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  1. Acerees

    What is that Codemasters?

    Hence I said you have been selected for greatness. You did not choose this path - it chose you!
  2. Acerees

    What is that Codemasters?

    The wall of champions congratulations my friend you have been selected for greatness
  3. Acerees

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    I opted out and updated and ran in a league race last night and it thankfully didn’t crash. So it seems like the shaded cache setting was the issue for me. Thanks
  4. Acerees

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Sorry only just seeing this. Yes I will disable the beta tomorrow and let you know ASAP
  5. I love this years game and I have enjoyed other years as well. This year the slipstream is good and depending on set up and car performance it can keep you up close to the car in front even if it is not quite enough to get you past. I’m thinking Hungary and Singapore for example. However my suggestion is that there should have to be more tyre management/ temperature management. I shouldn’t be able to follow the car in front of me for 20 laps within 1 second of each other and keep my tyres in the operating window. I think the engine temperature model needs to be implemented for tyres as well. I like the engine management side of the game including the ERS side but don’t feel I need to do any tyre management. I know this suggestion won’t be for everyone so I think that if it was a customisable assist that should keep everyone happy.
  6. Acerees

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Yes I can definitely confrim that this beta patch works (for me!) I have played for hours without any crashes now on DX12. Thank you Codemaster dev’s for finding a fix
  7. Acerees

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    This seems to solve the issue for me and I was having DX12 issues prior to following all the steps on here. So to re-cap I did disable "Shader Cache" as it was previously enabled and I have updated to the patch version. I will keep on trying to see if I get any issues as this feedback is after 30 minutes of playing (which is longer than I have been able to previously - except for one of the earlier builds that was mostly stable but did occasionally crash)
  8. Acerees

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    I have been able to get mirrors viewable by altering the horizontal camera and the FOV. However I don’t really like playing with FOV as it impacts frame rates and the way it handles. However I have to say I think it is realistic as F1 drivers say they can’t really use their mirrors effectively. However I think that if they were to implement two virtual mirrors as put them on the side of the cockpit then that would be useful. I don’t understand the issue about looking back either? I use the look back function a lot and don’t see any issue with it?
  9. I’m not sure if that UDP is entirely accurate though as the brakes temps are too cold to be of any use. Also I am able to qualify faster in GP mode compared to TT on some tracks using the same setup.
  10. TT still runs engine in medium mode if I’m correct. If that is still the case then max engine mode would be around 1 sec quicker on most tracks.
  11. Acerees

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    It does work on iPhone. You have to load the web address and then you can save that as a shortcut onto your phone
  12. Acerees

    UDP Telemetry Apps

    You can set a button to go to the next or previous screen instead of swiping which must be a nightmare!
  13. Acerees

    Gearbox management??

    Just use your R+D points on gearbox wear and tear until it is maxed and then you should be able to just drive however you like for future races
  14. Acerees

    Major Fuel Glitch F1 2018

    Yeah it is to do with your upgrades. The only thing you can do to help is run a lot less fuel in the race so you would still have to manually adjust engine modes