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    After last week’s F1® 2020 Announcement, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to join us for another year of our F1® Beta programme. We’ll be road-testing our handling additions and alterations, the new split-screen feature, as well as the online multiplayer section of F1® 2020, as we look to continue to improve key aspects of this year’s game. Applications for the F1® Beta Programme are now live, and will run until 06/05/2020, 23:59 BST. To sign up to the closed Beta, you will need to head to your profile page. To get there; click on your forum name in the top right corner of any forum page and select “Profile” from the drop down menu. When on your profile page, click “Edit Profile”. You should be able to find the Beta Sign up area after the Social Media section. Please confirm that you are applying for the correct Beta, read and fill everything out correctly and make sure you have access to the email address associated with your forum account.
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    ***IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOUR APPLICATION - PLEASE READ*** We have had reports that the gamertag question was unable to be edited. This has now been resolved. Please go back into your profile and BETA Access application form and update this when possible to be considered 2 of the checkbox questions require ONE answer only to be selected. Selecting more than this will void your application. Please ensure that your selections meet the criteria before closing to avoid disappointment. As a gentle reminder, it is on you to make sure your application is correct and accounted for. I don't mean to be harsh, but there won't be enough time in the day to check everyone profiles 😄😄 😄 If I do it for one, I'll have to consider doing it for all. Hope you understand I suggest possibly logging out of your account, logging back in and checking your information has saved as a general rule to make sure. Also, do note that replying 'Done' is not necessary. Assist to @UP100 on this one 😛
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    Hi everyone, Important update here. We are now beginning the process of adding successful BETA applicants to the forums. Please be patient as this will take time and do refrain from posting in that area, if you receive access. Please do not act in the new forum area until you have received the email.
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    Okay, on a serious note here. BETA Update: List is now completed and we are in the process of sorting out applications over the next few days. I'm not going to guarantee a date or time on this, but thank you for your patience. We've had a lot to sort out and a lot to consider.
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    Hi everyone, Mails have been sent and access granted. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for applying. We've had record applicants this year, and it's not a easy decision for users. What I can give away is a little information for consideration next year. A great way to ensure you are considered well for the BETA, in my opinion (which matters all of a sudden) is: Posting complete bug reports in the game cycle. This is the decider for me. If you post reports and test correctly while a game is live, we'll want you 😛 Correct forum behaviour and etiquette. Be active and contribute to a forum that is a great place to be. Be constructive, critical and respectful to others. If you have a problem or an issue, think about how the information we need to fix it. Just because it's not BETA season, it doesn't mean we are not looking to improve the game.
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    Will be around a week @baboonJay, depending on a few factors: Amount of applicants I believe is the highest we've ever seen Working from Home and 'My First BETA' could make the decision process a little longer while I make sure all is correct. However long it takes for me to get the list together and the right candidates. Successful applicants will be contacted via email
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    Visit the Website --- Original message below --- From a simple ‘2.0’ in late 2018, to the game’s launch in early 2019, through four Seasons of epic content, and onto the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack and Game of the Year Edition, DiRT Rally 2.0 has been an incredible journey that we’ve been on with you, our passionate rally and rallycross community. As a team, we set out to create the definitive rally and rallycross experience for you, both in terms of what you can experience, and how you experience it. None of that would be possible without the support of you, the players, not just by playing DiRT Rally 2.0, but having the passion and willingness to be part of a true gaming community. You work with us to keep the game moving forward with patches, updates and improvements built around your feedback. From everyone who has contributed to DiRT Rally 2.0 here at Codemasters, we simply say: thank you for driving with us. Whilst there are no plans for additional Seasons for DiRT Rally 2.0, some minor updates and surprises are planned. At this stage, the Rally team is now focusing on the future. By no means are we saying this is “the end” for DiRT Rally 2.0. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges live on, Clubs are stronger than ever and you have plenty of esports action to look forward to. Nothing’s moving in terms of your usual hangout spaces (the Forums, the fan-made Discord, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter) and your support team for DiRT Rally 2.0 are still very much here to help. Prepare to see something new roar to life in the world of DiRT, very soon. Developed by a separate Codemasters studio to the DiRT Rally team, we’re incredibly excited about what’s around the corner. We invite you to be part of a brand new experience, while also continuing to enjoy our definitive Rally offering. As for the future of DiRT Rally? Well… we have a few things in mind. We have big plans, driven by a passionate development team, solely tasked with taking the Rally series to even greater heights. You won’t hear about that for a while, but when you do... oh boy, will you be excited for what’s coming. Whether it’s our latest game soon to be revealed, or what comes next for Rally, we are incredibly excited to continue making DiRT the franchise for everything we all love about off-road racing. “If in doubt... FLAT OUT” -the team at Codemasters
