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    RaceNet was a mistake.

    RaceNet is not a new thing though.
  2. Y u type like dis? 🙂
  3. UP100

    I think the game truly needs team orders

    MattyyyNewman: Team orders in Career mode & (or) Co-Op mode? No, it’s a complex field that and one we want to get right if we are to include it. (In 2011.)
  4. What is with that wink though?
  5. UP100

    Stop whinging

    Well I mean you can still contact them as easy as ever and most have logged on during this week aswell. I can't use examples due to either me not being sure about the rules or I just feel like I shouldn't.
  6. UP100

    Stop whinging

    Uhh I think we have enough Codies communicating for most stuff. Faya, Jenny, Hoo, Britpoint, Dan Hawkins, Issueskid, davidjgurney (or something like that), Hargers and so on. And those are just the "F1 guys". Basically all questions I have ever had that have something to do with F1 have been answered to and I'm thankful for all the Codies that have taken the time to reply to me 🙂
  7. I would guess that emailing custservice@codemasters.com could help you in this situation 🙂
  8. UP100

    Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 1

    Holyy ****. Now for me to figure out how many of those can be watched in Finland 🙃
  9. UP100

    Stop whinging

    This will probably get locked quite quickly, but I have to say this: IF YOU WANT A BUG TO BE FIXED, ACTUALLY TEST WHAT CAUSES IT AND SHARE THOSE RESULTS. I hate when people go around saying "My game crashed fix it thank you" or something like that without even following the READ BEFORE POSTING thread... Sorry that was a bit too much 🙂
  10. Yeah I understand 🙂 Sorry if I came off as too rough! Also if you're very passionate about F1, you should check the Formula 1 Stuff Thread that can be found on the World of Motorsport subforum (Off-topic section) There will probably also be a new thread for each Grand Prix on the World of Motorsport subforum when the season starts 🙂
  11. It seems that you've mistaken my actions and I'd like to clear this up publicly in order to stop any kind of misunderstandings. If you still have something else, you can contact me through a private message (Go to my profile and click the message button that should be on the right of my name & avatar) The simple answer to that is that I was confused. He insisted that he didn't contact Codies via twitter while admitting that he did contact Codies via twitter. In that case I only posted that as far as I know ('uhh...' basically meant I was not sure) the English word 'contact' could also be used in a case where he replied to some social media post made by someone who wasn't talking to him specifically. I was not trying to "pick on" someone with worse English skills than mine (There is still a chance he has better English skills than I do considering I'm not a native English speaker despite how much I'd like to be one). You seemed to have missed the entire point of my messages which was no matter how you sent a message through a social media, it's still a much worse way to get in contact than by using custservice@codemasters.com, community@codemasters.com or the Codemasters' Forums for example. I might've came off as too unfair or rough, but I'm currently trying to change the way I act in these kinds of situations. I'll do apologize for @Meterkenci just in case he did in fact feel publicly ridiculed which wasn't my intention. For both of you, if you no longer want to see my messages, you can use the 'Ignore' feature which you can check out here https://forums.codemasters.com/ignore/
  12. What when have I been picking on people whose first language isn't English? Only person I've done that to is myself!
  13. They're listening to us. It's weekend, so calm your ****. 🙂
  14. UP100

    DiRT5: Future Release?

    Without reading any context for these questions, I'll just say what is on my head 🙂 DiRT as a series has to always be something that even the casual players can enjoy. r/dirtgame still insists that all casual players should play DiRT Rally and use hours to learn it, even though they wouldn't have that time or interest. It's definitely not close to being that different, but it seems to be the case that DiRT main games always have the option to do some casual arcade racing. Like how DiRT 3 is still quite popular. It's fun arcade racing which you can play with your friends who know almost nothing about driving games 🙂
  15. UP100

    Why won't FireFox let me visit dirtgame.com?

    It's Firefox not allowing some certificates, you can just add an exception to it.
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    The Stuff Thread

    I guess it's considered higher education as it's optional and so on. You could check the wikipedia page here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_Finland#Upper_secondary_education
  17. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    Let's just hope it's false and carry on.


  19. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

  20. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    I'm on 1st grade in an upper secondary school, which makes it quite easy for you to guess my age. "Upper secondary education begins at 16 or 17 and lasts three to four years (roughly corresponding to the last two years of American high school plus what in the USA would be a two-year Community or Junior College)"
  21. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    Student council has a lot of information out there in Google, but that information widely varies between schools and, frankly, countries. Our school (A Finnish upper secondary school) has a student council that consists of around 12 members. Every upper secondary school has to have one by law, and the school administrators have to listen to their opinions. The student council at our school mostly tries to improve the school and its atmosphere (for example by buying stuff that the students would enjoy) or holding events for the other students. For example an event called 'Penkkarit' happened yesterday and the student council, in total, spent 2700 euros to renting trucks and other stuff for the event.
  22. Hutch also has a license to develop an F1 game, and they have announced an F1 manager coming to App Store in the future.
  23. UP100

    The Stuff Thread

    You know... The most awkward thing for me currently is the fact that I joined student council, but I have no idea when we are even supposed to meet... On a more funny note, I joined it on the last second it was possible, walking in front of 400 students. That was nice.
  24. At that point I'd rather just call the F1 game code as being broken instead of the engine. The engine has done nothing wrong 😢 A new engine won't magically fix anything, it will just mean we'll get another F1 2014 and F1 2015. Codies were known to have major issues with their transfer to EGO3, and also were losing money during that switch to new generation consoles. I'm not trying to argue with you either. I was just really confused that you seemed to completely ignore Dirt 4 and so on 🙂 Let's both complain about the F1 games' code together! ...but let's leave the engine out of this please? Basically how Codemasters' engines work at this point: We have absolutely no idea what the previous engine version were and this is irrelevant. WIKIPEDIA IS WRONG in most EGO engine stuff. Current engine version is EGO3, used in F1 games since F1 2015 and additionally used in DiRT 4 and the upcoming DiRT Rally 2.0. ONRUSH (Codemasters Evolution Studios' game) uses their own, ONRUSH specific engine. It borrows some stuff from EGO and I believe it was planned that the other teams would incorporate the new features back to the current EGO3. The latest full game that wasn't developed with Codies' own engine was Micro Machines: World Series which was created on Unity. It was reported to have terrible performance while being a generally worse game. A year before Micro Machines, Toybox Turbos was released, basically being the "better Micro Machines". It also had support for VR and it was made on the old EGO engine. DiRT Rally 2.0 will be the first EGO3 game to include VR when the Oculus VR support is released in Summer. EGO3 is mistaken for EGO 4.0 because of some media posts in 2015, and for the fact that someone typed EGO 4.0 to wikipedia at some point.
  25. UP100

    Another developer

    I'm interested, do we even know if Codies have an exclusive deal and what does that include considering there are other official F1 titles coming out at least to mobile. I don't know how much these contracts have been shown to public. Maybe it'll change as Codies is now 'public company' or whatever and for example they announced a parthership with a Chinese mobile game company or something through those company statement things. Explaining things.