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  1. Just to try and help. I don’t have this issue whilst driving except for at the end of the formation lap when the AI takes over control. As soon as the AI takes control then I get the issues that everyone else is reporting. However luckily when I get to race the controls are fine again. So Is this something to do with steering assist? I don’t have steering assist on.
  2. Just to try and help - I am not having this issue. 50% races,flashbacks disabled, manual shifting, mixture of dry and wet races. About to do my 6th race so I’m expecting some gearbox issues this race but so far wear seems fine for me.
  3. Acerees

    Fanatec Podium Paddle module

    Yes it doesn’t work like other games. The argument from Codies would be that the FIA banned clever clutch launch control a few years back so as they don’t have it in real life we can’t have in the game. However I agree with you that although the FIA banned certain tricks with the clutch the driver still uses the clutch to launch the car and it is not a simple on / off switch.
  4. Acerees

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    Hi @BarryBL please find youtube links to the issue https://youtu.be/HeUc7M3fTEY In this first video I do not set a time in Q1 so do not get through to Q2 (the glitch is present even if you do set a time as long as you do not get out of Q1). I then go to race and abuse the formation lap to show you the tyres the top 10 are on (Mediums mainly). https://youtu.be/zCv7-BGrxDc In this second video I show you the tyres everyone qualified on when I did set a time in Q1 which was good enough for me to get into Q2 and then run Q2 as normal. I forgot to back up my save so had to make a third part. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3RoKlOL1LY I then show you that once everyone has qualified properly I abuse the formation lap to show you everyone is on S tyres as expected. Let me know if you want any other info to help you. You should be able to replicate this in any season but the AI only abuse the glitch when it s faster to start the race on Mediums E.G. race M/H not S/M or S/S/M.
  5. Acerees

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    so @BarryBL it doesn’t work around Spa. The reason being is that the fastest race strategy is S/M so The AI use that strategy. I will do my spa career race and see if glitch reappears on the next track.
  6. Acerees

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    Hey I have only just seen this. I will get on it in the next couple of days.
  7. Acerees

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    Right so my car is now competitive enough to reach Q3 and I had to use the tyres I used in Q2 and so did the AI again. However there must be a glitch because if I don’t reach Q2 the drivers who qualify in the top 10 start the race on whatever tyre they want. EG I’m in Germany at the moment. Q1 I crashed out and didn’t set a time good enough to get out of of Q1 (16th). So I go to start the race and I can see that a M/H strategy is the best. I tried seeing if I could do a S/M or S/H but only the S/H was possible but slower. So I start the race with the default strategy selected and after a few laps I’m in the top 10 and everyone of those drivers are also on Medium tyres. There is no way that all of them used M in Q2 as the field is so close together. So this needs to be looked at in more detail.
  8. Acerees

    Wet Weather Performance In Career

    You don’t have to change tyres when the FIA declare a wet race.
  9. Acerees

    Wet Weather Performance In Career

    Also I find the AI easier in the wet so it is a driver thing
  10. Acerees

    Setting for Just fastest car period

    If you did it the car would be undrivable! Wings 1/1 ride hight 1/1 tyre pressures max on both. That will give max acceleration and have the highest top speed (in theory) . However if your speed is so low in corners it doesn’t matter how fast you accelerate you won’t catch the cars in front because your exit speed is compromised. What you need to do is practice on a track you are most comfortable with and consistent. Then change one set up setting at a time and see if you go faster (best lap time) and check how the handling changes. Do this for each setting and see what you think. The problem is some people can drive a very oversteering car while others prefer a bit of understeer. Some alternate by track. However it is always a driver preference.
  11. Acerees

    Setting for Just fastest car period

    If you did it the car would be undrivable! Wings 1/1 ride hight 1/1 tyre pressures max on both.
  12. Acerees

    Wheel vs. Pad users on Singapore

    I like coffee. I can drink tea. They are both different and have different advantages and disadvantages. A bit like pad and wheel. However everyone just accepts that tea isn’t coffee and visa versa. Let’s move on
  13. Acerees

    Welsh players

    I’m welsh however I’m not really do any online sessions at the moment
  14. @BarryBL hi I am currently grinding away on my career mode. I think the issue here is to do with the aggression levels and crash physics of the game. What I find is that the AI will take any gap they can find which is ok but they then don’t back out if there is let’s say a wall which you have to steer for coming up. Once they get their front wing up to your rear wheels they feel entitled to stay there. Then the next issue is the physics when you do make contact with their front wing you get spun around which isn’t realistic because the weight of a F1 car is at the rear and you have the aerodynamics still working on your car as well. The car behind is the car that should get damaged (wing / suspension) the car in front should have a chance of a rear puncture (slow or instant punctures). The other thing that is wrong with the AI is that they stay on the accelerator after making you start to spin so even if you could get the car back they keep on pushing you until you are completely spun around. Back to the physics it doesn’t matter if you are trying the overtake or being overtaken for your car to be put into a spin (however I’m happy enough with their behaviour when I’m trying to overtake). It’s as if the AI cars are tanks and you cannot affect them. You will always lose out more than the AI in collisions. In general the AI are better than previous versions of the game as I don’t want them diving out of the way when i put my nose into a gap that should be slammed closed (like they used to). However I want them to have the same respect that I have trying to pass them. If I am entitled to close the door then they should back out earlier (brake 20 meters earlier than they normally do or lift and coast) but by having positioned theirselves where they did it is more likely to make me make a mistake which means they can overtake safer later. The way they try to pass at the moment is just wrong. I think the issue with AI online is as others have said its lag (given the problems are there in single player it only takes a small bit of lag to make the issue worse online). I can provide videos of what I mean in the future if you would like? I’m not sure how you have programmed the AI but if there is a separate aggression level then maybe it would be a good idea to let players decide what aggression level they want. I wouldn’t want to change their defence but their attacks are just too stupid and they would be banned if it was real F1. Either that or the physics have to change so that if they touch your rear wheels it doesn’t affect you.
  15. Acerees

    Fastest lap Tyre used in Q2

    I’m in season 2 of my career and although in season 1 tyres did match 2019 rules it seems as though in season 2 the tyre rules match what we are going to have in 2020 (you aren’t locked to your Q2 tyres). Is this a glitch on my game or is it correctly programmed rule from Codemasters? Does anyone know? I’m unable to fully test as I can’t get out of Q1 McLaren which hasn’t got enough upgrades on it to be competitive. As I improve my car I will be able to test this myself but for now it certainly seems like the AI put whatever tyre they want on for the race.