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  1. I gotta say though, what's going on with Sebastian Vettel this season? He seems to be a shadow of his former self. Sure, he has been unlucky at times and Ferrari has a bunch of morons as strategists but some of his performances this season have been erratic to say the least. I can sense desperation starting to creep in and can't help but feel that he's reaching a point which Alonso has reached in late 2013 of doubting whether his move to the reds was right or not.
    The thing to keep in mind is Vettel has never truly had to struggle like he is at Ferrari. Since joining Red Bull (a top team at the time), he won 38 races and four championships in five years.

    Since his move to Ferrari, he's actually had to race, and while there's been moments of brilliance, we're seeing what Vettel can (or can't) do in sub-par equipment...

  2. Finished Orange today. Solid story throughout, and a...simple (?) ending. Cute all around though had it gone any longer than 13 episodes I probably would have lost interest. I'm interested in the sequel movie, so I'll have to keep an eye out.

    I felt really bad for Suwa, both in the future as the second choice of sorts, and in the changed past where he pushes aside his own feelings and does his best to make sure they end up together...poor guy.

    Going to check out 91 Days next week now that it's wrapped up.

  3. Finished Haikyuu!! Second Season today, just as fun and intense as the first season, but with better character development. I've grown tired of 25 episode seasons/series, but this one really helps you grow with the characters and embrace their struggles. Looking forward to season 3 (and hopefully finishing out this damn school season :) )

    Now to find a dubbed series again. I'm basically alternating 1 subbed, then 1 dubbed, etc, etc.

  4. SynGamer said:
    1. Hamilton - 2
    2. Rosberg - 4
    43. Ricciardo - 4

    1. Hamilton - 5
    2. Rosberg - 10
    3. Ricciardo - 10 (+20)
    4. Raikkonen - 20
    5. Vettel - 20
    6. Verstappen - 20
    7. Hulkenberg - 0
    8. Perez - 20
    9. Sainz - 0
    10. Alonso - 0

    FL: Ricciardo - 
    135 points I think. +5 if RIC got the fastest lap. Thought Hamilton would have performed better...

  5. Just finished Parasyte, was literally touch and go the last few minutes whether I was going to rage quit or rejoice. Really enjoyed the story overall. Pacing we pretty dang good too. There were a few plot elements that could have been polished a bit more, but definitely a fun ride.

    Curious to see if the series gets any more content in the future.

  6. Finished Bakemonogatari yesterday. Definitely a different anime experience than what I normally watch. Good story overall though a bit of a weak ending. Quite a bit of fan service throughout, with a few awkward moments on transit during my commute :#

    Not sure what I want to watch next. Would like something dubbed. I've been alternating between dubbed and subbed as I have to read a computer monitor all day so not having to read in the morning and afternoon would be nice. Would like something with some action, and not much fluff/filler.

  7. So, my submission format was as seen below. Hoping it's the right way of submitting...

    Driver Bias:
    If you wish, state the number of performance points you wish to reallocate from one driver to another, with a maximum of 100. 
    Frentzen: xx points
    Trulli: xx points

    Tyre Compound:
    Please select the tyre compound you wish to use for the weekend.
    Frentzen: tire choice
    Trulli: tire choice

  8. SynGamer said:
    1. Hamilton - 6
    2. Rosberg - 6
    3. Vettel - 6

    1. Hamilton - 10
    2. Rosberg - 10
    3. Vettel - 20 (+20)
    4. Ricciardo - 10
    5. Raikkonen - 10
    6. Verstappen - 10
    7. Bottas - 10
    8. Alonso - 0
    9. Grosjean - 5
    10. Massa - 10

    FL: Hamilton - 0
    133 points (I think)...was literally one position away for 7 drivers :angry:. Hopefully points are updated soon. I have the excel file if someone has to take over for him for whatever reason.

    Congrats on the win @Vettelfan. 198 points is a lot (but not as many as I had for Hungary - 204 :wink:)

  9. 789ifyz said:
    I haven't had much time lately, but I've managed to get through Hetalia Axis Powers and a few episodes of Hetalia World Series, which isn't really all that much considering each episode is only 5 mins long. Also watched the first episode of Ore Monogatari. Like it so far, will probably continue. My sister wanted to rewatch Death Note, so I'll probably join her whenever she gets round to it, and we are watching Person of Interest as a family, though that isn't an animation.
    Ore Monogatari was hilarious. Seriously, one of my favorites in the past five years!

  10. I just finished Haganai Next...for the second time. Didn't realize I had already seen this until episode 10 (of 12). Hoping they get a season 3 soon as the light novels are up to 11 I believe. Seems each season is based off of 4 light novels.

    Currently watching Bakemonogatari, three episodes in, fun so far :)