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    We've been eager to show off our latest creation which is an absolutely stunning beauty created for SimSepp by SRD - Sim's Racing Design. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simsepp-vw-polo-gti-r5.28311/
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    Was this ever worth going away from?
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    @Striker_703 So you spent all that time telling everyone your test in the wet was factually correct and everyone else was wrong. ( The thread where people said the AI were overpowered and you stated they were fine ) Now because of this thread you increase your AI level by 5 points because you realise your racing too low? It was already known that each increase in AI level equates to approximately 2 tenths so if your upping it by 5 levels that means you were driving a second a lap difference between your ability and the AI. So its now blatantly obvious why you had no issue struggling to beat the AI in the wet. You have basically made yourself look a little bit foolish here @Striker_703 Maybe an apology is in order to everyone you were rude to and said they were wrong. Probably a good job you put me on ignore so you can't see this and how you have undermined your own test 😁
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    Am I the only one that misses the Audi S1 from DiRT Rally? The E2 that we currently have is really cool and all, but the older one has a lot more wins and a bit of US Rally history.
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    I get what you are trying to say here but I don't buy that as any excuse. 1) if you are going to sell a game at top price like the big companies it needs to be of similar or better quality - fact. Just because it's a new game and officially licensed doesn't mean it has to go AAA price even if the quality is poop. 2) The size of Codies makes no difference on them not being able to tidy the basics of the game up from year to year. Legacy bugs are still present. I mean if they sorted those out, it would already be a better game. Also if they can make the game with the components it has now, then there's no reason why they cannot make them with no bugs. What has caused these bugs is their decision making is rushed, not well thought out and generally poor testing which had it been thorough would've picked up these bugs and game breaking issues with features they've introduced. 3) I only accept the excuse they're smaller than the big companies if they could not implement certain features at all due to resource and budget. If they bring something into a game, this excuse then goes out the window if it fails or is bug-ridden; that's just bad coding, lack of testing and general incompetence. I'd be put on performance plans if it was me in my job but no doubt, it's just all overlooked in the gaming industry as the norm which is ludicrous!
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    the launch price of the the Deluxe version was completely in line with prices for games these days, at least in the US, EU, etc. $60 for the base game, $80 for deluxe. I could get on the US PSN store right now and find a ton of games that follow the same model. In fact some games like Mortal Kombat 11 go up to $100 for the 'deluxe' edition. The base game had 6 rallies and even more rallycross than DR1. So the content is at least equivalent. Greece and Finland were not removed from Season 2 due to poor sales. They didn't trick anyone. They said from the outset that Season 2 would be focused on rallycross. It would have been nice to get at least one of those rallies during S1 or S2 but it is what it is. Of course they were going to hold back the two most popular locations for an extra season, it makes financial sense. But the DR1 rallies we got during S1 and S2 were really good ones. I'm sure nearly everyone wanted Monte Carlo and Wales, and Sweden was necessary to include in order to have one snow-based rally. We needed Germany too so we could have one more tarmac rally. The individual locations are cheap enough, i think only $3.50 per location so to buy just Greece and Finland will cost only $7 extra. Fair I think. I'm not entirely happy with them recycling locations and would have liked just one new location but let's be fair when evaluating the DLC. it's not a bad deal overall.
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    Sorry, just had to post this, but it proves even more how this is just a copy paste game and not had full 2 years rework. pretty amateuristic if you ask me...
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    We'll miss you even less, young man, when you get to half a dozen posts and disappear forever without offering a single contribution of note to the community.
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    Congrats on completing F1 2019 Career mode at the end of season 3 lol. Nevermind the other 7 seasons. Come on Codemasters do something please.
