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    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    No assists - braking is fine and turn in is fine. Oversteer on corner exit is tricky on times but that is my fat right foot.
  2. Acerees

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    Yep it ain’t f1 2018 rebranded as 2019 the changes are there and make it challenging enough to be considered a new game. Forget 2018 and just plug away at it until it clicks with you
  3. Acerees

    [PC] Fanatec Multi Position Switch working

    Fanatec did provide the relevant data to Codemasters also it was fed back in the beta. It’s just at the moment Codemasters are not prioritising the issue. I have this wheel as well and the podium shifter that also has issues but realistically the wheel does have enough buttons to work around it comfortably
  4. Acerees

    Unable to start F1 2019

    Try running DX11 (do not use desktop short cut).
  5. So I love F1 games and generally I am accepting of some glitches and bugs but for a few years now the AI are unpredictable to race. Sometimes they are great but they seem to get to close to your rear under braking were you move late. I'm not on about moving if they are about to pass you but I'm on about going from a defensive line into an apex movement. Any move evidence is here: I am the Mclaren in this video and Tricky Ricky is the AI The other issue for me is that when the AI do touch you it is the equivalent of an instant kill 90% of the time! It shouldn't be like that if they touch me the car shouldn't be put into an uncontrollable spin. Please look at this Dev's
  6. Acerees

    Manual start buggy?

    It shouldn’t be like you described. I used to set it like you have (gear up also being clutch). Firstly pressing clutch then did not automatically change me into gear 1, to get it to go into gear 1 I had to rev the engine too high for an optimal start and then slowly decrease to find the perfect RPM. It’s the same on F1 2019 however there are times when I’m not concentrating for example that my car will not have been put on first gear because I didn’t rev it high enough to get the start procedure right. I assume there is a reason they have set it up like this? Maybe it is trying to simulate what real f1 drives have to do?
  7. Acerees

    Camber settings

    The TT set up described above is to give maximum acceleration. It is not the perfect setup for cornering but as long as you can set up the car through the other areas you should get good turn in and then the camber setting allow for a fast exit and maximum speed on the straight
  8. Acerees

    Is there any tire wear at all?

    IRL Pirelli have changed the tyre to do exactly what you described! Wear slowly with predictable grip levels giving consistent lap times allowing drivers to push smoothly for longer. So what you have cited as a complaint originally actually is a well done Codemasters
  9. Adjust horizontal cam instead of FOV
  10. How have you quoted me as saying something I didn’t actually say?
  11. Sounds like a dictatorship to me
  12. I would like there to be filter on TT by car. Therefore making it possible to set TT for every car and track and get an ranking based on each car (effectively making it 420 possible TT events!). If they added the online car then again I would prefer it to be a separate car (you chose the livery) with its own TT standings based on that car. That would you mean you 462 possible TT combinations. However I don’t really care if they do put the online car in if they set up the filter as I stated earlier.
  13. By stifling ideas you end up reducing the potential for new solutions being found and therefore being implemented. The programmers whose job it is to program the ideas will know what is feasible, achievable and is there preference. So please don’t you take it personal when I say keep your “it can’t be done attitude” to yourself as it is not your job to say if it can or can’t be done. I agree things that may seem easy are never really going to be easy to code without affecting other things. Actually it’s impossible to change some area of code without changing something else in a game they all interlink! Nobody and I mean nobody wants new glitches however if it’s a glitch on a newly implemented system guess what that happens. Ultimately that’s how games improve from generation to generations. The programmers learn from an over sight. Like you saw other potential issues with the solution I stated - which is great but all that means in reality is you work to fix those issues - not give up on the original problem of “how do we stop the speeding penalty for someone who has been rammed over the line?”. That is evolution. Evolution is brilliant it leads to glitches and errors but ultimately over time things get better. Imagine if evolution didn’t exist and it just said well that’s a hard problem ... we don’t want to fail or cause a new glitch.... lets give up. Personally I haven’t really had the issue described by the OP so I don’t think it’s a massive priority however I think it should be looked at as Codies want to continue their F1 games.
  14. The based on your attitude nobody should ever try to improve anything.
  15. You don’t think the damaged wing that won’t be replaced would still be a deterrent? Also the code could be added to penalise the car behind instead of the car nudged over the speed limit. E.G any contact in the pit lane could be an automatic 5 second penalty?
  16. Acerees


    Let me help you here. As a past employee (manager) i can honestly say that the information that the stores get is pathetic and just because they haven’t updated their preorder lists doesn’t mean they won’t get it however may I recommend you buy from another supplier
  17. Acerees

    Tack scanning?

    Please don’t scan tacks into the game. I get enough BS punctures without laser scanning tacks onto the game.
  18. Acerees

    F1 2019 Clip

    And I just watched the fuzzy video for myself and I can 100% day with confidence that it is a racing game that he is playing. My guess is Endurance for the Atari
  19. Acerees

    F1 2019 Clip

    And 3 has been hit off by Kvyat and is now racing Lando Norris in the race 5000
  20. Could be programmed in easily something like: if car #1 is greater than pit speed limit then check if car #1 has been hit by any other car within 1 second of pit speed limit time if not issue speed limit penalty
  21. No it won’t improve. Next question please
  22. Acerees

    Question regarding damage settings.

    Anyway to answer the question. Full damage does have wear and tear failures and also it has random failures such as DRS fault, qualifying issues like leaks needing to be fixed. As far as I am aware it affects how sensitive the car is to collisions.
  23. Acerees

    Question regarding damage settings.

    Alonso pushing his car
  24. Acerees

    Question regarding damage settings.

  25. Acerees

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    To dial in a set up only change one thing at a time. Make big changes from default to completely to the left for example drive a few laps and understand what changed what you liked and what you didn’t like. Then change that aspect of setup completely to the right and again drive a few laps and see what has changed. Make notes of how you felt. Once you have done that you should have an understanding of which way to change that left or right. Also you should then be able to realise exactly what type of corners each part of the setup effects. When you do understand that then 80% of setup changes can be made without even leaving the garage.