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  1. Remove the overclock on the cpu and try changing the refresh rate. On my TV if I have have it set to 60 then I get glitches (despite framerates of 80+) but when I change it to 59 these issues disappear
  2. Every game gets patched at some point. The only thing you can do to avoid that if it irritates you is to only buy a game and play it 3-6 months after release
  3. You are joking right? You know you cut him up and he was entitled to the space. I don’t think you deserved a penalty as you lost out but if you had managed to hit the AI off then I think you would have had a penalty
  4. You assume us beta players 1. Got to play F2 (which in reality we didn’t really) 2.Got this version of the game (we didn’t) 3. They listened and acted upon any feedback we gave. (They didn’t) 4. Programmed the game (we didn’t) 5. Jog on (you should!) If the game is broken don’t blame the beta testers pal who are merely guinea pigs and put in their own time to try and improve the game through feedback (we don’t know what they listened to or not the same as you!). Instead blame the programmers and directors of Codemasters. Blaming the guinea pig is like blaming the people who bought the game for there still being faults in the game 3 months after release
  5. Acerees

    I need help with difficulty

    Also add into this YOU are not the same level for every track! I have seen some complaints about Azerbaijan having OP AI however I have just finished this track in my career and I found it to be comparable to the other tracks I had raced it. It is a tricky track though and I would imagine that some people just are running the wrong setup and therefore having to go a little slower than the AI at the tricky sections and then trying to make it up on the straight which will never really work in reality!
  6. Acerees

    Please CM add tyre braking marks

    It isn’t hard to learn braking points. It’s hard to learn braking points be fast and not make mistakes. I have turned the line off and yes I’m a little slower than before but it’s better tbh. You cannot have everything! The track acclimatisation mode is a great tool for helping to learn the braking points (more than the line tbh) I have to brake before the corner entry gate and then I look for on track visual clues. It can take me about 2 or 3 attempts before nailing this and then I can do the other programs easy. The race can be a bit hectic at times but if you are in traffic you brake when they brake and you can brake lighter than them at first if you are worried about causing a collision (it saves petrol as well!). All in all you can’t have your cake and eat it!
  7. Acerees

    The DiRT Roadbook

    You might be fine with it buy Sony may not be and they matter more than you! Deal with it 👍
  8. Acerees

    can someone help please

    So again isn’t this just in the profiler that you then change it to 360 degrees rotation? I haven’t got a thrustmaster but I have raced against loads who use them for some bizarre reason. They often talk about using the profiler for making adjustments. As described in your instruction manual https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tmxforcefeedback-en/ my fee is £50 and I accept PayPal payment ... seriously you are not entitled for someone to tell you the answer it has taken just 10 minutes for me to find the answer. I would read the whole damn document if I was you you are probably missing out on other F+B of that wheel
  9. @Faya there is a glitch / fault in the programming that means if you have a small amount of wing damage and then pit the team do not change your wing when in qualifying. In real life the team would 100% always change a damaged wing in qualifying and it only takes 10 seconds to do so not 2 minutes the game dictates. This makes no sense and is a clear oversight from the programmers as they have done that for race scenarios where you wouldn’t want to have a nose change. What makes the qualifying glitch worse is you can not instruct to change the wing whilst you have stopped. I don’t know if there is anyway of instructing them to change it before coming in because I just assumed that it would be changed.
  10. I call it like it is 👍
  11. No it’s on... (the lights) that’s the problem
  12. Acerees

    can someone help please

    This should not be in the technical section (which is for game issues!) i don’t have your wheel but google is great. Type in www.google.com and try searching for your answer. It’s been around for years and I’m sure you have probably heard about it before. Here is the answer that I found https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/kb/6732-en/
  13. Acerees

    DX12 still large amount of crashes

    Yes I have the same issue. Dx11 runs fine - I have had no crashes with dx11. DX12 crashes 100% of the time at different points in the game. Mainly the start up crashes but I have also been able to complete a race and have a crash at the podium scenes - yes before it saved! I have a 1070 with the latest drivers. I have an over lock on my cpu which is stable for every game and no OC on graphics card. Patch 1.04 doesn’t mention a fix for 1070/1080 but I am hoping that this is a known issue given that it was fed back during beta. @Faya are you able to confirm this is a known issue and that the team haven’t thought they have fixed this please
  14. What about gender neutral players? They have rights too.
  15. Acerees

    LoadCell setting

    This is in the wrong section. You need to adjust BRF setting on wheel or if connected direct to PC you can calibrate it or adjust the sensitivity.
  16. He is a pc genius so I don’t think his pc needs maintenance. He does this sort of thing for a living! We are all lucky to have someone with his technical knowledge on here offering us advice and feeding back to Faya what he has tested.
  17. They only copy and paste glitches not fixes
  18. Is he using dx11? As that is stable and I have had no crashes using that. DX12 can crash anywhere and is the Maldonado of the gaming world
  19. The patch notes state fix dx 12 for 970 cards. Is it worth trying DX12 with 1070? I don’t want to do a whole race and the game crash on me.
  20. Acerees

    Safety car is still a mess

    I have had the safety car out on a few occasions. However it seems to be dependent on where YOU are in relation to the crash / retirement as to if the SC comes out. Let me explain race 1 Australia- I restarted the race about a million times each time tweaking a little bit of set up to see cause and effect ... anyway I digress. One of the AI retired at pit lane exit lap 10 every single race (it’s scripted). Right here is the irritating bit. If I was in the pit lane behind that car by a certain distance (let’s say half that pit straight) the safety car would come out. If I pitted lap 11 and therefore was in front of the retiring AI by more than half the pit straight the safety car would not come out. Obviously this is not right it shouldn’t matter where I am on track compared to the incident it should only matter if it is SC worthy. The AI retiring into the pit lane exit area whilst pit stops were being undertaken by other AI should have forced the SC out.
  21. Acerees

    The game crashes are getting ridiculous

    DX11 is far more stable. I would use it until patches / graphics cards updates. I’m guessing you are Nvidia and possibly even 1070? That’s what most people seem to be having an issue with including myself but touch wood DX11 hasn’t crashed for me once
  22. I keeping on telling others it’s not 2018 and yet I think I have made some f1 2018 set up decisions that are not rewarded in this game. So initially I was getting bogged down when going into 8th and then over the weekend whilst watching Real life f1 I watched and observed what the real cars were doing - I then was adamant that the car in the game is too slow in 8th. So today I have my third race in my career and I set up my car f1 2018 style and set about doing a track acclimatisation programme and instantly there it was the lack of power in 8th gear. So I thought what affects speed down the straight and the main two options we can change are wing and ride height. I played around with these and BANG it just clicked! I found the downforce and the speed that I wanted down the straight. Now I reflect back to this weekends race and it was so obvious! In other aspects of the car handling as well I have found success just by thinking about the problem and in particular The way the weight of the car is affecting the handling. Yes you can drive a bad set up around making adjustments to your driving style but you can find a compromise to suit your driving style! So overall I think it’s a good job that Codies have done on the handling! But now fix the bloody AI and DX12 😂😂😂
  23. Acerees

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Braking is more like real life do 100% input for half the braking zone and then reducing pressure into the apex. If you are not slowing down then you probably are not doing 100% for long enough and if you are locking up you are probably keeping the pressure too high too late into the braking zone