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  1. AMS97KRR said:
    SynGamer said:
    AMS97KRR said:
    SynGamer said:
    1. Hamilton
    2. Rosberg
    3. Ricciardo

    1. Hamilton
    2. Rosberg
    3. Ricciardo
    4. Vettel
    5. Verstappen
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Alonso
    8. Perez
    9. Button
    10. Hulkenberg

    FL: Hamilton
    Holy **** @SynGamer You have absolutely smashed this :L
    I know, right! 204 points right now, just waiting for fastest lap confirmation. Abso-****-lutely insane!
    Well done on your win mate :p, I believe Kimi got the fastest lap.
    Jiggy and afrodude are very close. I haven't calculated their points, but they're close!

  2. Lukedfrt said:
    SynGamer said:
    Had an "Oh $#!@" moment while playing Project CARS this morning. Haven't seen a kart do that yet

    What on earth happened there!!
    AI clipped the curb, got some air, and the left front tire touched down at the wrong angle? Hard to tell, never seen anything like that. 

  3. The Titan dryers are cool and they make sense in NASCAR. And they would certainly solve the having to start behind the safety car issue. 

    The problem with today was that they could have started the race without the safety car. If the first thing the drivers do is put for inters, there's no point in having the full wets. And if the conditions were fine to use inters, then there's no reason to start behind the safety car. 
    I'm only suggesting it be used to ensure proper race starts and/or to hurry up if there are red flag conditions. In no way do I want this to allow them to skip straight to inters...definitely still want full wets.

  4. I mentioned this on Twitter, and I'll mention it here: for once NASCAR has done something right...and that's the use of the Air Titan. I'm not suggesting it be used to dry the F1 tracks completely, that's no fun. But they could easily run before the race starts to remove excess/standing water that would otherwise require a SC start.

    Just saying...see links below for more details.



  5. Finished Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! last night. Enjoyed it. It was cute, though some moments were a bit cringe-worthy. Unfortunately the reviews for season 2 are not good at all. I'll probably pass on that for now.

    Moving on, I'm thinking about starting Flying Witch, it looks great and I'm hearing great things. But I kind of want to stick with ENG dubbed anime for a little bit. I find I'm more engaged during my commutes when it's English. Does anyone know if anything on my "Plan to Watch" list is dubbed and worth watching?