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  1. Thanks for the answer....the career, now on pro difficoltà (10 stages) its too difficoltà for me...its impossible and i don't fun...
  2. Ok, but championship historic its scripted... if you play h1 championship, its every time same stage for example, how can make to have other stage??
  3. Hi, its possible play historic championship with dlc rally?? Like monte or sweden??
  4. Again no option to disable transfert???!!!
  5. Where is the optional to turn off transfert?? Now need wait 2 week minimum for next patch...its ridiculous
  6. You play without autosaving, and when cpu mske transfer if don't like you, reload save game every time? Utile cpu make transfer like you?
  7. But, if i start career ( not my team) without legendary driver, frim f1 and not from f2, its possible, have other drivers like f2 or classic?? Its impossible play with only 20 driver of f1?!!
  8. this it's really stupid... in 2019 and 2020 option it's avaiable... i don't want, on mid cahampionship, transter like hamilton on ferrari, and verstappen on mercedes... it's stupid, and on the end of season, the transfer, need mode realistic, like f2 pilot on haas and mick or nikita on alfa... not vettel on alphatauri for example... for this reason i wan't turn off...
  9. it's possible to turn off driver trasfer in career mode (without crete my team...) and in my team mode? thanks!
  10. sorry, i don't understand, this skin, i can use in career?? i don't play online and i don't want my time online, i only want make a custom championship and play carrer mode...thanks to all
  11. i NEED this!! :-) congrats for work you make without any money
  12. ohh fine, i can't modding the skin of dlc cars for security, but pirated version can have the dlc before...codemasters! it's ridiculous!! give a possibility to mod the skin of dlc cars, the excuse of security it's stupid!
  13. how it's possible this video with 306 and greece, if the dlc don't be release???
  14. i don't understand, the skin of dlc cars it's crypted for blocking hacker the gratis dlc,but on youtube it's full of videos every time coming new dlc, of videos with future car, of cracked game, like subaru 2001.... now: why i ned pay for have later than others this content, and not have the possibility to editor the livreries??? the cracked game it's out! and the dlc cars it's online before your official release... i'm very disappoined
  15. maybe, return to make a videogames like 90' or 2000, without DLC, with all of content in original build... this method of DLC it's a simply method to make lot of money extra, the excuse of implement content it's ridiculous...without DLC, codemasters don't have the money for give me the content of DIRT rally 1??? really??? i need pay for have germany, wales and montecarlo rally, the same stage of 4 year ago??!! and the problem it's cracking the DLC...yes.... i understand your explain, and it's true, but i dislike the concept...
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