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  1. hi, i try new f1 2019, and like i suspect, on cokpit camera, with every setting of FOV etc, the rear mirror it's too distance and don't make possible to see, with redbull almost. now, i play the game on tv 55", trackir don't work with this dimension of monitor, and on the steering wheel (thrustmaster f1) i don't have the possibility to use dpad for view around, first because it's too fast the change of camera, and second because dpad it's assign to other controls... now...how can make!? it's too difficult implement a virtual mirror??? at the moment this game it's umplayable for me....
  2. skylinegtr34

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    the problem it's on ferrari, mercedes, williams, for sure, other cars or f2, have the position of mirror more front and it's visible on cockpit, but like see on monza-ferrari video on prev. post, the mirror it's too left and right... i will see a video with fov adjustment, but anything use this camera, all play widh t-cam...i don't like this camera, it's too static and don't feel when cars spin, and rear view have the same problem.. it's too arcade this method of play IMHO
  3. i view in a lot of videos, the steering wheel, and it's the same for all cars... ***??! return to 2014?? when in game all cars have the same steering wheel? i prey this it's only beceause a beta version... any news??
  4. every year same story codemasters?? i I view a few videos of gamemplay of f1 2019, and in cockpit camera the mirrors it's out of screen... EVERY year the same story, the cockpit camera it's umplayable if not set the fov to max setting but the visibility it's real compromise...what coss made a virtual mirror on top screen?? or make che mirror few attach of cockpit to made visible on camera cokpit?? this year if not possible play with this camera i don't buy again you game... it's a lot of year if the community ask this solution, abd every year nothing change... this it's last year for me... sorry
  5. skylinegtr34

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    ok, season it's interesting only for 911 sc, 037 and wales, but the season 3 or more it's confirmed from codremasters?? or it's only a dream, and, all the tweet with subaru focus etc recording sound, if this car not include in season 2 what mean?? it's really exist more dlc??? on this game need more 2000' cars, 2010s cae and kitcar like 306 maxi!
  6. skylinegtr34

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

    come on, the black focus it's ridiculos!!
  7. skylinegtr34

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    i find multiple videos of focus 2007, why don't have any official livery???! all other cars have 1 livery original.... make possible edit skin with mod on dlc cars... it's incredible have few content like dirt 1 with add pay for dlc...
  8. every year, same story... ok classic cars, i'm happy, i don't make controversy, but, wht is the sense of 2 cars of 1990?? 2 cars of 2010?? if it's possible remake a season (like 1990 for exaple) im happy but need all grid, all 24 cars, not a grid with 10 mclaren and 10 ferrari, or with 20 cars of 10 years different, this it's stupid! in my opinion, or make all grid of past year (with original track!) or this it's just an useless addition... (i pray finally this year the game not have a lot of bug!, i don't want classic content if the career it's unplayable like every year!, before make classic content, make a playable game... thanks!!)
  9. for me the biggest problem it's with rwd like 131 abarth, now i find a setup for gravel very stable, and now i play monte on career and try one setup, but i think it's best solution, make one setup every surface, for every class of veichle ( 4wd r5, 2000, rwd 80, rwd 70 ecc) not for every cars,for exaple: i think if one setup it's good for 131, it's ok also for escort.maybe all user need change a bit a single parameter, but the setup base it's good, on this method all user can use a stable setup and it's simply make a custom setup...
  10. skylinegtr34

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    can you make a video with setup for rwd cars?? i find lot of problem with escort and 131... thanks!!!
  11. skylinegtr34

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    nooo, why the s14?? it's better the impreza 1998/2005...wrc why codies remove lot of important cars from dirt 1 like 037,306,impreza,focus 2001...
  12. sorry fot the OT in italian scusa, vuoi dirmi che posso usare le skin di dirt 1 (ad esempio la s4 martini) su dirt 2.0 senza aspettare che qualcuno la rifaccia x dirt 2.0?? ho capito bene?? cmq no, x rispondere alle tue domande, le immagini in game nn si posson ambiare, e le skin moddabili son solo alcune questa volta purtroppo
  13. skylinegtr34

    Thanks for the Monte Carlo Rally stage(s) CM

    right, on dirt 1 it's possible have monte with heavy snow, and day or night with snow, on dlc, only little snow on night, why?? and wny not possible have wet tarmac?? the monte it's great, and i'm happy for this dlc, but same stage of dirt 1, without all conditions, it's ridiculous for paid dlc pass...
  14. hi, i know, it's early for want other dlc, because first season it's start from few weeks, but it's possible say only, maybe, what it's the "theme" of season 2?? it's possible to have other three country rally?? maybe galles, greese and finland ( for have all six countries of dirt 1) and all other cars of dirt 1 (like 306,ibiza,037,focus 01 ecc ecc) maybe, if second stage it's on rx (please no...) it's real the possibility to have a third or other season?? thanks!