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  1. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    Pete, I saw this the other day on HUKD, if I were building a new PC as my first I would go with this or build something very similar as it ticks all the boxes for a good 1080/1440p gaming rig for a starter, I would probably stick a 256GB SSD in for the OS so add another £60 for that, the graphics card alone is over £250. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/intel-i5-4460-gtx-970-4gb-gpu-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-gaming-pc-no-os-595-00-freshtechsolutions-2193616
  2. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    This is what I like to hear, people realising that PC's are capable of so much more, there is going to be a surge in the market for PC parts pretty soon thanks to Dirt Rally lol ;-)
  3. RWB Charger

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I was going to add this also, just can't get it right on the G25, closest I could get it was 10% strength in game, weight 0% and 100% vibration, 125% overall effects in Windows with 0% damper / spring, no return spring, anything else and the wheel is too heavy and doesn't flick back when needed, as others have said the wheel animation seems to feel all the bumps but it doesn't translate to the G25. I am sure it will be tweaked and apart from that I think this game is a winner and I would gladly pay half price as it is for a game in development and be an unpaid beta tester giving feedback for the final game than pay full price for a release game that has been tested by paid beta testers and feels unfinished. It's the way forward if you ask me, give the money up front to develop a game that the community wants, hell yeah!
  4. RWB Charger

    Dirt 2 Race Night!!!!

    Tried adding you there for a bit of Dirt2, didn't work lol
  5. Have you tried repairing your Steam install?
  6. Just seen this https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/grid-autosport--2623-1 only 5 hours left, get all your mates on it that were too cheap to buy it before ;-)
  7. RWB Charger

    ACAT4...anyone got it working?

    I got a multiplayer room set up with it but when I left to remove it it wouldn't let me back in and it didn't remove the mod when I uninstalled it, my mates managed to play the any can any track events I set up though?
  8. What was the problem? I have been searching in the config files to see if there was something that stuck out.
  9. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    Possibly #128 is the number of points a rally driver got in his career? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toni_Gardemeister
  10. RWB Charger

    Dirt 3 PC ACAT Mod

    Can the ACAT Mod be used with Dirt 3 online now that it is on Steam?
  11. RWB Charger

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    Funny thing I found with this earlier, it doesn't seem to pull to the right on snow? maybe a grip config issue? G25, FX8350, GTX580, 16GB 2400Mhz RAM, 990FX MB, Win 7, SSD's. It can't be system related due to the severity of it with differing wheels, must be a config problem?
  12. They have stated that support has basically finished, the game is as is, can't you both wear headphones and turn down other vehicle sounds and turn up engine sounds? There must be a manual way around it?
  13. RWB Charger

    Force Feedback stops working / cuts out [PC] [T500RS]

    Buy a G25/27 problem solved ;-)
  14. RWB Charger

    Engine sounds not loud enough even at 100%

    Try changing the dynamic range to low.
  15. RWB Charger

    Need some advice

    That is one big dump someone took in your living room! Do you own an elephant? ;-)