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  1. UP100

    GRID Modding

    Well that's the reason the actual modding community is long gone I believe. There is no official support for modding, so most major mods are for old games like GRID or Operation Flashpoint (which had lua support at least)
  2. I haven't really felt this myself, but that may be due to the amount of throttle I press on kerbs anyways as I use a wheel and pedals. I don't understand the "AI touching your car also has the same effect" though. That just sounds like you're not correcting your steering after an impact.
  3. Hmm sounds like the wheel for whatever reason either won't go to the exact value it should be in or it doesn't correct it as the input was too small. What if you hold the button and then release it, will it drift with the same amount as before or with higher turning/none at all? There are currently 2 people reporting this, so I don't know if it's a problem with specific settings or something else... I'd want to take a look myself, but I can't do that until Saturday or so 😕
  4. At least with GRID it seems that you can just not touch the mouse, and it'll never appear in the first place. ...or maybe I just automatically move it to the side?
  5. Hey! This is on the wrong forum category (DiRT vs GRID), but it doesn't really matter at this point. You can find an official blog post about the wheel support on different platforms from here: http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/09/grid-wheel-support-all-the-details-you-need/ Have you calibrated the wheel? If the problem continues after calibrating, please do go to the GRID technical assistance forums and file a bug report. Remember to check the pinned readme file while there!
  6. UP100

    F1 2019 error

    Hey! This is on the wrong Technical Assistance forums (as these are meant for DiRT games), so I'm going to ping @Hoo and @PJTierney to see which one will win. (Also Hoo would most likely know what that error is) Read another thread about this, and it could be something with your internet settings. Could you check what your NAT type is? You can see it by testing your internet connection on your PS4 (which should be found from the PS4's settings tab)
  7. UP100

    Career progress reset

    Hey and welcome to the forums! 🙂 I doubt there is much anyone can do about this with the information you've provided. The message you got kind of said everything there is to say. Have you noticed your internet cut off, or RaceNet being down when these issues come up?
  8. It's quite well known at this point. The last thing indie devs for example want you to do is to buy a copy from G2A, as they may have to pay for the processing fees of the chargeback. There are also literally people selling stolen accounts on G2A at times. Have seen a few myself.
  9. Hey! Can you see this happen in the controller settings menu, or does it only happen during gameplay? Could it have something to do with the layout of the track, or the "controller ffb"?
  10. UP100

    GRID Modding

    The most modders usually do with the game is change some liveries, change some config files/databases and so on... It's most likely due to the actual modding community (the one who do the tools and so on) being quite dead.
  11. UP100

    Patch 1.13 Any news?

    If they had proper news, they'd tell us :)
  12. UP100

    Codies please answer this!

    Hey! The copy you bought includes the EULA in the booklet saying that if you wish to disagree, you should return the game to the retailer unopened. You can try contacting custservice@codemasters.com and see if they have something else to add.
  13. UP100

    F1 2018 crashes to Desktop

    Hey! These kinds of issues are very, VERY, hard to troubleshoot, so information about your PC and other stuff is vital in order to ever get this fixed. Have you tried the normal troubleshooting actions such as verifying the game cache? Removing the hardware settings file from Documents\My Games\F1 2018 forces the game to reset the graphics settings, so that could fix something as well.
  14. UP100

    DLC content removed from steam

    Hey! I may be blind, but where did you buy the game from? If you bought it from an external site that just gave you keys for the game, you should've gotten two of them. Those who activated the Ultimate Edition key only had to also activate the Base game key when the game got released, so you should check if you redeemed both keys.
  15. The leaderboards may have been down as my game (on PC) didn't show the leaderboards, but didn't crash either.