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  1. HoiHman

    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    Also "infected" by the delay bug after updating to windows 10 2004. Dirt Rally 2 is the only game that has this issue.😥
  2. F1 2020 is great in combination with the SFX100 motion platform, the GS-5 G-seat and AccuForce steering system. I have also added a 4 belt tensioning system and 5 buttkickers for RPM effects and curbs. I'm playing the game on a Samsung 49" ultra wide which is mounted on the motion platorm. In a dark room it's almost a VR experience. A short first lap video on Zandvoort
  3. HoiHman

    FoV fix??

    Thanks @CMTGK for at least being honest. 😀 Now i can safely uninstall grid 2019 to make room on my hard drive for other games that support the ultra wide screens better. It kind of looks like history is repeating itself, i remember a grid game having no cockpits at all. Even though there's still some DLC coming which i have paid for in advance, these very odd camera positions make the game not worth the effort anymore. I really hope that future titles will be better FOV support.
  4. HoiHman

    FoV fix??

    I hope Codemasters will get around to fix this as soon as possible. There were 2 problems that kept me from racing in Grid 2019. The short career races and the very very bad FOV in cockpit on a 49" widescreen ruin the game for me. The career length is fixed, all what remains now is the correct FOV settings. Too bad since Dirt Rally 2 does have the right FOV settings like you can see here on one of my videos. Sometimes is hard to understand that the same game developer makes 2 entirely different choices.
  5. HoiHman

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Like the game initially, but the fact that i haven't played it in more than a week says enough. There are 2 big changes essential for me to get back into grid 2019 - Adjustable (longer) races in the career mode - Better cockpit view/dash view support with a larger adjustability for both views. I have what you can call an "ultimate rig" with SFX100 4DOF motion, active seatbelt tensioner and a GS-5 G-force seat with a Samsung 49" ultra wide. Playing Grid can be quite intense and a lot of fun, but the short races makes playing the career kind of boring and repetitive after a couple of laps. So now i've put the game aside hoping for a fix.
  6. HoiHman

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    From a simracer perspective - Bigger / better FOV control. Right now the dash view is too close and the driver cam is too far away ( even at it's smallest fov) - Seat adjustments like in Dirt Rally 2 / F1 2019 (forward backwards / Up and Down) - Better rear view mirrow ( to high and flat ) - Abilility to move the HUD, The timing display is dead center in your view, which is quite annoying - Ability to adjust the length of the races in the career mode. At very hard the AI has a too big of a headstart to overtake, eventhough i'm much faster. I run out of laps before i can catch the leader.
  7. HoiHman

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    Please remove racenet from single player. It causes unnecessary long loading times and i to had a couple time this weekend that i could not continue my career because there was no connection. Also the fear of your career being wiped is constantly there. So PLEASE remove racenet from single player.
  8. HoiHman

    No VR support in DIRT 4 ??

    After the awesome VR support in Dirt Rally, i expected that from now on every codemasters title would have support for VR. Almost every simracer that has tried racing in VR can't go back to racing on a flat screen anymore.  It's almost as if VR was designed for Simracing and it gives you an unparalleled sense of immersion and presence. Than came F1 2016 and in the pre-release communication nothing was mentioned about VR support.  Now many months later it's safe to assume that F1 2016 will not get support for racing in Virual Reality. I'm afraid that Dirt 4 is heading in the same direction. Nothing mentioned about VR support again. Things are not looking so good.
  9. Just some clarity on this on going topic would be nice, it's been like this since the 1.2 patch. Either  - We're working on it              or..... - We can't / won't fix it  This way we can all move on and ( depending on the answer) either keep Dirt3 on our harddrives or just simply deïnstall it again.
  10. Would REALLY love to see this fixed too.  Simply just can't play the game without motion.  Please look into this. people have been asking for it for since the latest patch.
  11. I was pretty happy with GAS, but the latest update totally ruined the game. Since the update that adds support for tablets (?????) , the game now has A LOT of lag in the output of lateral forces to motions systems.  This makes the game unplayable on a highend motion system.  Everything was working perfectly before. Would you guys PLEASE fix this. 
  12. Yes, you need to install a programm on the PC first
  13. Just downloaded the dashmeter pro app and now i have a full working dash in Grid Autosport. :D It features: -Rev counter -Rev lights -Shift indicator -Speed -Laptimes -Lap delta and more............ You can find the app in the playstore (android only) for only 3,99 More info about dashmeter pro here: http://www.sensadigit.com/f1-201x-dirt Here's a video of me running Dashmeter pro in Grid Autosport on 2 android phones at the same time: http://youtu.be/-Z_WgLWEVnU
  14. HoiHman

    Well well!

    Nice find.  Hope to see it in patch pretty soon.