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  1. How long has this game been our without any changes to how we spectate grand prix? Has it ever been on the developers radar to improve this aspect? With the graphics and sound effects it would be awesome to have more control of television cameras e.g. being able to follow cars in helicopter cam across the whole circuit or choosing part of the circuit to see a stationery view as the cars drive past to get a better sense of their speed. This needs to be acknowledged in my opinion.
  2. Blueboy969

    SC Rules

    In the game you can't unlap yourself but in real life I thought it's allowed or am I wrong?
  3. 100% race. Halfway through and had to restart because I not completing another 40 laps with +0.14 laps of fuel. What a joke.
  4. Really wamt to start a full 100% season but if drivers are likely to switch teams, there really is no point.
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