Porsche 911 SC RS driven by Patrick Snijers (the "BMW E30 M3 at the Manx Rally"-guy). 🤤
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    They can't fix real car performance, Merc/RB/Ferrari and other teams don't allow them to mess around their real cars. Now as for performance in the game, as mentioned in 9999.. (I don't know how many) other threads, it will be done in near future. They (CM) just need more races which gives them more data, that is used to create performance for each team.
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    Fairly new to the Codemasters F1 game but been playing Grand Prix 2/3/4 for 20+ years. A couple of things that F1 2020 is missing that would make the game awesome - hopefully they can be added during an update. 1. Mechanical failures for players. With the option to turn it on/off. Yes it’s frustrating but its extra realism. 2. Manually driving in the pitlane. I dont need the computer to take over. 3. Remove the grey screen when you crash. Allow the player to drive back to the pitlane to retire or pull off the circuit. GP4 had a great feature where you could watch the reminder of the race using a tv director if you crashed out or retired. 4. A free practice mode so that you can lean tracks or practice setups. Great game otherwise.
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    UPDATE: Grid is now full. New drivers will join as Reserve Drivers. Greetings drivers !! Welcome to Trollmula Championship Season 2! After an amazing, exciting and fun season we return for a new season now in F1 2020 !! A brief story about ourselves Press here for races, fun and memes ! 😁 Enjoy also the for-fun-lobbies apart of the league itself ! https://discord.gg/ARdYqKQ Information CALENDAR Full season (22 races). SCHEDULE 2 races per week. The league starts on 12/08/2020. First race each Wednesday 22:00 PM CEST. Second race each Sunday 22:00 PM CEST. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- RACE FORMAT SETTINGS Formation lap: On Qualifying: Short (if we are +16 drivers to race -> Full qualifying) Race starts: Manual Race distance: 25% Parc ferme rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle damage: Full Ghosting: On Car setup: Predefined Only Safety car: On Rules and flags: On Corner cutting stringency: Strict Tyre temperature: Surface & carcass (simulation) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAXIMUM ALLOWED ASSIST SETTINGS Braking Assist: Off Anti-lock Brake System: On (Updated) Traction Control: Medium Racing Line: Corners only Gearbox: Manual (recommended gear) Pit Assist & release: On
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    Would you rather just race the next 5 seasons in the mode with a maxed out car that never changes and makes the whole R&D component of the mode useless? Think of it this way... the 2021, now 2022 complete new car design just hit your game. Time to suck it up and build yourself a new car and start over. Guess what, the rest of the teams will do the same. So earn those R&D points, adapt those parts and build your car the best you can. I'm confused why you're complaining about something that's designed to give the longevity in the mode, and also in a nutshell mimics real life F1 in a way
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    The only way a player can have a technical or mechanical failure is if the part reaches 100% wear. It's been a request for quite a while to have random stuff happen to the player as well as the AI, so you're not alone. 🙂
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    I race in F1 2020 and i am fully focused on the racetrack while racing. When I want to look at vegetation, I play golf. What I want to say is that gameplay is much more important than graphics. Great graphics are useless if the gameplay is worthless.
