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  1. I'm torn. On one-hand Hamilton has has more mechanical issues than Rosberg, and to be so close with one race to go...it's hard not to claim he deserves the championship. On the other hand, Rosberg has experienced *some* issues as well and has been consistent when needed.

    While I enjoy watching Hamilton more then Rosberg, I hope Nico wins it next week because then he has one and it's off his shoulders. He could do nothing else in his career and he would at least have that.

    Then, in 2017, Alonso can get some wins and his third championship and retire...

  2. Really happy GUT is out at Haas. So much whining and deflecting blame this year. I hope MAG can excel at Haas and as a teammate of GRO. Should be interesting to see what improvements the team has made for 2017.

    I also hope this is a solid year for Alonso and that the 2017 cars are more fun, for everyone; drivers and fans. Alonso has made it very clear that right now he just wants to enjoy racing. Doesn't care about the money (to a degree I'm sure), just wants to be competitive. Here's hoping.

  3. Jiggy said:
    I remember MSC7xWDC or something like that. Massive Schumacher-fan, which should've meant that I would get along easily with him, but what a **** **** of a **** **** he was. And lol @ all the times we gave AMR ****, but in the end he was probably just 12 or 13 with his young ass.
    I was *just* thinking about how annoying he was.

  4. Oh man, that brings me back. The forums back then were (excuse the American phrase) like the wild west. Peoples feelings were being hurt left and right for whatever childish reasons and don't even get me started on the Rage Thread (and it's many hiatuses).

    I can't remember if Helios (Ian) was still here or not, that was so long ago. Great memories of all the early promotional F1 material. Fun times, always on the edge of warnings and infractions (which many of you likely remember).

    It's amazing and awesome how many of you are still around to hold down the fort  :)

  5. SynGamer said:
    1. Rosberg - 4
    2. Hamilton - 4
    3. Ricciardo - 6

    1. Hamilton - 20
    2. Ricciardo - 10
    3. Rosberg - 10 (+20)
    4. Verstappen - 0
    5. Vettel - 10
    6. Perez - 5
    7. Raikkonen - 0
    8. Hülkenberg - 0
    9. Alonso - 0
    10. Button - 10

    FL: Rosberg  - 0

    Two McLaren's in the points...you read it right  ;)
    99 points? Do I get bonus points for my McLaren prediction? XD

  6. SynGamer said:
    1. Hamilton - 4
    2. Rosberg - 4
    3. Verstappen - 2

    1. Hamilton - 5
    2. Rosberg - 10
    3. Ricciardo - 0
    4. Verstappen - 5
    5. Raikkonen - 20
    6. Vettel - 5
    7. Perez - 20
    8. Hulkenberg - 20
    9. Alonso - 0
    10. Bottas - 20

    FL: Hamilton - 0
    115 points, thought I had picked Verstappen for 3rd in race but oh well. Dreadful race for McLaren, had high hopes with the upgraded engine that Alonso would get some points.