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  1. xAce28x

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    I've finally settled on 0.28 and 1.0 for the settings and I'm now finally happy with it.  I think there is probably not that much difference between the GRID 2 file and the Autosport one, I just feel better using the more modern one, it has to be a tiny bit better at least! :) Better to have some proper wheel lock effects and some road feeling than nothing. That way, all codemaster's hard work has not gone to waste either :)
  2. xAce28x

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    Another update, After tweaking in game vibration settings, for me, 100% vibration and wheel strength with 50% wheel weight is ideal when combined with wheelscale of 0.2 and skid of 0.8 on the above tarmac line. I have my fanatec overall force feedback at 50%. I have also tried reducing the vibration strength of the rumble strips individually and I think it is a good balance at 1.2. Ace.
  3. xAce28x

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    Ok, I have an update, At the bottom of the file, there is this section: <!-- Wheel Lock Effects --><FFBSample name="wheelLock" wave="2738" envelope="987" channel="1" solo="0" wheelScale="0.85"/> This is very similar to the line that was there for standard tarmac vibrations: <!-- Hard Surfaces--><FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.85" skid="1.25"/> The only difference being the lack of a channel parameter and an extra skid setting.  After some experimentation, it would seem that this wave of 2738 and envelope of 987 is trying to simulate the feeling of tarmac under the tyres. When the wheels lock up, this comes into play more forcefully as the tyres drag along the tarmac. This is what you feel as you lock the wheels. This makes sense with a wheelscale of 0.85. For the standard tarmac vibrations however, I think the intention may have been to use this, but at a much lower level, hence the unused line with wheelscale of 0.001: <!--FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/--> The file also has the skid set to 1.25 which I presume comes into effect when the car starts to slide, which I think is about right.  In the GRID 2 file, the whole line is effectively blank as there is no wave and no envelope:Unless there are a wave and envelope designated "0" of course. Anyway, setting the wheelscale to 0.001 effectively means the wave will not be produced since this will be 1/1000th the strength of the original wave.   <!-- Hard Surfaces--><FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/> After testing this further, I do feel that this is lacking somewhat and I can see now why the line was not like this in the new file for Autosport. Codemasters were trying to give a more realistic feel for tarmac rather than silky smooth. Setting the wheelscale to 0.85 was far too high tho, giving this gravelly feel.  There are quite a few differences between the GRID 2 and Autosport effects file with many things missing such as specific wheel lock up effects. I would therefore not recommend using the GRID 2 file, it is definitely a downgrade from the Autosport effects.  After some experimenation, I have found that the following line works well to give a feeling of tarmac without the gravelly texture ( Tested on my Fanatec CSR Elite ) Results could be different on other wheels. <!-- Hard Surfaces--><FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.1" skid="1.25"/> I would recommend replacing the original line in your Autosport effects file with this one and try it out. To increase or reduce the texture of the tarmac coming through the wheel, alter the wheelscale parameter higher or lower to your preference.  Hope this works for others like it worked for me! Ace.
  4. xAce28x

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    I had already changed my file so couldn't upload the old settings but I have just got a backup version from racedepartment, which is exactly as the file appearead in my game before I edited it. This is what the whole section looks like by default: <!-- Surface Wheel Samples -->   <!-- Hard Surfaces--><!--FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/--><FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="2738" envelope="987" wheelScale="0.85" skid="1.25"/><FFBSample name="ridged"  wave="28" envelope="98" wheelScale = "1.8"/><FFBSample name="cobble"  wave="28" envelope="98" wheelScale = "1.8"/><FFBSample name="rumblestrip" wave="19" envelope="9" wheelScale="1.5"/> As you can see, the tarmac line looks rather odd. I do not understand why it would be supposed to be like that for driving on smooth tarmac. For reference, here is the GRID 2 file from the same section: <!-- Surface Wheel Samples -->   <!-- Hard Surfaces--> <FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/> <FFBSample name="ridged"  wave="28" envelope="98" wheelScale = "1.8"/> <FFBSample name="cobble"  wave="28" envelope="98" wheelScale = "1.8"/> <FFBSample name="rumblestrip" wave="19" envelope="9" wheelScale="1.5"/> Hope this can help if anyone is still having issues Ace.
  5. xAce28x