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    I am a Williams fan. For many years. I have supported them, followed them, wished for all the good things in the world, they are my team in F1. And so it's with no flippancy that I say that it is not the same, my friend. The level of influence, financial backing, and global branding, are not even remotely comparable. So no I don't see Williams being able to apply pressure to have their standing in the official video game bumped up, something Ferrari may very well be able to do should they wish, should they see it as part of their brand identity. We will see as it unfolds! Once the game is up to standard I'll be looking to take Williams to the top in career, probably the best they can hope for at present
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    Below is a list of the most glaring issues with multiplayer on PC as of this patch, things that need to be fixed ASAP. We're very hesitant restarting the league with how the game is now. These issues have all been reported somewhere else so I'm not going in too much detail. I just want to make a useful shortlist with the most game-breaking ones. Feel free to tell me where I've forgotten some so I can add them. These points are in no particular order; All of them are game-breaking to a degree. 1. The host often gets released earlier at the start. https://streamable.com/dbjv2l 2. Session times in quali are not synced. This means it can happen that people are starting their hotlaps with ai'ing cars that are 'done' in front of them. Spectators get the wrong info as well. https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusMistyDogePeteZarollTie 3. Safety car contact penalties are ridiculous and even occur when there's no contact. And given to the person that was not at fault. (We need an option to turn off contact penalties altogether. we do this) https://streamable.com/fw9pz4 4. Players throttle gets arbitrarily controlled on restart. Even when you're not close to the s.c. This leads to dangerous situations and has no place online. https://streamable.com/1t3qxk 5. Game often crashes when selecting multiplayer car in lobby (In whatever dx mode) 6. People can get passed very briefly making the game forget the correct order behind SC. (And some messy stuff with s.c. order and telling people to pass in general) https://youtu.be/eHj_6rPGY58 + https://youtu.be/eHj_6rPGY58 7. Communicating with online services in your face, And screen freezes associated with it. 8. Open lobbies filling up with unkickable 'ghosts' stopping new people from joining. 9. Cars being desynced in general with 1 of them having an unghosted, loose canon, ai car driving around. https://clips.twitch.tv/TangibleBreakableHerdTBTacoLeft + https://youtube.com/vwxYKRqHlZk 10. Cars screen freezing heavily affecting cars behind. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianCrackyHeronPeteZaroll 11. Sector 2 times are still not transmitted leading to a purple sector 2 very often (cause the fastest lap the game compares to has no sector 2 time. you can sometimes see this in the pits as well as in the telemetry) 12. Tire data often wrong for spectators (both in terms of laps done as well as the compound they're on) 13. Stability issues in general. There's a lot of instability while driving, screen freeze wise, and you can see it happening to people driving around you all the time as well. 14. The game still changes tire strategy at its own leisure. 15. Delta times/positions are often scrambled in the first 3 laps of the race, with lap 2 being the most glitched one of all. My guess is this has something to do with the formation lap as it usually doesn't happen in 5 lappers. Honorable mentions: -Ghosted cars not ghosting in mirror. -We still don't have penalties as spectators (and for the love of god why not?) -Game doesn't always realize when track limit warnings are because of contact/side by side racing. All too often the choice is either contact or a warning. and this just shouldn't be the case. Going off track to avoid contact should be lauded not punished. Especially going wide on exit when given no space. OR Give your stewards the tools to alter stuff like that on the fly. -In league mode we would have the ability to have reserve drivers score for the team but not for the driver they replace. Scoring for the driver they replace is unfair... (This is the one thing kinda stopping us from trying our league in league mode this time around) -We need the ability for spectators to summon that new, cool, pit strategy graphic at will So, this is what's at the top of my mind. the more important things (well.. the honorable mentions are mainly repetitions of stuff i just feel we finally should get heeded on.) If you have any more feel free to post them and i'll add them. I've tried to keep minor annoyances out of here and just keep it to the big things that affect race after race after race. @BarryBL I heard you like lists. If you need any more info/video's I would happily oblige. These are just the points that I feel affect almost every race or every open lobby.
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    I'm in my 5th season in my team now and have completed all r&d departments, the new rule changes have come in and its wiped out all of the power, aero & chassis how the hell is that fair I've got no chance of getting them back now and that's gonna put me near the bottom in 3 r&d departments
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    Since reading this thread I have now messed up this hairpin several times, something I have not had a problem with in 10+ years of F1 gaming. I have been in the braking zone thinking about this thread, ovethinking my choice of angle, braking speed, exit speed, nearly every time. I demand some sort of compensation!
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    Bug reported and with developers. Apologies for the delay guys.
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    @CYRCA7 there's this by Chris Haye Setup Guide Crib Sheet V1.0 (1).pdf
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    What gets me with threads like this is it's as if some think the idea of a performance update wouldn't have occurred to Codemasters otherwise .
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    Actually they do figure Ss on the formation lap. Except Verstappen, he does figure 8s, into the barrier.
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    Somewhere far Ferrari's engine began to cry.
