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  1. 74 points, ugh, shoot me now...
  2. Qualifying:1. Hamilton2. Rosberg3. Vettel Race:1. Hamilton2. Vettel3. Rosberg4. Raikkonen5. Ricciardo6. Sainz7. Kvyat8. Massa9. Verstappen10. Alonso
  3. Syn

    Project CARS

    Alright, so after almost an hour and a half of CONTROLLER settings tweaking this morning on this POS game, I think I finally found the right combination to at least make this game playable. Considering my hype for this game and my extreme disappointment since picking it up Tuesday, let me say, this is a PRIME example of why we need demos, now more than ever. Steering Deadzone : 10 Steering Sensitivity : 10 Throttle Deadzone : 10 Throttle Sensitivity : 30 Brake Deadzone : 10 Brake Sensitivity : 30 Clutch Deadzone : 10 Clutch Sensitivity : 45 Speed Sensitivity : 65 Controller Filtering Sensitivity : 45 Force Feedback : 95 Controller Input Mode : 3 Advanced : OFF This was all tested with real racing assists enabled on a Clio Cup. It's still a bit squirrel-y under braking, but I find enabling the soft steering makes the cars feel like a brick. Ended up RETURNING this yesterday when I found out EBGames (Canada) allows Platinum members to swap a brand new game once. I put it towards Witcher 3. Will use DIRT 3, Wreckfest, and perhaps DriveClub PS+ edition if it ever comes out while I patiently wait for GT7 to release.
  4. Syn

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    I always thought rallying would be the perfect motorsport discipline for a romantic comedy anime. I would love to see a short rally anime, similar to Initial D :smiley: 
  6. Syn

    RIP Steve Byrnes - Nascar broadcaster

    Very sad news. You could see the cancer literally eating away at him these past few months.
  7. 88 points I believe. Better than last week...
  8. My balls >> your balls  ;)
  9. It can't hurt ;) But agreed on the completing a lap part.
  10. Looking at the speed trap data, they simply need speed...they're about 10 kph down on Williams and Mercedes.
  11. P9! Maybe ole 2-time can pull out a Q3 effort today?!
  12. Glad to be of service :)
  13. Qualifying: 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Bottas Race: 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Vettel 4. Bottas 5. Raikkonen 6. Ricciardo 7. Massa 8. Nasr 9. Kvyat 10. Alonso
  14. Not sure what happened, but I just completely bombed this last race...
  15. I don't even want to think about how few points I scored...
  16. China Qualifying: 1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Räikkönen Race: 1. Hamilton 2. Vettel 3. Ricciardo 4. Rosberg 5. Räikkönen 6. Nasr 7. Bottas 8. Button 9. Kvyat 10. Alonso
  17. Woot. Best start I've had yet!
  18. Syn

    Project CARS

    Personally, I hope to be going too fast to notice the trees. That being said, nothing can be worse than GT6 and their terrible alpha blending with smoke and rain. I would imagine pCARS is better than that so I'm not too concerned. Gress and trees look pretty good in the trailer below (apparently for the PS4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctAXOaHTykg EDIT: here's a gameplay video from late March. The trees and grass don't look amazing, but they still look entirely fine for a racing game. I would rather that memory and processing power go to the cars/tracks/physics anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isKyKwCzZPk
  19. Syn

    Project CARS

    So, having played Driveclub for a few weeks now, I think I can safely (but begrudgingly) say I'm still picking up pCARS. DC is fun, but just too arcade-y for me. Half the cars drift the corners and the end result is a faster lap time than if I were to nail the apex... That being said, bring on May, fingers are crossed the game releases.
  20. 88 108 points?! Far better than I thought it did :smiley: D EDIT: completely forgot the 20 point bonus for top three in wrong order!
  21. MALAYSIA Qualifying:1) Hamilton2) Rosberg3) Raikkonen Race:1) Hamilton2) Vettel3) Rosberg4) Raikkonen5) Bottas6) Kvyat7) Massa8) Ricciardo9) Sainz10) Alonso
  22. Syn

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    @789ifyz I've actually seen most of those already! I did't really care for the Iron Man anime, which is disappointing since I'm a fan of Madhouse.Spider-Man was fun, but is definitely more American cartoon than Japanese anime.I could never get into Lupin. Tried watching it in the past, but yeah...just not interested.Same for Yu Yu Hakusho. Gintama was fun, but seemed more like small short stories, especially considering how long the series it.DBZ is another pass. Just can't get into that series/characters.Samurai Shamploo = love it! One of my favorites actually.Afro Samurai was alright, not amazing, but the art was cool.I was browsing Crunchyroll and came across Log Horizon so I am giving that a try right now, enjoying it so far :)
  23. Syn

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    Any anime recommendations for my 2.5 hours of commute each day? Would like something fun, with some action. Think Cowboy Bebop, I just require the suggestions to be dubbed, please.
  24. 90 points I believe. Alright start, though the season opener (and 2nd & 3rd races) is usually a toss-up until the teams have figured out their cars in race conditions.