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  1. I have the same issues. Gp mode I can match team mate but then career mode same difficulty my team mate is a lot faster. However for me keeping up in the race is harder than the qualifying
  2. EA will not rectify this. I buy fifa every year & the career mode on that always has do many issues & takes about 6 months until fixed, some issues remain until the following year
  3. It's a shame because without this ai issue going full throttle on some bends I'm quite enjoying it. No real point in playing with this issue in place though
  4. Large amount of time? That will probably be f1 2022 then
  5. mjhd91

    AI in the wet

    Strange because I'm in the exact same position as you. I've seen other say that AI are too slow in the wet though. Maybe we just ain't good at racing in the wet lol. Or maybe it's to do with what platform, I'm on ps5 & use a controller not a wheel
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