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  1. Just seen this https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/grid-autosport--2623-1 only 5 hours left, get all your mates on it that were too cheap to buy it before ;-)
  2. RWB Charger

    Dirt 3 PC ACAT Mod

    Can the ACAT Mod be used with Dirt 3 online now that it is on Steam?
  3. RWB Charger

    Anti Aliasing

    This may be placebo or I am looking at it more but since the mirror patch I have noticed on a lot of tracks that the white lines are more jagged than before even though I have my AA at 16QCSAA, there doesn't seem to be much difference between that and 4 x MSAA? I have tried forcing 32x in Nvidia Control Panel but I don't think the game allows override settings? Everything seems a little blocky now and I especially notice it on legends while looking at the rear view mirror, also some of the car lines are a bit jaggy, I am running at mostly ultra settings on a GTX580 with 80FPS on average at 1680x1050 120hz monitor. Has anyone else experience this and is there a way to up the AA to smooth the jaggies out?
  4. Just saw this that might be of interest to someone http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/09/19/flash-sale-25-racing-games-on-sale-now/
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    This is how you do it!

    First of all this isn't an attention seeking post nor is it attracting you tube hits, a friend made this voluntarily, this is a video done on the spur of the moment he decided to commentate, took us all by surprise so we asked him to do it proper and record it, this is the result. The reason I post this is because CM need to see how important spectating is, also how racing can be done with respect, custom cups with friends can be a fun place, no incidents took place that warranted their own thread although there was contact. It also highlights how important the rear view virtual mirror could be. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOBHa98OFm8
  6. RWB Charger

    Eibach Challenge

  7. RWB Charger

    Virtual Mirror

    @Loore, Is there any update on the virtual mirror? Just curious as there has been a lot of rowing with people hitting others as they can't see them coming, it's going to end up in a full fistfight with some people lol.
  8. RWB Charger

    RWB Racing recruiting (Rank 20 PC)

    We are looking for good racers to join our team on PC, age and location is not important and everyone is welcome that can race clean, we do not allow rammers, there are no rules just fun racing, races are nightly from 9pm GMT, you don't have to be fast just consistent . We cover all disciplines and race with all options available, there are no restrictions. Check us out at https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/1043/rwbracing:// Join up and meet us on the grid!
  9. As per title, I was under the impression the latest patch was including a virtual mirror but I see no mention of it in the patch notes?? I don't have access to my game at the moment so I am wondering has it been added??
  10. RWB Charger

    RWB Racing recruitment PC

    Hi, we at RWB Racing are looking to recruit good clean racers on PC, we are currently ranked 137 and climbing, we have had some good clean races and are looking to expand the team. We are all over 40 but anyone who can race clean and be available nightly around 8pm until whenever is welcome, we are all UK players and also friends, we are not a clan but a team who enjoys racing, beer and a bit of fun, we try not to take things too seriously ;-) although we do take ramming seriously! Anyone that is interested can try us out, join the steam group and come race with us http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RWBRACING See you on the Grid!
  11. RWB Charger

    Country Flags as Liveries

    Any chance we could get flags as liveries, would love to see minis with a union jack plastered all over it?
  12. RWB Charger

    I'm loving it!

    Just thought I'd drop in after the G2 shambles which left a bitter taste and say Thankyou Codies, my teammates and I are really enjoying this new GAS, It is great to hear all the lads laughing and the amazement at some of the racing instead of the griping and bitching that we had before! The racing has been very clean and we have a had a couple of regulars come back these last 2 nights who have also been clean racers, well done! Got our wheels set up perfectly and you can really feel the feedback from the cars and the road which makes the racing very close and controlled, we have set up our club (RWBRacing) and have had a few members join and I can already tell there is going to be a good community. Talking of community I know that the 'text chat' thing has been an issue but to be honest you have done a really good job on the voice chat that everyone seems to be using it correctly and not abusing it, if you get the plonker with the open mic blasting his tunes to the world one little kick click and they are gone, excellent! Took a while to get the graphics tweaked to how I like them but it is looking pretty good now, I actually found not having some stuff on ultra looks better to me and I get good FPS around the 100's so gameplay is fluid without hitching and rubber banding. One thing I will say is it would be nice to have a rear view mirror as in Toca 3 in the top middle of the screen to try and avoid fast upcoming cars and give them some room or even to take a defensive line when being attacked, it would also free up a button on my wheel for voice chat instead of keyboard but that is a minor gripe. All in all a job well done and look forward to seeing some of you on the Grid!
  13. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    Pete, I saw this the other day on HUKD, if I were building a new PC as my first I would go with this or build something very similar as it ticks all the boxes for a good 1080/1440p gaming rig for a starter, I would probably stick a 256GB SSD in for the OS so add another £60 for that, the graphics card alone is over £250. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/intel-i5-4460-gtx-970-4gb-gpu-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-gaming-pc-no-os-595-00-freshtechsolutions-2193616
  14. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    This is what I like to hear, people realising that PC's are capable of so much more, there is going to be a surge in the market for PC parts pretty soon thanks to Dirt Rally lol ;-)
  15. RWB Charger

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I was going to add this also, just can't get it right on the G25, closest I could get it was 10% strength in game, weight 0% and 100% vibration, 125% overall effects in Windows with 0% damper / spring, no return spring, anything else and the wheel is too heavy and doesn't flick back when needed, as others have said the wheel animation seems to feel all the bumps but it doesn't translate to the G25. I am sure it will be tweaked and apart from that I think this game is a winner and I would gladly pay half price as it is for a game in development and be an unpaid beta tester giving feedback for the final game than pay full price for a release game that has been tested by paid beta testers and feels unfinished. It's the way forward if you ask me, give the money up front to develop a game that the community wants, hell yeah!
  16. RWB Charger

    Dirt 2 Race Night!!!!

    Tried adding you there for a bit of Dirt2, didn't work lol
  17. Have you tried repairing your Steam install?
  18. RWB Charger

    ACAT4...anyone got it working?

    I got a multiplayer room set up with it but when I left to remove it it wouldn't let me back in and it didn't remove the mod when I uninstalled it, my mates managed to play the any can any track events I set up though?
  19. What was the problem? I have been searching in the config files to see if there was something that stuck out.
  20. RWB Charger

    DiRTy Gossip

    Possibly #128 is the number of points a rally driver got in his career? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toni_Gardemeister
  21. RWB Charger

    DiRT 3 Complete Edition Patch 2-4-15

    Funny thing I found with this earlier, it doesn't seem to pull to the right on snow? maybe a grip config issue? G25, FX8350, GTX580, 16GB 2400Mhz RAM, 990FX MB, Win 7, SSD's. It can't be system related due to the severity of it with differing wheels, must be a config problem?
  22. They have stated that support has basically finished, the game is as is, can't you both wear headphones and turn down other vehicle sounds and turn up engine sounds? There must be a manual way around it?
  23. RWB Charger

    Force Feedback stops working / cuts out [PC] [T500RS]

    Buy a G25/27 problem solved ;-)
  24. RWB Charger

    Engine sounds not loud enough even at 100%

    Try changing the dynamic range to low.
  25. RWB Charger

    Need some advice

    That is one big dump someone took in your living room! Do you own an elephant? ;-)