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    We are doing things in waves, and there's a lot to go through. If you have any updates, please keep them private for now. Respect other users who may/may not be successful
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    Version 1.14 May 5, 2020 Content: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Made "Petter Solberg - 2019 Wales Rally" livery available to all players. Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 - Made "Oliver Solberg - 2019 Wales Rally" livery available to all players. Mitsubishi Space Star R5 - Made "Festive Livery - Wandering Star" livery available to all players. Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 - Made "Festive Livery - Merry Cosworth" livery available to all players. Cars: Ford Escort RS Cosworth - Updated engine audio based on new recordings of real car. DS Automobiles DS 21 - Resolved issue where rear-view mirror view was inverted. SUBARU Legacy RS - Improved lighting of instrument cluster. SUBARU WRX STI NR4 - Changed transmission type in menus to Manual (Previously Manual Sequential). SUBARU Impreza 1995 - Resolved issue where exhaust would clip through bodywork after sustaining damage. SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally - Adjusted gear change animation. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - Adjusted gear change animation. Resolved issue where multiple rallycross cars were missing a texture on front left window. Locations: Perth & Kinross, Scotland - Adjusted co-driver volume levels. Perth & Kinross, Scotland - Made some adjustments to co-driver calls in French language. Hawkes Bay, New Zealand - Made some adjustments to co-driver calls. Colin McRae Scenarios (difficulty): The following Scenarios have had their difficulty adjusted based on player data to provide a smoother difficulty curve: Scotland 1988 - Slightly easier. Wales 1988 - Slightly easier. Sweden 1989 - Slightly easier. New Zealand 1989 - Slightly easier. Scotland 1991 - Slightly easier. Scotland 1992 - Slightly easier. Greece 1994 - Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario. New Zealand 1994 - Slightly harder. Australia 1995 - Slightly harder. Wales 1995 - Slightly harder. Argentina 1998 - Slightly harder. Germany 2002 - Slightly harder. Scotland 2004 - Slightly easier. Australia 2005 - Slightly harder. Scotland 2006 - Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario. Colin McRae Scenarios (miscellaneous): Refined grammar on several Scenario descriptions and objectives. Resolved issue where some retired AI times were appearing incorrectly in Scenarios. Added missing Rival icon to specific AI drivers in some specific Scenarios. Adjusted mechanical damage criteria so that bodywork damage doesn't affect pass/failure of relevant Scenarios. Achievements: If in doubt... - Improved unlocking logic. ...Flat out - Improved unlocking logic. Rallycross: Resolved issue where race wouldn't restart if AI driver jumped the start of a race. Adjusted AI driver allocations so that they would now appear in the correct FIA World Rallycross Championship year. UI/UX: Added post-Stage notes for drivers who retired from a Rally. My Team: Resolved issue where some players could not access DLC cars they had purchased/owned in-game. Miscellaneous: Corrected several team colours in Service Areas to match livery colour on player's car. Resolved issue where menu music would play for a split-second when a player Restarted a Stage. Resolved issue where some players would lose access to cars in their Garage after resetting their profile. Adjusted PlayStation Store link in Japanese versions of the game to go to the correct page. Made minor bug-fixes throughout title. Made minor stability improvements throughout title. Version 1.15 is in development, with only minor and essential changes planned, and is expected to release in mid to late 2020.
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    I wouldn't bother. We are still in early stages of access. Recommend looking tomorrow at the earliest. Lot to get through at the moment.
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    Hi everyone, Sorry guys, 'Codies silence' on the matter is purely because I've been mega busy with BETA-related stuff the past few days, as my league race 'performance' clearly showed. We've had a record amounts of applicants, and we've more data than ever to sort through and evaluate, it's taking myself and a lot of members a fair bit of time. On the ERS. we have taken feedback and information directly from F1 drivers and teams on how the system is used and deployed in real-life. We have been told from the teams/drivers that the current 2019 ERS management system was far too complicated and something that the F1 drivers do not engage in to this level. Therefore, we have made changes to create a system closer to real-life deployment strategies. Also, quick note here, some teams may have slight differences in how it is used, and we've been tasked to create a universally-accepted, but closer to reality, model. It is something that is due for further testing soon enough for successful BETA applicants (this will be available shortly) and one of the key things we would look for in review in Week One of testing.
