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  1. Been a while! 👀 Haven't really used EA forums, wondering what they're like
  2. This is like the KittyFit unlucky montage or something 😁
  3. The Japanese localization of (at least) F1 2020 used to even have a voice name for 'Honda', but you couldn't use Honda as your surname 😛
  4. Kinect Speech Recognition is the dependency used for voice recognition on PC. If you see file changes made to kinect speech recognition files, they're most likely not changes made by Codemasters. The depot you linked is just the tracks depot, it lists every file that's downloaded when you download the tracks while installing the game through Steam
  5. I'm not here to blame you for something. Analysing the crash dump just gives me a hint of what's going on (or in this case, what's not going on). Generally, most crashes are caused by the PC instead of the game, but this does not seem to be one of those cases I don't have an access on the inner workings of F1 2021, so I don't have too much to help you with. I don't want to cause more trouble than what's already there. Hopefully a CM employee will pick this up at some point 🙂
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. Can you access all other modes normally? If so, I think we can both agree that it's something most likely with the Grand Prix save that's causing issues here. There's always the possibility of resetting your save data, but that may be a bit of a drastic fix. I can't help with this much further sadly, though this is something that may be worth looking into @BarryBL
  7. Please share the crash dump .zip file 🙂 You can find the .zip file by looking in the egodumper.log and finding the zipFilename line. For example this log file points towards this file
  8. EGO Dumper is not a crash. It's actually what you want to see if your game has issues! It's a program that bundles the information together so that it's easier for us to troubleshoot 🙂 If you could, please share one of your crash dumps. Not the .log file, but the .zip file the log file points towards. You can find the zip file from the log by looking for the zipFilename line
  9. Please follow the bug reporting guidelines
  10. Please send us the crash report. You can see the location of the report by clicking on "Show >>" and finding the .zip file location The folder should be something along the lines of AppData\Local\Temp with the crash dump zip file being something along the lines of 217524_20210722-124364-0.zip
  11. Who needs teachers anyways? -Signed by all High School students
  12. Got off my military service, so I have loads of free time again to do something like this. I'm always interested in hosting Q&As, so let's see if I can get something together 🙂
  13. Hello off-topic! My service got delayed by two years as I got a spot studying Japanese language and linquistics. Feeling a bit shallow about it though, as everyone I met there was lovely
  14. 1st day in the military: Just waiting and chilling. People are praising us over the fact that we're playing cards on the first day. Apparently the other newbies are boring 😁
  15. My birthday is getting close as well... hopefully I won't get the same treatment 😁
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