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  1. It's a bug, they'll be available soon.
  2. You can change to the alternate theme by clicking the menu shown here, this swaps the red for a grey.
  3. Was just doing further testing to confirm, any further issues let me know 😁.
  4. I am indeed investigating the 500 errors, I hope to have a resolution soon.
  5. You can do that here https://forums.codemasters.com/settings/username/ once per 90 days so things don't get too confusing.
  6. That shouldn't be happening, I know you had issues logging in originally, so I have an idea what may be the issue.
  7. Just paste the full URL into the post editor, it should generate the embed.
  8. If you click the hamburger menu it should be under 'Browse'.
  9. Should be able to see everything you've posted prior to now here: https://forums.codemasters.com/profile/4558-yoralcoholicdad/?do=content&type=forums_topic_post&change_section=1 Any issues PM me and I can look into it.
  10. Embedding should work, I'm looking into this now. We'll explore the possibility of theme choices in the near future as well, likely dark mode/smaller width.
  11. You can visit this page to feel special: https://forums.codemasters.com/leaderboard/ 😛
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