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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to stop by and say thank you, I can only really speak for myself now but it was glorious dancing with you all this last few years. It was tough at times but you kept us on the straight and narrow... into five right caution overcrest tightens. :P But it was good fun and I don't think anybody on the DiRT team would argue with me in saying that you all genuinely played a huge part in making the game and I hope it's everything you wanted and more importantly that @tbtstt doesn't have to just sit on the sidelines and watch when it comes to console next year.  Tha
  2. I thought it would be an easier life, all those tea breaks, going down to screwfix, getting a bacon butty from the van in the car park, more tea, pack up at 4 and be home by 4:30 with nothing to worry about until the next day. Turns out it's really hard work!
  3. well I came in t say good bye but see you've already moved on and forgot about me :P  Seriously though, thank you for everything guys and all the messages - I spent most of yesterday trying to get it together and knew if I swung by I'd go into a full on breakdown. You guys were never a job, I always saw you as fans of the same things as me and I consider many of you friends. Help @Kickup and @Hatward push this thing across the line for me - I'll be here lurking :)
  4. Thanks for all the messages guys, I've been popping back on and off the forum all day to read them. Seriously you are all awesome :')
  5. I'll bump you back up to admin if you want the keys back?
  6. Tommy Lee Jones. Did Jeremy Clarkson find a new job already? Neither are good enough! Problem with Tommy is   and Clarkson is a bit 
  7. It was my decision, not an easy one mind. As for whats next for me I know it sounds weird but I don't want to bring that into the mix just yet, I want to enjoy my last few days at codies without having that conversation going on too.
  8. Woa woa woa. You're not closing the thread, it's the backbone of the community and took me ages to bully MVB into starting it. This thread is like a national park, it's a protected institution and it's your job to maintain it. You are not closing it you hear me? Bunch of fannies  (I love you guys too)
  9. Posting this here because it’s gonna end up here anyway and I don’t want to create a big fuss... But well, you’ll see what I mean by the time I get to the end. Ok... Right... So here’s the thing... This week is my last as your DiRT community manager. My last day at Codemasters is Thursday. And I’m sorry. I don’t really know how else to say it, I’ve been trying to work out how best to tell you guys this for weeks and I honestly can’t find the words... Which is probably a world first for me. These last two and a half years have been awesome and I owe that largely to
  10. Sorry guys, the timeline is a little out of sync.
  11. is it working ok now or are you still getting it?
  12. Ahhh man, I thought we fixed that. Is the website still borked? 
  13. @justbiglee - can you let us know whether PvP and World RX expansion will come out at the same time? Or is there a chance we'd get one of these updates in the middle of this month? It'll be the same update :)
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