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  1. DaBeastKing101

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    "Illegal instruction at address 0xef7a8425 in module 'Grid_dx12.exe' + 0x6f8425. Grid_dx12.exe" I preordered the Ultimate Edition, and this is the error message I keep getting. I installed the game on two computers, both with recent Windows 10 clean installations, same issue. GRID 2 and Autosport run at MAX settings with 60+fps. No other game has this issue. Nearly 10,000 views on this thread, with no definitive solution. Hundreds on the Steam forums, YouTube comments are having the same issue. The "hotpatch" did not do a single thing. This is what a $80 preorder gets us huh? This game has a 45% average review on Steam, and rightfully so.
  2. DaBeastKing101

    Grid Autosport Racers Group on Steam!

    Wow the group must be really popular if you got up at 6am to post that.. :P
  3. DaBeastKing101

    Grid Autosport Racers Group on Steam!

    88 people hey :D
  4. DaBeastKing101

    Pre Order Info

    Will it be 10% off like the Grid 2 pre-orders were (on Steam)? Please :D !??!
  5. DaBeastKing101

    Why TOUGE is out?

    Yes, I will miss touge :(
  6. DaBeastKing101

    Grid Autosport Racers Group on Steam!

    Hello! Recently, I created a Steam group for the upcoming Grid Autosport. 62 members strong thus far, we are a cool global community of players who love all Grid games, and it would be awesome if you can join us! We are active weekly! (P.S. if you join, and make a comment referring to this post, I'll make you full admin :-) ) See: Grid Autosport Racers See you at the track!