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  1. Alex475

    GAMEBREAKER !!!!!!.........HATTA PLS READ.

    So because you are too slow you want to return your copy? Sounds about right, turn the difficulty down or get faster, the AI are probably the best they have ever been in terms of speed and I'm sure no tyre wear adds to their speed which is good, it means I can actually have a decent race with legend AI TL:DR Get faster or turn the difficulty down. There's no need to be rude, as you sound, maybe it's not your intention but still. I do have to agree with you though, I haven't been getting in first place yet but the game feels much more enjoyable, the best F1 game CM have made, now at least we can really feel the car, plus it really stop when we hit the brakes. I'm afraid if they patch anything, it'll become unplayable like what happened to previous F1 games they patched, which wasn't perfect but became worse, and this game is perfect... The best one in my opinion, and F1 2013 being the very worst game, which I never got to play more than the first race. I even thought I was tired of F1 games, but F1 2014 proved it's not the case. Please do not patch this game, or if it really has to, at least don't make it mandatory please.
  2. Alex475

    F1 2014 Ideas and improvements

    I think the best improvement for F1 2014 would be by having someone else other than CM making the game.
  3. Alex475

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    F1 Championship Edition, F1 2002 and in third F1 2001
  4. Alex475

    Senna 20 years - Maybe a special edition?

    That would be awesome, F1 2014 Senna Edition, even the title sounds cool. It would be a great tribute, I would actually love to play a classic championship like a 1988 or 1991, between 85 to 93 F1 had the most cool looking cars