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  1. 1 hour ago, rally36738289 said:

    I used auto save off before contract in My Team.

    You play without autosaving,  and when cpu mske transfer if don't like you, reload save game every time? Utile cpu make transfer like you?

  2. But, if i start career ( not my team) without legendary driver, frim f1 and not from f2, its possible, have other drivers like f2 or classic?? Its impossible play with only 20 driver of f1?!!

  3. this it's really stupid... in 2019 and 2020 option it's avaiable... i don't want, on mid cahampionship, transter like hamilton on ferrari, and verstappen on mercedes... it's stupid, and on the end of season, the transfer, need mode realistic, like f2 pilot on haas and mick or nikita on alfa... not vettel on alphatauri for example... for this reason i wan't turn off...

  4. 9 hours ago, KingOfCoins said:

    The video is from a pirated version probably

    ohh fine, i can't modding the skin of dlc cars for security, but pirated version can have the dlc before...codemasters! it's ridiculous!! give a possibility to mod the skin of dlc cars, the excuse of security it's stupid!

  5. i don't understand, the skin of dlc cars it's crypted for blocking hacker the gratis dlc,but on youtube it's full of videos every time coming new dlc, of videos with future car, of cracked game, like subaru 2001....

    now: why i ned pay for have later than others this content, and not have the possibility to editor the livreries??? the cracked game it's out! and the dlc cars it's online before your official release...

    i'm very disappoined

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  6. 1 hour ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    They have given an explanation as to why the DLC cars are encrypted.

    It has to do with the fact that if they do make them available for us modders to create liveries for them, it would also allow a different kind of modder to extract the cars and offer them free of charge. It is content people have to pay for and if they would be available to download for free, it would benefit them or in fact us. If they don't get the revenue for the DLC content they won't invest in creating more DLC content.

    Even though it's not ideal for us the community, it is understandable. Maybe one day they will find a way to make them available without the risk of seeing the cars released for free by the type of modder I am definitely not a fan of. Once again a few people ruin it for the vast majority. I made a few suggestions on how to do it but every single one has its flaws one way or the other. 

    Atleast we can continue designing some fantastic liveries for the ones that are available until a solution is found. 

    maybe, return to make a videogames like 90' or 2000, without DLC, with all of content in original build... this method of DLC it's a simply method to make lot of money extra, the excuse of implement content it's ridiculous...without DLC, codemasters don't have the money for give me the content of DIRT rally 1??? really??? i need pay for have germany, wales and montecarlo rally, the same stage of 4 year ago??!!

    and the problem it's cracking the DLC...yes....

    i understand your explain, and it's true, but i dislike the concept...

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  7. i find multiple videos of focus 2007, why don't have any official livery???! all other cars have 1 livery original.... make possible edit skin with mod on dlc cars... it's incredible have few content like dirt 1 with add pay for dlc...

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  8. sorry fot the OT in italian

    scusa, vuoi dirmi che posso usare le skin di dirt 1 (ad esempio la s4 martini) su dirt 2.0 senza aspettare che qualcuno la rifaccia x dirt 2.0?? ho capito bene??

    cmq no, x rispondere alle tue domande, le immagini in game nn si posson ambiare, e le skin moddabili son solo alcune questa volta purtroppo

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