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  1. Ahahah. I'll blame Jeff for not saying a thing about there being an SC situation. I just noticed the gap on my MFD and then saw a VC board light up. Was already like -2s delta 😅
  2. Our university announced that basically no in-person teaching will be done 😕
  3. I think I say something relevant eventually 😁 I've been a bit lazy, but as an excuse I'm still on vacation until the 17th!
  4. If someone has ever wondered how long is the cmfc site's code, then here you go. I could fit 1/3 of it on my screen with the smallest font I had and no, it has no right to be 1500 lines long. The current site is built on the old data system, which I was supposed to redo ages ago 😅
  5. Turns out all the snow melted and now I don't feel like christmas at all 😁
  6. Starts to feel like christmas, seems like it's going to be rather cold (currently -14C) for once. Hopefully they'll start freezing local rinks soon, really want to have a go with skating and puck handling for once 🙂
  7. I took a look, and sadly can't see too much. By what I've seen, I'd suggest doing a clean install of your GPU drivers if you haven't done so yet. It should be as easy as Download the right installer from nvidia's site (GeForce driver for GTX 1080Ti) Launch the executable and navigate to Installation options Select Custom/Advanced If you're unsure what components to install, select them all Tick the "perform a clean installation" box It could be the case that a clean install could fix a problematic part in the drivers and cause the fix to be resolved, so it
  8. The EGO dump log should include a line starting with 'zipFilename' if you could follow that path and attach the zip file here, I can take a look 🙂
  9. Codemasters have used laser-scan data since at least France on F1 2018. Generally for track building, using the most accurate data, and then being able to convert it to a designer is the key The reason as to why many tracks are outdated or inaccurate is because the track has been designed years ago, and there have not been enough resources to recreate it 😕
  10. The crash dump could be useful here. Here is how to find it: When a crash occurs, look through the log the EGO Dumper application displays to you Find a line with "zipFilename" in it Follow that path to the zip-file Attach it here I'll do my best to look through it if you decide to send it over 🙂
  11. As this is a potential issue with the localization, I don't have any questions to add, and I'll try and put this forward. I can't promise any fix though, of course, as this will depend on Codemasters and the resources available 🙂
  12. Are these results accurate? I'll give you a couple days to reply if you think there's something wrong with them 🙂
  13. Hey, Sometimes replugging the wheel once is not enough to get the FFB back, at least with my experience on the same wheel. It's taken me up-to 5 times to get the FFB back, although this was closer to the launch Could you update me on if you're tried to replug the wheel multiple times in one session?
  14. Moved this to F1 Chat 🙂 Officially the game only supports DX12, so I'm not too useful
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