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    I can finally stop calling it "Codemasters - Future Titles" We're delighted to announce F1® 2020 - and here's a little trailer to wet your appetite. We hope you like the initial look and some of our new features. Be the 11th team in our biggest F1® game yet. Introducing F1® 2020. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia July 10 2020. Full article: https://www.codemasters.com/be-the-eleventh-team-on-the-grid-in-f1-2020/ (Thanks @1512marcel 😛 )
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    Imo since Barry joined the club this forum is heading in the right direction. More interaction between players, sharing info and reaction in the forum is way better than before. Lets give Barry some credits for his outstanding job. Keep up the good work Barry!!!
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    @AxelArvidzon39 is correct. We have a list together, but producing something like this does take a little time. Also, we had the weekend and I needed to shout at FUT Champions and go for a few runs. I'll update accordingly when codes have been released into the wild. 👍 Also, in regards to 'who should test', we need a wide range of players. We are lucky enough with new efforts in the VirtualGP etc to have the facility to work with F1 drivers but, ultimately, its also a game. A game for people to enjoy and race around and, at this time, for some to escape the current normality. So a wide range of people are needed to test.
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    Once all codes have been issued, I will confirm on here 👍
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    Legend says that anytime someone asks for the beta release date, it will be delayed by an hour. Having said that, I'm really looking forward to getting started sometime next winter.
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    @BarryBL If I could add some experience of what I have seen to be the KEY FAILINGS of PREVIOUS BETAS (17, 18, 19) To all the participants The quality of your feedback is important - if I look at a sample of bug reports posted in the TA forum currently, it is very NOISY! It will not win you favour by trying to find the most bugs. It is not a competition and there is no prize. It helps if you complete the bug template, every time on a new bug, and you state what you have tried to prove it is a bug and not just a kink in your setup. Replication is important. It helps if you can confirm and add evidence to exisiting bug reports. You can even disprove them, or say how you found a solution. It helps if you do not jump in and out of Multiplayer lobbies looking to race elsewhere or when you crash out. Spectate and rejoin the session at the next race. Stay connected. We do not need endless posts about people's thoughts about the game. It is a BETA. You will be asked your opinion so save it, and take the opportunity at the end of each focus period (usually a week). Far more chance of it getting read then, than lost in hundreds of (hopefully) quality bug reports. Look for similar bug reports and add to them. Find and confirm bugs in your current game are fixed! To the moderators (keep reading participants) Sorting the wheat from the chaff - merging threads and deleting (or dumping posts) is key to retaining focus. I hope you have some kind of standard message to send to a user informing them that their post has been removed due to being incomplete, not contributing or spam. Consider removing those from the program that have difficulty signing up. It is no good having people who cannot communicate what they have found or are not technically minded enough to do the simplest things like sorting out emails and usernames. In the end To be a beta tester you should be able to produce diagnostic information; the Report Code a dxdiag, a crash dump, hardware settings file the ability to take and share screen dumps, post video to email or share privately (not unlisted) on YouTube (visible to only yourself and the Codemasters beta e-mail address) a detailed description of how to recreate the issue DO NOT sign up if you just want early access to the game - you will be disappointed, the game is not usually made fully open, you will get specific modes and be asked to use them for a period of time. If you can find and quantify ONE bug during this period it will be helpful. If you can confirm TWO others, that's great. It will not be open all the time, you may have periods where you are locked out. PS4 users have previously snoozed the game to get around this. Don't bother posting errors, they don't count because the condition is not normal. It has been general that you have been granted access to play according to the time you log in. Codemasters, I suggest if you can somehow log people out of sessions automatically once an hour has passed beyond the sign-in cut off that would be good.
