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  1. Codies seem to be talking with Steam team about this, and how to get it fixed.
  2. Paris is not part of the Ultimate Edition and it has been given free for all players. Codies said in our Discord that they are investigating some cases in which one doesn't have access to Season 1 content. How did you purchase GRID 2019? For example the DVD version came with 2 CD keys, so make sure you have added both of those.
  3. UP100

    Wing changes

    Oh your issue is different from what probably anyone thought it would be. Surely that's a bug. Also completely off the topic, but at least F1 2019 still has Japanese localization. GRID 2019 lacks it even though you can modify the game to use those sound files.
  4. LOD Quality Settings are Very Low -> Low -> Medium. It'd be asking for trouble if they'd call it High. You can probably just change the lodBias and crowdLodBias for a higher LOD, with much lowered performance. There isn't much for me to try as my PC already can't handle the game that well 😛 NOTE: Changing the setting outside of the game to an unsupported amount may tank the framerate or completely break the world (like in OFDR)
  5. UP100

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Well that's because we aren't told about them, except for Paul Ricard (Old Layout).
  6. UP100

    Wing changes

    I was so advanced that I owned F1 2019 in 2/21/2018.
  7. Steam uses regional pricing (countries with less purchase power have cheaper games), while this at least doesn't seem to happen with F1 2019 in the PS Store. I'd suggest checking out local retailers and see if they're selling the game for cheaper. You could also try and send a message to custservice@codemasters.com as that is the general customer support email.
  8. UP100

    Serious question, where is the "engine sound thread"?

    I doubt it was removed. It's normal for people to lose the thread, or it gets hidden thanks to a forum system bug. Usually Google is the only way to find some of those hidden threads. The audio guys probably "went into hiding" because they're hard at work, and they don't have time scheduled for browsing the forums 🙂 Usually the team will go around looking for feedback after the release of the game, because usually that is the time of being able to relax a bit after huge amounts of work for months.
  9. UP100

    Grid on Stadia - practically unplayable

    Hey! Feedback thread for Stadia players if you have any platform specific issues: What seemed odd was that you'd see no problem in changing setup while on track. That would probably mean that instead of looking for the optimal setup for that track, the world record runs would change the setup for every corner. About steering sensitivity: For others with similar problems, you can change them at Options -> Controls -> (Your Device) -> Edit Device
  10. UP100

    Only 2 major Gripes with F1 2019

    So because it's an "unofficial assist" it should be removed? The different camera modes and assists are there in order to make racing games accessible. Even some "simulators" such as rF2 include assists and different views. Sure there could be a mode in which the game is limited to cockpit and such, but it shouldn't be completely removed...
  11. I have absolutely no idea what you're trying to say here. Why would they just hold the seasons if they're ready to go? Most stuff in the seasons can be made by handling designers, sound engineers and artists.
  12. UP100

    F1 2018 PC GP - Multiplayer error

    @Hoo two users on the same network having problems on connecting to each other. Any idea is it a limitation for example, and any way to get around it? The game uses some kind of Peer to Peer system as far as I remember, so there could be an issue with both users being in the same network. Can one of you two use another network (such as WIFI hotspot from your phone) and see if the issue persists?
  13. Closing threads is quite useless as there is no one really talking in here.
  14. Hey and welcome to the Codemasters forums! 🙂 Hoo (Codies employee) has replied 3 times to another thread talking about error code SP163. You can find the thread from here Hopefully this helps
  15. UP100

    Language problem

    Oh right I missed two words, sorry about that. Here is a temporary solution until what you've reported can get fixed: 1. Find the F1 2019 folder (Default location: Steam Folder/steamapps/common/"F1 2019") 2. Navigate to F1 2019/audio/speech 3. Rename all files that start with en_ to something else 4. Rename all files that start with it_ to start with en_ This means that you've renamed the Italian voice files to the English ones, but this may cause issues, and if you encounter any, please revert the changes. Tag or quote me if the forum / filenames don't match. I'm using GRID2019 as my example.