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  1. If you happen to find ones that are available in Finland, feel free to add FI under the "region" column (just follow the formatting already there) 🙂
  2. I recently re-subscribed to Crunchyroll as I need more anime in my life. I also like English dubs since I stare at a computer all day and it's the last thing I want to do when I get home from work (reading subtitles that is). So...I've compiled all of the anime's listed in a thread over at CR into a spreadsheet that anyone can edit/modify. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y-Be-_mvEtn6DH7GY_kaaIWj76wrqANIyMdyenDqhcw/edit *note 1: I live in Canada so I've tailored the list a bit to recognize when something wasn't available here. *note 2: I'm sure there are more tit
  3. Beginning to look like Kimi should have stayed at Ferrari. Vettel is self-destructing these past few races.
  4. Life long dream. Wife and I haven't been on a vacation since 2011 (when I coincidentally visited Codemasters' Leamington Spa office). Can't wait to go. Trying to figure out what to do on Halloween as it's my wife's birthday.
  5. Language warning? https://twitter.com/MySynpai/status/962307993726570496
  6. Has anyone watched Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.? Sounds like it could be fun...
  7. About time. I still don't understand how Naruto and Bleach have been going for as long as they have 
  8. Season tickets baby! https://twitter.com/MySynpai/status/844180881812209664
  9. Sad to say I haven't watched much anime in the past few weeks. Finally got a car so now I drive to work. Only takes about 35 minutes in the morning and about an hour in the afternoon, as opposed to 1.5 hours EACH WAY via transit before. As a result, I don't watching anything on my commute now...
  10. Just bought my first new car; 2016 Mazda 3 GS Sport (hatchback). Picking it up on Thursday  :#
  11. Anyone else looking forward to Ne Ne Ne? http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/02/03/yen-press-to-simulpub-ne-ne-ne-manga
  12. Feel free to vote and/or comment...please :) https://twitter.com/MySynpai/status/816053995282305024
  13. Going to start Ajin tomorrow. Hering good things and it's on Netflix so I can download easily to watch.
  14. Bad moves across the board. I think the only winner is Bottas getting a Merc ride.  Both teams could have made better choices...
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