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    Given that Codies seems to have good relations with Petter Solberg and have some of his liveries in the game, and have now got one from his father-in-law on the Stratos, maybe some strings could be pulled so we have one of his brother's liveries on the Focus? 😁
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    Switch to bonnet, it is 10x better than either of the in cockpit cams Make sure you put some time into your FFB settings. For Logi/TM they should be roughly, SAT: 50-70 | WHEEL: 0-5 | TYRE: 40-60 | SUSP: 50-70 | COLL: whatever you want | CENTERING: off/disabled Fanatec needs a bit different tweak, SAT: 50-60 | WHEEL: 0-5 | TYRE: 125-150 | SUSP: 50-100 | COLL: whatever you want | CENTERING: off/disabled with software settings of, Sen - Auto | FF - 70 | Sho - 70 | Abs - Off | dri - Off | For - 50 | Spr - 50 | dpr - 50 | fei - 30 Eh this is just going to come down to the fact you never stuck with DR2.0 for a long term. I remember you being upset when it first launched and playing on/off, but playing like that is not going to keep you high in the leaderboards while the rest of us continued playing a lot for the past 6 months
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    Robin Larsson imitates DR2.0 players at the Estering 😄 https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Rh1sVI2DA
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    It depends on you. There's still no dashcam, no FOV options and has the same FFB it had when you stopped. So, if reasons 1-3 are the main reasons you stopped playing, then probably not. The only way to answer 4 is to try the Welsh stages yourself and see if it feels like DR1 and 5 really requires the magic from reason 4 because you won't put the hours in if you're not feeling the love for the game. Is it worth going back to just for Wales? Yes. There's no point in not playing your favourite stages in the game if you can.
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    I find it unfair for people to say the locations revisited are a copy/paste. In fact, these revisits present quite a lot of changes despite being the same routes. These routes have been used for decades in real rally racing and still people go watch it because it's fantastic and iconic. The return of these locations from DR1 is thrilling because we can experience these tracks with better physics and proper jumping physics and track degradation for the first time. There's also the graphics update part, which isn't so notorious because DR1 maxed was already great and reached a satisfactory standard for racing games. But still, this one also matters. When DR3 is announced, I'm counting to see all the DR2 locations and tracks as the base game, put together with an extra route for each rally and I wouldn't like to see people bashing CM for rehashing content. That's how racing games are supposed to be, you are supposed to have the best and most used tracks in real life. Ouninpohja has almost always or always been used in Finland Rally, and i hope it keeps being used forever. It's a benchmark for cars and drivers and an historic mark. And I hope it stays forever in the coming DiRT Rally titles, along with all the other tracks that took so much work to get done, because they are simply brilliant, accurate to reality, and so well crafted. What i do want to see is more rally stages, and I will glady pay for every single one of them. Current content should not go to waste. I understand some of the frustration people are having by the fact that there's no new rallies coming during DLC, I wanted more too (Corsica, San Remo, Portugal, etc). Probably that won't happen anymore now, as the new rallies have been put in the base game (and imo it was the correct choice). But the fact that the masterpiece locations from DR1 join the new ones in DR2 optionally, that means that we will have, for the first time in a long time, a nearly completed WRC calendar on a game that has proper graphics, proper sound, proper physics and technology that we haven't had before. And for that, I am very thankful to have the opportunity to experience such immersion in virtual reality since I lack the funds to do what I most wanted: rallying.
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    Codemasters, suggesting that lowering graphical solutions to PS2 level fidelity to deal with performance issues is not an acceptable solution. Especially given that: Other games where VR was added after release didn't have these type of issues (including the original Dirt Rally). You have a better performing version for Rift owners, but you've not released it on Steam (where ALL you previous PC sales have occurred to date), instead you've made it exclusive to the Oculus store. Given that your support roadmap is not being perceived as being honest and transparent, your actions to date have given birth to the following perception in the community: Customers feel lied to and abandoned on the Steam platform. The promise that VR would be released to existing STEAM customers didn't come with a caveat that the experience would be sub-par, and that a better performing version of the game for Rift owners would only be available for those wishing to repurchase the game on the Oculus Store. You are still selling Dirt Rally 2.0 on steam touting VR support without explaining to Rift owners that it's technically inferior to the Oculus version. At best, it's a form of mis-selling. Although refunds can be processed by Steam, they can only do that if the keys were purchased directly from them, rather than via an authorised e-tailer (e.g. GreenManGaming). And many I suspect purchased the game ages ago trusting what you had promised, only to find their trust misplaced and are now outside of the refund window. Worse than all of this, you have used up a lot of the goodwill you had built up in the community. People will remember that Dirt Rally was launched and supported without the need to pay for additional DLC, and VR support was a great experience. The same can't be said for Dirt Rally 2.0. Additional content has to be paid for, Rift owners have to either make do with a sub-standard VR version of the game on Steam or have to re-purchase the Oculus Store version. Will the community trust you in any future titles that you release? (I couldn't help myself and complain about DLC, sorry) Will this impact the community trust in any future Codemaster games? As a die-hard Codemasters fan I want you to succeed so you can keep making games I want to buy, but are there enough of us out there to sustain your sales expectations? So I do hope you rethink your strategy on how to resolve these issues. Mistakes do happen, it's what you do (or not do) after the mistakes have been made that people will remember.