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    I've been playing the F1 games since last March. In that span, I've racked up close to 900 hours on both 2018 and 2019, winning multiple AOR league racing championships in the process. I consider myself to be an above average driver, not the fastest by any means, but definitely capable of putting down some solid lap times. Over my year of sim racing I've also dabbled in several other sims, mainly iRacing and Assetto Corsa. Having played all 3 games quite intensively, I've noticed what I enjoy about each game and where they excel. After coming back to F1 after playing the other two for several months, it really leaves a lot to be desired. Please don't get me wrong, F1 2019 is a great game, but it isn't without it's faults and there are some things that need to be done way better. There are several main points that I'll be going over, which if improved, will drastically increase the quality of the game. I'll be referencing iRacing and AC quite often throughout as I feel like Codemasters could learn a lot from how these two simulations implement certain aspects. Force feedback/tyres These two go hand-in-hand as the what the tyres are doing is directly translated through the force feedback. While this is area that has drastically improved over the years, it still has a long way to go. My biggest issue is that you can never properly feel when the car is on the edge of grip. I've lost count of the amount of times I've spun with absolutely no warning that I was about to lose traction. When you're driving the fastest circuit cars in the world, you absolutely need to be able to feel when you're on the edge of grip. The understeer enhanced feature is definitely not the way to go with this. In iRacing, when you're pushing the car hard, you can feel and hear where the edge is, allowing yourself to extract the maximum from the car. You'll notice I said hear and this is a pretty crucial aspect. In both iRacing and Assetto Corsa, your tyres will quite literally be screeching at you as you near the edge of their grip. The feel part is hard to explain, but whatever they're doing differently in their FFB allows you to toe the line better than the F1 games. Anyone who has played either will understand what I'm talking about. Locking up your tyres in real-life racing is a huge no-no, but in F1 2019, it's not punished at all. This creates unrealistic driving styles that completely ruin the immersion, similar to how people were exploiting high rear ballast systems in F1 2018. I like the direction Codemasters are heading with the FFB, but it is one area that needs to be focused on. Sound Checkout this short clip of the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 mod for Assetto Corsa. This is a community created mod and it captures the sound of an F1 car infinitely better than any of the F1 games. The cars in F1 2019 sound very flat and lifeless. Notice how aggressive the 2021 car sounds on the downshifts, listen to the turbo and ERS noises, IT'S SO GOOD. It amazes me how a mod team can create something better than a full-fledged game studio that specializes in racing games. When comparing the RSS mod to the honda engine in F1 2019 (the engine the RSS mod is based off), it's honestly a bit of a joke. The Renault engine, in my opinion, is the best sounding in 2019, but when you compare it to the one in real life it sounds nothing alike. Increasing the realism and sound quality of the cars will be a huge step in increasing the immersion in F1. At the moment, they're really nothing impressive at all. Continuing on my from previous point above regarding tyres, they need to be more dynamic in terms of sound. As we're driving virtually, we need as much information as possible from our eyes, hands and ears. HUD This game desperately needs a virtual mirror. Having to use the look back feature to watch for overtaking cars is absurd. Of all the racing simulators I've played, F1 is the only game that doesn't feature a virtual mirror. It's stupid to have use the look back feature as you're approaching a heavy braking zone at 300+ km/h. Having a virtual mirror will allow better battles on track as drivers will have much better awareness of what's going on around them. 2019 took a huge step in the right direction with the introduction of being able to customize your HUD, but they need to take it a few steps further. In iRacing, I use a piece of software called "Joel Real Timing". This application allows me to create an overlay that I can display on my screen while racing. These overlays can include a massive amount of information including a track map (iRacing doesn't have this by default), full leader boards with gaps, deltas, pit stops, fastest laps, average laps, along with custom fuel calculators. Basically, you have enough information to fill your entire screen. F1 2019 pales in comparison. At the very least, give us a leader board that shows all 20 drivers and the intervals between. Having a track map is awesome, but I want to be able to see how many seconds the car I'm chasing down is ahead, at ANY GIVEN TIME, not at the beginning of a sector or the start of a lap. I want to be able to see how many tenths I'm gaining a lap and I want to be able to see how many laps into his stint he is. This is basic information and I'm honestly having a hard time going back to the game after being spoiled with this in iRacing. The next point is a bit nit-picky but nonetheless, is something I'd like to see. In the t-cam view, you can see exactly how much throttle and brake you're giving. When driving in cockpit, this information is gone. Why? Can this not be part of the custom HUD elements that we can drag wherever we want on screen? ERS This has been another point of controversy ever since it's been added. The system we have now