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  1. Saying that F1 2018 is the worst is just strange and without anything to back it up (except for "hardcore f1 drivers" who could be ones using assists and a keyboard as far as we know...)
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    Kinguin is not a retailer, they just take the info from any official retailers. Also don't ever buy games from there as the devs have to pay for chargebacks when keys are bought with stolen cards.
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    Not new info, just rebranding old info?
  4. Hey Jenny! Thanks for clearing this up. I also want to apologize to everyone if I sound rude. I usually sound rude if I don't think something is correct... 😛
  5. Also by the way read the disclaimer. It says what you've done may be unlawful. Publicly sharing private conversations (includes social media) can also be unlawful in some countries.
  6. If you've actually talked to @DGreco, could you ask him to check this page. Never have I seen Codies communicating anything through a gmail address.
  7. Well I also doubt we have 2 support people called Rob and Bob and one of them follows the custservice format and another one doesn't. (Sending some love to Rob, thanks for all of your help over the last year ❤️)
  8. If anyone believes this is true... Just look at it. The format has been taken from custservice@codemasters.com with at least these issues Congratulation should be Congratulations Choosen instead of chosen "f1 2019 beta" spelled without any uppercase letters "Codemasters Services" was originally "Codemasters Customer Services" Notice the double space between Codemasters and Services. The reply thing is straight from some Customer Service email. We could find who this is by just using that link to reply to that chain of emails. The disclaimer is shown at the bottom of every Customer Service email.
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    Mission Winnow

    Isn't it tobacco sponsorship or something? If so, the answer is no.
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    The Stuff Thread

    Also on another note, I have no motivation to study right now... Uhh... I have to fix that somehow.
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    The Stuff Thread

    Apparently our psychology book said that stress is only harmful for you if you think it's harmful for you. At least to some extent of course, not to like extremes. I have no clue if that's correct or anything.
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    The Stuff Thread

    Help. My father and his friend are being the ultimate tourists.
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    The Stuff Thread

    Now in UK. Mostly here for the Goodwood Members Meeting 😛
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    The Stuff Thread

    Leaving to UK tomorrow (10 hours or so). Quite excited. Will see how it goes.
  15. No one asked for a steam ID though, no one asked for a profile link, no one asked for your account name. The only thing asked is "gamertag" that can mean basically anything.
  16. That is the profile URL, mine is https://steamcommunity.com/id/vanerinux yet my steamID is STEAM_1:1:67053208. Customizable profile URL is also not the same as your original steam username which these days has been hidden as far as I know. There is also a permanent profile link that will always work as it cannot be changed and is tied to your Steam(64) ID which for me is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094372145 Another question is that why did you black out your real name, state/province and city as they are all publicly available at your profile page, which can be accessed through the url you said is your steamID. Another note: Please everyone do not waste your time thinking you could do something fun when you know my SteamIDs or whatever, these are all public info basically anyone can get from anyone else that are on the same server.
  17. @Faya Just want to get an answer to this. It would be a shame if people didn't get the beta just because they didn't put the right "gamertag" there or something. "Gamertag" on Steam could be anything such as the current profile name, username, steam id or the steam profile link. What should you put as your gamertag on PC? I decided to go with a link to my steam profile as I felt that being the best way to show who I am. Please do say if that is not what you wanted.
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    The Game Thread!

    I don't believe this was a thing back when Epic's stuff got hacked in 2016 at least. The attack resulted in the exposure of 530k accounts including usernames, email addresses and salted MD5 hashes of passwords. It also seems that last security breach seems to be from January 2019? One of those accounts is still mine and I still get emails about unsuccessful login attempts, which is great to read considering it's even more clutter to my emails.
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    The Game Thread!

    Well to be honest considering all of my 2 (unused luckily!) Epic accounts have been compromised already, so touching anything Epic has done is not really ideal to me... It's unfair to call everyone a manchild for reasons that are quite decent, such as... well losing accounts to hackers in 2 different incidents...
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    The Game Thread!

    So close to clicking buy with this DLC.
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    Well I mean 450+ employees (Other racing games basically all have less than 50) and 5 studios, Southam, Birmingham, Evolution Studios/Cheshire, Malaysia and India. Some of the shut down studios are Malta Studio (Born in 2014, has not existed since 2015) and Codemasters Action Studios (Has not existed since 2011)
  22. I know what the DR2.0 does with RaceNet, but that is not the issue of the technology, it's the issue of the game. Anyways F1 2013 / F1 2014 both did connect occasionally to RaceNet to share your progress and so on. The matchmaking in F1 games probably already has something to do with the RaceNet technology anyways. If RaceNet comes to F1 (if it's not there already), it probably won't do match except be a leaderboard and so on.
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    33% pricedrop??

    Well I guess it's great that the console players get the same price as the DVD PC players. Codies' DVD versions are so cheap. Buying F1 2018 as a physical DVD copy cost me less than 50e on the launch week, while the console versions cost both 69,99e.
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    What was your last purchase

    Sony XZ1 Compact for 200e. I like the phone.
  25. RaceNet nonsense has been part of F1 games since F1 2013, and I'd guess it still is part of the F1 games. For proof, you can check the old ("outdated") RaceNet site. I doubt it will be "always online" though.