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    I too have found the force feedback to be very gravelly, like I am driving over very rough tarmac. After reading about the fact that force feedback seems better using the GRID 2 file, I did some investigation. The files are actually pretty much identical as far as I can see except for one very drastic change.  Inside the file, have a look at this section : <!-- Surface Wheel Samples --> <!-- Hard Surfaces--> <!--FFBSample name="tarmac" wave="0" envelope="0" wheelScale="0.001" skid="1.0"/--> Beneath this are parameters for tarmac, ridged, cobble and rumble strip. In the default autosport file, the tarmac line has some rather surprising parameters, if you ask me. You will notice that under the hard surfaces title, there is a line containing tarmac settings too. This is not used as it is inside brackets, like the title of the section. The settings in this line tho, are the exact same ones inside the GRID 2 force feedback effects file. It seems to me that these are the settings that should be directly below in the actual tarmac settings line. I tried changing the tarmac line to these, and it is exactly the same effect as if you use the GRID 2 file.  This would seem to be a simple case of an erroneous line of code getting into the file. I could be wrong of course, it certainly would be rather poor if that is the case, since it is such a crucial parameter, this being a tarmac racing game! Take a look inside the file for yourselves, see what results you get. I use notepad++ to edit xml files. Perhaps Loore could look into this and report back on his findings? Ace.
  6. xAce28x

    Camera Angle Feedback

    Hi all,  I have been making a roofcam for every car. I was putting the finishing touches to it last week hence why I have not announced it till now.  There is a replay camera called gp_roof in every car's camera file, except the formula cars, which is the angle you will see in replays where the camera is mounted onto the roof of the car.  I used the co-ordinates for this camera for each car and created a TV pod camera for all the cars. The 3 formula cars already had this TV pod camera, which looked great but is not the best for racing as they are too far behind the driver for my liking. So I have adjusted them forwards to the point I feel is optimal. For me, this is where the driver's hands are just off the bottom of the view, as I don't like to see the driver's hands, as I can see my own and this reduces the feeling of immersion.  All the open wheel cars were especially difficult to create roof cams for, for this reason. So I did not use the gp_roof replay camera for all cars where the driver's hands are visible, such as the Ariel Atom and the Caterham.  I have set the field of view for all cameras to 60 degrees, rather than the 75 that the replay camera uses as I feel this is somewhat stretched. The replay cameras also use a "gopro" post processing effect according to the file which I believe reduces the frame rate significantly, which is why when the camera cuts to this view upon retirement from a race, or at another time, there is a large reduction in frame rate. I have therefore made sure there is no post processing effect applied in the roof cams to ensure the smoothest possible experience. Interestingly (well, for me anyway!), I also noticed that all the in car views have a special in car post processing effect which increases frame rate, but this uses more bloom, causing everything to appear brighter and less defined. This works well with the 10% opacity of the windscreens that is also written into the camera settings but not if the view is out of the car. The only car that caused a significant problem was the Mazda 787B, which had poor frame rates with roofcam, so I had to adjust the dash cam to place it in the position of the roofcam. For some reason, this worked and produced good frame rates, even with the in car post processing disabled.  I have also experimented with the blur of the cockpit views but it is difficult to strike the right balance between de-blurring the view and then seeing the low resolution cockpit textures to clearly as a result.  The 4k texture pack definitely helps with this by the way, as it raises the cockpit textures from 512x512 to 1024x1024. This is clearly still too low res to be really pleasing to the eye tho, considering that the original car exterior textures have gone from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096 with the 4k textures DLC.  The strange thing is that the in car textures are still at a higher resolution than GRID  1, which used 256x256 for low and 512x512 for hi textures. The in car cameras from GRID 1 look much better to me, so there must be something else going on there. Clearly the animated instruments make a difference but it seems more than that. For reference, the car exterior textures were 1024x1024 in low and 2048x2048 in high in GRID 1. The best solution I settled on was reducing the blur effect by 25% of the original level for near and far objects in the in car view. I also raised the view somewhat and forward slightly, to better represent the view I have from behind my wheel with my TV being roughly 1 metre away from me as it is. I have only implemented this on the Chevrolet Cruze so far, as this was the primary car I used to test everything, such as frame rates on a variety of tracks.  Barcelona and Paris proving to be the biggest frame rate hogs but just managing to stay above 60 fps with my camera on my specific graphics settings. If you have a better GPU than my aging 480 GTX SOC@820 Mhz, then lucky you, as you should get 60 fps no problem!  Incidentally, I have made a totally custom hardware config file to improve frame rate whilst giving the best eye candy. On my rig, ( i7 950@4.28 Ghz ) I managed an average of 74.78 fps on the built in SLS GT3 benchmark, with a maximum of 90.16 fps and the all important minimum being 60.47 fps. The benchmark even recognises that I have added a camera to the SLS and switches to my roofcam during the lap which I thought was a really nice touch! Hmm, an extremely long post I realise I have made, congratulations and many thanks if you have read all the way to this point! I will be uploading the roof cam mod very soon, once I have sorted out a blank cars folder structure with just my cameras inside for easy addition to your car folder. Just make sure you backup your folder, in case you don't like my cameras! I will also upload my hardware settings. For anyone that is struggling to maintain 60 fps on ultra settings, it looks pretty close to everything set to on and ultra ultra whilst providing similar frame rates to everything set to high. It even has soft occlusion turned on, as I really like that effect and could not bare to turn it off even tho it reduces fps by between 5 and 10. I have not made any changes to chase cam or bumper cam but I can do these for every car if there are enough people who want that urgently, but it looks like Codemasters are listening and will be working on this first so their fix could be quicker than mine.  See you on the track soon! Ace
  7. xAce28x