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    If they rehash the same wheel again, the sim racing community will be mad. The FFB system has remained exactly the same with Logitech wheels since the G27, it wasnt updated for the G29/G920. It still used the same motor and cog design, and the motor still put out the same amount of torque as the G27 wheel. They just consoldated the buttons onto the wheel face, and released a shifter that I found kept breaking, so I used my G27 shifter with it instead. I defended them back when the G29/G920 released, due to the platofrm costs Sony and Microsoft both apply; as it wouldnt have been as financially viable back then to release an FFB wheel onto the market using a new FFB system. If the new G923 wheels is the same FFB system, just with added haptic feedback, I wont be defending them this time around.
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    In a way, setups don't make the car go fast. They make the car behave as you want it to. So how fast the car will go depends on how good you are at both driving it at the edge of your ability and diagnosing the aspects in which the car is trying to break out of your control. What you always need to have in mind when talking about handling and car behavior: Cornering ability: How well the car sticks to the intended racing line throughout a turn; Grip: How well the rubber hugs the tarmac. Grip is responsible for transferring any forces between the car and the track. Acceleration, braking, and steering – they all depend on having sufficient grip. If you lose grip, you lose traction and the wheels spin or slip. If you try to steer while braking for instance, you'll end up doing both tasks poorly, as the grip available is being split between the two; Traction: How capable the wheels are of translating the engine's power to forwards motion. Your focus point must be on cornering as that's when a car is most likely to misstep. Cornering comprehends: Corner entry: When you do the bulk of your braking, let it go completely (or applies trail braking) and steer into the corner; Mid corner: The sustained turning until you hit the apex of the corner; Corner exit: After hitting the apex and you resume throttle application. Depending on how your car behaves in each of these three scenarios, there are different fixes you can attempt regarding both your driving and your setup. The main issues are understeering, when the car refuses to turn in as much as you intend it to, going wide and risking leaving the outside edge of the track; and oversteering, when the car simply rotates too much and your rear end takes you for a spin. There's a infamous quote by Walter Rohrl that goes something like this: So select whatever setup you want and go for a lap or two. Than you combine the issue you're having with the scenario in which it is most prominent. Understeer on corner entry? We've got fixes for that. Oversteer on corner exit? We've got for that too, but they're much much different. Regardless of how much you want to dive into the setup aspect of the game, these are basic concepts and you'll be forever paddling in shallow waters if you can't identify them and relate them when seeking help. And when you do, you can bet you'll hear a lot about grip and traction. If you don't want to learn anything about setups, I'd suggest sticking with Default Preset 4 for the majority of the tracks. Maybe use these images below as a reference: Personally, I'd go with Preset 4 on every track except those graded with: Downforce 1: Preset for Maximum Top Speed; Downforce 4: Preset for Increased Downforce; Downforce 5: Preset for Maximum Downforce. It is perfectly fine to not want to go deep into setups. For many, setting up your car is nothing but a chore and that's alright. You can also use third party setups, the ones from the likes of TRL or Jaaames. Worst case scenario, you spend a couple minutes gathering these setups and a couple laps on Free Practice 1 trying them until you're satisfied. If you want to get the basics about car setups, then I suggest: The tips on the Car Setup screen. They have this incredible characteristic of being simultaneously too basic and too good. At first you'll read them and go "BS, that means nothing". Until you do a little digging yourself, learn a concept or too, take a second glance at the tip and realize what you learned was written there all along. Chris Haye's setup guides is one of the best lying around. Jaaames' setup guide. I watched it long ago and remember it being good. It was made with F1 2019 in mind though, so disregard any particular value and stick to the core concepts. The upside is he demonstrates how each setting translates to handling with gameplay clips. TRL Limitless setup guide. Didn't watch it fully yet but TRL is a nice chap. Edit: This @Ultra3142 guy just freaking eating me whole on these threads! A man can no longer type in peace! To complement what he said, I strongly suggest a quality forum like F1carsetup. Pay attention on setups posted by reputable members, choose one or try to see what they have in common to take an educated guess at what should work when tweaking it. Realsport 101 has a bunch of setups too and go over their reasons when making them. I don't often like the end result but it's a solid starting point. There's also Sim Racing Setups (on Youtube too) and they are a mix of database and curated setups. The curated ones are good and they come with a reasonable explanation just like Realsport 101.