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  1. Add support for Half-Over-Under 3D.

    All that's needed for this is JUST output both left and right images (50% scaled-down vertically) to the same screen: left one at the top, right one at the bottom. That's all.

    3D TV itself will do the rest (regardless of what exact 3D technology is used by the TV).

  2. Sorry to hear that, we've not changed anything so no idea how that has happened. Can you access accounts.codemasters.com ok?

    @justbiglee: accounts.codemasters.com (FWIW, http url is redirected to https one anyway) is exactly the problematic domain that a user is redirected to when trying to sign-in. It shows the "Secure Connection Failed" error including cases when the root of the domain is loaded directly (i.e. not just via sign-in link).

    Looks like the issue takes place in Firefox 37+ while older Firefox 36 works fine.

    Firefox 37 is currently in beta and will be released on March 31, 2015. The new version contains several changes as for dealing with secure connections (and the Codies forums' issue is probably related to one of them), namely:

    • Disabled insecure TLS version fallback for site security.
    • Extended SSL error reporting for reporting non-certificate errors.
    • TLS False Start optimization now requires a cipher suite using AEAD construction.

    So it's just 11 days until this issue affects many regular users of Firefox. It's probably up to Codemasters' web-developers to take measures to fix the issue. Thanks.

  3. Indeed, I also regularly see online players that drive at full speed and easily pass corners while having a blown-out tire. This is either a game bug (the player is seen as having a blown-out tire while he is actually not) or these players are just cheaters. I usually suspect the latter. ;-)

    Another annoying cheaters' type is those constantly ghosting and teleporting from one place to a distant place in front. I always vote to kick them out since even if they are not cheaters and just have a very slow internet connection (though this seems unlikely), they are harmful for user experience of other players: sometimes you crash on such a ghoster, and then he immediately teleports forward.

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