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  1. 9 hours ago, UP100 said:

    Holyy ****. Now for me to figure out how many of those can be watched in Finland 🙃

    If you happen to find ones that are available in Finland, feel free to add FI under the "region" column (just follow the formatting already there) 🙂

  2. I recently re-subscribed to Crunchyroll as I need more anime in my life. I also like English dubs since I stare at a computer all day and it's the last thing I want to do when I get home from work (reading subtitles that is).
    So...I've compiled all of the anime's listed in a thread over at CR into a spreadsheet that anyone can edit/modify.

    *note 1: I live in Canada so I've tailored the list a bit to recognize when something wasn't available here.
    *note 2: I'm sure there are more titles on the site that we aren't aware of, but this is at least a good start to help organize everything.

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  3. Hughesy said:
    Can't believe how dull this race has been, very unlike this track. Not because Vettel is clear, but nobody else is really fighting each other, more DRS zones and yet nobody is zooming past..
    Meant to chime in early. I had seats at Tribune 15 (hairpin) and it was quite dull...

  4. Lukedfrt said:
    SynGamer said:
    My response to their tweet blew up and killed my notifications for a solid 24 hours. Still can't believe they said that...
    Just had a look haha.. 2.4k likes! That's insane 
    Yeah, it was insane. The amount of people who said Max should have braked was what surprised me the most. When you look at the replays, it's clear VET and RAI were going to collide if they had properly cleared Max.