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  1. UP100

    F1 2016 Just had an update?

    I think multiple old games have gotten online related updates, such as security updates and such.
  2. UP100

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    Or you're just overcomplicating this. I'm just talking about the things I have something to say about. There is nothing for me to gain from complaining how bad the game is, there are already enough people saying that 😛 I was just wondering if the issues they encountered where on their side, instead of the game side, as the article didn't mention what issues they encountered. I feel like that's the only thing I'd realistically care about, as most of my replies on these forums are troubleshooting game crashes and the such. Also, I think this is a definition of a personal argument. If you got more, send them through private messages.
  3. UP100

    Qualifying or Race

    At least in terms of the Forum Championship, I think I'm pretty balanced in terms of performance in quali and in the race, but I have to vote for race as I'm good at keeping the tires alive much longer than what the game wants me to 😁
  4. UP100

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    I'm just here talking about the article and the choice of words in it, while also explaining what I mean with the stuff I've mentioned (as my original reply was just thoughts without explaining basically anything I've said). If you have something to say, you can join the conversation me and janbonator are having. You don't need to join in if the only thing you're going to do is accuse me of whatever. This isn't supposed to be some bloody argument, stop trying to make it one.
  5. UP100

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    Drivers are just a single thing that's the easiest one to explain to people, that may not have the same knowledge about games as I do 🙂 Anything on your computer could cause an issue later on, for one random reason or another. Like my F1 game longer accepts keyboard inputs while saving a setup. This started happening with no updates to the game, so it's something on my side. I'm just unsure what it may be, I'm guessing an update to the Microsoft IME that just breaks the compatibility with the game (...again?). Then there is TF2, which stopped working in fullscreen for unknown reasons, even though it ran completely fine just some hours earlier. Finally got it working after an hour of troubleshooting, and I'm not sure what caused that either. I only have guesses. Those are two examples of errors being caused by dependencies with no idea what actually caused them. Those less experienced with troubleshooting would just blame the game, even if the game would be the same it was before you encountered anything! This is why having 20 clean machines that are running the exact same minimal software tends to be significantly better than anyone running the game on their computer... especially as competitive people tend to have different things installed to improve their performance, even if that would hurt the stability of their system.
  6. UP100

    STILL no performance patch

    I've locked this thread as we already have an ongoing discussion over here 🙂
  7. UP100

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    Most problematic software is third party software as far as I know. Literally anything could break one of the game's dependencies, causing an issue that is not the fault of the developers. So many issues and crashes have been fixed by the user removing/updating various third party software. I even know the statistic that over 50% of GRID 2019's crashes at during the launch window were due to outdated drivers! I think the plural form of the word software is software, which probably caused the confusion 🙂
  8. UP100

    we need a new graphics engine for the next f1 games

    Well I mean DIRT 5 uses a new and different engine that was first used in ONRUSH (2018)... Just because something is newer, doesn't mean it's better 😉
  9. UP100

    Favorite Classic Car

    The old cars look so cool... but I really like the 2010 cars' handling (insert Top Gear meme here) I wonder if the 2010 cars are the newest we are going to get, as they're the last cars without DRS. Though the 2009-2010 cars don't have KERS in the game. Probably because they don't have the in-game support for it at the moment 🤔
  10. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    Oi, I want in too! ...or considering the yesterday's F1 2020 Forum Championship race, I probably shouldn't be put near a car ever again. So many mistakes, and so many collisions... Also I don't have a pile of cash either, so that's also an issue, hahah I can't recall much of your racing career, but you did rally at least, right? At least I seem to remember a post about a crash some years back 😛
  11. UP100

    2020 F1 Esports Fail

    "but we cannot afford two DNFs for issues caused by hardware and software (which weren’t even tested correctly)" 🤔 One part they're blaming the game, then they're saying it's their fault? At least it sounds like so, as when racing from home, the participants themselves are in charge of their hardware and software, which is the number 1 reason for game crashes for instance. When they're racing in arenas, these are handled by F1 esports people and the game is played through LAN I suppose. Obviously I wouldn't suggest running any serious events through P2P networking, but it kind of sounds that the issue was caused by the lack of testing or poorly functioning hardware/software... Though this I'm basing my impressions on the news article you linked, and I have no idea what actual issues they encountered, as it's not said in the article. This isn't the only "sim" (why are we calling it a sim? :p) that has had issues during major events. rFactor 2 had to red flag their 24 hour event for example, due to multiple teams having issues. They've patched some of the encountered issues at least as far as I can remember, here's the statement after the event: https://www.studio-397.com/2019/07/statement-rf24/
  12. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    That took an awful turn 😕 It's totally normal to ask "what if" in these situations. We humans are quite bad at handling sadness and pain and you're definitely not the only one having these thoughts. What this tells me though, is that you have one of the best traits a teacher could have. Even if you had issues with her, you still cared about her. Keep being awesome like that.
  13. I don't know how much can I say on the public side, but I can confirm that one did win and was at least supposed to receive a price for it 😛 The price was mentioned before the end of the competition.
  14. UP100

    PC Forum Championship - Season 2

    This seems to be an issue on my highlight reels as well (Canada and Spa). It doesn't seem to play back weather changes correctly or something like that, but the "tires throwing water in the air" particles are visible like in @MilligramSmile's image
  15. UP100

    New to codemasters and F12020

    Welcome 🙂