    4k HD Texture Pack for GRID:A

    Do you have to be running in 4k resolution to enable the 4k textures? What do you see at 1920x1080?
  8. xAce28x

    Autosport Career Mode Vs Online

    I am very much looking forward to Star Citizen too, have you reserved your ship yet? I am really tempted by the Constellation, but it's a bit pricey! Might just go for the 300i, that looks awesome. I think the game will be spectacularly good tho. This could be the way great games are made in the future. Just look at Project Cars. That will be the next great racing game I am 99% certain.  As for Autosport, could you elaborate on why you think it is such a let down? I really think the Very Hard AI puts up a good fight and the graphics are as good as you could want. The only thing missing is the complete single player campaign. 
  9. Hi everyone, and especially Loore.  First off, well done to Codemasters on producing a really good game, such a big improvement over GRID 2 and a return to the golden days of GRID 1. After reading all about the in depth XP system in multiplayer, it all sounds really good. I like the fact you have to look after your cars and you can put your livery and sponsors on them. This makes it very much like the career from GRID 1. What I don't understand tho, is why there is none of this in single player? It seems like the most natural feature to have at the centre of the career. Ok, you can race for other teams like Razer and Monster etc, till you gain experience and money to buy your own car but to never be able to do it seems like a big omission. Since all of this has been coded into the game, could Loore explain the reason why this part was omitted from the single player experience? I would be interested to hear if anyone agrees that it would be a great addition to the single player. This game has the potential to be really great, the AI seems very impressive on the Very Hard difficulty level. But there seems to be a real lack of that hook you need in single player to keep you invested in the career when you are only driving for other teams. Surely you must be working towards a goal, of having your own team and cars, just like in multiplayer? I am sure I know what the answer is to this question, but are there any plans for any DLC to expand the single player experience to incorporate the multiplayer's own teams and cars system?  I really think this game had the potential to be the ultimate racing game of this generation, if all the features of multiplayer had been incorporated into single player as well. I really wish this could happen one day.... In the mean time, I guess I will see you online in my own car with my own paint job sometime soon...  Ace