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  1. We would suggest you to ask the question in the F1 2021 UDP Specification thread in order to try and get the right eyes on your issue
  2. Thank you for your bug report Would you be able to attach the crash dump .zip file? If the EGO Dumper window pops up after the crash, you should be able to find a line starting with 'zipFilename'. Follow the file path and you should be able to attach the .zip file here
  3. Thank you for your bug report Do note that in order to receive the best support we can offer, it's essential to follow the bug reporting template, as it gives the most wanted information in a concise and easy to read manner. As for the crash dump, would you be able to attach the crash dump .zip file that the log refers to? The log you attached has C:\Users\lucas\AppData\Local\Temp\803111-20210904-120830-0.zip as the location of the zip file
  4. Thank you for your bug report I don't really have anything I could help you with at the moment. As this is an UDP issue to an extent, I'll tag @Hoo here in case he has some more knowledge about this issue.
  5. Thank you for your bug report Would you be able to attach a dxdiag to the report? Could there be any possible permission issues on your OS or the game/save folder? Disabling Steam Cloud saving for the game could also be worth a try.
  6. Thank you for your bug reports I've merged the two bug reports together as @Teazun had already replied to this bug report as well. Unfortunately at this stage, I don't have anything that I can really help you with, as I don't think I have any way of trying to troubleshoot this issue
  7. Thank you for posting a bug report Could you share us your hardware_settings_config.xml file? You can find it from My Documents\My Games\F1 2021\hardwaresettings This could help us get an idea of the circumstances in which the graphical issue happens
  8. Thank you for posting a bug report Unfortunately with the information provided, it is rather impossible to try and solve the issue. If you have some spare time, could you get us the crash dump that the game generates when it crashes? When EGO Dumper pops up, search the log file for a 'zipFilename' line When you've found it, follow the path and upload the .zip file to the forums. Do note that the chance of being able to fix the issue by looking at the crash dump is rather small, but is is something I can try if you so wish
  9. Thank you for posting a bug report. Have you been able to consistently replicate the issue? If not, it may unfortunately be very difficult for us to try and investigate the issue
  10. I think m_worldPositionX and m_worldPositionY are the most useful values you'll encounter. There are many ways of getting the coordinates right, but one thing you can do is to just find some objects to sync the coordinates and your map with. It's a good way to start, after which you can look for better ways of syncing it if there proves to be issues 🙂
  11. Sadly it's not as simple as that. You can have a good internet speed and a low ping, but you may still cause havoc thanks to other factors. Playing with a 300 ping isn't impossible either as long as you've set up your network correctly: https://streamable.com/v2zz8m
  12. It's rather known at this point. The host doesn't really matter, because the same drivers will still be competing. I have a bit too much experience as I have murdered a lobby I wasn't the host of in the past 😅
  13. The game works in such a way that one of the players is already hosting the server. All of the other players will then connect to each other and the games will try to handle the data coming in on the fly. This is what causes the cars going on top of each other in that weird way. The game gets the data, and tries to simulate what'll happen
  14. The problem seems to be that either some of the data is not transferred, or there are two cars which are have failed to connect to each other, which means that the AI car with a red cross is driving somewhere else for them. In the latter case, it'll be complicated to try to make any kind of "fix"
  15. The hardest part of learning Japanese would probably be the amount of kanji you need to know to be able to understand things. It's easier to learn from context with a language like English when you can just remember the word when you see it. As an example, you're browsing the Japan Ice Hockey Federation's site and you see the words 日本アイスホッケー連盟 in the header. You know the two first words, so you're able to deduct that the last word must mean something along the lines of 'federation'. Trouble is that, unlike in English, typing the word is still tough as you only know the kanji of 連盟, b
  16. Been a busy two days for me as well. Although I'm busy with loads of university stuff, it doesn't feel anywhere close as slow or boring as upper secondary school... probably because for once I can actually learn interesting things instead of endless amounts of math and physics 😁
  17. To be honest, the only reason I'm here is because of that title 😁
  18. Someone else said something like this I recall... If you're running a Ryzen 3000 series CPU, you may be suffering from a bug which makes your CPU's random number generator return the exact same value (0xFFFFFFFFF) If you're running a 3000-series processor, please check that your BIOS version is up-to-date 🙂
  19. As far as I've understood PC won't be getting this update because the changes don't impact the PC version
  20. Our "main" building is not really visible here, but it's basically on the very bottom on the right. Imagine walking outside just to be in front of the senate square. Some people who haven't visited Helsinki just went 😮 Then there are buildings made in the late 1900s that are just boxes as schools tend to be Then there are modern buildings (such as the University's new library), which do look nice as well
  21. Orientation week! I'm lucky to get be studying in some beautiful old buildings as the "campus" for language studies is in central Helsinki that was designed in the 1800s
  22. Moved the proper race to next week. Hopefully we'll get a fun race going at the normal time! 🙂
  23. RoPS will rise again 😁 University students will always be the ones to go home first. At least some of our "getting to know the university" week will be spent sitting at Zoom meetings. I've been told that as many classes are held live as possible I was in the bus at the wrong time and got swarmed by random students, hahah. There were hundreds of them on bus stops. I guess everyone's day ended at the same time
  24. I'm surprised I'm not writing more useless stuff here considering that I'm sitting in front of my PC all day 😁 Though only a few weeks and I'll be figuring out how to study things... and hopefully I'm at some sort of school building as well. It would be horrific to be forced to do distance learning from the start, especially when you're learning language and linquistics. Stuff like like pronounciation become significantly harder to detect and learn when you're in the mercy of the internet, not to mention about socializing with people! University of Helsinki is basically just building
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