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    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    It’s looking good in my opinion.Would like to see what damage is like. I feel that damage has gone backwards in DR 2.0 from DR.
  2. Kiwiazbro

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    At least WRC 8 has a career and some form of progression. DR 2.0 has disappointed me with the lack of of any progression, unlocks, sense of actually achieving anything. RX for example. The first race differs nothing to the final. I love DR 2.0. The stages, physics etc etc but career is bare bones.
  3. Forget about the cars. Add some life to the career mode. It’s bare bones, lifeless with no sense of progress of achievement. You make the finals and it’s copy paste from the last races. Not limited to rx since rally is the same.
  4. Is it just me? Why in monthly and weekly challenges can I not see a cumulative total for the event after each stage or even go back looking at each stage time other than they one I’ve just completed. I’m sure DR1 had this. You have no idea how far behind you are from a person above you after 3 stages (for example). Or after completing one event in monthly you can’t see your total time on the leaderboard going into the next event, just the last stage time. Hoping I’m missing something here but it seems odd. I often compete with friends so it’s frustrating having to manually add stage times for a total event time to see how we are going against each other.
  5. Kiwiazbro

    Favourite stage in the game?

    Waimarama Point Reverse in New Zealand easily. 16km of awesome. Flowing cambered corners and fast 5 and 6 corners.
  6. Kiwiazbro

    Ideas for DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 2 DLC RX Content

    I’d like to seen no rallycross additions at all. I find it quite boring repeating the same race 6 times with no progression incentive. Feels the same as Dirt Rally to me.
  7. Kiwiazbro

    Community improvement priority.

    YeahI know with the licensed cars. I don’t really have any issues with the game so it shows the little things I’m picking up. 😀
  8. Kiwiazbro

    Community improvement priority.

    I would like to see better bodywork. The cars can’t be fully wrecked. Also would be great to see if you lose a door or bonnet it carries over to next stages until you repair your bodywork.
  9. Kiwiazbro

    Season 2 Content Poll

    Yeah you’re right, I do agree there.
  10. Kiwiazbro

    Season 2 Content Poll

    The rallycross is so repeatitive. Doing the same race six times in a row isn’t much fun for me and little changes between races.
  11. Kiwiazbro

    Monte Carlo

    Monte is awesome. Way better than in DR. It’s the surface that’s really awesome.
  12. Kiwiazbro

    WRC 8 Livestream

    I’ll be getting it for sure. It’s improved with each version and this update looks a big one. I love DR2 with a passion but career is a bit empty at times for me which WRC games do better. Interested to see how their dynamic weather is. Hoping with their license we’ll see the Corolla WRC are Celica which Dirt games haven’t had for awhile
  13. Kiwiazbro

    Another great game

    Agree. Loving every moment of it so far.
  14. Kiwiazbro

    Thank you Codemasters

    It’s an awesome game. Love it. Can’t wait for the DLC.
  15. Kiwiazbro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    From someone still waiting for my copy... Yeah tarmac wasn’t too much of an issue for me in DR1. I usually prefer gravel but loved Germany in DR1. Had no issues with the handling but maybe that’s just me. I agree about career. I was concerned before release very little was being spoken about that. Won’t stop me enjoying it but would have been nice to have progression since I felt the engineers aspect in DR1 really didn’t do much. Maybe online improvements could add to this given the recent partnership Codies announced with motorsport network. For example in GT Sport I pretty much ignored the offline content since the online stuff was good. Stages. Agree but I guess DLC will expand things a lot. All in all though if we play it and buy the dlc there is more reason for codies to release season 3 or more and grow it more. Can’t wait to get it
  16. Kiwiazbro

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It’s 2019. Who isn’t connected online these days with their console/pc. Really is it that much of a deal?