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  1. Another bit of feedback/request: It would be better that the default action, when opening a topic, would be to go to the first unread post, like it was in the previous version of the forums
  2. Original gangster, or just a shorter versionf for original
  3. in the previous page Christina said it was the 2001
  4. Actually so do I. The problem with RX in previous games was that there were too few tracks. When racing online, they got stale very fast. Imho with more tracks the online experience would also be better
  5. Not really an issue per se, but would it be possible to make the forum a bit more compact? Right now you can only fit 10 topics per screen. There's a local tech forum, that uses the same forum engine (base? framework? not sure how it's called), and there you can fit almost 15 articles per screen There's a lot of empty space and it feels like you have to scroll a lot more. I think it would be better if it was closer to something like on the right
  6. @CMSeanWilkins It seems to be working now 🙂
  7. @Faya Help, I can't access the DiRT forums. When I click on the DiRT General Discussion category or a topic from it, it just opens a blank page. Same with F1 forums and all the other game subforums. I can only see/access the Codies Lounge subforum. Yesterday I could still see the DiRT forum Also, speaking of the new forum, with the user rankings come back? I'm a bit bummed, as I was just a few points away from Champion rank in the old forum 😄
  8. Just noticed the forums are back up, this is gonna get some time getting used to... 🙂
  9. @ChristinaMc Please tell me that you're not doing a last minute switcheroo to Epic launcher :D
  10. The most hardcore fans can often be the harshest critics (or so I've head)
  11. A little error in the table, Nitišs has number 15 not 14
  12. I hope the footage isn't representative of the in-game physics because they look a bit weird to me... Don't know, it's just an impression You don't like hovercraft racing?
  13. There was a tweet some time ago about Codies recording sounds from an old Rothmans 911 (can't find it right now), so there might be more Porsches 
  14. The "hello i am 13 yrs old lol" font of the driver names on the window doesn't help either. I was wondering whether to mention that for fear of sounding too old - I'm bitter enough about the concept of numbers not being determined by seeding still... Flag, first initial & last name in Helvetica, optional blood group if you want to look cool - driver & co-driver. Time for some Horlicks... Think my beef with the Polo may be how far forward the front wheels are compared to the previous model WRC version. And the flag should be to the front of the car from the name. And the top
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