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  1. It’s just how marketing works pal. That being said they obviously have spent time on it but as per my original comment it depends did they get a bigger budget to accommodate the extra work. If the balance was right it would have had been a very small distraction and wouldn’t have interfered with the end product. If the balance was wrong then yes the end product will have suffered. We just don’t know the answers and never will.
  2. Acerees


    100% however they don’t have wording that describes the wrong thing in the setup menu. I’m an experienced pc racer and despite knowing what it should do I found that the actual effect vs the desired effect has results that didn’t make sense and couple that with the confusing messages in this forum meant that I still have doubts they have actually programmed it correctly.
  3. My opinion is - it depends on how many hours goes into making braking point. How many hours of staff were hired and contracted to do braking point, if they cut braking point would those hours actually be re-invested into the game and finally do any of the extra hours add to the cost of the final product and if so how much? Could it be DLC can they cover their cost that way and give extra content to those who want it?
  4. Acerees


    It’s great when Codies can’t even e plain it clearly. However most people in here have got it correct. However an issue with the f1 2020 game game meant that it was often more important to have the camber set to the min to have better traction out of the corner which really isn’t the way they set up f1 cars. I haven’t started properly playing around with setups in f1 2021 yet so I can’t tell you if there is an OP set up preference in this years game.
  5. I don’t think the kerbs are perfect but it’s a myth that F1 cars take them flat out. They have to modulate the throttle on kerbs especially on exits of slow speed corners. The reason f1 drivers use them is because you don’t have to reduce your minimum apex speed as much hence the conering speed is higher overall even if you aren’t able to get on the accelerator as early. However it depends on the type of corner and the straight after the corner. So for example the hairpin at Shanghi I would absolutely avoid like the plague the kerbs. I don’t want to have use only 50-70% throttle on the ex
  6. I suppose they could always sponsor the game. Until they do and Fanatec does I wouldn’t really expect the developers to go out of their way to support them.
  7. I’m not either I’m saying that EA do a lot of DLC that used to be considered as part of the game. It’s fact and it’s successful (IE they make a lot of money from the DLC). So I stand by what I say. If it doesn’t start happening with this years title then I guarantee that it will happen next year onwards.
  8. I think that there is a requirement to post in EnglIsh on this forum.
  9. They will add them (i think) it’s EA you just have to pay extra for it in about 4-5 months.
  10. Hi I know f1 2020 was family sharing compatible but was wondering if f1 2021 will be compatible as of Friday? @BarryBL
  11. So far f1 2021 (deluxe Ed) in steam is showing family sharing is “not Supported”. I don’t know if this is just because it’s in pre-release or if F1 2021 is not going to family sharing enabled. Hopefully someone can tell us if this has happened before in previous versions.
  12. Cant you change the rotation values in the Logitech profiler. I haven't had one of those wheels but have heard other talking about them.
  13. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/vocals-talk-to-your-pitcrew-engineer-credit-to-willcani-for-original.6793/ click on the link and download this program that will add voice activation for engineer -  its also better than consoles as it has HAMMER TIME - Which transforms you into a dick and puts the car in rich! but seriously me and the original creator have put hours into this and are now trying to make this amazing for all!
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