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  1. UP100

    It's time for telemetry

    What does this has to do with transparency? How many companies start to blame their employees about stuff?
  2. Well I don't still see that big of an issue really. It's just telling you that 105KG is around 3 secs slower, and not what is the max fuel load. It's completely irrelevant anyways and it seems that you're just trying to start something here. ...Considering also you said you were leaving some days ago.
  3. UP100

    Jeff turns into an american 😂

    @issueskid or alternatively @davidjgurney (You'll most likely see this after some months :P) There have been a few reports about this but I don't know if there is currently a bug report out there. It still may be worth the while to take a look at this 🙂
  4. Also I just want to clear this up: Nowhere did Codemasters ever claim (as far as I know) that F1 2019 would have been reworked in any way. The most recent rework of the F1 franchise was with F1 2015 when an EGO3 game was released for the first time. As said on the Insight page, F1 2020 has also been told to have been in the works before F1 2019 was released, but this means nothing. Seriously.
  5. UP100

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    The DLC is still paid though, you can just rent DLC cars online (without a chance to customize them) in order to still be able to play in the same lobbies 🙂 The DLCs include stuff like new career championships, customization and so on.
  6. @milook it'd be interesting to hear what did I get wrong? Most stuff that aren't Codies related are pulled from wikipedia or news sources, so they may be wrong. (Wikipedia is wrong with EGO 4.0 for example which wasn't a thing when it was seen in wikipedia for the first time)
  7. UP100

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    Well that's the difference between DR2.0 and GRID19 in general. GRID would lose all of its players after the first season has been released if the tracks wouldn't be free in online for example. The decision was pulled just to allow everyone to play in the same sessions afaik.
  8. UP100

    Welcome to the new GRID

    You're promoting a site that links to site which are considered evil by gamers and developers.
  9. 🤔 Rockstar Games employees: 2 000+ (2018, wikipedia) Take 2 Interactive revenue: $2668 million Codemasters' employees (includes KL studio, Cheshire, Southam and Birmingham): 511 Codemasters' Net Cash Balance (16-18): -£100 million, (19) £18.2 Codemasters' Revenue (19): £71.2 million, (16) £31.0 Red Dead Redemption 2 development time: 7-8 years (2010-2011) F1 2019 Development time: 1-2 years or if you consider F1 2019 just a copy paste game, 5 years (F1 2015 was the first game to run on EGO3)
  10. UP100

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    In the other thread which is most likely on page 1 or 2 and has people saying that they've had loads of SC and VSC periods 😛
  11. UP100

    Super deluxe edition ? -_-

    I think this is pretty simple: Season 3 and 4 were announced because Codies got enough money from the first two to justify continuing development. Giving the new seasons free for Deluxe players would make no sense though as I could claim somewhere around 50% of the consumers bought the Deluxe Edition. You guys are extremely lucky to be able to get continued support. I'm not so sure if that will happen with GRID19...
  12. F1 Online: The Game was a free to play game running Unity (Web Player) in which the player was able to manage their own team and control their own car from a top-down perspective using their mouse. Video: GameSpot In F1 Online: The Game, the player was able to create their own team, upgrade their HQs, hire staff, upgrade their vehicle and race against other players. The game started in a closed beta in early 2012 after being announced in late 2011. In 2012 the gates were opened and the game was released in an open beta state. Official site: f1onlinethegame.com (Last time recorded online: July of 2018) Team Developer: Codemasters Online Studio (Southam(?)) Notable Employees List (WIP) Producer: Michael Rowland Game Notable Features Drive the car using your mouse or your keyboard Fully 3D game in your browser (Utilizing Unity Web Player) Create your own team Car's appearance changes with upgrades as well as performance Matchmaking system Championships Licensing Team VVV reports that the game had issues with the official F1 license. Despite having an official 2011 drivers, tracks and teams mode, F1 Online: The Game has split the custom teams to a different mode presumably due to licensing issues. The game had also 15 fictional tracks created for the custom team mode. Microtransactions The game was to include microtransactions before the launch, but only for cosmetics instead of performance upgrades. Later on in an interview by Digital Spy, it was confirmed that the game would have some microtransactions to be convenient for those who don't have all day to play videogames. Post Release Content Plans Like an MMO, F1 Online: The Game had a serious amount of content planned for post launch. It was confirmed that the 2012 grid would be coming to F1 Online: The Game at the end of 2012. These were hinted by Michael Rowland before the launch of the game: Visual damage Full weather system Qualifying Pit stops Ability to race custom cars against the official ones. Shutdown "F1 ONLINE: THE GAME was closed as a service on Tuesday 7th May 2013. The decision to discontinue the game’s development and operation was taken as the service did not attract the required number of active players during its beta phase to make it a viable ongoing project. We thank you for your interest. For information on other Codemasters Racing FORMULA ONE™ games please visit www.formula1-game.com." External Sources https://www.teamvvv.com/interviews/f1-online-the-game-hands-on/ https://www.digitalspy.com/videogames/a383025/f1-online-the-game-interview-codemasters-talks-going-free-to-play/
  13. UP100

    (2020) F1 2020

    F1 2020 was reported to be in development before the launch of F1 2019 in an employee's public list of products he has been working on. This doesn't mean much. It could mean that there are plans made for the next game or that a few people are working on the game at this point. Codemasters will have the rights for F1 titles for at least until F1 2021. We've no information if Liberty Media can terminate this contract though.
  14. UP100

    Wheel Support

    Racing wheels should be supported, the official list of supported wheels will come out later 🙂
  15. Tracks aren't code, they are assets. Or if they are code, they're doing it wrong 🙃