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  1. I didn’t turn. The AI did slightly. The corner just in case you are not 100% familiar with it links slightly before the main turn in. The AI was driving into a disappearing space and decided to do so without any intelligence. Also I can’t comment on the arrow colour with 100% certainty but I don’t believe they were red or maybe they turned red at the time I had already committed to the line I was going to take. Yes the car would react to having a bump but not like that and no I didn’t oversteer. The AI car didn’t get effected which isn’t right either. There is something wrong with all of this but I’m not on about castrating the AI I just think there are tweaks to be made. 1 change the proximity arrow to red earlier (seems like a simple change but it should help driving against AI that is unpredictable at times) 2. Small impacts like this need to have the physics reworked slightly 3. The AI need to wait for cleaner passing opportunities (again though not too much). I’m looking forward to playing with patch 1.05 and hopefully some of these things have been tweaked.
  2. Maybe but it 100% should not have caused that reaction in my car. The weight of the car is at the rear so why does a love tap from the AI cause such an overreaction from my car
  3. I have gone 100% hardcore this years game. No assists no flashback and cockpit view. I knew Ricciardo was close to me but with the limited mirror view I had and the fact that nobody would try a pass there like that in real life or even in a league race I really didn’t expect him to do that to me. In previous years I have run cockpit view and no assists except racing line. I think I qualify as a no assists driver
  4. Yes stop clicking downshift when you see the number 1 on your dashboard. That will sort that out. But seriously F1 cars don’t have this protection built into them. Some cars do but F1 doesn’t they would have to build in a whole new assist that could be turned on or off so this won’t happen.
  5. I generally agree except for this example: I’m the Mclaren the track is Australia and it is the corner immediately after S1 The AI was way to aggressive there and that needed a tweak. The other thing that was and is causing issues is that the AI cars must weigh 6 or 7 tonnes as when they touch you they kill you! (Apparently this happens when you run no assists). Frustratingly for me I run with flashback off as it helps eliminate mistakes for league racing But I agree that I did like them being more feisty. The problem is that people were not giving video evidence of what was wrong with the AI and that could lead to misinterpreting what was wrong
  6. Remove the overclock on the cpu and try changing the refresh rate. On my TV if I have have it set to 60 then I get glitches (despite framerates of 80+) but when I change it to 59 these issues disappear
  7. Every game gets patched at some point. The only thing you can do to avoid that if it irritates you is to only buy a game and play it 3-6 months after release
  8. You are joking right? You know you cut him up and he was entitled to the space. I don’t think you deserved a penalty as you lost out but if you had managed to hit the AI off then I think you would have had a penalty
  9. Acerees

    F2 2019 + Race Fuel ETA ?

    You assume us beta players 1. Got to play F2 (which in reality we didn’t really) 2.Got this version of the game (we didn’t) 3. They listened and acted upon any feedback we gave. (They didn’t) 4. Programmed the game (we didn’t) 5. Jog on (you should!) If the game is broken don’t blame the beta testers pal who are merely guinea pigs and put in their own time to try and improve the game through feedback (we don’t know what they listened to or not the same as you!). Instead blame the programmers and directors of Codemasters. Blaming the guinea pig is like blaming the people who bought the game for there still being faults in the game 3 months after release
  10. Acerees

    I need help with difficulty

    Also add into this YOU are not the same level for every track! I have seen some complaints about Azerbaijan having OP AI however I have just finished this track in my career and I found it to be comparable to the other tracks I had raced it. It is a tricky track though and I would imagine that some people just are running the wrong setup and therefore having to go a little slower than the AI at the tricky sections and then trying to make it up on the straight which will never really work in reality!
  11. Acerees

    Please CM add tyre braking marks

    It isn’t hard to learn braking points. It’s hard to learn braking points be fast and not make mistakes. I have turned the line off and yes I’m a little slower than before but it’s better tbh. You cannot have everything! The track acclimatisation mode is a great tool for helping to learn the braking points (more than the line tbh) I have to brake before the corner entry gate and then I look for on track visual clues. It can take me about 2 or 3 attempts before nailing this and then I can do the other programs easy. The race can be a bit hectic at times but if you are in traffic you brake when they brake and you can brake lighter than them at first if you are worried about causing a collision (it saves petrol as well!). All in all you can’t have your cake and eat it!
  12. Acerees

    The DiRT Roadbook

    You might be fine with it buy Sony may not be and they matter more than you! Deal with it 👍
  13. Acerees

    can someone help please

    So again isn’t this just in the profiler that you then change it to 360 degrees rotation? I haven’t got a thrustmaster but I have raced against loads who use them for some bizarre reason. They often talk about using the profiler for making adjustments. As described in your instruction manual https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tmxforcefeedback-en/ my fee is £50 and I accept PayPal payment ... seriously you are not entitled for someone to tell you the answer it has taken just 10 minutes for me to find the answer. I would read the whole damn document if I was you you are probably missing out on other F+B of that wheel
  14. @Faya there is a glitch / fault in the programming that means if you have a small amount of wing damage and then pit the team do not change your wing when in qualifying. In real life the team would 100% always change a damaged wing in qualifying and it only takes 10 seconds to do so not 2 minutes the game dictates. This makes no sense and is a clear oversight from the programmers as they have done that for race scenarios where you wouldn’t want to have a nose change. What makes the qualifying glitch worse is you can not instruct to change the wing whilst you have stopped. I don’t know if there is anyway of instructing them to change it before coming in because I just assumed that it would be changed.