works, but it is not realistic and requires WAY too much micro-managing. To maximize your lap times, you really need to be adjusting your ERS on the majority of corners, particularly low-speed. Some find this fun and it is rewarding once you get it figured out, but as Lando Norris said in one of his youtube videos, it's simply not realistic. I can totally understand the difficulty in trying to replicate this system, as it's likely that every team has a different mapping for each track, but there has to be a way to make this easier to manage in a race scenario. I think we definitely need to have an overtake/push to pass button for maximum deployment (similar power to setting 4 - overtake in the MFD) and we should be able to cycle between two modes (they could be called deploy and harvest). Then, it would just be matter of selecting harvest through slow sections and before big braking zones and then using deploy through high-speed corners and straights. Obviously the system would need to be a lot more fine-tuned than this, but I think that would be a better direction to go than what we currently have. To conclude While this post may just seem like I'm sh*tting on the F1 games, I assure you, it's coming from a place of love. I see so much potential in these games and I just find they're lacking in very basic elements. I haven't touched on physics as that is something Codemasters has done quite well. They've found a really good balance between simulator and arcade. F1 cars are incredibly hard to drive and the physics are realistic enough that you are punished for your mistakes, but the cars are totally drive-able. If anyone has tried the McLaren in iRacing, you'll understand where I'm coming from. That car is an absolute chore to drive and I don't find it fun at all. Codemasters have found the sweet spot where it comes to realism and driveability, giving you a fairly fun F1 experience. It is by no means perfect, but I think that with a great team of developers these games can be turned into masterpieces. Spend less time on the stupid DLC packs and the gimmicky stuff that nobody cares about and invest more on what matters the most, the driving experience.
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    Get on the grid with our brand new gameplay trailer* for F1® 2020, featuring the epic theme by Brian Tyler. Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Formula 1® with intense racing wheel-to-wheel battles on some of the season’s most demanding circuits. We’re not just showing off the wheel-to-wheel racing of F1®, but the Formula 2™ cars as well, which is now fully integrated into Career mode. You’ll also be able to choose from playing a full season, half season, or three-race F2™ experience. Of course, we’ll also be adding the 2020 season as a free update later in the year. And we still have more 😉. Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 – out 10th July 2020
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    Like a lot of us who enjoy Dirt Rally 2, I’m really hoping the simulation aspect is retained for whatever the next dev project will be. It’s the feeling of immersion, the feeling that you’re as close as possible to being in a rally car, that keeps many of us hooked. VR is absolutely essential from the outset in my view (although many will disagree).
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    I'd recommend watching the trailer, I think there some pretty big new features coming in my opinion that certainly weren't in 2019 😛 In terms of BETA, the first place with regards to any news on this will be here, and through me. 🙂
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    Allright guys and dolls, hasn't there been a single post in one of the 40 pages here that told you to be patient and just wait for the mail, that begging at this stage doesn't help anymore and neither does moaning or an occasional bribe and that those selected can't be extorted to give up there place since they are non transferable. So please, please keep your fingers crossed, stop asking, guessing or assuming and wait for the mail. In a couple of days or so the owls will bring the mail and the magic can start (and another 1200 posts will be added here, 900 happy ones and 300 not so happy)
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    Guys. This is not a "free trial", early access or a demo. This is a structured BETA. If chosen, you're working as an extended member of the QA team. Lacking the ability to read clear instructions or lacking patience does not bode well for you.
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    You seem to forget testers only report bugs they can't fix them! Some testers are more helpful than others for sure. That's why it's important for people in the beta to take it seriously and experiment with as many options as possible. Some people seem to treat the beta as just a way to get early access to the new game and only play to have fun, not even looking for problems let alone taking the trouble to report them. I saw a game site today that ran an article describing how people could 'get the new game early by applying for the beta' and even instructing them how to fill in their profile. That's exactly the kind of thing that does NOT help Codies make a better game! You can tell from some of the comments here which people just applied because it seemed a 'lucky dip to get a free game early'. I'm hoping that everyone selected takes a responsible attitude to the testing because the more that do, the better Codies can be informed of any issues before release. The beta program is definitely not run as a lucky dip for game fans, but as a serious attempt to open up some of the game modules to extra scrutiny before release. I'm of course hoping it's successful so we can look forward to a great game in July!