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    Hey guys, the most easiest way to find your Difficulty level is One-Shot Qualifying. Instructions : 1.) Select Mercedes AMG Petronas ( Valtteri Bottas ) 2.) Select Track to Test Difficulty ( If you want to test your Difficulty in France, then select track from France 🙂 ) 3.) Select One Shot Qualifying 4.) Select Weather (If you want to test your Difficulty on Clear, then select Clear Weather. If you want to test your Difficulty in Rain, then select Light or Heavy Rain) 5.) Set AI Difficulty approx. you know yours ... 6.) Start Session 🙂 7.) You can use your own setup or you can use default setups from game like (Max Downforce, Inc Downforce, Balanced, Inc Speed, Max Speed) 8.) Go on Track 🙂 Just go 3 to 5 times One Shot Qualifying, if you beat Lewis Hamilton 5 times from 5 attempts, then your chosen Difficulty is too easy. Bump up +1 Level and Test again 🙂 If you beat only 2 to 3 times from 5 attempts , you have found your Difficulty Level 🙂 Of course, if you lose 5 times from 5 attempts, but always with maximum difference 0.100 to 0.200, then i think you dont need to drop difficulty level.
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    Was playing at spa and this happened guys . Quite funny to hear jeff and he said SHE . what's going on here codies
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    Well, I've discussed a bit more with SimSepp and we've decided to make the livery available to the community. I'll upload the files in a bit and I'll post the link.
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    aaaaand videogame prices have stayed almost exactly the same, so when you count inflation, they've actually gotten cheaper to buy, while becoming more expensive to make.
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    Then they need to sort it out for the next f1 title. It baffles me that people argue the toss in regards to the details of the cars yet they have stuff that doesn't even exist irl.
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    There is more easier way to find your Difficulty , just go 3 to 5 times One Shot Qualifying with Valtteri Bottas. If you are +- 0.100 to Hamilton , you have found your Difficulty 🙂
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    Transfer System is horrible ... R&D System is horrible ... So Career Mode is horrible ...
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    If they were to say they are a smaller studio with less resources and staff etc so their games are only £20 then fine. Fact is they charge £60 so I expect the same quality. Other games dont have these bugs and issues every year. They have the official F1 franchise so we have a right to expect alot better.
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    While I obviously prefer cheaper content (cheaper in price of course), I think DR2's DLC was a little bit too cheap. It feels like they could've pushed the price a little bit further for better funding, as I'm unaware if the current price actually pays off. That is, if we compare the prices to FH and AC DLC. As a first try, it's not bad the way it is, and I hope this whole investment turns into a victory for both sides so that we can have more of it in the future.
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    I think the main problem with the FFB is that it is unbalanced and uneven across the game. All the tyre slip/suspension/road noise effects are there and working to varying degrees for me depending on location. The effects on Australia for example are overly exagerated compared to similar terrain at other locations. It's also obvious on the tarmac sections in Australia compared to the tarmac in other places like Germany. Which means you can't set it and forget it because you want a bit more feel in Spain perhaps and a bit less in Australia. Please make it more balanced so I don't have to keep adjusting it every time I change location.